Cute, Single, Straight


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Scene Title Cute, Single, Straight
Synopsis All the single ladies put your hands up! … Put your hand down, Abby. Deckard is your DESTINY. You've got Caliban. DESTINY!!!!
Date March 19, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

//Though one might remember when a certain fiery woman lived here… Now the living area above Old Lucy's has changed hands. The open living room and kitchen are homey, a commingling of two people's tastes. The leather couch sits kitty corner to a one of red suede and a bit smaller. A large bird cage for it's budgie inhabitant takes up it's own corner beside dark paneled walls. Bookshelves with literary pieces of a variety both academic and not take up another small section.

The kitchen is large, with a rolling wood and black marble island to give more counter space to work on. Pots and pans hang from the roof and track lighting keeps it not gloomy. A proper oak dining table has been set up with matching chairs instead of the 70's castoff that the residents have been known to own and a bowl of fresh fruit sits in the center.

Down a hall lays multiple doors. A master bedroom occupied by the oldest resident and occasionally have a pervading smell of whiskey and smoke coming from it when the door is open. A second door with a cross above it, a third with no marking that is occupied by the third resident of the premises. Two other doors lead to a linen closet and bathroom - Decorated in a very strong pirate theme - respectively. A black cat with a red velvet collar and a little Swarovski charm dangling from it can be found meandering at will.//

After the week that Melissa has had, she decided that she needed girl talk! Girlfriends are good for venting and gossiping, after all. And Odessa was the one she called for that particular task! On the phone Mel sounded alternately curt and loopy — gotta love pain meds — and got an invite to Old Lucy's.

She arrives bundled up as usual, all in black…including the folded bandanna that is wrapped around her head to hide the bandage beneath. That's black with little white skulls. It's so Melissa. She doesn't bother taking any of it off as she raps on the door to the upstairs apartment, instead choosing to thaw out a little first.

Someone called her to hang out! Her! To hang out! Odessa has a friend! She's quick to scoop her kitten up in one arm before bounding off the loveseat to open the door. "Hi!" She beams a smile at the other blonde, "Come on in!" Ushering Melissa in, the kitten is released once the door is shut again. The calico Persian sniffs at the visitor's ankles before rubbing against them and then darting off down the hall to seek refuge in one of the bedrooms.

The colour of the day appears to be red. Odessa's dress is a candy apple colour with black lace and frills, peeking petticoats and fishnets. Apparently she has discovered Gothic Lolita fashion. One has to wonder just how much this turn has horrified Abby. At least her glittering shoes match.

Brenda let the visitor up, and Abby's in the living room, tucked into a corner with an ironing board and getting some much needed household chores done. She'd already called her parents, checked in and was down to a jersey floor length skirt to make it easier on the stupid brace she'd have to wear till Monday, and a tank top that with her back to the door, displays the swath of colors along the religious blonde's back. Which is almost quite literally all of it. She looks over her shoulder at the door when Melissa comes in, offering a smile to the other woman before going back to ironing. "Good day Melissa, welcome to my home."

The cat probably will small Melissa's dog on her, but Mel bends down to offer a bit of petting to the feline before it runs off. "Hey 'Dessa. How's it going?" she asks with a smile, moving to the nearest possible seat. "Better than my last few days, I hope," she says, taking off her hat, gloves, scarf and coat, but leaving that bandanna in place. And with all that taken off and dropped over the arm of the couch she half sits, half collapses onto it with a sigh.

It's then that she looks to Abby, giving her a bit of a smile as well. "Hey Abby. And thanks. Glad you guys didn't mind me invading. Was goin' a little nuts sittin' at home. And a crazy me isn't a pretty sight."

Odessa tips her head to possibly assess Melissa's remaining sanity for a moment. "Can I get you anything? I made a pot of coffee a bit ago. We've also got some juice and milk in the fridge." In the back of her mind, Odessa wonders where she learned that this is what one is meant to do when they have company over. Probably movies, she decides.

