Cupcakes And Walks In The Ghetto


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Scene Title Cupcakes, and Walks in the Ghetto
Synopsis Nadira gets to meet Griffin's sister. Later, Griffin and Nadira bond.
Date September 24, 2010

Condemned Tenement

Summer is doing its best to cling to life today, despite the fact that fall is certainly kicking in now across the country. It is sunny and warm today, with the sun beating down on New York City and its inhabitants, with a gentle breeze rolling through the walls of the city to keep it from being too horribly warm. All in all, it's a gorgeous day, one of those days that just makes one want to go outside with the family and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Griffin slept wonderfully last night on Nadira's couch, dead to the world the minute his head touched the pillow provided to him by the Egyptian woman. He didn't wake for a full nine, almost ten hours, not even stirring to louder noises. After years of sleeping in uncomfortable cots and on mattresses that should have been thrown in a junk yard years ago, Nadira's couch was like a dream come true.

When she prepared breakfast for him, he ate like a monster, as well, devouring everything that was put in front of him with the vigor that only a homeless vagrant (with good personal hygiene) can manage. You really come to appreciate the little things in life when you limit yourself to so little in the first place.

After a wonderful meal and conversation, Griffin did his fancy flying trick, carrying Nadira over rooftops until they reach the old abandoned tenement. He drops down into the lobby through the rooftop, gently setting the woman down with a warm smile. "Here we are. Now, I warn— when we meet my sister, I may have to win her over by offering you up for piano lessons with her. She needs customers." He chuckles, his eyes fading from their faintly glowing bluish-white as his vectors withdraw into himself.

"I promise I'll try not to scare her off. That's a promise to try. Sisters don't like the dark mysterious women because they're heartbreakers and troublemakers." Nadira comments, finding her feet on the ground once again. "But if she's willing to teach me piano I am more than happy to pay her for lessons. Perhaps she can teach me how to be a classy lady. My brother would certainly approve of that."

The man offers a soft chuckle, moving over to the stairway. His limp isn't as bad today, a combination of the comfortable sleeping arrangements he enjoyed last night and the pleasant weather making it easier for him to walk on that bad knee of his. "Well, I prefer to give everyone a chance. We'll just hope you're not a heartbreaker." Griffin seats himself on the step, letting out a soft huff as he does so.

He's looking decidedly less formal than is his standard today, wearing a simple black t-shirt, somewhat worn out jeans, and a pair of black hiking boots. He lifts a hand, peering at his watch for a moment, before smiling toward the door. "She should be here any minute."

"More like heartbroken, I'm afraid," Nadira admits. "Although the chance is appreciated. We'll see if your sister is as kind in that regard. I shall be prepared for the worst, although I am sure we will all be distracted by cupcakes."

"Well tell Missus Dingle that you want a banana instead. Yes, there's some on the counter, just use the key on your backpack to get in. But remember to lock it on the way out. Both locks, okay? Okay sweetheart, don't miss the bus. Mommy loves you." Of course, it's only then that Marjorie sees her brother and some strange woman sitting on the steps. Why isn't he in his apartment? It's early, and he should be upstairs!

Today, she's not hiding her face. Her brown hiar has been curled in an old-fashioned style. She wears a loose white tank top, the kind that just seems to curl around her, rather than be worn, and some of those short beige and rosebud print shorts, with sandals. Her lips are that same ruby red - she is indeed old timey. Vintage. Retro. Whatever you want to call it.

And she's shocked.

"Oh Griff, I'm sorry I…." she's hung up the phone by now, and her green eyes look very apologetic. But then she sees the other woman, a stranger, and goes quiet. Never know who strangers might be, after all. She teaches that to her 10 year old, and she should probably practice it too!

Griffin tilts his head toward Nadira as she admits that, a faint smile on his face. "Hmm, may have to do something about that eventually." He leaves it at that mysterious statement, chuckling softly. "I am pretty excited about trying these wonderful cupcakes. They were amazing ten years ago, I can't imagine how amazing her recipe has gotten since then." He grins.

