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Scene Title Cuphands
Synopsis Brian crosses quite a few things off Delia's bucket list while she's away (OOC Note: this log contains a game… what do YOU think is on the bucket list?)
Date December 12, 2010

Redbird Security — Apartments

"Don't get too excited, it's all I know how to make."

The closet foodie, who really, had no choice but be closeted in her food obsession, grabs two large plates with her mittened hands and divides the omelette over the plates. The grey mittens and grey toque serve as additional warmth amid the slightly cooler than usual air in the apartment.

On the plus side, among the chill, there is the aroma of cooked food— namely omelettes. It's nothing too thrilling, but Sami's mom had taught her eldest daughter how to negotiate spices, and brinner (or breakfast for dinner) was the only meal Sam had been obliged to make back in the day.

One of the plates is passed to Brian with an all-too-satisfied smile and sparkle in her eyes. "I hope you like it~" she virtually sings before twirling in a quick circle back to the kitchen to retrieve her own plate and a couple of forks. Several attempts are made at the cutlery only to fail completely. How she plans to eat while still wearing her mittens is anybody's guess…

Groggily, Brian pulls the plate in front of him. Having slept all afternoon, and still no sign of Delia. This Delia hunting business is seriously messing up his sleep cycle. Even taking it in shifts. All the sleep medication is beginning to take its toll. Glancing over to Delia's body, he gives a grunt. The grunt most accurately displays how upset he is that she is dancing around in dream land and is too uppity to come back to her own body.

Looking down at his omelette, Brian smiles lightly. Now isn't the time to tell her how much he hates eggs, or how breakfast is his least favorite meal of the day. Looking up, "Thanks Sameye." Going to grab his fork, he watches her from from across the table with a sleepy smile plastered to his lips. "Now you can't take your mittens off for the rest of the meal. Let's see if you can do it." Winters picks up his own fork and begins to slice off sections of the omelette with the side of it.

"You're lucky I'm wearing mittens— you have no idea which finger I'm holding up~" the words are nearly sung. Another attempt is made for the fork, this time with success. Huzzah! Without thinking she does a little hop on the balls of her feet displaying her merriment as she bounces back to the table with her food in tow. Her merriment fades shortly thereafter though, "I take it no luck? I don't understand how that works. Like how does she know where to go?" With a wrinkle of her nose she attempts to aim the fork into the eggs only to drop it.

"I thought you might be hungry," she frowns momentarily as she cranes her neck to peek over at Delia, "That's all. It was nothing. And for the record I was going to wear my mittens the whole meal anyways." At this she slides her mittened hand along the table to catch the dropped fork with her opposite hand. Turning it over in her hand, she forks into her eggs and brings the fork to her mouth only to hold her hand to her mouth, slide away from the table, and promptly to the garbage where the said mouthful is spat out. "Don't eat it. It tastes terrible," she instructs with a frown.

"Pinky. That's cute." Brian smiles adoringly at her before scooping up the first bite with his fork. Bringing it up, he goes to take his first bite despite Sami's warning. Taking the bite he places the fork down. Giving a contemplative look as he chews, swallowing down. Closing his eyes as if to display how much he considering he finally gives a little nod. Opening his eyes he smiles lightly. "You're being over dramatic. It's good." He lies beautifully. Taking another bite, he continues on with the meal.

"Okay. It's terrible. But I'm hungry." Swallowing he laughs a little bit. "This is all you know how to make? Fuck, Sam. That is definite trouble. Didn't you like watch anyone cook while you were dead for four years." His fork is thrown to the plate in faux outrage. Though he can't fully repress his grin. "I'll cook next time.I can only make spaghetti. But it's like.. really good spaghetti."

"Listen. I'm sorry I didn't introduce you.. nicely. Earlier. With whats his face." He gives a little shrug before taking another bite.

"It's all I remember!" Samara quips back fake defensively. "And I didn't watch anyone cook because, well, I like eating. Like a lot. I can't explain how awesome it is to eat again— even if I can't cook anymore," her nose wrinkles in disdain at her own concoction. "Sorry. I tried. I really did! I should like opt for a recipe next time or something— " With a fleeting shrug she plucks her plate back from the table, shuffling it to the kitchen and promptly clearing it in the trash. "I'll let you teach me how to make really good spaghetti. And what I lack in skill, I'd like to think I make up for in spirit?" Her eyelashes bat as she shoots him a cutesy smile which she displays by framing her face with her mittened hands.

