Crown Of Balloons


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Scene Title Crown Of Balloons
Synopsis Agent Audrey Hanson blows through to inform Cooper he's coming with her on a jaunt with her too revisit some crime scenes with one Rebecca Nakano
Date March 19, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.
The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

Cooper had warning this morning.

Warning in the form of the people in the office in their uniforms and suits sitting at their desks as he went by staring at him and then looking away and the whispers that followed in his wake. That was his first and his first warning

Second warning came in the form of the high heeled boots that were crossed at the ankle, calves resting on the edge of desk when he came around the corner. By now, those legs are starting to look familiar or at least, well normally the simple cut pantsuits that cover the legs. Today though, there's the brief glimpse of knee before they disappear into black boots that serve the purpose of making her taller and protecting from snow. Someones celebrating the retreat of the blizzard with it's colder climesand showing a milimeter of skin. Still the same drab colors.

Files are open on his desk, obvious rifled through and looked through, the picture of his daughter picked up, looked at and put down. The bag of balloons that were in his desk are out and a few have been blown up and tied together into the semblence of a really crappy crown that hangs off the edge of his computer screen.

Agent Hanson has come for a visit and this time, the coffee in her reach isn't for him.

It's like stepping into an episode of the Twilight Zone as Detective Cooper slowly makes his way through the room, people staring at him. Brows are furrowed in confusing and he finds himself checking if his coat was as clean as he thought, did the shirt he's only wore 3-4 times have a stain. No.

"Huh." It's confusing. He pauses by one of the detectives desk and twists his back towards the guy asking. "Do I have a 'Kick me' sign on my back?" The man only gives a quick shake of his head and slowly points in the direction of Cooper's desk, the detective's eyes following it.

"Oh.. Ffffuck me." The words are said softly. For a moment he thinks about turning and running, she wouldn't be able to catch him right? However, she knows where he lives — or at least could find out, so he's stuck plastering on a smile and talking that long walk to his desk. It made him thing of that series of books, The Green Mile by Stephan King.

"Agent Hanson," He keeps his tone light, coffee in one hand, other hand in the pocket of his trench coat, which hangs open. "…you couldn't have married me first before riffling through my stuff, like my ex wives? If your looking for the porn magazine, it's taped to the bottom of the desk." There is absolutely no humor in his tone despite the lightness of the words. If she looks, there isn't anything there of course.

The cup is set on the desktop and one of the deflated balloons are picked up, "To what do I owe this visit and display of… ?" What was this? Oh hell, might as well call it what it is, "..bitchiness?"

"Allready checked there Detective, you're clean today. Daisy told me all about your dirty little secrets. We had a nice talk and I tipped her real well afterwards. Some of the things that woman knows" Audrey shakes her head, bringing the long balloon up to her mouth and expelling air, it swells and elongates - get your mind out of the gutter. She ties the balloon off, studying it for a moment or two before reaching over and poking him in the ribs with it. Thank god for long baloons.

"Thanks. I told Agent Parkman once, that's what I was. You know how law enforcement types are. Dogs the whole lot of us, running after cases and and panting with our tongue lolling out once we catch the bastards that are hurting everyone. I need your day planner" The last is not a request.

"Oh great. I imagine she told you all about how I fart in bed." Cooper offers blandly, toying with the balloon in his hand. "Or.. I know she told you all about this…" The balloon is snatched away, giving it a little shake before it gripped in bother hands. "I don't think you can be a good cop, fed or whatever unless you have a bit of dog in the blood. Fed tend to have more of it tho." He turns and hops up to sit on the empty desk butted up on his own, he still doesn't have a partner yet after all.

Eyes go to the balloon in his hand and fingers start pinching a spot, giving the section a twist, hands moving with practiced ease. "I'm guessing that if I hand you my planner your about to rip a bunch of pages out of it." He pauses in his work to fish a little black book out of his coat and drops it on his desk in front of her. "Have at it.. it's fairly empty." A few other balloons are snatched up, one of them blown up and tied off, so his work can continue. The other in the room don't even really seem to notice, it must be a fairly common sight.

Is she? No. Maybe not. The little black book is taken up at her leisure because the appointment with Nakano isn't yet. A pen from his desk fished out, she's flipping through pages and penciling in - so to speak - three dates and times with one that is today and in an hour and a half while he works his nimble fingers on the balloon animal or whatever he's making.

"The attack at the Petrelli mansion the other day was the same individual who attacked the hunter woman, the jersey man and your jane doe. Now, since we're investigating the latest attack, and I promised I wouldn't take the case away from you, i'm including you in on the investigations into the other ones"

She reaches over to pick up his phone, pressing 9 for an outside line and opting to dial numbers, and then more numbers that one might think it was an overseas call when all she's doing is just checking her own messages.

"I've hired Rebecca Nakano, formely of the NYPD. Can't use her ability in court yet likely, but she's registered as a post-cognitive. She can witness the events at a specific time in the past on request, through a mirror. Well, only her. But It'll give you a lead on your mexican jane doe. I can find out about Rasmussen and it might give us the break we need"

Brows lifts as he glances away from his work that added a third balloon. Triangles and such seem to be forming on what he's working on. It's looks odd, since the detective himself has his thoughtful cop look. "Really? Never heard of her, must of left before I showed up."

"So we're going to use this Nakano to get an idea of what we're looking for?" Cooper look impressed, giving a short nod, gaze shifting back to the balloons in his hands. "So he slipped up going after a high profile target. This person is getting sloppy." He notes with a touch of satisfaction in his tone. A final touch and a far better looking crown is hooked on his computer.

"Daughter use to love it when I did this.. Now it's just a stress reliever or if I'm thinking." Cooper gives a shrug of his shoulders, and a lop-sided smirk. "Does wonders on kid cases. Tend to relax and open up." There were probably a good many kids based cases in those files. His planner is scooped up and he glances at the dates.

"Today?" Cooper asks, glancing at her, all serious cop again. "Which one first?"

She can appreciate the relaxing effect of balloon animals on children, and can also note that he has the skill to make a far better version of her crude crown. She wasn't trying to one up him though. She was just waiting for him to come in. "Hunter. I want to know what happened in that room and what Sylar did when he was in it" Down come the legs, Audrey rising to he gloried 5 foot something in her heels. “Lets hope she's worth her price. GRab your jacket, ride is outside" So's the necessary mirror.

Hopping off the desk he's sitting on his sneakers squeak softly on the linoleum. "Jacket already had." If the detective can appreciate one thing it's the idea of getting clues, it's the dog in him, that need to sniff out the truth (Har har!). Despite how he comes across the man at least know his job, he just lacks serious amounts of tact. "Let's go do this thing."

"Don't ever say that again Cooper" Her hand comes up, wincing at the choice of words. "Just.. it doesn't suit you" and they're gone, out the door, half drunk cup of coffee left on his desk.

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