"Anytime Melissa. Make yourself at home" A small blue parakeet in the corner chirps her displeasure that whomever the new person is, has not come over to greet her. Pila, the real owner of the place upstairs as she hops and flits about the large ornate cage and sends off barrage after barrage of sound. "Bathroom is down the hall, kitchen over there. Leftovers in the fridge, snacks in the bottom cupboard beside the fridge" She rattles off then settles down content to let Odessa take over hosting duties. She too, is a little fuzzy from the good stuff.

Melissa blinks and peers at the bird for a moment, before she shakes her head and looks to Odessa. "Ahh…Coffee works. It'd help warm me up too, which is always good." She stretches her legs out, shifting around a little to relax. "So what are you two up to today? Anything exciting?" Her lips curve as she asks Odessa, "Any luck with you guy?"

Odessa pulls down two mugs from a cupboard and retrieves the carafe of java. She sort of seizes up mid-pour when Melissa enquires about her guy. Stopping just short of overfilling one mug, she dips her head down to sip some of the dark liquid off the top before filling the second mug. "Ah, that didn't go so well. - Cream or sugar?"

Wait a minute, guy? There's a frown from Abigail as she looks over her shoulder towards the kitchen and the two women between her and there. Blonde brows rise, but that is the extent for now of Abigail's interest in who the guy is that Odessa's interested in that's suddenly stopped. She's laying mental bets that it's Kozlow.

Melissa gives Odessa a sympathetic look and a nod. "Sorry to hear that, hon. We'll find you someone better. Someone hot, biteable, and who can appreciate your new wardrobe." A pause, a glance to Abby, then back to Odessa. "Wanna talk about it? I mean…three chicks, one room. This is the perfect time for girltalk."

Peripherally, Odessa is aware of the look Abby sends her way. She crosses the room with the palm of her fairly useless hand under one mug, fingers of the good hand holding the top so she can pass it to Melissa handle first and then retrieve her own. Rather than sit next to Melissa, she takes up residence on the red suede sofa to sit across from her. She looks up to Abby and assures her, "It's no one you know." There's some extra significance in how she says that. It doesn't just say no one you're friends with, it also says not one of your enemies.

A sigh escapes Odessa's red-painted lips. "His name's Martin. And you know how I told you I didn't care if he was married or not?" Because when you're trying to seduce a man to possibly quell a betrayal you consider nigh inevitable, a wife is the least of your worries, "Well, it turns out he… lost someone at Midtown." She winces. "There's no competing with someone who's dead." She knows that all too well.

Martin. She doesn't know a Martin. Abby's knowledge of company individuals is restricted to a small batch. Off goes one of the dresses she owns and some of Alexander's stuff is slid onto the board and she just listens.

Melissa's nose wrinkles and she nods. "Yeah, that is a tough one to get past," she agrees. "Not impossible, but unless you love the guy, not sure it's worth it," she muses as she takes the coffee. Before she sips she pulls out some pills, popping one into her mouth, and swallowing it down with the first sip of hot liquid. "There's this guy I met a few times you might like…so long as you don't mind guys who seem to be eternally seventeen."

Odessa frowns and shakes her head. "No… I think I need to try something else for a while. I seem to have rotten luck with men. I guess his luck with women must be similar." In so far as they die. "Now, I don't mean to sound totally emotional here, but…" Odessa takes a moment to sip her coffee and gather her thoughts. "Do you ever get the feeling that some people just don't deserve to be happy? I'm beginning to think that I don't."

'Melissa, if you so much as throw Magnes at her, I will.. " She'll something, that's for sure with the way that Abby is thrusting and waving that hot iron in her general direction. "She doesn't need magnes and Magnes surely does not need to be near her. The world would implode"

"I don't know. I think that everyone deserves to be happy. Whether or not they find happiness is another story," Melissa replies with a shrug. "You'll find something that makes ya happy though. Whether it's a guy or a job you love or whatever." Then she's blinking at Abby, then laughing, which causes a bit of a wince. "No, I wasn't thinkin' Magnes. This guy named Anders. He's cute and not nearly as clingy as Mags seems to be. Besides, I like the world not imploding. Honest."

