Curious About That Figure


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Scene Title Curious About That Figure
Synopsis Odessa tells Elle that the two are co-workers again. The two talk about trust issues, and how there's no issue if you just don't trust.
Date August 21, 2010

The Octagon - Elle's Apartment

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Last night, Elle came home a bit late, wearing a fairly skimpy outfit and looking quite…hooker-ish. She carried a black wig and a bald cap with her, and looked tired, angry…and kinda squicked out after seeing a human brain in the canister they got from Fritz last night. She'll have to kill him for doing that stupid scary illusion thing on her.

After a nice long sleep, Elle emerges from her bedroom, clad in a pair of grey PJ bottoms, a green camisole, and that same black shirt she was wearing last night. It's comfortable, and it smells good, and she'll bring it back before Harper comes back from his big trip to Washington D.C. or wherever it is he's at right now.

Idly fidgeting over the buttons on the shirt, Elle makes her way toward the kitchen, yawning and rubbing at her eyes, oblivious to her surroundings in her single-minded quest for one thing: coffee. Once in the kitchen, she sets about making a pot of sweet caffienated goodness, grumbling sleepily about a myriad of different things as she does so.

"Good morning," Odessa, seated at the table, murmurs around the rim of a glass of lemonade before taking a sip. "You were all dressed up last night." Or dressed down may be more appropriate? "Hot date?" Her tone is flat. If she's actually interested, it's up for debate. "I've been wanting to talk to you, actually. Do you have a minute, or do I need to wait until you've consumed three cups of coffee?"

The electric blonde grumbles a bit at first, throwing the coffee grounds into the filter and pressing the button to start the brew cycle. With a yawn, she moves out to the entrance of the kitchen, leaning against the door frame as she peers over at Odessa. "I had to do work. I'm still with the Company, for now, until Desmond says otherwise." From the tone of her voice, she doesn't like this fact in the slightest. Recent developments have her loathing the Company more and more every day.

She glances toward the coffee pot as it begins brewing, yawning again and drawing that oversized shirt over her shoulders. "You can try talking to me, but I might be a grumbly bitch until I've had at least one cup of coffee."

Odessa resists the urge to roll her eyes at the idea that Ellie Bishop might actually be surly to her. Oh, the shock. "It would seem that we're working for the same people once again," the white-haired woman muses, setting her glass down and leaning back after brushing her fingers through her hair. Her new style, parted on the right and brushed to hang over the left side of her face, obscures the worst of her scars.

"Simon Broome came to call. He gave me a job offer, talked me through some of my… concerns." If one could really call it that. "I think you may actually have made the right choice, Ellie." It's hard to tell if Odessa's just teasing, or if she's actually disguising condescension with a failing compliment. "I was even offered being left alone if I didn't want the job. Nobody's ever really done that before. I think I might actually like it here."

Elle glances toward Odessa, her brows raising at the white-haired woman for a moment. So that's who that was. She regards the woman for a moment, before making her way back to the kitchen to pour herself some coffee.

"Yeah, they're pretty great, aren't they? I haven't met Broome, yet, but Desmond has been great." She idly fidgets at the shirt as she states his name. "I don't think I'll ever regret taking the job Desmond offered. I'm so much happier, and I still haven't even completely quit the Company yet." She glances toward Odessa as she prepares her coffee.

"You should be careful," Odessa warns. "They seem great now, but that doesn't mean we should trust them." She tips her head down and looks at Elle from under a raised brow, giving her an extra sharpness. "People like us shouldn't trust anybody." Except perhaps each other, in time. "Not completely."

After another sip of lemonade, Odessa frowns. "Agent Harper looks like my kind of man," she decides. Of course, that means nothing good insofar as an assessment of the man's character. "How many faces do you think he's smiled at while he's stabbing their backs? I'd be curious about that figure."

The little blonde smirks, coming out into the dining room and settling down at the table, to sip at her coffee. "Trust? Who said anything about trust?" She peers quietly at the white-haired woman, frowning for a long moment. "Just because I like them doesn't mean I trust them. I mean, if you look at it, they're a lot like the Company, except they seem to treat their employees far better than the Company ever did. Trusting them…or anyone, for that matter…would be stupid." She shrugs, peering at Odessa.

