Cupcakes, Conversations and Plans.


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Scene Title Cupcakes, Conversation and Plans.
Synopsis What the title speaks.
Date August 17, 2009

Abigail and Leonards Apartment

Between Elisabeth in the morning, Niki and the guilt she felt for Logan being on her path, Abigails mood had plummetted when she went down the hall to her apartment. So that lead to taking a pill, a nap and then gratuitous baking. Lots of baking. Stuff to bring down to the police station after her test tomorrow, some to be sent upstairs to Cat and the others. Something for everyone. So the pervading smell of chocolate cupcakes is what Leonards smelling as she carefully ices each one, parked on a stool at the kitchen table.

"Man, if you being angry leads to pastry like this," Leo says, as he wanders in, sniffing the air like a hound, "I'm gonna annoy you more than I do." He's in his security guard uniform, clearly reporting back from a shift at the Suresh center.

"Not angry. I don't know really. Least i'm not leaving it all halfway through and driving off halfway across the country" One of the finished ones is proffered up to the roommate. "You have a moment Leo?" The way she says it means that this might be an important talk. One that might result possibly in changes. For good or better, who knows, but usually results in change.

"What….what do you mean?" Leo says, hesitantly. "I've got time. What'swrong?"

"I wanna move atop the bar. I think that i'm ready to move out of this place. But I don't want to go unless you come with me. There's room there for you, heck it's as big as this place and you'd have your own room still. And well, the downside being that it won't have the same security as here, but.. I just.. It's time to get out from under Cat's eye, and .. take back my life"

Oh, is that all? Leo's expression is immediately goofy with relief. "You wanna move? Sure. I got enough work now to cover my share of the rent, within reason. And I ain't worried for security about me, so long as you feel safe. I'm not all that attached to any one place." Leo doesn't own anything, really.

"There's no rent silly. It's part of the bar. Izzy's old place above the bar. I just.. I can be self sufficient now and so.. I mean, I got an income now from the bar on my own. I can pay for my EMT training now and I won't need to pay rent. Means Delilah goes back to cleaning the upper floors by herself but.. I mean… I don't need to lean on anyone's charity no matter how good it's done me"

Leonard looks….sort of abashed. "Oh, duh," he says, shaking his head at himself. "Sure. I'd be delighted. And I can be your bodyguard/watchdog, when I'm home, huh?"

"You can be my roommate and my friend and my.. one of my best friends. Lordy Leonard, it's not home without you, you should know that by now. But if it makes you feel better about yourself, you can get the groceries?" Realizing that maybe he'll feel the same way about living above the bar as she does about Cat pretty much paying for everything.

The Georgian nods, almost shyly. "I'd like that. We do well together. I clean, you cook," he offers.

"I cook good. And you can help me find a car. I'll be needing one. FLint's sorta been derailed in trying to find me one. So.. you know, another eye looking out for something used and in not too much. I can go up to five grand" BEcause winter is coming and while she could go with the scooter, she's not going to, not when she can afford to. "I uhh.. You know that thing, we talked about Leo. While we were walking and talking. The other day?"

It takes him a moment to recall, apparently. He furrows his brow for a moment. And then the mental jackpot comes up three cherries. Pun intended. "Oh, uh."

Her own cupcake is picked up, dropping a few silver edible shots on it. "You were right"

No more. No less. You were right.

His brows head for his almost nonexistent hairline, and his mouth rounds in a momentary O of dismay. "Am I gonna have to set the dogs on someone?" he manages to say, finally, pasting on an uncertain smile.

"No.. no… noooo" No. Blue eyes glance over furtivly and there's a smile on her face. "No. Most certainly not"

Leo does something that Abby has seen perhaps once or twice, since she met him. He dimples, all unconscious that he is. "Well, good," he says, and reaches for a frosted cupcake. With purely ordinary hands.

"It was" She smiles wider then, infected by the dimples and showing her own small ones. "One more, cupcake that is. I got to bring some to my teachers as a thank you. Oh i hate finals, they're so stressful. I'm pretty sure I failed my test today, and the same for tomorrow"

Leonard scowls at that. "Oh?" he wonders, quietly. "I wonder….is it hard, these tests? I mean, I got basic medic training, from Iraq. I've thought of learning…"

"You'd get through it easy Leonard. I'm sure of it" And if Abby can do it, well then Leonard can surely do it. "You think maybe you might want to look into it?" Her cupcake nibbled on, she returns to frosting and to sprinkling with the silver edible shots.

He takes a few of the loose ones, makes them whirl and swirl, humming to himself. Like tiny silver bullets. "Yeah," he says. "It'd be nice to help heal, 'stead of destroy."

"It's nice, i'm sure. I miss healing but.. maybe I can do it this way" Abigail murmurs. "Thank you though Leo. I'm sure i'm not the easiest woman to live with, even more since Staten Island, and right around now. You must have been thinking the worst when you foudn the apartment how it was. And.. I need to thank you for that. Tell you that I appreciate you, and appreciate that you came back and moved back in with me"

"I….angel, I have lived through a lot worse than you having a snit, or being tired. You're not even demanding sex from me," Leo says, innocently. "But you're welcome."

But he's welcome. She reaches over, slipping her hand into his. "I'm.. in a bad place again right now and trying to find up. But i'm glad that I have friends to help me find up. Come on, you can put the beads on. I got a shift at the bar tonight to do, keep me busy"

The remaining silver beads immediately leap on to the cupcakes and stick themselves, like metallic lemmings in reverse. Leo squeezes her hand, and then raises it to kiss the knuckles. "How can I help?"

"Jsut.. tolerate me. Remind me to take my medication more than ever. Kick me when I need it. Remind me to enjoy myself where I can, and.. help me find a new shrink. Mine passed away and I really.. I really need to find another one who I can just visit and deal with things with"

Leonard runs a thumb over her knuckles, nods, quietly. "I will,"

'Well then" Before she starts crying. "Well. What can I do for you before I have to get dressed for work huh? Surely there's something I can do, or we can.. I dunno watch a movie, I can make you dinner right quick. How was the that Center today?"

"Good," he says, quietly. "Between that and the driving work, I'm in good shape, you know? Nah, I just wanna cupcake."

"You're working, and that makes you happy. You like being self sufficient" Everyone likes being self sufficient. "Bar closes at 11, i'll be out by 11:30, come pick me up? Walk me back home?" She passes over one last cupcake to the man, waggling it a bit.

Leonard offers a snappy little salute. "Wll do."

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