As for earlier, "It's okay. I think I recovered well. Or something." She opens her mouth to speak, but thinks better of it and shuts it again. Her tongue rolls over her lips and she manages, "So… am I just your poltergeist? The spirit you can't seem to get rid of?" Her lips twitch into an easy smile as she moves the plate to the sink.

"All heart. That's all you need." Bringing one fist up he gives his chest two pumps to signify her all-heart..ness. Glancing down tiredly at his meal he lets out a little laugh. "Okay. I know I just woke up but.." Pushing away from the table, he goes to stand and make his way to the kitchen. "I'll make us something good to wash down this terrible shit." He grins over his shoulder at her. "I picked some stuff up.." And with that Brian is going through the cupboards. Taking out a silver bottle of tequila. Soon two glasses are produced. "I have a lot to teach you. How to shoot a gun, how to fight, how to use your power, how to make spaghetti." He grins, shaking his head a little bit.

He falls silent as the sound of pouring overtakes the silence. Pouring the alcohol into the ice he had put in their glasses stops abruptly and is set gently back on the counter. His hand drums on the counter for a moment. "No. You're not my Casper. Miss semi passive aggressive."He turns to face her. Leaning against the counter, he folds his arms. "You don't kiss Casper, even if he becomes real for a little bit and asks if he can keep you." He lowers his chin. "Even if it is adorable."

Respecting this movie moment, he finally looks back up at Samara. "Don't pretend like I would want to get rid of you. I made you pinky swear you would stick around. 'With the kids'. Like that was real." He grins a little bit.

Sami's lips press together into a tight line as she leans against the counter, tilting her head slightly while her eyes watch him intently. "Okay… So I'm not Casper," the words bring a brightened smile. Her tone brightens likewise, playful around her words, "What am I then? I'm guessing.." her eyebrows crease a little, "you don't just hang out with me because of my winning personality?"

As far as the kids are concerned. "Ooooooooh, and here I thought you wanted me to help look after the kiddies because of my irrepressible child-like spirit," her dimpled grin grows further as she rolls the mittens off her hands to properly grip the glass. Not that she actually grabs it from the counter.

She glances at the drink and then back to Brian, "I, I like spending time with you too. Even when you couldn't hear me." She shrugs while her cheeks tinge pink.

"I liked spending time with you more when I couldn't hear you." His features remain flat for a moment, but eventually melt into more lighthearted expressions. Tilting his head back he studies some random spot on the ceiling. "I don't know. I.. I guess we're dating right?" Brian's eyes don't leave the ceiling. "I mean. I guess I could be more romantic about this. But.. I was engaged a little while ago, you know? Secretly engaged, but still engaged." Slowly his eyes dip back down. His arms unravel, his fingers go to rest on the wrist that grabs the glass. "Wait. I want to say this before we start drinking."

"I have to be honest about this, alright. I loved Veronica. A lot. And I really thought I would end up with her." The words are delivered levelly, doing his best to make eye contact with the woman. "And I mean.. That wasn't that long ago. But.. Even though you don't have a frog voice and your voice is super annoying." His hand closes around her wrist. "I really like you. Especially when you don't talk." His smile turns sweet as he leans in slightly. "And I'm sorry I'm not being really romantic but… Yeah. Hold on." Turning around, Brian scrambles through the drawers. Finding a piece of paper and a pen he hastily scribbles something down. Turning he hands it over to her.

Will u go out with me?

Below it are a few boxes 'y' 'n' 'may-B' and 'N/A'

Sam releases the glass as Brian's fingers close around her wrist. A silent sympathetic softness overtakes her features, reflectively changing each in turn, but she doesn't interrupt. She listens carefully, much like her former, more ghostly, self. The note isn't glanced at immediately, instead, she leans towards him and places a soft kiss on his cheek. "I'm sorry things didn't turn out— " while the whole romance thing has essentially evaded the young woman, disappointment and unmet expectation is something she does understand. "— it must be hard."

