Dahl's Parting Words


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Scene Title Dahl's Parting Words
Synopsis Veronica reports to Len about their recent success with Eric Doyle. Veronica questions Minea's motives for turning on the Company.
Date June 18, 2009

Office of Len Denton

It took a couple of hours to clean up the scene at the motel. Do the damage control, give the Home Sec spin and make it look like it was a job well done by the government agents. The paramedics that came to claim the supposedly-alive body of Doyle were of course Company paramedics, and they didn't go to a hospital but rather to the Company facilities.

It's a weary Veronica that comes into Len's office to hand him her report. While she did her job and did it well, she's nursing a hangover and the explosion Lu used to help numb Doyle's senses and cut his reaction time has done no favors at all for Veronica's headache.

She slips into the chair facing her boss and waits for any questions.

Len is scrolling through the report that was just sent to him on the take down of Eric Doyle. While his face shows no emotion, his eyes seem somewhat withdrawn. It has been one hell of a month and a half so far and things are looking to only get worse. But, dammit, his crew is getting the job done. He finishes and looks up at Sawyer on the other side of this desk. "Anything about this that's not in the report that I may want to know, Agent Sawyer?" It's a reasonable question. There are plenty of times when things don't get into the report for administrative reasons.

"That I enjoyed shooting Curt?" she says in a mock-cheerful voice and a beatific smile on her face. "No, I think everything's there, for once, Boss." She taps her fingers on the arm rest for a moment, as she musters up the courage to ask the next question. "I had… questions. Or maybe a confession, but I think you probably already know. Minea gave me an envelope yesterday, said she had one for you and Magnes and Lawrence, too." It's a statement, but there's a tacit question tagged onto the end of it.

An eyebrow is arched up as Veronica mentions a meeting with Minea. "Did she happen to say anything that could shed some light on her recent activities?" He leans forward, as if to accept the envelope for him if Sawyer has it on her. "I can only imagine that all of this has come to quite the shock to you as well." That in itself is a question towards her. Did she know Dahl was going to defect? Though with Len, he has this distinct knack for tossing out an accusation that sounds like more of an random inquiry.

"She just said her mom was having a biopsy. I believed her, but maybe with all the stuff she gave me in the envelope I shouldn't have…" Veronica says, a little dubiously as she shakes her head. "She didn't tell me anything, Boss, I promise. Just gave me stuff in case everything goes down badly, the stuff April told us about." Her eyes hold questions but she's not going to ask anything outright, it would seem.

Len is quiet for a moment and shakes his head. "Look. You have reasons more than anyone to want out. If you want out, come to me. Talk to me. I pray that you will. What Agent Dahl has done here is broken my trust and put every agent here at risk. She knows /so/ much. She can hurt us. So, if you come across her, I want to know where she is and what you think she's up to. The fact is, it seems there are documents that photocopied by her before she left. We're trying to determine how bad this is going to be for us. It would be rather ironic if the future she's trying to avoid is the very future she causes herself."

Veronica sits and listens. She nods. Yes. She understands. But she doesn't understand. "Why would she try to help us before betraying us though?" she asks quietly. "What if she's being blackmailed or something to do this for them? Maybe she needs our help… They might have threatened her or something."

"Minea Dahl is far smarter than you give her credit for, Agent Sawyer." Len tips his had back and wipes his face with his hand for a moment as if trying to wake up from something. "You're talking about someone who's been shot, mindwiped and all the other multitudes of things she's gone through. There's nothing on her that you could blackmail her for. Seems she has taken a friends advice and chosen to carry out his dying wish." Len shakes his head. "She's make the choice of her own accord. Nothing else makes sense."

"All right," Veronica says, getting up, wincing a little with the change of position as her head reminds her of her last night's activities. "I just find it strange that she'd take care of all of us while putting us in danger at the same time." She tilts her head. "Continue with the rest of the time travelling crew, 'til further notice then?" she asks.

Len shrugs slightly. "Perhaps she was trying to aleviate guilt on her part for this betrayal. Who can know? All I know is that she's one of them now and we have to be very careful." Len sits up again and leans forward. "Make sure you get your things moved. The sooner the better. With Dahl on the other team now, this location is at risk. Pass the word that I want all agents moved by the end of the week. What everyone else does is not my concern, but I am not going to keep my team in any danger that can be avoided through common sense. Understood? After that, keep on with what you've been working on. And good job on the Doyle case. Excellent work."

"Right," Veronica says and gives a little salute. If she thought there was a chance that Minea was undercover, and that Len might confide in her, well, she's leaving disappointed. The truth is, she doesn't know what she believes — about Minea or even herself. Still, she's chosen her path, and that means doing what Len says. She heads to her desk to clean it out of anything she should or can bring home with her.

Watching her leave his office, Len opens his desk drawer and pulls out an envelope that has his initials on it. He tears off the end and upends it, dumping the contents out. He pushes the items from side to side as he shakes his head with a smirk. The items are scooped into his top drawer and he picks up the phone. "Kayla. I need former Agent Dahl's office scrubbed. Can you make sure that happens? Her things can be boxed, sorted and whatever needs to be destroyed, make sure that happens. Thanks." He sets the phone down and kicks his feet up onto his desk. Seems that this is only going to get more interesting.

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