Daddy Issues


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Scene Title Daddy Issues
Synopsis What starts as a talk about Claire's boyfriend becomes a discussion about Daddy Issues. Both girls have them.
Date August 24, 2009

Deveaux Building Rooftop

The phone call was brief - a simple message from Helena left requesting that Claire meet her at the Deveaux Building at particular - time - as it happens, around noon on a Sunday. Most of the country has their butts on recliners and are watching sports, or out having lunch with the gals, or just getting home from church. Helena sits on one of the long abandoned iron work chairs, sipping from a juice bar cup. She's foregone disguises for the moment, like as not unworried that Claire will place her in any compromising situation.

Her old friend doesn't have to wait long before the blond ex-cheerleader is slipping out the door on the roof. A look about and Claire, offers Helena a soft. "Hey." Dressed in her grunge chic, she moves further out on the roof, hand sliding into the pocket of her hoodie. "You wanted to talk to me?"

"Hey." Helena says. Her smile is amenable enough - she's glad to see Claire, but her eyes suggest there's some SRS BZNZ going on. "Yeah. Sit down, we should talk. About your um, boyfriend." Oh, hell. Helena's expression is somewhat bemused.

There is a soft groan with Claire drops her head forward, "What did Magnes do?" Her hands move to push her hood back off her head, letting her own gold locks free. "He really isn't that bad.." There is a soft sigh and she reluctantly settles down where told. "What's up?"

"Okay. Well, first of all, speaking solely as a friend that has far too few opportunities to enjoy the trials and tribulations of normal life that should be inherit for two young, photogenic female friends in their early twenties, Magnes Varlane? Really?" She doesn't entirely mean in it in that way - it's meant more for humor sake, except well, maybe a little. She takes a breath. "Where to start. So he walks up to one of my people and just asks him, point blank, if he's a member of Phoenix." Helena gives her a rueful glance.

"Yes.. Magnes Varlane." Claire states sounding a touch defensive. "He's — odd but then when haven't I liked that in a guy." She gives her friend a small smile. She doesn't address the actions right away, instead she asks, "Did Cat tell you about him?" Uncertain if the two have passed information, "He had been Company — well, more like he was strong armed into it and then when they realized he wasn't right for them — they — mind wiped him?"

Helena blinks. "Did you start seeing him before or after he was working for the Company?" Helena asks Claire, leaning back in her chair and sipping from the straw of her cup. This news doesn't please her at all. "You know he approached me a couple of days ago? He wanted to exchange information on behalf of some silent partner or superior of his, but wouldn't tell me who? But the last time I saw him was the other night, when he was busy showing off his ability in front of a crowd of about a hundred people."

"Before I knew… Richard let the Company cat out of the bag." Claire says blandly, "Course I had my own secret. Do you know I am in some comic book? 9th Wonders. He kept telling about this Claire in the books. He didn't know it was me." She give a shrug.

The other thing does bother her some. "I guess you can take the Company out of the man, but he's still gonna get into trouble." she sighs and rubs at her face. "Why are you telling me this stuff?" She asks softly. "He and I have been busy since the day he got wiped, he hasn't mentioned it."

"I'm in a comic, too. Not 9th Wonders, but this comic from the future called Firebirds." Helena notes off handedly. "If you told Cat about 9th Wonders, I bet she's now collected every single issue." She cocks her head. "You're not interested in knowing what Magnes is doing and how it might endanger himself and your friends?" she queries. "You get so angry when you don't know what's going on."

"She probably has." Claire murmurs and sighs. "And your right. I should know." she admits softly. "Sorry Hel. I moved out of the safe house cause I knew there was a chance he could cause problems, not intentionally though. He doesn't know it's a safe house or anything." Hunching forward she rests her elbows on her knees. "What else?" She asks reluctantly.

Helena shakes her head. "He claimed he's working for someone, but wouldn't tell me who. Do you know if he meant Richard Cardinal, someone you don't know, or was he pulling my leg?" That aside, Helena looks away briefly, her expression gone suddenly tense. "I have a favor to ask you Claire. You won't like it, but let me ask you, and let me tell you why I'm asking before you say no."

