Creepy Conversation


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Scene Title Creepy Conversation
Synopsis Nosy Company agents — well one in particular — is snooping around for Robin Hood.
Date May 17, 2009

Apartment of Carrie Castillo

Reed.. no.. Wade has been rather dormant since his conversion to the new body. It's going to take him a bit of time to get used to being called that name. But, it's really the only way this is going to work. That being said, he knows he should still continue to monitor the net. He's heard some traffic about folks looking for him, but really the furor over his dishing out money has died away and everyone has moved on with their lives.

Which just does not sit well with the technopath. He sits at his computer, interfacing with it as he reaches out into the net to see what might be going on and who might be looking for him. Of course, the moment he enters the net, he takes the moniker of Robin Hood.

"Come out… Come out. Where ever you are.." Carrie says in a sing song voice as she types in Robin Hood Taylor Reed in the the search engine. She figured the only way to figure out what to do, is to look at what he's done on the net in the past. Look over the news articles, the press releases and see what the chat board are saying. One thing she had learned though is that the online community can be pretty tight knit at times. Her nails tap on the table next to her laptop as she looks over her options. She clicks on a chat-board link, only to find it's a discussion about the Disney film. Joy.

Well, well. What do we have here? Hood thinks to himself. Someone has his name. /That's/ interesting. How did that happen? That alone puts his younger self in a situation. Perhaps.. he can intervene.

He doesn't entirely enter Carrie's computer but has learned how to use digital tendrils, so he snakes one out and secures himself inside her PC before popping up an IM box.

Robin Hood: You're looking for me?

While he does that, he sends a second tendril to snoop around on her computer for any personal information. It's not quite fair she knows his name and he doesn't know hers.

Fingers come off the keyboard when the chat window comes up. Carrie frowns a little at the screen, then looking up and around to make sure she's alone. She looks back at it and her heart gives a sudden thud of fear. How did he see….. She slowly starts typing back.

SniperGurl: Why yes. Seems you have found me instead Mr. Reed.

He wouldn't find anything about the company, or her being employed by them on her computer. He'd find family pictures, he'd find emails… He's find her favorites menu consists of various news sites as well as Sniper and law enforcement related items. So… he'd at least know she's law enforcement.

So it's true. They do have his name. But — how?

Robin Hood: Mr. Who? 'Fraid I've no clue who that is. If you want to be respectful you can call me Mr. Hood. Robin will do as well. So which law enforcement agency do you work for?

That should give her something to think about. He's still trying to find out her name. He starts probing into her history to see if she purchased anything, used her credit card to pay any bills.

Carrie Castillo would be the name that pops up in any purchase history and something she filled out says that she was born January 25, 1974. So she's 35 years old.

A cold chill runs up her spine, making her whole body shiver, as he asks that question. "How the hell did he know that?" She asks the question out loud even though there is no one there to hear it. She pulls out her cellphone and punches in a quick text message to Len… Contact with Hood. Once she hits send she sets the phone next to her computer and enters.

//SniperGurl: I don't believe that you don't know that name, but fine.. Mr Hood it is. As for who I work for.. None of your business. //

Robin Hood: Now now. No need to be rude. What you believe about what I know is really irrelevant isn't it? I mean, it's not like you know for sure whether I know that name or not. It could mean something to me, it could mean nothing to me. I could mean that you've taken my bait and I've sent you on a wild goose chase. Or it could really be my name and I'm trying to swerve you. Is it Detective Castillo, Sergeant Castillo or Agent Castillo? Or perhaps Traffic Cop Castillo?"

She would receive a message back from her boss. Log it. Send in when complete.

Hood on the other hand is still snooping about, though he isn't really finding anything more useful. He notices she's been looking for him for a few days now though. Plenty of search engines being pulled up and used with his name on them.

Carrie has indeed been searching, cause how else do you find an entity on the Internet. Her cellphone chimes out a chorus of Big and Rich's 'Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy' telling her the boss-man has gotten back to her. She picks up the phone and nods a bit. On it boss.

She always keeps logs of her conversations, so shouldn't be to hard. Carrie takes a long deep breath to calm her already one edge nerves.

SniperGurl: Again. None of your business. If your any good at this net stuff like I have been told, then I'm sure you can figure it out. So your stolen from the rich and given to the poor… but yet you've violated people by body-snatching. Anything else you've done that's noteworthy?