Her chin drops to her chest as she peers at the note on the which brings a broad grin to her lips, complete with a bright flash of teeth. Leaning towards him, she reaches for the pen, plucking it away and momentarily, she turns her back to him, encircling the 'y' (rather than checking the box) as confidentially as she can. The note is slowly refolded like the good old days when teenaged girls essentially closed it up. She holds out her hand to offer him the note, a soft smile playing on her lips.

Closing his eyes momentarily, he leans into the kiss. "We don't need to talk about it." Releasing her wrist, he allows her to pull away to write on her note. "It didn't work out. She'll probably show up and try to arrest me one day or something." Waiting for her to write her reply, he grabs his glass and tilts it back into his mouth. Swallowing, "Tequila Sunrise." The glass is set back on the counter.

Pushing the glass back towards her, he takes the note from her. Unfolding it he smiles at the circle. Taking the pen back, he places it on the counter again. Scribbling on it again he goes to hand it back to her. A heart encircles the circle encircling the box. The pen is set down on the counter. Leaning down he goes to press his lips against hers, letting his free hand tangle itself around her waist.

As Brian leans towards her, Sami's hands extend around his neck, her fingers line the back of his hairline, affectionately grazing his soft curls, and she finds herself on her tip toes to help close the distance, a natural posture she assumes thinking. Even as he moves forward, her eyes automatically, albeit gently, close. She leans into the kiss, pressing her lips against his with increased fervency, it took awhile, but the shyness of her affection dissipated considerably over the last few days.

Finally, when the kiss breaks she issues him another at the corner of his lips, like a silent punctuation to the longer more passionate one. Finally, she lowers from her toes to the base of her feet and flat footed, she sighs contentedly as she leans into him, her head leaning into his chest. "I'm glad I met you."

Smiling as she pulls back, the glass is set down. Encircling her with his other arm, he pulls her close to his chest. Kissing the top of her head he pulls her in tightly against him. "I'm glad I met you." He echoes with a breath, the warm breath flowing into her hair. "I know you probably won't want me to ruin this moment. But.. I think you should practice your power. If you get in deep with Humanis.. I want you to be able to escape. And.. I mean. If you can control your power. I won't have to worry about you." Bringing her back slightly with his hands.

"Reach through the cup." He motions with the chin to the glass. "Just put your hand through it. Just like Paul said. Your mind knew you had to be safe from the blast, so you protected yourself. Now.. Let your mind know you have to reach through this cup. And just.. do it."

Samara's arms wrap tightly around Brian, holding him close, and just drinking in the moment. A deep inhalation of breath has Sam making a silent memory, filing away the moment for later. Brian's change of topic, is met with a soft smile. "I just got back to life, I'll be okay. I swear I will. And even if I can control my ability, what if it just doesn't… it doesn't help? Like would it seriously help me in a sticky situation?"

Skeptically, Samara turns to face the glass. One of her hands drops down from his back, and she reaches out towards the glass, only to nudge it a quarter inch away. Her head turns back to look at him, "I don't know how. When it happened I just did it, you know? Like… I shielded Rue and phased myself out of existence." And then comes the question, disconcerted as she poses it, "What if… what if that happens again?"

"That's an interesting thought." Brian mulls over silently. "But not like we can make a real and present danger for ourselves. It will just be fabricated." He gives a light shrug, doing his own memory saving and secret filing away. Taking the nudged glass he brings it up and downs half the glass. "Listen. We should have like a first date. Like a real first date. You had on your little tiny death list that you wanted to go to prom. I don't think it's prom season right now, or I would say we could go like sneak into one. But.. We could dress up and go pretend we're at a prom."

Shrugging gently, he takes another sip. "Or something lame like ice skating. I don't know. What do you want to do? We can do whatever we want.. Or I can just make something up and we could wing it." He smiles down at her charmingly.

"It's just what happened. I just grabbed her and then disappeared. And she was okay. It's not an easy thing to recreate." With another hmmm, Sami focuses and reaches towards the glass. Again she nudges it, causing her to frown.

She's smiling again shortly thereafter though, "You remembered from my bucket list!" Samara smiles broadly as her second hand slides down his back. "I… would like that. A lot. But I'm not actually as picky as all that. I'll let you decide. I like winging it. It's sometimes more fun that way."

Finally, she reaches for the glass and brings it to her lips. Her expression turns sour as the liquid rolls over her tongue, but she manages to swallow it amid a minor fit of coughing.

