Damning Evidence


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Scene Title Damning Evidence
Synopsis On the trail of a killer, Barbara's ability leads her and a small recovery team into the woods on Pollepel Island.
Date December 13, 2011

Pollepel Island

The forested section of Pollepel Island was not one that Barbara Zimmerman ever made a point to frequent. It had always seemed foreboding, in a sense, so open yet so mysterious. Her father had always taught her to approach things rationally, scientifically. But something about the small forest had always sent a shiver up the otherwise grown woman's spine. So, naturally, that was where today had led her, much to her chagrin.

There was no choice in this matter, though.

She hadn't told anyone what she needed people for. Just that she needed some hands for a task. Which, in and of itself was true. But it had been decided on quickly that only as much information as needed to be revealed would, lest the wrong person find out what she was headed out there to do. So she had gathered some people, ones she felt she could trust, and ones whom Kaylee had already looked over her in telepathic probings.

Dress warm, she'd said. That was really about it. It wasn't until they'd met her outside the castle that she had tossed one of a set of shovels she carried to Brian, keeping the other two in hand. With the forcefield lingering over them, and uncertainty waiting outside, this was the last thing anyone wanted to be doing.

Sometimes that's exactly what you need to be doing.

"Just a little bit of physical labor," Barbara offers as she starts to lead them towards the small patch of forest. "Shouldn't take took long." She had an idea what she was looking for, at least. The extra eyes would help in locating it.

Wildlife on Pollepel island isn't terribly diverse. There's hundreds of squirrels, a family of raccoons, and even representation of nearly every bird found in the American Northeast depending on the day. A squirrel hustles along beside Barbara, coming to a stop and looking up at her with beady black eyes. The squirrels here aren't afraid of people, haven't been for a while now.

Birds, certainly, but people no.

The squirrel scrambles up a rock, stops to regard Barbara, them coughs loudly for a few seconds.


A heat-haze mirage wavers noticeably, and after just a moment a sleight frame comes into view beside the squirrel. The navy blue parka Colette Nichols is draped in is two sizes too large, hood down to reveal too-pale skin pinked at nose and cheeks from the cold. Her dark hair wound into a bun behind her head to keep it off of her neck, where a long and red scar cuts across the left side of her throat.

A pair of blind eyes regard Barbara sheepishly for a moment. Colette wasn't asked to come along. As far as Barbara knew she was still recuperating from serious injuries.

Colette coughs again, gloved hand a fist in front of her mouth. Her brows furrow, she doesn't apologize or ask permission. She's just there, now. For the ride.

There's two thuds as the hafts of shovels collide with gloved hands. Catching one in each hand, he swings them down to his sides. Brian Winters drops his arms, glancing to the woman behind him. Samara is given a half smile that is meant to be reassuring. His gaze goes over to Barbara with a questioning look before he slowly offers one of the shovels to his fiancee.
After some time of recuperation, there has been more life in the Winters man. Though with the current predicament they all find themselves in. It's difficult to discern the elevation in mood.

Ali Elula has been left with another Brian, and Samara was pulled away to do something 'normal'. Though without really knowing what they're doing, the normalness of this task has been in question.

As Colette steps up from among the wildlife, Brian offers a soft smile. His hand comes up in a brief greeting before going to stand next to Samara. He glances at her, then back to Barbara. His features visibly asking what the woman thinks is going on.

He briefly goes to slide his free arm over Samara's shoulders, carrying the shovel in his free hand.

The phrase dress warm is one that Sami took to heart. A deep-seated hatred for the cold and its nip has her in several layers of clothes beneath her puffy parka accompanied by a lopsided and altogether poorly made knitted beanie that tugs tightly over her ears. Despite the layers, she fights a shiver, but it's not from the cold.

Samara manages a vague smile back towards Brian— nearly forced despite her general propensity to optimism. Yet even with that forced expression, warmth manages to find its way into her gaze amid a general weariness that tugs each of the corners. A mittened hand accepts the shovel.

Another flicker of a smile is found for Colette, but in short order, Sam's attention is directed to Barbara once again, awaiting instruction as she leans into the arm at her shoulders.

Crunching in to the group after Colette joins is Lucille Ryans, her auburn hair pulled back into a high ponytail she wears a thick dark brown winter coat ending at her thighs. A pair of thick knee high boots clad her legs and the silvery locket with the photo of she and her sister inside when they were younger swings free out over the jacket. Blue eyes scan the group and a small smile is sent everyone's way. Samara being there is atad funny for Luce with her.. not relationship with Tahir going on. Brian is given a brief squeeze on the arm before she comes to stand next to Colette.

"How you.. Uh feeling?" Lucille hadn't had very much time to even address what had went on back in Alaska with Colette, not that Colette would want to talk about that with a complete and utter stranger.