"Magnes…" Odessa's brows knit together. That name rings a bell. "Wait. I think I know that guy." She shudders a bit. "Magnes J. Var-lane? Way too nosy for my liking. My problems are not his business and he doesn't need to be sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong." Someone could say the same of Martin, but that was different. For one, Martin gets paid to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. "I don't think either of you need to worry about me striking anything up with him." She gives Abby a look that seems to have some significance, but she doesn't clarify it. "Anders, huh? And he's cute?" She arches her brows. "I dunno. Abby, what do you think?"

"I think that it is your life Odessa and you need to do with it what you want. If this means, giving this Anders guy a chance, then.. it means giving this anders guy a chance." that's what Abigail thinks and deciding she's been standing up long enough and before Odessa can give her hell, the iron is turned off and ABby's limping for an armchair and propping her foot up on the coffee table. "Can't hurt. Invite him for a beer downstairs"

Melissa nods to Odessa. "Very cute. Might've given him a shot myself if he hadn't started flirting before noon and coffee. And, yanno, the whole got another guy in mind thing." She frowns then as she watches Abby. "What happened to you, Abs?" Then her lips curve in a wry smile. "Need some painkillers? Got some good ones."

Odessa's instinct is to respond Well, of course downstairs. What am I, twelve? but she thinks better of it. Possibly because she maybe wouldn't like the answer. She opens her mouth, about to say something, when Melissa offers painkillers to Abby. Tongue darts between parted lips briefly, weight shifts. Dragging her nails through her hair, Odessa looks suddenly uncomfortable.

"No Melissa, but thank you, I have my own. I got into a fight is all" With a person if her wrist is any evidence of the bruises. "I'll be fine in a few days and once Peter gets over the evo-flu, we can both get back to riding in the rigs" She noted Odessa's uncomfortableness about the offer and tries to switch the subjects.
[OOC] Abby says, "Abby's not hiding her prescription, but she IS counting them"

Melissa goes very still at mention of Peter. "Um…Abby? Peter's in the hospital," she says hesitantly. "That's actually why I have the meds myself. Well, same incident, different reasons," she says, glancing to Odessa, then back to Abby, looking both apologetic and concerned.

Odessa had been about to excuse herself, because she's fairly certain her face could use a splash of cold water, but talk of Peter in the hospital has her glued to her seat now. "Is it the five-ten? Is it getting worse?" She scrutinises Melissa for a moment, trying to discern what might have happened.

That has Abigail sitting up just a bit. Her thoughts echo Odessa's but then, if Melissa had the evo flu thens he wouldn't be here and Abby hadn't paid attention to the news yet today. "Melissa, is he going to be okay?"

Melissa shakes her head slowly. "No it's…I was at Peter's. Well, his mom's house I guess. He's been staying there. And we were just sittin' there talking, when all hell broke loose. This guy showed up. An evolved with more than one power. He did a number on us. Well, more Peter than me, and more me than Kaylee."

Mel sips at her drink, brow furrowing a bit, which again has her wincing and forcing herself to relax. "This guy…He flung Peter out the windows, knocked Kaylee over the couch. Before I could go see how Peter was, he had me pinned to a wall. Bastard tried to cut my head open. That's why I'm wearing this," she says, lightly tapping the bandana, off to the side where the wound isn't.

"Something made him like…poof. By the time I got to Peter, he was unconscious. Bleeding, too. I haven't been able to visit him and see how he's doing, but he's going to be alright." The last few words are said fiercely. And if it could be true by strength of will alone, he'd be dandy.