Laughing as she struggles to down the tequila, he bounces off his toes to perch up on the counter. Leaning forward his hands slide to her waist. Going to heave her up bodily and slide her into his lap, he then goes to reclaim his glass. Curling his arm around her shoulders, he uses his long arm to take a sip directly in front of her face.

"Wouldn't it be funny if Dee-bags back there woke up all of a sudden?"

Taking another sip, the glass goes down. Another kiss is planted on her cheek. "So.. We have a lot to do this week. First date. Go see your parents. Make up a fake backstory for you, get you inducted into a terrorist organization." He grins. "So much work." Leaning back slightly. "Want to start on your backstory? I want to make up your name."

She's easily tugged into his lap, wrapping a single arm around his neck for both balance and general closeness. "Seriously! The way people talk about liquor— I would've thought it tasted like pomegranates! Instead it was all like burny and gross. Yucky," Sami announces with a lopsided grin and another wrinkle of her nose. "Why is it people drink so much of it? Is the buzz that good?" Yeah, she had been one of the good kids.

"I'm pretty sure Delia would be shocked if she woke up right now. I always used to hate waking up places I didn't know. It was terrifying. Rue held onto me a lot in the night. It helped. Sometimes people move in their sleep though and…" Sami clucks her tongue while her fingers graze the hair along the back of Brian's head.

"Yessss. I need a good backstory. Easy to remember with lots of detail as to why I'm so angry. And a name I guess." Her lips press together into a lingering smile, "What would you name me if you had the choice?"

"You'll like it more later." He grins a little bit. "And this is a good drink. It's just a little strong at the top. Once you get to the bottom you get all the juices and it tastes just wonderful. And.. Just to be clear pomegranates taste like piss. They should be called pissegranates. And.. Just keep drinking. You can find out for yourself whether or not the buzz is that good."

Tilting his head back as if to lean into her hand he lets out a soft mmf accompanied with a smile.

"Okay. Your name is Samantha O'Doyle. And you rule by the way. You grew up in New York, most of your family was killed in the bomb. The rest of your family died in the riots. Your dad. After the bomb all you had was your dad. Then he died in the riots. He was shopping for pleated pants." A light sigh is let out. "Just terrible."

Samara reaches behind her to pluck her glass from the countertop, taking another distinct swallow, this one larger than the last, the numb feeling in her mouth permeating with another small wince. "It's a little better," she croaks and clears her throat. "Pomegranates don't always taste like piss. You need like awesomely ripe ones. I bet you'd like them. If it was one of the good ones."

"Samantha O'Doyle. I like that! It sounds all Irish like. And in what way do I rule? Am I like badass? Total hotness? Or just general lack of caring for the world and everyone around me? Man I think I can pull this off… dancing and acting are actually really similar. And I swear I can dance. Or I used to. Dance."

The glass is brought to her lips as she polishes off the liquor in one quick swallow, cringing a little less than the first couple of times, it had met her expectation this time around. She gently kisses his temple and leans her head against his shoulder.

"You know.. O'Doyle rules!!" Brian leans forward and puts his arms up. "From the movie? O'Doyle rules!" As if doing it again would make her remember. And just for good measure, "O'Doyle rules!" Finally his arms come back down, one hand going to rest in her lap. "You'll do fine. We can practice tonight. I'm fantastic at lying." He smiles brightly. "Which might not make you feel comfortable considering your my girlfriend now and all but heeey~" He flicks his wrist towards her.

"What's a little lying 'tween friends?" Laughing quietly as she downs the rest of the drink he nods emphatically. "Round two!" Leaning over from under her, he goes to make two more drinks from his hindered position. With the angle he is still able to complete the job. Once the new drinks are done he immediately starts sipping his. "Poor Dee-bags. She would love to drink with us. Maybe we should make her a drink and go sit with her."
You have been applauded.

"Dude… Billy Madison, right? Sorry— I haven't watch many movies or TV for like… awhile…" Samara's head tilts to the side as she brings the new glass to her lips and shakes her head, which has started to feel just a little funny, over exaggeratedly. "You shouldn't lie to me. Unless it's for my own good. Or about spiders. I hate spiders. Haaaaaaaaaate spiders. They're soooo ewwwwwy. WIth all of those legs. And," she brings her hand towards her mouth and moves her fingers, "the pincers! Gross, right? Right." The new glass is polished off quicker than the last in several swallows. She nods firmly at this fact.

