Curtis Lu
Curtis Lu
Portrayed By Daniel Henney
Sex Male
Status Evolved
Ability Unconscious Cellular Damage Transfer
Age 35 (68)
Date of Birth 2-14-1941
Date of Death
Occupation Company Man
Family Wife and Daughter (Estranged)
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

Curtis Lu is a product of Jackson Heights Queens, a neighborhood known for it's diversity… even back in the forties when he first drew breath. His mixed background made him useful to the military and being a good American boy he volunteered to serve his country in the Vietnam War. Unbeknownst to him his ability manifested at the same time, starting what would at first be a blessed life. Quickly labled as the luckiest man in his Rangers battalion he was famous for surviving missions without a scratch while other men died around him. It was rumored that as blessed as he was, those that were with him were cursed. Few took it seriously, but after 4 tours the rumors grew persistent enough to be troublesome. So he left the war behind and instead turned himself to a desk job within this man's Army, namely recruiting.

As this sort of tale usually goes, he met a girl. A left winged hippy nut job that somehow, against all reason, stole his conservative heart and soon the pair were wed and shortly after that gifted with a daughter. While there were indicators that he was different from others, he refused to acknowledge them openly, even to himself, thinking instead he must certainly only be imagining things. Until the day came that disaster struck and, while holding his daughter, he was assaulted in an attempted bank robbery. The shotgun blast that he protected her from should have blown through his spine and left him nearly dead, but he felt only a moments pain. When the smoke cleared and the gunmen were away, he checked his daughter to make sure she was okay. She was not. The blast that should have hit him, inexplicably struck her instead, her small body baring the wounds that should have been his own. She survived but was crippled for life. Finally beginning to understand he was different, he left his family to search for a way to stop it, knowing that being around them would simply put them in harms way.

Using his contacts he'd built in a long career in private security he discovered the Company. Thought testing they told him of his ability, of it's limitations, or the near immortality it could give him, the almost invincibility, and the cost. Knowing now that the death of his men in Vietnam, his daughter's injuries, and the advanced aging of his beloved wife was his own fault Curt changed. He joined the company in an attempt to atone for his sins, to see to it that other monsters like him weren't allowed to roam the streets freely. Curt has spent years with the company while keeping his distance, he checks on his wife, now suffering the ills of a woman of 90 despite being only 62, and his daughter from time to time. They think he's dead and he knows it's best that way, meanwhile he seeks his targets with zeal few can match.

Evolved Human Ability:

Curtis' ability is both blessing and curse. Every cell that is damaged or dies in his body, is instead shunted off to the nearest person within ten feet of him. Most of the time, the effects of this aren't visible to the eye save over long periods of time. While he remains within ten feet of someone, he doesn't age, instead, the person nearest him ages at twice their normal rate. Not something noticeable save over the long haul. However, on occasion the effects of his power are spectacular. Should he be shot, stabbed, hit, whatever, then the wounds from these actions are transferred to the person nearest him. Sadly this ability cannot be controlled, making him an equal danger to friends and foes should said friends be within the ten foot range of his power.

Anything shy of sever internal bleeding (bullets and the like) transfers instantly from him to the nearest person, greater damage like the aforementioned bullet wound takes around 6 seconds to transfer. Broken bones take a few seconds more then that to transfer, about 10 depending on the size of the bone and severity of the break, while burns and sever trauma of that nature take around 15.


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