There's a pause, then, "And…as far as everyone but Peter, Kaylee and Miz Petrelli is concerned, I wasn't there. Let's keep it that way…please?"

Now Odessa's shifting uncomfortably in her seat. "Did… you get a look at the guy?" Everything in her is screaming this is Sylar, but it can't be. He's dead. For the sake of her own sanity, she's sticking with the theory that there's a copycat out there.

Only one guy slices heads and turns into shadows. That she knows of. Even Abigail is looking alarmed, her own hand rising to her forehead where she's had that kind of cut before. "How's peter?"

"Sort of," Melissa says, frowning a bit. "I mean, he was smoke at first. Then…well, his face was partially covered. He had a baseball cap on. Stubble, some gray, I think. And yellow teeth. All in all, pretty damn ugly," she says after a moment's thought. "Why? You know the guy?"

Abby's question gets a guilty look. "I really don't know. I can't go visit him unless I want to risk jail. But he's alive."

Odessa shakes her head slowly. "No. I don't." Which is slightly more disconcerting than if she had known. She turns to look at Abby. "It isn't him. No way." There's a sense of relief in that, despite the terrible uncertainty of not knowing who it is that's copying Sylar's modus operandi.

A quizzical look is cast to Melissa now. How can visiting someone in the hospital land one in jail? Odessa knows why she can't do conventional things like that but, Meliss- "Ah!" The red-clad blonde sits up a little straighter before leaning forward, eyes wide. Her finger points at Melissa only a second before she catches herself and retracts her arm. "Moab!" she gasps. "I remember now! We were in Moab together!" She blinks, "And what was his name! Lyle?" Luke. Well, Larry's the name he gave her. Small world. Odessa smirks faintly. "Honey, if you want to visit Peter, we'll visit Peter. You just leave it to me."

"That's not Gabriel" Abby agree's with Odessa. "That's not Gabriel at all" But someone made a run at Melissa in one fo the likely most secure places and used the head slicing method. Moab is brought up and Abigail glances at the other woman with a bit of a frown and surprise. Well, evolved then. "You were one of the people that Phoneix broke out"

Melissa stiffens a little at the name of that place, then she studies Odessa more intently than she has before. "I…don't remember you," she murmurs, glancing at Abby, as if worried that the blonde will turn her in or something. She falls silent for a long moment, then asks, "If I say yes, then what?" she asks cautiously.

"You're among friends here," Odessa assures Melissa. If Abby will harbour her, there's no way that she could condemn Melissa, right? I mean, it's not like she was engineering a virus to wipe out the entire Evolved race or anything. "They… kept me separate," she explains in a quiet voice. "I could see you from my cell, though." It would seem that Odessa's feelings about Moab coincide with Melissa's. "I escaped during the Phoenix break, too," she tells the other former prisoner.

"I was the healer for the folks who managed to make it back to New York Melissa, that phoenix had me visit. Don't worry, I'm neutral ground. Always have been, always will be. Ask Odessa here. She's seen me walk into a den of serial killers and heal someone" Mind you, one of those people was Odessa. "Alexander lives here, he was in Moab" Abigail shrugs and gets up so she can head into the kitchen for some water.

Melissa glances between them for a moment, then she nods, first to Abby. "I know. I knew him in Moab. And a couple other people here in the city." To Odessa, "I didn't know it was Phoenix. I just knew all hell broke loose then I ended up appearing somewhere not Moab. And I just…ran. No way in hell was I going back."

There's an emphatic nod from Odessa. "Me either." Another shudder runs through her body and she flexes the fingers of her good hand before shifting her weight in her seat again. There's the beginnings of sweat on her brow. "So what did you do to get thrown in there, anyway? I mean, besides exist." There's a hint of show me yours, I'll show you mine in the way she asks that question.

Melissa shrugs. "Really it just was existing. I hadn't done anything to hurt anyone, and one day I just got scooped up and tossed in that hellhole." Another pause, then, "But if you're asking what my ability is? I…uh…well…pain manipulation. Government thinks I can just cause pain, but thanks to a suggestion from a friend, I've learned I can take it away too."

