Damn Well Better


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Scene Title Damn Well better
Synopsis Tess stops in on Quinn after weeks of not seeing her.
Date January 14, 2011

Village Renaissance: Elaine and Quinn's Flat

The last time that Tess saw Quinn it was at her Christmas party. And considering that New Years and Tess's birthday has happened since then, that's entirely too long. So Tess has bundled up, snuck a bottle of booze into her pocket, and made her way over to Quinn's place. The knock on the musician's door is rhythmic, and followed, as usual, by Tess's unmistakable voice. "Little Quinn, little Quinn, let me in!"

The sound that Tess is greated with as she knocks on the door is the sudden eruption of a keyboard mixed drums and guitar, loud enough to be heard through the doorm and far too clear to be Quinn or friends actually playing music from within the apartment. More than likely, she just has her stereo up way too loud. Not that that should particularly surprise anyone. What might be surprising is when everything but the bass drops out andQuin's voice is suddenly audible through the door, singing along.

Hello, again, friend of a friend

I knew you when

Our common goal, was waitin' for

The world to end!

There a thump as something hits the carpeted floor within the room, and the sound of footsteps rushing about before Tess hears Quinn shout "Just a moment!? to her at the door. "It's unlocked!"

Laughing Tess opens the door and sticks her head in. "Everything okay in here?" she asks, sliding into the apartment and glancing around, not just for Quinn, but for anything that looks majorly out of place. "And if it's unlocked, why'd I have to wait a moment? You doin' somethin' naughty in here? 'Cause if so, and you hid it from me…I'm gonna be hurt!"

Now that the truth, is just a rule

That you can bend

You crack the whip, shapeshifting trick

The past again!

Naughty, no. But what Quinn is doing is something she wouldn't normally be caught dead doing - what Tess sees when she walks in Quinn mid-twirl, a microphone in one hand, and baby held close with the other arm. Possibly not the safest thing ever, but the baby certainly looks amused, letting out what passes for a giggle (or maybe a gurgled out burp, Quinn can't tell) as she finishes her twirl and comes to face Tess. She lingers for a moment, more because she knows herself to well to start walking immediately after a dizzying action. But once drums kick in and the chorus begins, Quinn steps towards Tess, the microphone held up to her mouth.

I'll send you my loooooove

On a wireeeeee

Lift you up, everytiiiiiiime



And then, while singing, she points a finger out and places it on Tess' throat, smiling as sher draw it upwards and back in a pulling away motion to match the rest of the lyrics.

Pulls away


From you~

And with that the mic is lowered and Robyn Quinn laughs a hearty, if seemingly strained, laugh, the microphone holding hand placed on Tess' shoulder. "Heya! Long time no see! Sorry, I- was entertainin' the baby."

The baby is looked at with a cocked head and curiosity from Tess, but the total sight makes her grin and shake her hips a little along with the beat of the music. Then she's laughing and nodding as she lifts a hand, brushing a finger along the baby's tiny fist. "Yes, yes it has. I don't remember you havin' a baby! She looks exactly like you though," she teases. "And she looks very entertained too."

Quinn looks like Junko with a smile, moving to support her with both arms. "Her name's Junko. I'm babysitting- well we're babysitting for a friend while she's out of town. So, there's a good reason you don't remember me with a baby!" Quinn grins, turning slowly back towards the desk where her computer sits. The closer they get, the unhappier the baby seems to get, likely because of how loud it is, but that is remedied as Quinn turns it down much lower. Now, people can hear themselves think again! "What's up?"

"Junko? That's a weird name for a baby," Tess says, wrinkling her nose. "And that's cool. I was gonna say, a baby in a few weeks'd be weeeeeeird." She follows Quinn, leaning against a wall, arms folding over her chest. "And what's up is I haven't seen my bestest buddy in ages! I even turned twenty-one! Went out on the town with Sable and Adel. It was fun. Adel took incriminatin' pictures," she says, grinning and wiggling fingers towards Junko while she talks.