A look is given over to Barbara though not wanting to not hear what exactly is going on.

Colette is given a look and a frown, but Barbara knows well enough not to question the youth - if she'd thought it appropriate, Colette likely would have been one of the first people she would have sought to help with this anyway. This doesn't stem the annoyance she feels for a moment, but she lets it fade.

Instead, she offers a shovel over towards the photokinetic. More light to see will be handy in this endeavour, and from what she hears Colette's the only one they have right now. The holds the other shovel tightly in hand, stopping at the edge of the trees. Slowly, she turns back to face the others, accessing them equally.

"Before we go further, I want you all to know that I've asked for your help tonight because I trust you," she offers to them with a shallow incline of her head. "The last few days have been trying, and before proceed I just want to think you." Her expression grows more serious after that. "But I also want to reiterate that anything that happens for the rest of this evening stays between the group of us, and Eileen, should she ask."

With that, she turns. "We're looking for a short fir tree across from one with an arrow etched in it." Probably something someone did one day when they were bored, or some intrepid explorer had seen fit to do before the Ferry took up residence here.

"Fine." Is Colette's monosyllabic response to Lucille, half-lidded blind eyes partly hidden behind the dark fringe of her lashes. Colette takes a few steps away from Lucille, each step stiff and awkward.

The proffered shovel is given a side-eye, and Colette pulls her shoulders in tighter. She doesn't say why she's turning away from it, but the awkwardness of her gait and the stiffness of her posture may have something to do with it. She does, however, close her eyes fully as an amorphous blot of fire-colored light tilts and wobbles into being between them all. A warm, natural-looking — at least in hue — light source. Brian is the person most familiar with Colette here. He knows she can do better, more refined things with her ability. That shapeless blot of light isn't right. But it looks like she's struggling to maintain it, the way a stroke victim struggles to make a fist.

Though, for what it's worth, she manages a distracted smile back to both Brian and Samara.

Holding Samara loosely, Brian purses his lips as he looks on Barbara and then Colette. "No one needs to dig who doesn't want to." With a quiet popping sound another Brian steps out and walks over to take the shovel offered to Colette. The most noticeable thing about this replication being that the second Brian appearing is very visibly not naked. While he showed Samara a few times now that he could replicate with some clothes now, he still relishes showing off the growth in his ability. His eyes may descretely sneak about trying to find if there are any surprised looks.

Taking the shovel from Colette the copy speaks up to Barbara. "There are other council besides Eileen." He points out softly to Barbara when she mentions that Eileen is safe.

The other Brian speaks up though quickly as if a counterpoint to the second. "Thank you, though. For trusting us." 'I guess' is left off in the sentence. After all, he's maturing.

Dropping his arm from around Samara, Winters takes a few steps over to Colette. "You don't have to." He glances over at the wobbling light then back to Colette.

Notions of being trustworthy earn Barbara a small cant of Sam's head, but it's Lucille who gets a lopsided, and altogether, comical grin. _Something_ about Lucille clearly tickles Sam's funny bone and she allows her chin to drop to collect some semblance of composure. She presses a mittened hand to her lips to conceal her amusement, but there's little question Brian catches it in the bob of her shoulders as she aims to push it down.

But the mention of secrecy and with whom secrets are to be kept sucks dry much of that momentary merriment. Her expression smooths into something far more solemn. While Brian issues thanks, Sam's shoulders sink, "Why do you trust us?" She's already begun looking for the trees, but something in her demeanour remains unsettled.

Doesn't sound like it.

"Righto family." she sighs faintly and Lu muses as she watches the woman walk away but she doesn't allow her to get to far without her in tow. Call it PTSD but she went through a whole helluva lot of trouble to bring the inky black haired woman home. Plus Nicole would kill her if she let something happen to her sister so she follows after Lucille quitely. Not that something could happen here on this island right now right?

Samara's giggling earns her a mocking eyeroll and she mouths the words, I'm sorry again to the woman. How was she supposed to know that Samara was Tahir's sister and not some hussy he had on the side (there are many including Lucille, or were). Barb calls them all back to attention and she nods watching as Colette summons her light, she's seen the woman do far worst so this seems kinda cool if not shaky. "Lighter of the way." she grins.

Barbara looks back over her shoulder at Brian, nodding. "There are, you're right." She leaves it at this. This is something she's been asked directly to do, and having information spread as thin as possible is certainly in everyone's best interests. In which case, it is certainly a good thing she trusts Brian Winters more than most people. All of him.

"I trust you," she offers back to Samara, looking around the trees for the one that she had seen. The one she knew held what they were looking for, "because you've all done good work for us before. Because you've all done dangerous work for us before." There's a small sigh from her, knowing that that's not enoug hgiven the current situation. "I trust all of you because I have to, and I have no reason not to." And because, before the unthinkable happened, Kaylee had seemed to as well.

