Crumpets And Tea


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Scene Title Crumpets And Tea
Synopsis A phonecall between Helena and Ethan, with Elisabeth listening in. Ethan has a tiny penis, and Helena has VD.
Date January 20, 2009

Various Locations in NY

Here's the set up - Helena has Elisabeth set up to hear Ethan's side of things, and Liz is likewise able to talk to Ethan without the man overhearing. They've gone to a neutral location, Coney Island of all places, and at 11 AM one morning, that's when Helena makes the call. Ring Ring.

"Miss Dean." Comes the familiar cockney accent that Helena would know well. The voice that announced the death sentence on Danielle. "It's good to speak to you again. 'ave you missed me?" Ethan asks, placing the cell phone against his ear after answering.

"Like syphilus." is Helena's reply, giving Elisabeth a briefly innocent look. What? He asked. "Why the change of heart, Ethan?

"You 'ave syphilus." Ethan repeats bluntly. "That's most unfortunate, but when a girl your age opens 'er legs for just anyone. Well. You reap what you sow. In your case, I s'ppose you're reaping what someone else 'as sown." Ethan rambles off, but no laughter accompanies it. "Easy, love. Let's not get a'ead of ourselves now. Slow down a bit. I saw you when that Rick'am geezer came to town. You made a few new friends it seems like." A pause. "Now, we don't need to 'ave a therapy session for me, roight? I 'ave valuable information for you. We can meet and I can give it to you, or you can suck on my metophorical cock. Whot will it be sweet'eart?"

"Unfortunately, I lack the metaphorical tweezers and microscope to find it." Helena runs a hand through her hair. "You want to see Volken go down. Or so you claim. I don't believe you, and frankly if you thought you could do it on your own, you wouldn't bother trying to get in touch with me. Or you are trying to fuck us, so I shouldn't believe what you say anyway. So stop waving it around, and give me something to make me believe you're worth the time. Because the way I see it, if all you want to do is posture, we both lose, because we both know what Volken wants in the end. Answer the question, and maybe then I'll meet with you."

This elicits a chuckle from the man on the other side of the phone. Finally after a good laugh he starts again, "You've got stones girl. I'll respect that, but remember 'oo you're dealing with. And don't push it. Now I know you must not think very 'ighly of me, 'elena, and I understand that. I really do. But I've been doing my job. And I'm quite good at my job. I didn't 'ave to give you Catherine, did I? I could 'ave killed 'er, and I still could 'ave gotten my girl back. Would 'ave been easy, love. A sniper rifle at the exchange. No fucking problem. But I didn't 'elena. I could 'ave killed all you and your little band of super'eroes right there, but I didn't. Why the fuck not?" He asks, both to himself and to her. "I spared you, darling. And you're not going to be able to take Volken down without me. You can take it as a threat, as a mindgame, but it's simple fact, 'elena. You need me."

Elisabeth glances at Helena and looks thoughtful. "He's rambling a lot. Don't jump on the bait with Cat and Dani's names. Keep it calm when you reply. Straight, to the point, don't trade threats. You'll just wind up losing him. Ask him again what it is that he wants from you — what's happened that made him change his mind. If he balks… your choice. Meet or don't. You know the stakes here."

"It works both ways. You can't do it alone either." Helena's firm on this. He has to give her something. And what's done is done. She wants to know why the change of heart now. He doesn't know their plans, so he doesn't know their odds. And really, when it boils down to it, she's done being his bitch. "So answer the question Ethan, answer it honestly, and then you and I can have a little tea party. It'll be fun. I'll bring crumpets."

Ethan pauses a moment before finally conceding something that he would really rather them not know. "The girl. Eileen. She's my daughter." He says. And that's all he will give. Truth enough, were it not for the different bloodlines, she is all but his daughter. And he would do anything to protect her.

Elisabeth winces. "Oh shit." Well, that explains a lot. She sighs and looks at Helena. "What's Volken threatened Eileen with that Ethan's turning on him?"

Helena looks at Elisabeth. "The fact that she turned on him and went informant, I'd think." She considers the phone again, swallows, and says into it, "Ever been to Coney Island?"

"I 'ear it's nice this time of year. Two days. I will bring one wit' me. You can do the same. I choose the time, you choose the place." Ethan instructs.

Elisabeth nods slightly. It's the most likely explanation — that Volken found out about Eileen's information-giving. "find out WHO he's bringing. If we can pinpoint a power, we might be able to send someone to counter it."

Helena shakes her head at Elisabeth. She seems to feel like asking would be too nosy, and it might mean she'd have to give up whoever she would bring. "Coney Island, at the carousel." she dictates. Could be nice and public, or quite private, if it's late at night. So there's a lot of option there. Then, what the hell, "Who else is coming for tea? I'll make sure to bring extra."

"Eleven fifty five. PM." Ethan responds. He gives a pause for a long moment at her final question. "You don't know 'em." Click. The phone is hung up and then tossed in a nearby trashbin.

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