Odessa nods solemnly. "I maybe robbed a bank." Or twelve. Not that she thinks that deserves prison or anything. It's not like people's money isn't insured or something. "I can stop time. Abby used to be a healer. Apparently the government only likes people with abilities that make you feel warm and fuzzy."

"Government never had me" Abby points out from the kitchen. "I didn't.. stay at the bridge, and I .." Well it's complicated. "They never imprisoned me but had every right" So she have been in Moab right there with Alexander. Abby comes limping out, putting down her own cup and refilling coffee for everyone.

"So that's how you'll get me in to see Peter," Melissa murmurs with a small smile. Then she's looking at Abby curiously. "Used to be a healer? Did you quit or somehow lose the ability?"

The temporal manipulator taps the side of her head with a smirk. Yes, that is how I will get you in to see Peter. "It wouldn't be difficult," Odessa says mildly. As for Abby's situation, she doesn't presume to speak for her. She does, however, utter a thank-you when her coffee is refilled.

"You can't quite genetics" As logan once so lovingly said in the back room one day. "God didn't want me to heal anymore and I don't want to talk about it" Abigail offers politely. In other words, don't press it, you won't get an answer. She limps back to the kitchen to put the pot away. Not even Odessa knows why Abby can't heal anymore when she's seen the woman's work first hand. Shanti?

Melissa nods and drops the subject easily. "That sounds like a plan then, 'Dessa. Though it's probably best to wait a day or two. Probably," she muses before shrugging. "And this is not girltalk! And since I'm no longer feeling any pain, we should have girltalk," she says, toeing off her shoes then sitting cross-legged on the couch.

All Odessa knows is that Abby said she can't heal anymore. She can speculate in her head all she wants on why that is. But Melissa's right. She came here for girltalk, and Odessa really wants to indulge that. Slowly, a smirk comes to her lips and she peers at Abby. "Did I tell you that I caught Teo and Francois…" There's a vague gesture toward the kitchen. Oh, gossip.

Oh god. "Dessa, you want anything from the store? I think we need some lemons for the bar downstairs and i'm going to take advantage fo the blizzard breaking and stock up on some groceries while i'm not working" She's never that good at girltalk anyway. Jesus talk yes! Girl talk.. not so much unless there's half a bottle of tequila in he.

"I don't know Francois, but I thought…Oooh. That's what Alex meant when he said it was complicated!" Melissa says, eyes going wide. Then she looks at Abby and grins. "Oh no. You sit down and talk girltalk with us. Otherwise you'll miss the pedicures and pillow fight."

"You shouldn't be running around with your knee like that anyway," Odessa insists, pointing to the armchair Abby previously occupied. "Sit. Doctor's orders. I can brave the storm with one of the guys later."

"No, Abigail replies to Melissa. "Thank you, but.. I really don't.. want to discuss some things like Teodoro and Francois and whatever they were doing. But it was nice to have you up here and I'll be sure to make Alexander or Odessa invites you up for dinner another day" The blonde offers, grabbing her jacket from the door. "Might stop in and see how the Petrelli's are doing" Exit, stage left. Or in this case, through the front door.

Petrellis. There's only one Petrelli Mel cares about, and it's certainly not Angela! Melissa glances at Odessa, then to Abby, and shrugs. "Okay. Suit yourself. I'll see ya later."

Odessa laughs softly as Abby takes her leave, shaking her head. "So, I think you need to tell me more about this Anders guy." She leans forward even though there's no one else to hear her, taking on a conspiratorial edge. "I live with three guys, and they are all gay. What is up with that? Can you get more unfortunate?"

Melissa is barefoot and sitting cross-legged on the couch, with a black bandana with white skulls wrapped around her head, to hide the bandage on her forehead. "Oh honey, that's why my number 1 requirement for a guy is that he be into girls," she says, grinning at Odessa. "But Anders…Like I said, he's cute. Likes flirting, lives out near me. Only really met him twice though," she admits.