Her remark about Harper prompts a slight frown, the woman sipping at her coffee. She doesn't say anything about that, though, smirking to Odessa. "Desmond is pretty awesome, yeah. I'd be curious about that figure, too…"

"Oh good. So you haven't entirely fried the portions of your brain that govern good sense." The doctor smirks. It isn't as pretty as it used to be. "I'm to be a field agent," she offers, shifting the topic. "Never done that before. It should be exciting. Maybe we'll even work together on some things." Odessa's smirk turns into a full grin. "Tell me, Ellie… How well do you remember the facility we grew up in?"

The little blonde grins quietly. "You always did want to be a field agent. Glad you're finally getting what you want." The statement is as sincere as it can be coming from Elle to Odessa, the girl offering the other a small smile. She does want to at least try to be nice to the woman. "I'm sure you'll be good at it." She sips at her coffee.

The next question prompts raised eyebrows from Elle, the girl peering quietly at Odessa for a long moment. "Fairly well, I guess. As well as I can remember, what with all of the memory erasing they've done on me." She frowns, sipping her coffee.

"Do you remember the vault? Where they kept Shanti?" Something sparkles in Odessa's eye. The topic has her almost… Giddy, maybe? "What I mean is, did you ever manage to see inside of it? Catch a glimpse? Even for a moment?"

Elle blinks a few times, her brows raised high at Odessa's question. "No…I never did get to see what was in there." She shakes her head, snuggling into the shirt as if it is some extremely comforting thing to her. She can't help it, Harper has a sexy face. "Why?"

Odessa waves a hand dismissively. "I was just curious, really. You always had more free run of the place than I did. I just thought you may have. One of those big mysteries of life, right?" She seems to be about to let it go at that, but then she inhales slowly and lets it out again. "You see, I want some information about some of the items that have been kept in there over the years. The connections I still have within the Company… I don't know if they could - or would - secure that for me."

The woman raises her brows, tilting her head toward Odessa thoughtfully. Elle sips at her coffee quietly for a long moment, peering at the woman with a small frown on her face. Harper's totally comfy stolen shirt is hugged around her a bit more. "And you're asking me because you think I can get that kind of information?" She offers a mild look Odessa's way, her head tilting toward her right shoulder.

"Actually, no. I doubt you can. I mean, not on your own. And I don't think you could ask Daddy without arousing suspicion. But if you did happen to know a good way to find out what's kept in that vault, well… You know, I certainly wouldn't complain or anything." Odessa smiles, holding her hands palm-up to either side in the universal gesture of what'cha gonna do?

Elle nods, slurping down the last of her coffee. She raises, making her way back into the kitchen to pour herself another cup of coffee. "I can look into it, I suppose." She tilts her head toward Odessa as she pours some cream and sugar into the coffee, stirring it with the spoon. "You're right, it would probably look suspicious if I went rummaging around. And…well, my relationship with Daddy is…strained, at best."

"Just keep it in mind," Odessa murmurs. "No big deal if you can't help me out. I'll the get the answers I need one way or another." She shrugs and stands up from her seat, stretching her arms up over her head. "Are you busy today, Agent Bishop?"

The blonde raises her eyebrows, tilting her head to one side. Shopping? And she's paying? She looks thoughtfully at Odessa for a long moment, before rolling her eyes up and laughing. "Sure, why not?" She slurps down more coffee. "Since I know you're working with me, you can pay me back. Just make sure you do pay me back." She arches a brow at Odessa. "And once you're out of the closet about not being dead and all, we'll have to go on a real shopping trip."

Odessa nods. "Of course, of course." She probably won't actually have earned the money she'll use to pay Elle back, but all that matters to Elle is that she get paid, right? "Sounds like a plan. I'll get you my list." A strand of white hair is tucked behind one ear as Odessa turns to head toward the bedroom. She halts in the doorway, turning to look over her shoulder. "Ellie? …Thanks."

Elle watches the white-haired girl as she makes her way toward the bedroom, her brows still set rather high on her forehead. At the thank you, Elle can't help but offer a small smile, waving a hand. "Not a problem, 'Dessa. " She tilts her head, sipping at the coffee. It's difficult, trying to be friends with the girl she knew for so long, who she hated for so long…but this is a second chance. A fresh start. And she's quite certain that if they can make this work, they could make a pretty good team.

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