"Thank you, Colette," she offers in a quieter voice to the young woman. She's only vaguely aware of the trauma that she suffered at the hands of the Institute. But she knows enough to know it was awful. "Fan out. Like I said, a tree with an arrow etched into it." Hopefully there wasn't more than one.

With that, Barbara begins looking around herself. There isn't a ton of ground to cover, and the quicker they can do this, the better. She remembers how dealing with military grade attacks was at Thompson. She doesn't want to relive that here.
Colette's chin tilts to the side, that look Kameron used to give Brian when she was seeing him without really seeing him. "I need to," is her hushed answer. The wind plays at her hair, and otherwise she's rigid and motionless.

A beat later, she angles her head to the side and raises a brow. Lips part in wordless surprise, and the discovery of Brian's growth with his ability elicits the smallest, but most genuine, of smiles from Colette.

When the others begin to fan out, Colette sticks with one of the Brians. They've known each other for years now, cohabitated, he's one of the few people she considers family that's still in her life. She's quiet, though, with her small fiery searchlight. Her pace is slow, uneven, and it's obvious to Brian that she's trying to exercise partly-atrophied legs.

His chin dips, eyes flitting over his fiancee. One brow arches at her, as he pivots on one foot bumping into Samara. His gaze asks what is going on, even though his lips do not. He looks over to Lucille, his features contorting before looking back to Samara. Colette's features as he replicates earn a small grin. Victory.

As Barbara marks out the mission, the Brian with Colette nods. "Proccess of elimination." He takes a step away from Colette, and more of him begin to flood out. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. The five men start marching out onto the woods. "Will find it." The process is meticulous. Each Brian going to a tree one at a time, looking it up and down. No arrow found, next tree. And behind those finding no arrow follows one of the Brian with a shovel, smacking the metal to wood, making an intentional divit. Marks the spot. No arrow here.

With Colette, Brian shoves his hands into his pockets, gaze dropping down to the forest floor below them. "No one will notice if you need to grab onto my arm."

When Brian bumps into Sam, the comical smile returns. She shoves her hands into her pockets and shakes her head instructions are instructions and will her into silence.

Barbara's answer merits a small twitch of Sam's lips and she allows her chin to drop into a nod. But even then, something tugs at her. She clings to the shovel and goes about the work of finding the pair of trees, hazel eyes slowly inspecting each in turn. She's not wholly convinced, but she's also committed to whatever they're trying to achieve here.

And then as she begins to trek out with one of the Brians, she wonders aloud, "You know, if I'd seen a tree with an arrow, I'd probably have just drawn a heart around it. Because I'd assume that someone forgot to finish the picture." Her lips twist to the side wryly. "Probably why I'm a dancer and not some detective."

As they are given their mission Luce nods and looks over at the rest of the guys as the fan out in pairs. She decides to leave Colette with Brian peering over at a tree next to her. Nope not the one. A hand shoved into her coat pocket she spends her time staring at each tree. Wisps of hair plastered to her forehead as she moves from tree to tree. Nothing yet, she gives a look over to Barbara and one of the Brians.

Her mind starts to wander as they work, the situation at hand at the forefront of her mind, much like everyone else's she knows. She can't help but think of her own family when as she sees Brian with Samara and Colette.

Where is Delia?

Barbara doesn't immediately have much luck finding the tree she's looking for. She's spending half her time paying as much attention as she can to the people she's gathered. She trusts them, but that doesn't mean she isn't taking the time to make sure her trust hasn't been misplaced. These are perilous times, after all, and not paying attention is part of what has gotten them into this situation to begin with.

Colette is spared any of Barbara's searching glances. She has heard the stories of Alaska by now. She knows better than to suspect the photokinetic, and she will have to hope that that trust isn't misplaced. Brian she has done much with over the course of her year in New York, and has seen him prove his loyalty time after time. Her gaze does not linger his way for long. Which brings her next to Samara, one of the people in the group that she knows the least. But it is her attachment to Brian that has earned her Barbara's trust in this moment, despite possibly her better inclination. Which brings her last to Lucille, one of the many members of the Ryans clan that has come to find residence within the Ferry network. Her loyalty rarely came into doubt on account of her father. But it wouldn't be the first time she had seen someone flip despite such connections. Still, Barbara trusted Ryans with her life, and thus his children as well.

It's Brian who first spots the arrow notched into one of the trees, COlette next to him as his eyes settle on it, her small amount of light offering him just enough illumination to pick it out.

Colette swallows noisily, reaches up with a too-long sleeve and scrubs at one eye for a moment. They're a little pink at the edges when she makes the vestigial gesture of looking up and over to Brian. The smile is better now, more herself in the way Brian knew her, a still-life of many months past.