Odessa draws her legs up to sit in a sort of side saddle fashion on the suede couch. The red of her dress and her glittering shoes, while matching each other, don't quite match the furniture she's sitting on. She smooths out a wrinkle in her skirt and absently fluffs up her petticoat. "Think he'd like my dress?" she asks, tongue in cheek, one finger poking through the diamond weave of the fishnet stocking at her thigh, tugging up on it once before letting it drop back into place. Whether the snap was suggestive or just a thoughtless fidget is up in the air.

Melissa glances over the dress then she grins. "Yeah, I think he'll like the dress. I mean, he's straight, and you look hot right now," she answers, nodding.

Odessa blushes juuuust a bit. "Really? You think so? I'm pretty sure Abby rolled her eyes when she thought I wasn't looking when I showed it off earlier." She snickers and tucks a strand of blonde behind her ear. "I'm glad you like it, though."

Melissa laughs and shrugs. "Yeah, well, she said that corsets were underwear the first time I met her. While wearing a corset! So don't feel too bad. Seriously though. It looks good."

"Thanks," Odessa murmurs. "Yeah, I don't always understand how Abby sees the world, but she's… Just a really good person." She rolls her eyes at herself and sighs. "I'm not real adept at this girl talk thing. I didn't know any girls my own age when I was growing up." Well, Ellie Bishop doesn't count. "What are we supposed to talk about, besides our clothes and boys?"

Melissa grins and shrugs. "I don't know. I thought those were the two big ones. And really, we haven't talked nearly enough about guys. Just that Martin guy and Anders. With the brief mention of Teo. Or…hmm…I dunno. There's lots we could talk about. Seems we got more in common than I thought, anyway."

Odessa tips her head back. "I like Teo. Well, I like all the boys I live with, but I don't think Alexander likes me much. Not that I blame him or anything." The way she waves her hand dismissively says I don't want to talk about it. "They're all cute. It's unfair. And Francois speaks French. It's wonderful practice for me. I'm trying to pick up some Italian from Teo, but I'm too… Shy perhaps is the word I'm looking for. I'm too shy to ask him to formally teach me any Italian."

Hearing Odessa call herself shy has Melissa blinking slowly. "Uh…you? Shy? Dude. Just tell him Italian sounds hot and that you wanna learn. Me, I just speak English. Never bothered learning anything else. Though I guess…hmm…French could come in handy," she muses, head tilting.

"I don't think Teo would take it quite right from me if I told him Italian sounds hot. I think he would look at me funny and tell me to go to my room like I was a puppy that made a mess on the rug." Of this, Odessa seems certain. She can even see him pointing a finger severely toward Abby's room. "Knowing French is good, though. And I know some Russian. I haven't told my Russian-speaking friends this, though. It's interesting to hear what they talk about when they think I don't understand any of it. I mean, I maybe only understand every third or fifth word, but I know some!"

Melissa frowns a little. "Why would he look at you funny and tell you to go to your room? I mean, Italian does sound hot. Not as hot as French, but still hot," she says, sounding confused. "But you can always just say you like the sound of Italian? Or that you want to learn another language? I dunno. Only met Teo once, and it wasn't for long."

"I just think Teo wouldn't want to think that I find him attractive. Or something. I don't know. He intimidates me." And it has nothing to do with the scar across his face. That just makes him somewhat hotter to Odessa. Damn it. "Why are the cute ones always so not interested? Not that I'd ever… Or maybe I would. I don't even know with Teo. I think he's too good for me, ultimately."

That has Melissa laughing. "He's definitely cute. I wouldn't go for him even if I was attracted though, since Alex has a thing for him. I don't mind poaching, but I don't poach from friends or family. And the right question is why are the cute ones always gay."