Then, his face goes slack as he hears his sister's voice on the phone. His face goes rather slack, and a slightly pained look forms across his features, though he immediately turns his face downward to hide this to the best of his ability. His son, so close and yet so far away…he would love nothing more than to just run to Marjorie's and embrace the child. He's quiet for a time, staring down at his slender hands.

After a moment of composure he raises his face, which now carries an uneasy, halfhearted smile that has awkwardly settled over his features. "'Kenzie, glad you could make it." He gestures toward Nadira. "This my new friends, Nadira. She's like us. Nadira, I would like you to meet Mackenzie Marjorie Mihangle, my baby sister, and the woman who has raised my son in my stead." The smile that masks his feelings remains, but that doesn't stop his voice from cracking slightly as he makes the introduction.

That's about the reaction Nadira was expecting from Marjorie. Nadira offers a charming smile, offering a hand forward towards the woman. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I've got a lot of admiration for what you've done. I don't think I would have had that kind of strength had I been in your shoes." She looks between Griffin and Marjorie. "I didn't want to interrupt brother-sister time, as I know how important that can be at times, but Griffin told me there would be cupcakes and insisted that it wouldn't be a problem. However, if you'd rather I not be here, I completely understand and wouldn't hold it against you."

She really does look sorry. Between her hands hangs a white box tied with string, the kind professionals use. She was a professional once, and some habbits die hard. "What I've done?" Marjorie asks, looking a little bewildered still. However, never let it be said that she does not have manners, and she gives the woman's hand a little shake. "I'm sorry, dear, but I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you mean in 'what I've done'." A kidnapped brother does make one's entire life a thing of paranoia, you know. And surely Griffin wouldn't go talking about all those things that were so secretive he couldn't see his own family for 10 years. Right? Then again, men get awfully stupid around pretty women.

"Well I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem in the least, dear. I was just dropping off some cupcakes - here you are, Griff." She steps forward, offering the box over to her brother. "And please, call me Marjorie. Griffin has an unfortuante affliction rendering him unable to comprehend my proper name." And yes, she does give her brother a sweet, yet playful glance. Please cheer up, she didn't mean to be upsetting!

Griffin would be one such fellow who gets a little stupid around pretty women. "You took care of my son when I couldn't." He smiles sheepishly toward his sister. "There was an incident at the club Nadira works at last night. It was pretty chaotic, so I got her out of there." He offers a small smile toward Nadira. "And she was kind enough to let this wandering vagrant usurp her comfortable couch, along with breakfast.

He turns back to Marjorie, suddenly a bit cheered up by something or other. "She might be able to help me get a job. So, I can help you and Owain, get you some money." Well, all of his money, probably. He reaches out, taking the cupcakes as they're offered.

Then, he glances between the two women, smiling warmly as he unties the box, opening it to marvel at the contents. He seems to have gotten over his little tragic moment, apparently quite enthused by the gifts. He always did love sweets, thanks to his sister.

Nadira smiles warmly. "I have admiration for anyone who can raise a child alone, much less stepping up in the midst of a situation like that." She glances back towards Griffin as he reports the incident. She listens, then notes the mention of the club. Now she sounds somewhat shady. After all, it could be any sort of club. She purses her lips, then offers a nod towards Marjorie.

"Marjorie it is then. Griffin was kind enough to see the situation I was in and get me out, and offering a place to rest and some belgian waffles was the least I could do. The club, Tartarus, where I work as a bartender could always use bouncers, and so I'm going to see if there are any openings." She pauses. "Although honestly I'm hoping a friend of mine might know where he could play piano. It seems a waste for him not to be able to use his talents when he plays so beautifully."

Marjorie decides not to talk about anything family-related, particularly in front of a stranger. "Well gentlemanly conduct is another one of Griffin's afflictions that seems to flare p from time to time." Take that one as you will, even if it is said most gently. "They're key lime, Griffin. I didn't have time to make a mixed batch, I had an order to fill." She runs an online candle-shop too! "The whole apartment smells like cardboard and cinnamon now." She looks to them both with that smae nice smile. "We haven't finished unpacking yet." Hence the cardboard.

