Cross That Bridge When I Get There


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Scene Title Cross That Bridge When I Get There
Synopsis Brennan spends his last night at home before he has to go back to continue protecting Liette.
Date April 4, 2010

Brennan Household, Brooklyn

The doorway to the room of the twins, Marlena's is directly across, has been shadowed by Brennan ever since they all went to bed. His shadow cast by the yellow light in the hall into the room. Genevieve sucks her thumb in her sleep, clutching a red yarn haired ragedy ann doll to her. On the other side of the room, Dessandra sleeps, arm in it's neon pink patterened sling, painkillers to dull any pain from her run in with the dogs and the graze across her chin scabbed over.

He'll have this night to watch over them, be in the house before he has things to do and has to disappear back from whence he came and to watch over a completely different girl as if she was his own. he can't help but think of her so frantic and scared in the van and only hopes that she'll forgive him for what he needed to do. He has Easter bunny eggs and waffles in the morning before he dons warm clothing and disappears again for who knows how long. A hand rises to scrape a hand over smooth skin, the growth he'd accumulated gone. A necessity for what he had to do for Praeger.

With a protesting creak from the floor, he walks into the bedroom proper, leaning over Gene to push dark hair out of her forehead and compulsively check for hints of sickness or anything else that parents check for when they look in on children in the middle of the night. Lips move as she suckles her thumb and turns away from the touch. Dreaming of running in a playground or chicken nuggets for lunch. who knows. Dessandra is next, a brush of his hand against the scab and a press of his two lips together. Even still now, his heart lodges in his throat at how close it came. He didn't yell at Melissa for shooting. If she hadn't, who knows what might have happened.

"You're going to wake them my love and they will never get back to sleep." Comes quietly from the doorway, Michelle's shadow joining and intermingling with Harve's. Her turn to lean against the door, the silk and lace nightgown beneath peeking out from the open front of the matching robe with it's tie's brushing against the floor.

"Just making sure they're okay Mish." Squeezing in and making up for lost time. "Don't know how long it's going to be before I see them again." Blankets are tucked in, kisses dropped on foreheads before, a light purple and sparkly dragon tucked in beside the sling bound girl before he retreats towards the door and his wife.

"They are okay. They will be better when you are done this mess with Liette and can return home to work and our life" She points out. "I looked in on Marlena already, she is fine, come to bed love" One hand is held out with it's bird thin wrist and polished nails. "I want to spend time with you before you have to go in the morning" It's like when he had to go out for press on the book or to gather donations for the Doctors. Only she didn't need to worry that someone might swoop down from the sky and kill him to get a crack at the strange child that had intertwined into their lives.

Brennan lets himself be pulled along by his wife, pausing long enough to close the door to only a crack and their footsteps creak off towards their room. Hand slips from hers to rest both on her shoulders as he follows her, feet shuffling on the polished floor while dropping kisses on her neck and nuzzling that place just behind her ear.

"Lets dance" He murmurs when they pass the doorway into their room, the large bed with it's rumpled linens from where Michelle had been reading and preparing for bed. The radio plays softly some 2 am song, no DJ to spill forth inane conversation or tell you about the weather or the traffic on this station. Two hours earlier it had been someone reading out the story of some black girl growing up in the 50's and becoming a young woman. Now it was just some symphony piece that Michelle could probably tell him the name of but he'd forget it in a few moments.

"Dancing Herve?" There's a soft snort as she turns enough to kick the door closed and leave it just the two of them in the master bedroom. "You want to spend time dancing?" But her arms slide around him, one hand on his waist while the other slides easily into his hand and in the open space of their room they start to waltz slowly. "How is she?" Liette.

"She's… learning. I got some Easter things for her too. I may have to explain what the holiday is. They have me trying to teach her about the world and try to cycle to her more passive abilities. I think I might have made a mistake Mish, encouraging her to copy Chesterfield's ability. It's good, it means she remembers everything that we discuss and teach her. She could give Marlena a run for her money with the ESL" Around they go, socked and bare feet brushing over berber carpet. "But she remembers everything. means if she does go back to that lab…" Would they stick her in that tank and take a telepath to her head?

"God Mish, she's just a kid. I don't.. I don't even think she was born naturally. I keep thinking that if this Doctor's daughter died from this Shanti Virus, if they have managed to come up with all this technology in that lab, what if she's a clone. Explains why they just send her out. Explains her sister, explains a great deal. How she can have the mentality and morality of a five year old and yet all this knowledge. The ability that she has." Brennan pulls his wife close, the side of his chin pressed to the side of her face for their difference in height.

"Part of me wants to see this institute, to see everything they've done. I mean TLV Mish. It isn't just something out of a movie or that's done with rats. He's actively using it and it supposedly acts like some form of sensory deprivation to enhance ones state. Enhances remote viewing. Ground breaking science"

Michelle looks up, focusing on his jaw even has her feet move in time to their communal dance and the music that tinkles on in the background. "What they do is wrong Love. They experiment. They use her too Herve. She does not even know how a family works. What are you going to do when the secretary and his smokey hound decide that you protecting her is not enough or they decide that she does go back, or somewhere else?"

Brennan falls silent, swaying with her, the hand on her shoulder lifting to run through her hair and let the strands slither through his fingers. "I don't know Mish. I'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I don't know what they'll want her to do. But they've kept her safe so far, I've kept her safe so far with help. Some days it's like Africa all over. Worried about the Guerrilla's about to come down and steal our latest shipment. You and me hiding with the others and quivering until they left and coming up to surface and see what was left over" Dead bodies sometimes. Other times everything was fine. Usually a few dead bodies.

"You can't keep her Herve" She pulls her head back, a small buffer of space between them. "They will not let you bring her into our family Love." they've been married long enough that some things don't need to be verbally spoken. Their respective impulses and thoughts laid out like maps long poured over and memorized. Little telltales meaning certain things are like light bulbs.

"I know Mish" He murmurs, drawing her back. "I can hope though. I can hope that something good will happen for her. Not her fault that she is, who she is. What she is." Something piano spills over on the radio and the pair of them just fall into a soft sway with no real purpose other than to be close. "I just have to hope that it won't ruin me, ruin us along the way" His thumb strokes over her jawline, looking down at her with a smile.

"You're going to try and save her"

She knows him so well and he doesn't have to nod even. Just squeeze her tight. "Don't I try to save everyone Mish?" Murmured in his wifes ear even as he starts to sway her towards the bed, hands finding their way to her waist, lingering at her hips before going back up to her shoulders so that he can push the soft material off and expose shoulders, creamy skin and thin straps. "Right now though, I want to do this" He drops a kiss to the height of her nose, hands cupping her face, thumbs resting on the apple of her cheeks. "and think of you, only you Mish. Worship at your feet before you wither from neglect" He grins at her, corners of his eyes crinkling. even as fabric finally pools on the floor, likely to be joined with others soon enough.

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