"Oh, no. I didn't mean to imply that I would do that to… Al or Francois." Yeah, it really is complicated around here. Relationships and alliances alike. Odessa sighs. "Unobtainable," she laments. "For multiple reasons."

Melissa grins and nods. "Yeah, I know. I was just saying, that I wouldn't go for Teo either. Or Al, I guess. But then, I've got that whole celibacy thing going on. And lemme tell you. It sucks," she says with a sigh.

"Celibacy only leads to terrible things," Odessa insists. The last time someone told her they were practising celibacy… Well, her bruises are still fading. "Can I ask a semi-personal question?"

Melissa looks amused. "Do I look like the type to get embarrassed over personal questions? Ask away."

"Have you ever been slapped while you're, uhm…" Odessa's hands kind of displace the air in front of her as she tries to make a gesture that will convey what she wants to say without actually using words. She's failing miserably. "I mean, when you're with a guy and…" Her face is slowly flushing a shade of red.

Melissa's brows lift. "Slapped during sex? No…can't say I have. Then again, if anyone decided to go pimpslappin' me for no reason, I'd hurt them." Her eyes narrow slightly. "Wait, or are you meaning S and M? 'Cause if you're just meaning random unwanted violence, give me his name so I can kick his ass."

"Ess and Em? I- Ah- I don't know what that is." The other blonde squints at the use of the acronym. "There was this guy I dated for a little while… He didn't hit me hard or anything. But it was… Weird. Not… bad?" Odessa shakes her head. "I've never really… I mean, I've been thrown around or whatever, but he's the only one that would… So you like Peter, huh?" Subject change go!

Except Melissa isn't going to let the subject go that easily! "S and M. Sadism and Masochism. Basically when you incorporate pain into sex," she explains with a shrug. "Sounds like what you're talking about. And hey, if you're into that, go for it. If someone hits you and you don't want 'em to? Give me their name." Seems someone is already protective of Odessa. You don't hurt Mel's friends and get away with it!

There's a small pause, then Melissa nods. "Yeah, I like him. I mean, he's cute, he's got that adorable awkwardness thing going on, he didn't freak about my power, doesn't seem like he's permanently stuck in his teens and he's straight. What's not to like? Well, aside from the other blonde. But I'm working on that."

Odessa blushes again. The shade of her cheeks is almost matching her dress. "I- Yes. I think that may have been what it was," is all she feels comfortable saying on the subject. It seems to make sense to her, at least. After a deep breath to swallow down the awkward butterflies that feel as though they're attempting to escape her stomach, she fixes Melissa with a serious look. "Be careful. You've already seen that bad things happen around Peter. That wasn't a freak occurrence. I'm not saying to not go after him, because I am totally addicted to dangerous types of guys," oh, Sylar, "just that you need to be aware that things are not ever going to be quiet in a life with him." The wise advice she gives even surprises Odessa. Where did that come from?

The advice has Melissa looking amused. "Oh honey, things happen to me even without Peter around. I mean, the bridge? He wasn't around until after the accident. And he wasn't at the party, or the tram when I nearly got blown up. Just the other night with the head cutty guy. Besides, life is too short. Why live it so carefully that you miss out on stuff?"

Odessa nods. "You're right, of course." She smiles. "Good, then. Go for it!" She rises from her seat to retrieve the carafe of coffee and refill her cup, offering the same to Melissa. "It's been too long since I've slept with a guy I actually have feelings for. But it's a good… I don't know how to put it." One shoulder comes up in a half shrug. "I don't - didn't - hang out with good people. I've slept with guys just because it's easier than sleeping with one eye open to avoid a knife in the back."

Melissa grins. "Oh, I'm plannin' on it. Otherwise, don't you think I'd have stopped when I realized he was sorta involved?" she asks, offering out her cup for a refill. "And yeah, I guess that would be easier, but…not nearly so satisfying. Hence the celibacy. Tired of one night wonders."