Turning to Nadira, Marjorie seems to remain the brightest of women. "Well! You know all about us, Nadira, was it? I do hope it is time to hear a little more about you." And in the stairwell apparently. But Marjorie doesn't seem to say anything about it. Or that bug on the floor. She just…squish with her sandal. There! No more bug.

Griffin is too busy to notice any pursing lips or avoidances of family-related topics, admiring the cupcakes. He reaches in, pulling one out as if it's the holy grail and he's finally discovered it. One learns to truly appreciate delicious food when usually, the McDonald's value menu is a splurge. Cupcakes~, so delicious and moist.

Green eyes raise up to Marjorie, his forehead wrinkling as his brows raise. "She's a non-practicing archaologist from Egypt." He says this as if it is extremely pertinent information, pulling out another cupcake. Both of these are offered out to his sister and to Nadira, the man offering a charming smile up to the two.

"Thanks for the cupcakes, sis. I will savor these." And probably share them with the bums around here when the two aren't looking.

"Yes, Griffin was kind enough to share a bit about his life with me. He's a very honest gentleman." Nadira states, looking between the two. Mmmm, cupcakes. "Ah, well, I studied archaeology in school but I don't really consider myself much of an archaeologist. I leave that to my parents. I prefer bartending and keeping the company of people instead of pots." She accepts the cupcake, quite happily, looking back to Marjorie. "You're more than welcome to interrogate me on any subject you wish. I promise you I don't find it offensive in the slightest. I'm more than happy to answer anything you might be curious about."

Marjorie does not markate in a cupcake. Instead she wipes her nice little shoe along the hard wood step, cleaning it of bug. "Juicy little thing, wasn't he…" she murmers as she cleans her shoe of his innards. Finally her attention is turned upward, eyes flashing green as she looks over at Nadira. "Oh no dear, I'm sure I have no intention of interrogating." She has her P.I. for that. "And I'm not at all worried about offending you." It's said very nicely, with such politeness that it's likely that all the connotations of that phrase are lost.

While Nadira is speaking about herself, and Marjorie is wiping the bug guts off of her shoe, Griffin is busy happily unwrapping his cupcake with a look of cheerful anticipation on his face. He always was quite easy to please, and cupcakes were always his favorites. After a moment, he smiles up to Marjorie, offering a slightly pleading look to her. His way of quietly asking her to be nice.

Then, he's diggin in to that cupcake, taking a large bite. He ends up with a bit of frosting on the tip of his hawk-like nose, though he doesn't seem to mind. He's too busy making small sounds of approval. Once finished chewing, he raises a hand, wiping the icing from his nose. "You've gotten even better over time, Marjorie. Delicious, as always."

Nadira notes Marjorie's words. While her cheerfulness is there, the Egyptian knows the power of words and phrase quite well. She's done enough manipulating of them that she can notice an underlying tone, regardless of the audibility of it. She smiles over to Griffin, proceeding to take a small bite of the cupcake. Her face does light up. "Oh, these are wonderful! You've definitely got a talent for it."

Marjorie smiles a little to Griffin. "Well I was working and living at Cupcake Cafe for the past…gosh, how long has it been? I've been working there since High School at least. They let me be quite creative. When I have some time, I'll make some of the real gormet ones." She reaches into her purse after a moment, reacting to a small buzzing noise. A text message. She checks it and returns the phone to where ti came from.

"I really must be off, those candles should be about set and I have another batch I have to set up. But I'm sure I should like to have you both over for lunch some afternoon." Lunch, so when the boy's not there, at least. "Or tea, at the very least."

Griff makes quick work of the cupcake, devouring it as if he's never had sweets in his life. At the very least, he's good at letting people know that he thinks food is delicious. Tapping his chest a few times with a fist, and clearing his throat, he raises to his feet, glancing first to Nadira, then to Marjorie. "Oh, I wanted to add, I believe Nadira was interested in piano lessons. I know you said you needed to find clients, so I figured I'd pass the teaching on to you." He smiles cheerfully to his sister.