"Yeah~ Poor red~ She needs friends~" Her arm slides down his shoulder and slowly she slides off his lap, supporting herself with that arm in its slow moving slide. Strangely, the idea of Delia is nearly forgotten once she's standing again. Contentedly she flashes him a merry grin.

"O'Doyle rules!" One last time. That'll be it, he's sure of it. Grinning he leans forward, planting his lips to her cheek. "Spiders aren't real." He lies, giving her leg a light squeeze. As she slides off his lap, he goes to down his own drink. Grinning happily down at her, he jerks his chin over to Delia. "Go join her. I'll get us new stuff." Sliding off the counter, Winters prepares another round of drinks.

Making his way over to Delia, he stares down at the woman's hands. "I wonder if we can use her hands for cupholders." He stares down at the woman. "I think we should try it. Move her hands." He suggests, going to try and lower the glasses, one per cupholdinghand.

"Wheeeeeeee~" Samara abandons the glass for Brian to tend to and settles on the edge of the bed next to Delia. "Hello Red. I'm sorry I stole your soul and I hope you find yourself again! You and I were both stuck, we're like destined to be friends. Desssssssssstinnnnnnned. Brian, isn't that a funny word? It sounds like something a snake would say. Destined. Destined. Destined. The more I say it the less it sounds like a word! I think it's a conspiracy. Of words." Her eyes grow wide as she positions Delia's hands as cup holders.

"She's like a lost bird. Find your way home little bird! Find your way hooooooome. Pleeeeeeeease. With a cherry on top?" Her lips curl into a frown, "She looks cold. She needs another blanket."

"Dessstined. Dessstined." Brian practices the word a few times, eyes widening slightly. It does sound like a snake word. "Dessstined. Desssssstined." Winters starts to hiss a little more. "Word consssspiracy." Brian snakes out, pushing the glasses into Delia's cuphands. Pushing her fingers around the glass he smiles brightly. "It works! O'Doyle rules!" His arms come up in victorious fashion.

"She won't listen to you just because you're offering cherries." Brian frowns lightly. "I don't know if there are more blankets. I think she looks just fine. Maybe she's cold because we put ice in her hands. Once we drink them she'll be fine." He goes to take a seat next to Sam on the bed.

"Hell yessss i do! AHHHH! I just swore, my mother would like kill me if she heard me say that and it's not even like a realllllll swear. And you know what I don't understand?!" Samara's voice cracks around her question. "I don't understand how a word gets to be a swear in the first place— like aren't they just words? Woooooords. Like there isn't something naturally bad about those words. It's not like they went to the other words and pummelled them…"

"Yeaaaah. If we drink she'll get warmer," Sam agrees as she picks up her drink and takes a large swallow. "Thiss is tassting better! Mmmmmmm." She presses her lips together momentarily and notes, "My lips are like numb. OH! Annnnd just so you know she actually looks cold. Like earlier today when I ssssaid you looooked cold yeah that's becausssssse I found your lack of shirt dissssstracting— " she nods slightly, confirming her fact.

"Are you trying to talk like a snake?" Brian asks, tilting his head. "Like forever? Like in Harry Potter. Professor Snakemouth or whatever.Ssssnakemouth." He looks down at Delia. "I don't think she looks cold. DELIA." Leaning in. "DELIA ARE YOU COLD." It's stated more than asked, as he stares down at her. He looks up and gives a little slicing motion at his neck. Nothin. "She'ssss fine." Picking up the cup from Delia's cuphand he goes to down his as well. "Say Fuck. Say it. It doesn't even mean bad things in real life. It means like Fornication upon crowned.. kii..Falsification upper cock kicker. Fortification under concentrating killers." Downing his next glass, it's shoved back into Delia's hand.

"Have you ever smiled so long that your cheeks hurt?"

If she hasn't she will now, because Brian is smiling extremely bright. "I know I didn't look cold. It was opposite day. I was making you hottt." He nods solidly, before clambering off the bed. More juice time.