Coffee is carefully poured and the red dressed blonde is silent in the space of time it takes her to amble back to the kitchen to replace the pot and move to reclaim her seat. "I didn't fall in love for the first time until I was twenty-five years old. And I think I fell for three different men at once, for three different reasons. I chose one. Or maybe he simply allowed me to make that decision, while the other two didn't let me choose them." An expression that was happy and somewhat nostalgic in remembrance dims, and Odessa looks sad. "They all died." Well, one of them only faked it, to her knowledge. But the man that returned to her was not the man she had shared a bed with.

"I've never been in love," Melissa admits with a faint smile. "Which, honestly, is fine with me. I figure that I'm just saving myself for the right guy. Only, you know, I'm not that innocent," she says, grin appearing now. "Sorry to hear that all your guys died though. Seriously sucks."

"It's what I get for liking boys who get into trouble up to their necks," Odessa admits. She ends up in over her head. Maybe she's just under the swinging arc of the chopper. "I don't think any of them really loved me back. Two were widows. And the other… He loved someone else, I think." It's more honest that she's been with herself for a while. And it's one of the few times she's been able to speak so frankly about the weight on her heart without wanting to cry until she can fill a riverbed with her tears.

"You might not want to tell Peter that we're friends. I can get you in to see him, but I will probably wait outside. Just tell him you snuck in and he won't know any better." Odessa's smile is thin. "He doesn't trust me. He doesn't have much reason to. We used to be pretty horrible to each other in our past lives." Metaphorically speaking. They're both attempting fresh starts.

Melissa cocks her head, studying Odessa for a moment, then she nods. "Alright. But…no one but Peter will see either of us, right?" She smiles then. "And you'll find a guy. If not Anders, then someone. I'll point all cute, single and straight guys in your direction."

"No one but Peter will see either of us," Odessa assures with a more genuine sort of smile. "I promise. — Short of a power negator. I make no promises when someone like that comes into play. And then it's not my fault." Not that she's trying to make anyone nervous or anything. "Cute, straight, and single. Awesome. You're totally my best friend." She may be Odessa's only official friend, but that doesn't preclude her from being her best friend.

"Mmm. Only negator I know won't bother us," Melissa says, but then she's grinning. "Really? Awesome! I like being a best friend. Even if I haven't found you a guy for sure yet." But she will!

"You'll still be my best friend even if you don't bring me a guy." The blonde in red finally laughs again, her dark blue eyes lighting up faintly. "I'm glad I met you," Odessa gushes. "You are so nice."

Melissa laughs. "I'm not so sure about that. Well, not all the time. I do have my bitchy moments, I promise. But I'm glad I met you too. It's nice to have someone to sit down and just talk with. Whether it's important stuff or just gossip."

"Likewise." Odessa glances quickly down the hallway, probably at the quiet sounds of her kitten re-emerging from the bedroom. She turns back to Melissa and beams, "Would you like to go shopping?"

"I'd love to. But right now I should probably get home. Got a puppy. And he already had to stay alone all night the other night. He's feeling deprived," Melissa says with a guilty look. "He proved it to me by chewing up my favorite pair of bitch boots."

"Oh dear!" Odessa rises from her seat so she can properly see Melissa out. "I shouldn't keep you, then. But call me when you feel like going, and we will totally go." When is the right time to ask a question like what are your thoughts on shoplifting?

Melissa laughs as she rises. "Definitely. Maybe this weekend sometime. Next week at the latest." At least if she can avoid more mayhem and disaster! She impulsively gives Odessa a hug and a grin. "You stay out of trouble, hmm? Avoid exploding bridges, and I'll see ya soon."

Odessa is caught by surprise by the hug, but returns it after only a moment of hesitation. "I will. You do the same, okay? Call me if calamity does strike, however. I'll be only too happy to come bail you out." She opens the door for Melissa and waves with a big smile. "Bye!"

She has a friend!

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