Then, he steps forward, reaching to give his sister a quick, tight hug. "Let me swing by tomorrow, when Owain is at school. I'll help you unpack." A kiss is planted on the top of his sister's head, then steps back, smiling down at her. "You take care, sis."

The Egyptian woman smiles, offering a small nod. "Griffin mentioned you taught and I wouldn't mind taking lessons… so I'd be more than happy to learn from you if you've got an opening." Nadira smiles warmly. "And I appreciate the offer. It would be nice to have lunch or tea sometime, it was a pleasure meeting you."

Marjorie hugs her brother, tilting her cheek against his shoulder for a moment. "That would be nice I think. And it was a pleasure to meet you as well, Nadira. I am sure that if you want to get set up for some lessons I would be available - although you'd find a much better lesson with Griffin. I am a teacher, he is a professor." She leaves the cupcakes, of course, and gives a polite wave over her shoulder as she pushes her way out the door.

The man chuckles softly. "Well, when she gets to the point where she needs a professor, I'll take over." He winks to his sister. "See you tomorrow, then." He steps back as she turns the door, chuckling. Then, he turns toward Nadira, offering a bright smile. "Well, that went fairly well." He thinks. Then again, he's also oblivious at times.

"Well, she doesn't hate me, I think, but I think it would take her time to warm up to someone like me hanging around with someone like you. Siblings can be protective." Nadira notes, looking back to Griffin. "You've… got frosting on your nose."

Griffin blinks a few times, lifting his hand toward his nose. "Oops." He laughs softly, shaking his head and pulling out a handkerchief to wipe the icing away. "I get a bit carried away when it comes to Marjorie's cupcakes." He laughs softly.

"So I see." Nadira takes a bite of her cupcake, nibbling on it and swallowing before speaking again. "They are delicious. She seems to be quite the busy woman. I have to say I'm impressed. She's very talented… raising a child, working on all those things. As strange as a life as that is… I'm envious of her strength. You're lucky to have such a sibling."

Griffin draws closer, seating himself on the stairs once more, chuckling. "She's a wonderful sister. I couldn't ask for better." He chuckles softly, watching her for a moment. Then, tentatively, he reaches out and, if she will allow, attempts to wipe a tiny bit of icing away from her cheek." He watches her reaction, his head tilted to one side.

Seating herself on the stairs next to him, Nadira smiles. "You got lucky. I would have liked a sister. Probably wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble as a teenager if I had a sister. A brother, on the other hand…" Then there's the hand getting the icing off her cheek. She freezes, blushing just slightly. "These things are delicious, if not a bit messy, it seems."

A smile forms on Griffin's face as she blushes, a deep chuckle escaping his throat. "Heh, I was the stereotypical overacchieving firstborn. She handled it fairly well, all things considered." He smiles warmly, leaning back to look her over for a moment. "She was always a great little sister." He chuckles. "So, what shall we do? If you don't object to spending more time with me."

"I'm the baby sister, and clearly that means I need looking after. Except, of course, when my brother was off getting himself arrested in Egypt. My parents didn't like that too much and sent him to London to study. Only so much looking after a sister you can do when you're that far away." Nadira smiles a little more broadly. "I don't object. It's nice. It's refreshing spending time outside of Tartarus."

"I protected her. Thankfully, I never had to protect her from much…at least, not until nowadays, at least." He smirks. "I don't think she knows, but I cornered her first boyfriend ever and scared him half to death. She would've killed me if she had found out, I'm sure." Griff chuckles softly. "Now, though…the whole business with Evolved, and this Registration…it worries me." He narrows his eyes at the ground, then shakes his head, raising to his feet. "How would you like to go for a walk in the park?"