"Jesus fuck, that's right!" Never mind the baby, of course. I doesn't know what Quinn's saying, right? "I am so sorry I wasn't here for that. I was in Canada." She wrinkles her nose a bit, giving a weak smile. "An' I'm sorry I haven't called you. Things have been busy here lately. Between… a lot going on. I do have somethin' for you, though." A pause, and Quinn walks up to Tess, offering over the baby. "I don't know her named her, by the by. She isn't originally my friend's either. Anyway, mind takin' her for a sec?"

From the bright smile on Tess's face, she doesn't mind at all. She takes the baby, settling her easily on her hip and bouncing her a little. "Hey, don't worry about it, darlin'. It's all good. Especially since you got somethin' for me," she says, flashing those dimples to her friend. "How'd your friend end up with her then? Stepdaughter or somethin'?" There's more bouncing, some swaying, and funny noises made to entertain Junko. "And we don't mind spendin' a few minutes together, do we beautiful?" she coos to the child.

"Dunno, t' be honest." Or Quinn's forgotten, an equally likely scenario. "But I know she came t' have her after the eighth." Which in an of itself carries a sad tone, Quinn doesn't need to add anything further, she thinks, to explain. She disappears into her room, returning a moment with a small box, and a CD jewel case. The box is set down first. "That's your birthday present. This is a burned copy of my CD, since I don't have the professional copies you. You gotta promise t' buy ana ctual copy when it comes out, though, since this is just the first disc of it. The new stuff."

Mention of the eighth and a child getting a new caretaker on that day has Tess drawing the baby a little closer. "Well she's got the bestest babysitter in the world. Yes you do!" she says, rubbing her nose lightly against Junie's before beaming and snatching the CD and holding it as close as the baby is. "Of course! I'll have to, 'cause I'll listen to this so much it breaks!"

"Me? Nah. Elaine's a better baby sitter than I am…" Quinn trails off a bit, wrinkling her nose as she does. She lets out a sigh, shaking her head. "But she was unexpectedly out of town most a' the last week, so I ended up takin' care a' Junko most a' the time. Between that an' the new job, it hasn't really left me with much free time at all. Particularly since I had t' take Junko to work most a' the week."

"Everything okay with Elaine? And to work? You took a baby to a club? Wait, new job. What new job?" Tess asks, sitting down and grabbing the box. "You gonna help me open this? Yes you are!" she murmurs to Junie, even as she starts opening. She likes her presents, this one. The baby more hinders than helps, but it does get open, and the squeal of happiness she lets out startles the poor baby. "It's awesome! Totally awesome! I adore you!"

"At Studio K," Quinn remarks, completely skipping over the topic of Elaine. "I'm going t' be a talent scout for them, I think. An' the head liked my radio show pitch, so I'll probably be startin' that up soon." Quinn smiles wide. "I think I'm going t' call it The Showcase, since that's what it is, really." And then Tess gets the present open, and Quinn beams a bit. "I thought you'd like that. I'm not actually sure if it'll fit the camera I got you, but I tried."

"Oooh. A talent scout. Powerful! And it damn well will! I love it, Quinn, thanks," Tess says, beaming at Quinn and motioning her over to give a one-armed hug, trying not to squish the baby during said hug.

Quinn moves carefully into the hug, smiling at both Tess and Junko. "Maybe you should babysit, an' I can go bar hopping or something. I never thought I'd spend a Friday taking care of a baby."

Tess laughs and nods. "Yeah, I can do that. I actually brought a bottle of booze with me, but I didn't expect a baby. Take it'n go party with your girl or somethin'. Get absolutely fuckin' toasted. I can take care of this babydoll for a couple of hours."

"Oh, God, I was so joking," Quinn replies with a bit of a nervous laugh. "It is probably best if I avoid drinking at the moment," and the way she says it implies it's not just because of the baby. "I'm glad t' know you'd do that, though. I'll keep in mind in case another baby ever falls int' my care."

Tess's head tilts and her brow furrows. "Somethin' wrong, Quinn? You're not in any sorta trouble or anything are you?" she asks, instantly concerned about those other reasons.

