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Scene Title Curious
Synopsis Adam visits Parkman in Pinehearst and asks a fair number of personal questions.
Date June 5, 2009

Pinehearst Headquarters

Amid the urban parks of Fort Lee New Jersey, the Pinehearst Corporate Headquarters is an unusual sight. Architecturally designed with an eye for the natural environment, the building is both sleek and modern while retaining a touch of the natural world. The primary facility is a seven story office building rising up out of forested grounds, the reflective green-tinted plate windows show not the neighboring Jersey cityscape, but reflect the natural splendor of the six acres of land the facility rests on. The secondary facility and central lobby is a two-floor structure with a rounded front lined with square columns, an entire green-tinted glass wall behind it shadowing the lobby beyond.

Between these two structures, a central courtyard is filled with neatly landscaped trees surrounded by bark mulch, a fountain prominently displaying a stone slab with the Pinehearst logo flanked by benches, and stone walkways that meander through this lush, natural splendor. Near the lobby entrance, an enormous blue and green double-helix proudly identifies the building as Pinehearst property.

While Molly sleeps, Matt attempts to do the same. He's stripped off his suit jacket and dress shirt, leaving his plain white t-shirt and dress slacks on. Nobody in here cares if they get wrinkly, after all.

It's hard to tell what time it is, due to the fact that there are no windows here. Not that their inclusion would make the place any cheerier.

Matt sighs, doing his best to not wake Molly with his glum mood. It's too difficult to sleep, even if it would provide solace from his own head.

Adam walks along the halls of Pinehearst with his hands in his slack pockets. He prowls as if he is looking for something, but every turn he takes appears to take him further from it. It would be a mistake to suggest Adam has free reign, but he has reign and he finally comes upon a door whereupon there are guards in the hall. He glances from one, to the other, before he steps up towards the cell window and looks inside. He frowns thoughtfully for a few moments before he knocks on said window.

The groan that Matt was suppressing leaks out a bit before he rolls over and stalks toward the door, as bleary-eyed as a bear woken too early from winter slumber. When his vision clears enough for him to make out Adam's face on the other side of the glass, he simply sneers and turns away, moving to sit on the bed.

Adam hmms a bit, but doesn't seem to be studying Matt as much as he's studying Molly. He has a quiet sort of look upon his face as he considers the girl and comments, "So this is the infamous Molly." he watches her a bit before he turns back towards Parkman, "I'm honestly surprised to see you here, Matthew." he says through the glass, "I would have imagined you would have come with a squad or something."

"Shut your mouth or you'll wake her up," Matt grumbles as quietly as he thinks he can get away with. Molly stirs in her sleep, pulling the blankets on the hospital-grade bed closer too her as she curls up a bit tighter. Matt watches her with worry, his back to Adam.

"I take it you don't entertain yourself by watching the surveillance footage." Matt did have a squad. One hell of a squad.

Adam shakes his head a bit, "No." he says, "I'm more of a consultant here." he leans his forehead against the glass a moment, "Things are spinning quite out of control, it would seem." he looks thoughtful, "Of course, Maury only works for Arthur to protect you, so…like I said, it's a bit odd to see you here."

Matt knows there are guards outside that door, flanking the old Brit and making sure that Matt and Molly stay inside. As if they had a choice. He looks over his shoulder, eyes narrowed in focused wonderment. "So who's protecting you, huh?"

Adam mms, "I'm fairly good at protecting myself." he glances back over towards Molly, "Is there anyone you want to know you're ok?" he questions, then back towards Matt, "Clearly, I can't tell anyone where you are…but, I can tell them you're…reasonably well." he knocks on the window lightly as if to make his point.

"You want the names and addresses of my loved ones, is that it?" Matt snorts derisively, then shakes his head. "No fuckin' way, Monroe." Besides, if Maury really wants to protect Matt as much as he's ever wanted to protect his own ass, he'll do it.

Adam shrugs his shoulders, though it's only partially visible through the glass, "I was expecting more of a phone number. But, as you wish." he pauses, then looks towards Molly, "Why did you adopt her?" he questions, "You didn't have to. Did you feel responsible?"

"Why do you ask so many personal questions?" Matt counters, slumping his shoulders a bit out of exhaustion. She needed me. Matt sighs after a moment, then shakes his head.

"Because I'm curious, Parkman. I'm sure the remainder of my motives aren't important to you." he leans his head against the glass for a moment, "Perhaps I'm having a crisis of conscience. Perhaps I'm just not sure how I feel about keeping a little girl in a cell. Perhaps I'm not sure how I feel about Petrelli actually succeeding. At any rate, it makes me curious. You make me curious."

"You make me nervous." Matt is careful to emphasize the words separately, but he remains slumped over. "Look, I'd rather you not care a lick about me than to know every tiny detail, okay?" Still, if Adam can help them…

But things are never that simple. Adam Monroe is never that simple.

Adam chuckles a bit, "I make you nervous? I'm harmless. I'm a little fly on the wall." his head tilts a bit, "I'm not sure I can say I care about you. You chose your part in all this…" he pauses, "She didn't. But, to consider Molly, one must also consider you. I mean, that's simply how it goes. Well, I'll leave you to your restful slumber."

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