Nadira smiles weakly. "That's what brothers do. My brother's not too fond of most of the guys I date. He'd rather I go back to Egypt and find a nice guy, regardless of how nice the guy is here." She frowns just slightly. "I'm a little concerned about Registration myself. If I get caught…" She trails off, thinking of the potential consequences. "A walk would be perfect."

Griffin chuckles, raising a hand and waving it slightly. "Hey, I can completely understand where he's coming from. Granted, I'm willing to give a chance, but…if she gets hurt, you'd better believe that I will go after the person responsible." He winks, and gestures toward the apartment he inhabits. "Let me get my cane." He takes a few steps toward the door, lingering in the hall with bluish-white eyes.

The door in question opens; after a moment, the cane in question floats out, a simple black cane with a rather elegant silver handle. One of the few things of value he has; in the same instant, the box of cupcakes promptly floats down the hallway and into the apartment.. The door closes, and the cane floats straight into his hand. Then, he turns back toward Nadira, his eyes fading back to their typical green as he raises a hand toward her. "Shall we?"

"That's a pretty neat trick, by the way." Nadira states as he takes the cane and she takes his free hand. "That sounds like a plan. In any case, I hope, for her sake and his, that whatever guy goes after your sister doesn't hurt her."

Griffin chuckles softly, escorting her out the front door, this time. The area is empty enough. "Telekinesis. It's hard to explain, but the best way to describe it is like invisible hands, that can reach a lot further than normal hands. They call them 'vectors.'" He pushes the door open for her, a pleasant smile on his face. "I hope that whatever man my sister finds will listen to me as well as her first boyfriend did."

Nadira steps out the door with a bit of a smile. "It felt like arms when you got me out of Tartarus. I imagine I'd probably have been a little more panicky if it weren't for that aspect of being carried off. I'm not in the habit of letting strange men just take me away whenever they wish."

Stepping out behind her, Griffin slips the door shut, beginning to walk at a leisurely pace toward the street alongside Nadira. "Well, I'm not normally in the habit of carrying off strange younger women on a whim. Nor am I even really in the habit of speaking to women." He chuckles. "I keep worrying that you may find me strange. Here I am, an escapee from a prison for Evolved, whisking you off into the night and occupying your time almost desperately." He tilts his head to one side. "I'm sure your brother wouldn't approve of me."

"Desperately? Surely you jest. I'm the strange one." Nadira chuckles, moving alongside him. "Where I am from, imprisonment would be a gracious thing for an Evolved. People can be… very passionate. You could be a god or a demon, and if someone knew of your ability you'd better hope you're stronger than them or you get to play puppet in the schemes of those more powerful." She looks at his eyes. "I think my brother would ask you two questions and then decide you're not right for me. First, he'll ask if you're a religious man, and then he'll ask what you do for a living."

The man laughs softly, shaking his head as he walks along with his cane tapping against the pavement. It really does help him with his walking, at least. Plus, a man can look good with the right cane, at least in his opinion. "Not much of a religious man, no. My mother was Jewish, my father was Catholic, they agreed to disagree and let us kids choose when we got old enough. I used to be religious. Not much any more." Griffin chuckles, glancing toward Nadira with a warm smile.

"And for a living, I'm a professional wandering musician and a dangerous escapee from Government holding. Give me an instrument, I'll make music. Put me in front of a bunch of bad guys, I'll happily remove the threat. Put me in front of a bunch of cops who can see my scar, they'll probably try everything they can to bring me down, I'm sure. I haven't tempted fate yet." He laughs. "I'm sure he wouldn't want you talking to me."

"Naturally. But he disapproves of nearly everything I like. My clothing, my job… he told me that I should quit my job and he'd take care of me." Nadira smiles softly. "I admire his desire to take care of me, but he doesn't quite seem to understand what I want in life." She looks back at him. "For someone dangerous, you're awfully nice."

"Well, that's a shame. If you like it, there's no sense in quitting." Griffin chuckles softly to the woman. "And I must rather modestly say that I approve of your choice of dress, personally…but I may be biased." A soft laugh bursts from his mouth, and he shakes his head a few times, still chuckling to himself. "I try to be as kind as I can be. But there are certain important things to me that I would likely kill for. Don't let the calm, sweet exterior fool you— they had me in Moab for a reason. I'm a monster."

