Cutthroat Job Market


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Scene Title Cutthroat Job Market
Synopsis Lucille endures Lexington's harsh, thorough and extremely intense interview process.
Date November 28, 2010

Miss Aphrodisia's: Sales Floor

The afternoon sun brings a little more warmth to the life of people still in the city. Not much, but Lucille will take a little warmth over no warmth. She's only been in the city for a few hours now and already she's decided to go off and do something with herself. She can't just sit around and mope at Jaiden's. It also feels great to be back home in her city. She missed it for the few weeks she was off on the island. So off she went, exploring the city. Or the places she can explore in the city. But still trying to keep a low profile.

Dressed in a pair of dark jeans along with a dark red tank top and a long sleeved black shirt underneath. She wears a thigh long black pea coat that keeps her warm, her black boots slapping on the pavement as she stops in front of a shop. Hm.. Miss Aphrodisia's sounds like a cool name to call a place, right? Her gaze fastens on the 40's style clothing in the store window and a light grin crosses her face. She thinks of that dream often.. where the detective said he was going to find her sister. Plus, it's not like there is much else for Lucille to be doing. And so she walks in, gloved hands pushing the door open gently before she lets it shut behind her, announcing her presence in the store.

Light grey eyes study the store and she smiles. Antiques, awesome. Ruffling a bit of her dark hair that just about falls to her shoulders; Lucille Ryans begins to look on the shelves for anything of interest. She likes old vintage things, they have a certain history to them, that's for sure.

Inside the store, it's pretty warm. Which, like many other stores, has led to people taking refuge against the cold within. But most seem to be just looking around, which has left the sole person on duty to make conversation with them, check on how they're doing and generally be the busy saleswoman. But when Lucille comes in, Lexington makes her way up toward the door.

"Hi there," she greets with a smile and a gentle Irish accent, "Welcome, welcome. Is there somethin' I can help ya with, luv?" Red hair is pulled back from her face in a simple ponytail, and she's dressed in a feminine and flirty peasant blouse and skirt. There's no name tag or anything else to indicate she works here, except the fact that she's greeting the customers and such.

"Oh hello." Lucille offers a soft smile towards the redhead. But she's shaking her head as she looks around the store again. "Not really, I'm just browsing aroun-." The former model stops as she spots the sign that she didn't see before in the window. How the hell did she miss that?

With a blink she wraps one hand around her arm and looks at Lexington closely, she might be just another employee but it wouldn't hurt to ask. "You guys are hiring right now?" she asks with a bright smile. Getting a job would give her something to do and then she wouldn't have to worry much about being bored or being a useless amount of space over at Jaiden's.

"Because I've just gotten back in town.. from a trip." Yes a trip. "And I've been looking for a part-time position somewhere and this place," she waves her hand to mean the shop. "Is pretty fucking awesome." Okay, maybe swearing won't get you the job Lucille. She looks at Lexington eagerly but not in the creepy sort of way. Never.

"Oh, hell yes. It's just me and my brother right now. You… don't wanna know how terrible Black Friday ways, luv," Lexington says with a crooked smile. The compliment gets a broader smile, pride showing through there. "I think so, m'self."

The cursing doesn't seem to bother this woman, although her gaze comes back to Lucille as she puts her hands on her hips. "Alright, why should I put ya b'hind the counter, then?" It's… sort of like an interview.

"Well.." she thinks and she's grinning and shrugging. "I am a people's person." Not really true, but she can be sociable and warm certainty. "I use to bartend and so I know how to get people to spend their money.. and a lot of it. Men and women alike too." She chuckles and winks at Lexington, putting her hands in her pocket. She looks at the 'counter' that they speak of. It is a little intimidating.

"I won't be late and I'm a pretty damn good worker. In other words, I could make your life a whole lot easier." Lucille nods confidently at her short notice answers and beams towards Lexington.

"And I'm sure you could use another person around here, you're right. I don't even want to imagine Black Friday." She chuckles and plus, working with and only with your sibling might be really hard. Lucille could never imagine working and running a business with Delia. She loves her sister.. but.. hell no.

Lexington considers her for a few more moments, scrutiny in her expression… but it breaks into a smile, "Alright, you're in. Upstairs and the basement are off limits, that's where me and my brother live. I'll deal with restocking when it's needed, ya just put a shine on that pretty face and sell things. There's a back room where the rare and expensive stuff is kept, only take serious customers back there. You'll get minimum wage t'start plus a commission f'r any've the backroom items ya manage t'sell. As for hours… I'll get a sheet, ya can fill out your information and when you'd like t'work and we'll get it sorted."

Whoa, that easy? There must be a God up there somewhere.

"Thank you, thank you!" She says with a bright smile, she's clearly excited about this. She usually doesn't smile this much. "You won't regret it." And then she thinks about what you have to do when you work at a place. "Can I.." she walks over to a part of the shop where people aren't really looking at items. She looks over her shoulder and then back to Lexington.