"No.. not Richard Cardinal. He tried to ward me away from Magnes." Claire smiles a bit. "So not him. I don't think he's pulling your leg, Helena. If he says he's working with someone then, he probably is. But I don't know who." Looking a bit wary at the mention of a favor, Claire purses her lips a bit. "Alright. I'm listening."

Helena looks down a moment, silent. Something is really bothering her, this much is obvious. Then finally, softly, "Talk to your Dad."

There is a blink… then her brows crease a bit. "Which one?" Claire asks finally, sounding a touch unhappy, straightening a bit in her seat. "My natural father or Noah Bennet?"

Helena cocks her head. "Your Dad, Claire. The one who raised you, the one you love."

"Why?" Claire asks after a moment of silence. "What possible reason can you give me to talk to my Dad?" Lifting her brows, she gives her friend an expectant look.

Helena's brow furrows and she looks down at her hands. "My dad…he's working with Humanis First." she confesses. Looking up. "Like, not just a hater, he's doing stuff. When I found out, I called him, and he made this big show at first, like he wanted to know where I was, that he would come get me…" she looks away, "And I told him I knew what he was doing. And he totally changed his tune." She looks away. "And that's when, among other things, he told me he was just trying to save us both a lot of trouble since if I'd tell him where I was, he could just shoot me in the head, but it was alright, because he was going to find me, find my friends, stick us all in a freight box filled with something flammable, and light it while roasting marshmallows." She chokes a moment. "That was one of the nicer things he said. 'Worthless cunt' was one of his more colorful insults."

Wincing, Claire moves to sit closer to Helena, so that she can offer a comforting hand on her arm. "Damn Hel.." She's completely at a loss of words, "I — can't even imagine." It comes out a bit more lame then she means.

Helena has already cried over this, so there are no tears, but her eyes are red rimmed. "I know you and your dad aren't me and mine." she says. "And I know you're really angry at him and he's done things you don't know if you can forgive. But he loves you, you know? I can't imagine him ever, ever saying those things to you. Would you please think about it?"

There is a soft sigh from the young woman. "I'll think about it." Claire's hand drops away and rests on her own leg, her gaze dropping to the roof top. "But I'm not guaranteeing anything." Her voice is deeply bitter as she continues, "You don't understand everything that happened. Especially when he was Company. I know he's not like your dad… but he's done some pretty crappy things. "

Helena flinches a little. "But he loves you." she says. "You said you'd think about it, so I'll hold you to that. I can't ask you for more." She looks away again. "You tell Cardinal that the fact that Bill Dean is my father doesn't matter. Okay?"

Claire studies her friend for a long moment, "And I know a lot of what he did…. he thinks he did it for me. To protect me. Doesn't mean it's right." Climbing to her feet slowly, the blond nods, "I'll tell him." There is a small sigh, "And try to look past Magnes' geek awkwardness. I'm trying to give him a chance." She smiles a bit, "I did for West, too." Her smile suddenly falls and she gives Helena a serious look, "But.. on the off chance…. he becomes a danger. Do what you have too, but try to remember that he's trying to do what he thinks is right."

"Honest to god, it's not the geeky awkwardness." Helena says, rather glad to be away from the subject of fathers, even though she's responsible for bringing it up. "It's the fact that he sticks his hand into the pot without knowing what's in it or whose meal he may be ruining. But thanks for understanding we do need to keep ourselves safe.

Giving a small smile, Claire sighs softly. "Well, with hope he doesn't doom us all." She murmurs, glancing at the sky. "Like I said, do what you have to to protect everyone." Glancing down at the other blond Claire smile is a bit lop-sided. "Remember, we all started out like that once."

"I suppose that's true." Helena concedes. "I guess some of us take to it better than others." She peers at Claire a few moments. "Okay. You need me, you know how to get ahold of me."

"Yup." Claire says with a bit of enthusiasm. "I'm staying with Richard, helping him when I can, but my phone is always on." There is a moment of awkwardness, but then Claire leans down to give Helena a hug. "I am sorry about your dad, Helly. I'm willing to lend an ear when you need it." Then she lets the other woman go so that she can turn to leave.

"It's okay." Helena says. "I mean…it's not okay, but you know." With a faint shrug, Helena shoves her hands in her pockets and walks off, leaving Claire to contemplate the mangled skyline.

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