"Well, guess that's two of us, I just didn't get thrown in a prison, I just fled a country." Nadira frowns deeply. "Don't consider yourself a monster, though. If you've done things you don't like, sure, we've all done that. If you want to keep doing them? That's where you become a monster." She looks at him seriously. "Do you want to hurt people?"

Griffin lets out a soft hum, lifting his free hand to rub at his chin. "I suppose it depends on who the people are, and what the circumstances are. Potential threats to my family…I may kill to prevent anything from harming those I care about." Thus the reason why he volunteered for an upcoming mission with Messiah before even meeting Peter Petrelli; it's something he cares about. "But innocent people…no, never. I wouldn't dream of harming an innocent person…"

"See. That doesn't make you a monster. I think anyone can be driven to do things if pushed… I've hurt people to protect friends. I've hurt myself in more than one way to save a life." Nadira shakes her head. "But I don't think you're a monster of any sort. No more than the rest of us. So if you want to think of yourself as a monster, you'll have to accept that I'm one too."

The smile on Griffin's face is quite suddenly a sad one, that melancholy smile that he pulls off so well, hiding his anguish, yet simultaniously wearing it on his sleeve. "I killed my own wife when I manifested, Nadira." He keeps walking slowly as he speaks, green eyes trailing over the somewhat run-down scenery. "I ripped her to pieces because she wanted to divorce me. If I—" He offers a soft laugh that really isn't much in the way of laughter; his heart isn't in it.

"If I wasn't a monster, she would still be alive. My son would know me. He would know his real mother, the beautiful redhead who still haunts my thoughts and dreams. We would be a family still, if only a broken one." He stops, suddenly, and reaches into his pocket, pulling out that ever present picture of his wife. Opening it and looking at it, he sighs softly. "I destroyed my son's life in an instant. My sister's life. She should've been married by now. Givin' me a nephew to coo after."

He lowers his head toward the ground, his brow wrinkling upward, creased with worry and sadness. Slowly, he tucks the picture away, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, Nadira…I shouldn't be bringing these things up." Slowly, he continues walking, leaning heavily on his cane. And while the cane eases the strain on his knee, it does nothing to support the weight he still carries on his shoulders, ten years later.

"I can't say much for your life… but Marjorie seemed to be okay with things. She seemed to have a good life, and if anything, I think your son has a good life with her. You can't change the past, but thinking of yourself as a monster only brings you down. You have to get beyond what happened, Griffin." Nadira's speaking from experience now.

"That was years ago. You cannot let yourself continue to dwell on what happened. Regardless of what happened, Griffin, it wasn't purposeful. You were upset, you didn't want to kill her." The dark haired woman lets out a small sigh, looking off in the distance. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound like I'm lecturing but… I know what it's like."

Griffin's eyes are everywhere but on Nadira, the man paying particular interest to their surroundings. That melancholy smile remains on his face, despite his avoidance of eye contact. "It's not so much that I'm not past what happened…I know very well that the past can't be changed for anything, as much as I've wished there was a chance to go back and correct my mistakes."

For but a moment only the sound of his cane, tapping on the ground, can be heard. Then, he continues. "It does not stop me from feeling horrible for what has happened. From wishing that I hadn't manifested at that particular moment. And with my sister packing up and moving my son with her all the way out here— it has brought on a lot of emotion that I've spent quite a bit of time trying not to feel." He pauses. "I'm standing at a new road, now. I can never forget Cindy…she was my world. But I have an opportunity— one that I never thought I would get."

"You were lucky to have her." Nadira murmurs with a tiny smile. "It's nice to have a world like that." She looks away, letting out a breath. "But your son is close now, and so is your sister… and you are at a new road. You can at least have the chance to know your son, someday. Just do not let your feelings on what happened in the past prevent you from being alright in the future."

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