She knows he won't answer it, but it's only fair, she doesn't answer his question.

Hood is quiet for a few minutes. She might even think he's gone, but the IM window is still awake and hasn't notified her that he's offline. When he finally responds:

Robin Hood: Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. You're kind of old. I mean, 35 is like half of your life span isn't it? You probably have a desk job or something, right?

He knows better. She wouldn't be looking for him in an official capacity if she wasn't competent. Though, he wonders what happen to those other two that were chasing him. He may have to look into that. He knows she's not Harrison. He needs to figure out who the other one is.

Oh, when I do something, you'll know about it. In fact, I'll send you your own personal new alert. I'm considering something as we speak. But I'm a professional and need to do my research.

Perhaps a little too confident in his own ability, Hood gives her a little just to keep her interested. Not often he gets the attention of a female, and really — even if he is in the body of a 22 year old, he's still only 17.

"How is he getting all this stuff about me?" She murmurs softly behind her hand which is now pressed against her mouth. Her eyes narrow a bit at the screen. The fingers of her other hand run lightly over the keys as she considers her next words.

SniperGurl: Tsks. Have you learned nothing in life? You are only as old as you feel. Oh.. // She starts it like an after thought. //I do appreciate you letting me know when the next time you decide to act out.

Course, Carrie isn't going to tell him she feels like she's much /much/ older. Weary of life most of the time, lonely the rest of it. Her stomach churns uneasily. It's one thing to know it's happened, but it's another knowing something is going and you can't do a damn thing about it.

Hood decides to take another look around her computer for a picture of her.

Robin Hood: Well, I aim to please my audience.

Of course, most of what he does is for his own pleasure, satisfaction, adoration. He likes being popular in some sense, but in another sense — he has this need to piss people off.

Robin Hood: So, how old do you feel, Carrie?

He shifts to her first name. It's much cuter than calling her Castillo. Whatever image of her that's in his mind, is probably nothing like what she really looks like.

//SniperGurl: Not as old as you say I am. //

It's a complete and udder lie, but Carrie doesn't see what good it would do telling him how she does feel. She sits back in her chair and gives a heavy sigh as she feels a bit frustrated, this conversation wasn't going anywhere fast. Time to just cut to the chase.

SniperGurl:So… tell me a least. Have you found a new host? Or you still floating around bodiless in on the net?

There is a pause in Carrie's typing and she smirks as she thinks of something.

SniperGurl: What happened to your own body anyhow? I hope it's not just laying somewhere. I can't imagine it could sustain on it's own.

Hood waits for a moment. He would grin if he were in a body. Like he's going to tell her all of that. Perhaps — a sliver of truth will be enough to throw her off the Reed trail. No sense in sending the gestapo to harass a seven year old.

Robin Hood: It died.

That is the truth. Just the truth in the future. And it's not 'I died' or 'He died' but 'It died.' He's disassociating himself from that life. He doesn't answer if he's in a new host — he'll let them keep guessing about that particular query.

Brows lift as the answer comes up on the screen. "Not surprising." Carrie murmurs to herself. "No wonder he's a fucking mental case." Of course, she didn't expect an answer at all, but this little bit is something at least. She stares at the screen for a long moment and then shrugs.. "Well.. I'm out of ideas."

SniperGurl: I'm sorry to hear that. And she is. Well, Mr Hood. If there is nothing else you'd like to add, I guess there isn't much more to say to each other for the moment. When my laptop is on, your more then welcome to see if I want to chat.

She's taking a bit of a risk there, leaving it where he has access to her, but a part of her feels that it's better to keep the lines of communication open. Especially, if wants to talk to her. Never know when he might slip up.

SniperGurl: Anything at all to add before I go about my day?

Hood considers her question for a moment.

Robin Hood: Only one more thing for you. Say cheese.

If she's paying attention the little red LED that signals the web-cam is on would be activated as he snaps a shot of her, and takes it with him as he goes.

Robin Hood has gone offline.

By time she realizes the web-cam has gone on, it's too late. Even has her hand moves to block the little window, he logs out. She gives a soft curse. "Stupid Carrie… " She quickly pulls the log and sends if off before picking up her phone and sending a text Len's way..

Log coming.

She eyes the computer with a small frown. "Great just great… Such a fucking rookie sometimes…" She slaps the lid of her laptop closed and gets up. She's had enough of creepy conversations for one day.

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