Curt Awakening


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Scene Title Curt Awakening
Synopsis Curt comes calling at 5 a.m. with a tip and demands Veronica join him in the hunt.
Date August 1, 2009

Veronica's Apartment Dorchester Towers

Curt bangs on Vee's door with a fist, "WAKE UP!" he says at the door in demanding tones.

Vee jumps up, hand going to the gun on her bedside table. She slips out of bed, wearing just a spaghetti-strapped cotton cami and a pair of light tap shorts. She heads to the door, unsure of who it is, since the voice was only heard by her half-asleep brain. She peers through the peephole, before frowning and unlocking the door, then the chain lock. She scans the room to be sure there's no fresh sign of Brian's recent presence. It looks fine. It's not like he's really living there. He must have slipped out sometime after she fell asleep.

She opens the door. "What the hell are you doing? Do you know what time it is?"

Curt pushes past Vee and inside, "Yup, it's time to get to work. You got beer?" he asks, heading for her kitchen, "We got a tip on a gal we're looking for." he says, opening the fridge and looking through it's contents.

"Beer?" she says with a shake of her head. "And… how… we're not even officially back on the job, yet, especially you until you get your psych clearance. Where exactly did you get this tip, and who the hell are we theoretically looking for, or did someone manage to drop you on your head with no one else around to take the brain damage for you? Let me know, 'cause I'd like to give him a tip." She crosses her arms, a little self-conscious of her very scant apparel.

Curt snorts, "I don't go off duty." not exactly a fact she should be unaware of. He doesn't have anything /but/ the job. "Some chick who can make people laugh." he says with a shrug, "To death." he digs about in the fridge for a bit, "Damn, how much take out is /in/ here?" he asks frowning before closing the door and coming up soda in hand. "And fuck the shrinks." he pops the top and starts to drink.

"And it can't wait until I actually get a full night's sleep for the first time in, oh, ever?" she says, stifling a yawn and glancing back toward her bedroom longingly. "Seriously, between you and Magnes I'm thinking there's some conspiracy to keep me sleep deprived." She yawns again, this time making no effort to stifle it. She does set the gun down on the counter.

Curt turns to eye her, "You were on vacation for like a month. You didn't get sleep, your fault." he points out. "Nice threads by the way, totally approve. We should go out hunting with you dressed like that. I figure it'll work as a distraction in our favor."

She glares at him. "Don't talk about shit you don't know about. Magnes got shot, saw someone got killed the other night. Came in dragging the dead body into the infirmary, where I was trying to sleep, thinking someone there could save her." She pushes away from the counter and heads out of the kitchen. "Go find this hyena chick on your own, unless you want to wait until I've had more than an hour's sleep in the past 48. I'm going back to bed. You don't give me my cases. Len does."

Curt nods his head, "Wow, someone popped the boy's cherry." he doesn't sound entirely sympathetic, but then Curt's a bit of a dick like that. "Wow. You must be getting laid semi-regularly." he says randomly, "Usually you'd have threatened to kill me by now. You're possitivly /glowing/." he sips his drink blandly.

"You know, I could throw you out the window… it's more than 10 feet away when you land," she all but growls. "But then some poor bystander will die and I'll get thrown in jail for second-degree murder or something. Remind me to find a nice cliff the next time we're at Camp Hero. A nice, secluded spot."

Curt nods his head, "Uh-huh." he says simply, "You're not good enough and you know it. Besides, when you get all close in like that you get hot and bothered, makes killing me hard." he brow waggles at her.

"You wish," Veronica says, giving an eye roll that would befit a teenager. "By the way. If you see Minea… by any chance… don't try to kill her. Len just told Magnes and me that we're extracting her from Phoenix soon. I shouldn't tell you - he told us not to tell anyone, but I'm not sure if he meant our partners or not." She stares at him, eyes narrowing. "That means, don't do anything stupid that shows you know and that I told you, Lu. I mean it. I just don't want to take the chance that you'll go pull a Carrie on her when something is obviously in the works, all right?"

Curt snorts at Vee, "How easily they forget, I was doing Black Ops when your father's testicles were dropping." he points out, "I know the drill… And it's a good thing you mentioned that. I wasn't planning on taking Minea in." Curt has a dim view of traitors. Very dim. "You know, not entirely in one peice anyway. You can live without arms, right?"

"Precisely why I'm telling you, even though I was told not to tell anyone," Vee points out. "And let's leave my father's testicles out of future discussions, shall we, Gramps? Seriously. You don't need to constantly remind me you're old enough to be my grandfather. I get it. I'm over it. It doesn't mean you've learned how to be a human being yet. Read between the lines. Higher ups never wanted Minea dead, did they. If they did, it'd have happened by now."

Curt snorts, "Yeah, because they have a steller rep for shutting down every other agent that's gone rogue." he says with a snear. Well that's his thoughts on the matter… ahem.

"Good point, except for there's more to it. She could have killed Carrie but didn't. It's all right. I mean, we were meant to be fooled, so it would look legit. Safer for her on the other side that way," Veronica says, moving to her couch and curling up in the corner. "So who is this laughing chick and how did you find out about her, since I really doubt Len gave you that case?"

Curt rolls his shoulders, "Truth be told she was an urban myth until a couple of weeks ago. Ex-nurse woke up one day and decided she wanted to be a stand up comic, apparently she went to a club, told some bad jokes, people laughed. Hard. So she did it again, and again, and again, all over town, all underground joints, and people piled in. Laughs are hard to find these days. Anywho, rumor is for enough cash she'd do private shows, then a couple of them showed up dead, hemorages from seizures, all have grins on their faces." he sighs and leans against the wall, "I figure Evo. Got a hit on her next show from one of my people."

"She doesn't know she can do this?" Veronica says, raising her brows curiously. "And her next show is when, that you decided you needed to knock on my door at, what, five in the morning?"

Curt shakes his head, "I don't think she does, could be she's just a nut and wants to hurt people, fuck if I know. Anyway she has a mic test and rehersal at a place I know in the undercity. I figure we prolly don't wanna corner her in a room filled with potential victims just in case, so you have an hour and a half to get pretty." he leers, "If you need help in the shower…" smirk.

"Stay here." Veronica gets up and points to the couch. "Or you can make yourself useful and make some fucking coffee." She heads down the hallway and disappears into the shower, the door shutting and the lock clicking into place before the sound of water rushing through the pipes can be heard.

Vacation's officially over.

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