"I wonder.. do you have a problem with paying me under the table? I have some people looking for me.." she doesn't say the government. It could be anyone looking for her. "And I rather not have them know where I am.. you know.. ex-boyfriend who has powerful friends. He can't seem to let go." She chuckles softly and nervously runs a hand through her hair.

Okay God.. you came through for me once.. please don't fail me now. She thinks with a glance upwards.

It really must be providence at work, the fact that Lucille ducked into a shop desperate for employees, with a bed toward the illegal. Her question gets a smirk on Lexi's face, and the woman drops an arm around Lu's shoulders. "Oh, I think you're gonna fit right in here, luv. Don't worry, we'll work everything out. No ex-boyfriends'll find ya here. They'd have to be pretty gutsy t'e'en walk in." Indeed, the shop does favor the more… feminine of mind.

Thank you baby jesus!

Lucille looks at Lexington in shock that she agrees to this and immediately hugs the woman tight. "You are beyond a saint. I must say." The dark haired woman says to the redhead and chuckles softly. "By the way, I'm Lucille." She holds a hand out to Lexington with a light grin. She likes her boss already.

"I'll fill out all the information that I can." Lucille says with a light grin. "You guys get really busy here normally?"

Whoa, hugs. Lexington chuckles a little and pats Lucille on the back. It's a little awkward, as hugging isn't really her thing. And when the hand is presented to her, she just looks amused as she gives her a shake. "I'm Lexington. Lexi f'r short. My brother's in and out a lot, but you'll meet him, no doubt. Seamus is his name."

But she guides her over to the counter, pulling out a spiral notebook and a pen to pass to Lu. "It's busy on the weekends, much calmer during the week. I expect it'll be particularly crazy just now, f'r the holiday. We stay open as much as we can, given the curfew… but you'll be let off with plenty've time t'get home, unless ya got the burnin' desire f'r a sleep over."

The new employee chuckles and nods her head as she takes a pen and begins to fill out the information that she can on the notebook. Name and the phone number of the disposable cellphone she has on her. Then she puts down her schedule of days she could work. She's pretty available, so she puts down also that if she needs to be called then that might work out too.

Lucille's eyes study the counter and the things behind it. She knows how to work a register and stuff. "And if I meet any serious customers. I send em on back right?" she asks, just to make sure.

Availability is great! Hopefully she won't resent being called in every so often so Lexi can go get three dollar margaritas during happy hour.

"If there's a high roller who seems like he wants somethin' better, ya take him t'the back, yeah. I'll get ya the keys, but e'erything's locked up back there. Glass cases, cages, like that. You'll get the hang've it. If you're e'er unsure, I'm around. And Seamus, jackass though he may be, can help. He's just not allowed near the liquor."

"Ah, not allowed around the liquor. Got it. I'll slap him on the wrist if he even tries to smell it." Lucille promises with a light chuckle. She stretches her arms out and blinks as she looks around the shop again. "You're not from around here.. accent and all.." she says with a inquisitive look at her new boss. "How long have you been in the states?"

"You picked a real fine time to come to the city. It's like a shithole right now." Martial law in effect and stuff. "I assure you, the city is only half as fucked up as it is right now. Usually that is." Then Lucille's off thinking about her sister, wondering where she is.. will tomorrow be the day that she returns to her body? The next day?

Shaking her head, the lost expression on Lucille's face changes to one of awareness of what she was just doing. "Sorry, just was thinking about my sister." She thinks that explanation sounds weird so she elaborates. "She's missing, been missing for a few weeks." It's good that your boss knows the place you're in when they hire you, right?

"Good girl. He has to bring his own liquor, those are the rules." Lexington lifts her eyebrows as she goes on, though, an expression that falls into a chuckle. "It's been a few months now. And believe me… we've lived through worse. Plus, wouldn't leave now, people have all sorts've extra money from not bein' allowed out at night," she says with a crooked smile and a wink.

Lexi gets more serious when Lucille explains about her sister, and she leans against the counter, "I'm sorry t'hear that. Ya just let me know if ya need somethin'." Work-related, probably.

"Guess you're right." She agrees, with the statement about extra money. "And when people need gifts.. they'll be coming here." Lu grins at Lexington and taps her fingers on the counter softly as she looks around the store. She loves this place already, all the cool things that they have here. She wishes Delia could see it.

"Thanks Lexi, I'll let you know if I do." She promises and then she's readjusting her jacket and walking from around the counter. "I should get going.. but I'll be in to work and learn the ropes. Thank you so much again." Lucille means it, Lexington just saved her from infinite boredom. Now she has something to do during the day.

"Exactly," Lexi says with a finger pointed in the other's direction. "You'll start Friday. Be here at noon, I'll run ya through things and help ya get the hang've the place. And then we'll through ya int' the deep end and see how well ya stay above water," she says with a grin.

"Alright. And feel free t'come in before that if you want t'have a look around. We're pretty much always here," she adds with a smirk as she leans over the counter. "I'll see ya soon, Luce," is her farewell, complete with a wave.

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