"Trouble?" That gets a bit of an odd look from Quinn. "Not that I'm aware of." She lets out a bit of a sigh, patting Tess on the shoulder. "It's just been a really long, stressful week." Quinn rolls her shoulders stepping away. "Just not really a good idea, right? I mean, I gotta be working on the plans for this radi show now."

"Fair enough," Tess says, smiling. "Hopefully you stop gettin' all stressed though. Stress is a total buzzkill man. It's worse than spillin' your liquor at a party! And if it keeps up, I'm gonna have to take you out for a night on the town so you can totally destress!"

"You're tellin' me," Quinn replies dryly, and then she laughs. "I don't know that I have that much time for nights out anymore, but I'm sure we can manage somethin' either way. Next weekend, maybe? I won't have the baby, it'll be a lot easier t' pull off. I've bee avoidin' drinkin' or somekin' in front a' her."

"Oh, yeah, definitely, come over to my place next weekend. Dad had all this booze, I need help drinkin' it!" Tess says, grinning. "Bring some friends if you want! Sable and Elaine and Adel or whoever. Your girlfriend! Or can just be you'n me. That'd be totally fuckin' awesome too!"

"Well, if you want help drinking, I'll have t' bring Adel. Like I said, I think I'm avoiding it at the moment." Maybe it's not just because of the baby? "But I'm sure she'd be up for it. She's a fun girl, it'd be a lot of fun." A beat. "You said she took incriminatin' pictures a' you? I hope you didn't get drunk and decided to strip at the bar. That might be a little awkward if we ever go back."

"I thought you said you were avoidin' drinkin' in front of the baby though," Tess says, frowning a little. "And nah, no strippin' at the bar, though it wouldn't be too awkward. Not like I never took off my clothes in a bar before." It was her job, after all, and probably will be again. "Was more just shots of me drinkin', or me'n Sable dancin', that sorta thing."

"Oh, that's it? Hell, I've danced with Sable. That's no big deal. When you said incriminatin', I was thinkin' tabloid style," which to Quinn almost always involves a progression of kissing, nudity, and sex. Not that she would expect Adel to be present for any of that. "I'm kinda disappointed now! Way t' go!"

"Nah, no tabloids for me! Not yet anyway. Though if you want I can totally go out, get drunk, strip down and have some real incriminatin' pictures taken," Tess teases with a grin, though something about how she says it suggests that she may well actually do it.

Quinn laughs, pulling Tess back into that one armed hug. A look is given down to Junko, as if to say You had better not remember this conversation when you get older. "That's awefully nice a' you t' offer," she remarks dryly, leaning forward and placing a caste kiss on Tess forehead. She doesn't say no, but she doesn't seem inclined ever. "I think I can go out for a night without gettin' involved with someone, though,"

That has a confused look showing on Tess's face as the blonde tilts her head. "When did we get to gettin' involved with people? I was just talkin' about partyin'. You gettin' involved with too many people or somethin'? That the problem? Girlfriend jealous or somethin'? 'Cause if I was here, I totally would be. You're a hot mama, after all!"

"Well, I meant- not involved in volved, just-" Quinn sighs, shaking her head. "Nah. She's not jealous. You'd think she would be, but thankfully she's not." She laughs, rufflig Tess' hair enen though she's arely shorter than QUinn herself. "Things have been a little hectic around here lately. I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'll tell you about it sometime. But at any rate, I think a little partying when I don't have a baby sounds like a good time."

"Good. And you damn well better. I'm not gonna have my best bud all bummed and not do somethin' about it!" Tess says, bouncing the baby again, gently of course. "So yeah, next weekend, you show up, with whoever, and we'll part-tay! Until we all pass out, drunk like."

"We'll see," Quinn remarks in response ot passing out, drunk like. "Next weekend. I look forward t' it!" She smiles wide at Tess, before turning around and starting towards the kitchen. "Now, I am about t' warm up a baby bottle. Can I fix you anything?"

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks though. I probably need to get home soon anyway. Need to find a job, which means, yanno, gettin' up early'n goin' out to talk to people'n all." But for now Tess is content to bounce the baby on her knee while the bottle is fixed.

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