Curfew Hours Rolling Back

NEW YORK — Ten days after the catastrophic destruction of the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, Consolidated Edison's reserve power plant, and several explosions in Long Island City, New York is finally beginning to return to a semblance of law and order. While the presence of the national Guard on the streets won't be lessening any time soon, the curfew — which has been a hotly debated point since its inception — will finally be rolled back to 9:00pm starting Monday February 9th.

The Department of Homeland Security, satisfied with the results of the curfew of the past ten days, have put forth a strong mission statement for the upcoming months with the new test kits for detection of the Evolved now out in the public eye.

The next 30-days will be a trying period for the people of New York and all of America as security continues to tighten on national borders and state lines, but loosens within the boundaries of each individual state, letting local law enforcement pick up the slack as DHS resumes its more official duties.

Next week we will be featuring an editorial regarding the newly presented Evolved Test Kits and what they mean for the people of America as citizens, as well as what it means to the global community.

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