"I won't fucking swear for your amusement," Sami insists as her chin is raised in the air, all-too happy with herself. "Alssssso, I would make a fabulous sssssnake!" Samara's arms are raised emphatically into the air. "Fabulousssssssss." She raises her pointer finger in the air and waggles it back and forth, "I missssssed that word! It was trendy while I was dead!! When I wassss deaaaaad." Her glass is finished again as she shakes her head woozily. "Nevah!" she grins brightly, matching his ear-to-ear grin. "Wai-wai-wai-wait!!! You kneeew? How did you know? I'm soooo secretive! I'm sooo embarrassed. Ish. It's okay now because we're dating."

Sam's gaze is cast downward to Delia, "Maybe she just needs cuddles. Anyone tried cuddling her yet? That could work! It works with like dying babies 'n stuff. I read an article once… or saw it on tv…"

Returning to Delia, his drink is fixed into her hand as he moves alongside to rejoin the semi-trio once again. "Fabuloooooussssssss!" Brian throws his arms up in mimcry of Samara. His grin remains everpresent of course. "First one to let go of the smile loses. And has to… lick Delia's foot." His eyes widen at what came out of his mouth. But then he nods solidly. He can't go back now. The deal has been made he just has to not stop smiling. Keeping his grin on, he looks over at her. "Yeah, stupid. People don't get cold at no shirts." He arches his brows then nods solidly. "It wasn't okay then but now it's okay because we're a coouple." His hand flings out a little harshly to find Samara's hand.

"I can't cuddle her because I'm dating someone else now." Regardless, Brian slowly starts to lean back. His head going to rest on Delia's leg. Holding Samara's hand his smile does not go down at all. "O em geee, my cheeks hurt. You will never win." His other hand goes to rest on his chest. "Who was cuddling a dying tv baby. Is the baby okay. I feel sad for the baby." He says whilst smiling.

Samara, like Brian, pastes the smile over her lips, "Yeaaaaah you're not allowed! And judging from that dream where she was all like majorly and I mean MAJORLY pissed off with me. I don't think my cuddles would be useful! Counterpoductive cuddles. Cuddles of DOOM." That pinchy feeling begins to develop in her cheeks thanks to the overextending grin, but it remains just the same… for now.

It takes Sam a few moments to flail to catch Brian's hand, interlacing her fingers with his, which is an unusually difficult feat. "The baby LIVED! Baby didn't die! Cuddles of powah saved dying baby of aliveness!" It's easier to smile when talking about a baby that lived, but it hurts just the same. "My cheeks hurt!" she smiles as she turns to reach for Brian's other hand. "I think we should go back to the amuuuusement park I liked the hall of mirrors. It kept going and going and going like the energizer bunny~"

"Wasn't that a great idea?" Smile. "I thought of it all by myself." Smile. "And we were in a mirror. And we danced. Because you like to dance. I'm so great~" His head flails off to the side on Delia's leg. "Blggh." Smile! "She is so going to be friends with you when she wakes up. You're going to be besties." Both hands taken up by Samara, he would smile more if he had more lipspace. Turning partially to link both of his hands to hers.

"I want power cuddles. And we can't go back to the amusement park because we might be drunk now or in a minute. Or now. Maybe we can go there for our special date." He goes to make eye contact with her, his smile starting to drift slightly. "You're pretty." And since that is way too bold of a compliment not to be followed by a joke he pops in the first thing that comes to mind. "Like the energizer bunny."

"We should be besties! Maaaan. She looks so tired. I bet if I gave her a makeover she'd feel soooo much better that she'd wake up! It does good things for the soul, I swear it! And when people notice— being noticed is amazing," she arches an eyebrow at this.

"I'm not drunk at all! I'm always like this. All of the time." Her grin remains as Sam squeezes each of Brian's hands, "That would be fun. I liked it a lot and you could see me like every-where." At the compliment her smile softens, relaxing over her features, but it tightens as she's compared to the energizer bunny. "Am I really? I was always the quirky girl-next-door," she quips as the smile softens again. "Not that Tahir helped. He had like… big brother moments. A lot of them."

Laughing, "It's great to see you everywhere. Being noticed is soooo great. Maybe we should give her a makeover." The young man comments, peering down at Delia. "She would be so excited. Aaa! I left her jeans at the castle. She wanted new jeans.. and I got her some but I left them at the castle. I'm a terrible person and I'm never going to make anyone happy ever."

"He beat up your little boyfriend." Brian frowns at the poor potential past boyfriend. Leaning forward, "Don't worry. I can beat up your brother. I'm a secret agent." His smiles almost completely dissapates as he leans in towards her. "I'm just kidding. You're like the energizer bunny. But you're not pretty like the energizer bunny. The energizer bunny isn't pretty. You're pretty. You're beautiful." Pressing his lips against hers, his hands pull her hands over him. Leaning back, his head goes to rest on Delia as he pulls Sami on top of him pressing the kiss.

"I think so! I will do it tomorrow! She will like it and she will wake up and it will be awesome! In fact it will wake her up!" Now, if Delia wakes up at all Samara will attribute it to the impending make-over. "And you make me happy! I never would've volunteered for this Humanis First thing if it weren't for you~ You inspire me~"

Her cheeks flush brightly at the compliments while her smile turns slightly sheepish. While it's easy enough to pull Sam into the kiss for a few moments as she melts under the touch, but it's broken shortly thereafter as she tugs Brian up after clambering to her own feet. She glances at Delia. "Too weird." Her nose wrinkles. "But I like kissing you." Her lips press against his again.

"Really?" Brian asks timidly. "I inspire you?" Taking short breaths after she breaks away from the kiss. But then he's furrowing his brow as if trying to figure out what's too weird. Looking over his shoulder he realizes that he's nearly on top of the comatose woman. Oh yeah. Looking back he starts to let out a little laugh. "Whoops." Laughing harder now, he starts to sit up. Placing his elbows on his knees, he places his chin in his palms.

"We started to make out on a dream lady." He laughs, looking up at her. His eyes are watery now with the amount of laughing he's giving out. Returning the brief kiss in between his fits of laughter, he goes to shove himself to his feet. "I need to sleep close to Red in case she comes back. I'm not sure if it matters if I'm in the same room or right by her or what. So.. here you sleep on the bed with her. I'll sleep on the ground on her side."

"Really?" Brian asks timidly. "I inspire you?" Taking short breaths after she breaks away from the kiss. But then he's furrowing his brow as if trying to figure out what's too weird. Looking over his shoulder he realizes that he's nearly on top of the comatose woman. Oh yeah. Looking back he starts to let out a little laugh. "Whoops." Laughing harder now, he starts to sit up. Placing his elbows on his knees, he places his chin in his palms.

"We started to make out on a dream lady." He laughs, looking up at her. His eyes are watery now with the amount of laughing he's giving out. Returning the brief kiss in between his fits of laughter, he goes to shove himself to his feet. "I need to sleep close to Red in case she comes back. I'm not sure if it matters if I'm in the same room or right by her or what. So.. here you sleep on the bed with her. I'll sleep on the ground on her side."

"You do," Samara answers as she rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet. "You are one of those people who gives what you have to other people. Not a lot of people like that…" She chuckles and reddens as she glances at Delia and then back to Brian. "I seriously hope she has no vague memory of that…" She shoot shim a broadened grin as her head shakes.

Regarding sleeping she hmms, "Are you sure? I can take the floor if you want. Like are you close enough? I don't know how any of this works… and I can seriously sleep on the floor. I can sleep almost anywhere. For real."

"As an aside, I'd be happy to give you power cuddles sometimes. I'm good at it."

"You can give me power cuddles and when we start to fall asleep, you can go back and lay down with Redface." A thumb indicates that Delia is redface and despite popular belief, Samara is not Redface. Not in this context anyways. "I don't know if it's close enough. It probably is." He waves a dismissive hand. "I can sleep on the floor it's cool."

"Anyways. You have to lick her foot since you stopped smiling first." Stealing one of the pillows, Brian goes to walk over to the side of the bed. Laying down on the floor, the pillow is slapped down and Brian makes his temporary home on the floor.

"HA! I'm pretty sure you stopped first!" And Sam has no intention of licking anyone's foot. Ever. "Like with how pretty I am," calling Delia redface seems so inappropriate when Sam's blushing again. One of these days that will calm down, but for now, she's just the girl that embarrasses way too easily. "And that sounds perfect to me. Power cuddles make everyone's sleep more awesome and so it makes their day more awesome because they slept so awesome."

"Wait. Maybe we should put our cups away so Delia doesn't have to be cuphands all night…"

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