"Thanks," Colette's voice cracks. "You've— " she hesitates, considers before she finishes. Then, brows furrowed and two beats later amends. "You've changed." Her tone is appreciative, someone noticing personal growth by measure of absences.

It isn't that she doesn't care about the arrow on the tree, maybe it's the mystery behind it that makes t easier to forget about. They're just out in the woods, the veil hasn't fallen, the fucking dome hasn't returned. But Brian is squared on it, and Colette shifts her attention in Barbara's direction. "Over here!" Colette calls, her voice still hoarse when she shouts. "We found it!" Whatever it is.

"If we find it first," Brian steps over an overgrown root, "We can finish the drawin before we show everyone it. Besides." He glances down at the shovels. "I think we should be putting your detective skills to work. What do you think we're digging up? What long lost treasure awaits us in this forbidden forest?" As he walks with his partner, another Brian crosses in front of them. A skill Samara and him have perfected. Pick a body and stick with that one. But it is a nice perk to have to be able to approach your significant other when he's in seven different places in the immediate vicinity. He leans in to some to her, lowering his voice. "What was all that? With Lucille?"

He gives a tsk between his teeth to Samara. "I found it overe there. We're too late." He sounds dismayed that they didn't get to vandalize the arrow.

With Colette, Brian gives an easy nod. "I've been shaving less." To changing. He looks forward for a breath before his gaze swings down to her bringing up a light grin. She may not take his arm, but he takes hers. It looks like he too may say something, though words turn into a verbless smile. Dropping his gaze down. "I'm glad you're here Cole."

After Colette announces the location of the arrow. All the Brians around turn in navigating everyone toward the correct tree. Like air traffic controllers many arms pointing in the correct direction.

A shovel is tossed to a Brian rounding on the tree one Brian to another. Catching it he places the tip of the shovel in the ground. "Digging, I assume?" He asks, looking Barbara's direction.

"I like that. Maybe we can doodle cupid on the side for good measure." Samara falls easily into step with Brian. "Well, I hope," rather than believe, "it's ancient pirate booty. Yaaaaar, and we'll have to get parrots and eyepatches to make it official, but we're going full pirate. Ali will have to now respond to the name See as she learns to grow into a first mate. Or she'll be some kick ass girl-version of Peter Pan." Her hand rocks uncertainly. "Chances are fifty fifty on that one."

Mention of Lucille makes her actually giggle. "It was like six months ago or so when I caught her stalking my brother." Lucille may remember these events very differently. "And she accused me of being one of his floozies. And— AND," she emphasizes the next part, "that I was knocked up with Tahir's baby." She shudders at that. But the shudder dissipates when she notes with a subdued humour, "I'm worried about him."

News that whatever it is they've been looking for has been found earns a wrinkle of Sam's nose. "Rats! And here I was looking forward to defacing the tree further. We'll just have to save the graffiti to deface a government building someday." She's easily led to the new tree, granting Colette a bright grin at the find, "Good eyes," she notes as she readies her shovel.

As they continue to search Lucille thinks she hears her name over by where Samara and Brian are but she doesn't say anything because duh mission right now. Her eyebrows raise as she strains to hear but misses it. It's not like she's insecure or anything. It's not like she completely embarrassed herself a few months ago to this woman and the moment she realized that Brian was engaged and the father of the baby she was further mortified. A sheepish look is given her surroundings and then Brian and Colette are hailing them over.

A light jog has her come to the back of Brian at his shoulder. "So.. we dig?"

Quick to make her way over to where Colette and Brian find the tree that she has been in search of. She's lucky that some hapless individual had decided to leave a mark here. It makes this whole process that much easier. "Thank you," she remarks to Colette, then a nod to offer the same to Brian. As the other join them, shovels at the ready, Barbara shakes her head. She steps over to the tree, a hand running down it as she stares at it. This is it, she thinks to herself as she turns, looking at the other trees around them. She tries to bring up her vision in her mind again, eyes closed as she tries to bring it to the fore.

"Not here," she states after a moment, opening her eyes again. Her gaze falls ona tree ahead and slightly to the right, a finger raising to point. "There." Just like in the vision she'd been granted. "Base of that tree, close to the left side. We did there."

Brian lets out a choking sound at Samara's words. "God." Heading over to the Right Tree with Samara, he goes to grab her hand, going to swing their arms together in light of a more sullen topic. "He had more to lose than the rest of us. He'll be fine eventually. We just can't give up." Brian Winters goes into a trot with Samara in tow. It's nice to be able to do things slightly more athletic with her once again. Now that the small human has fallen out of her.

Shovels start to raise until Barbara points a multitude of hats swinging over in the direction of the point. "Oh." And with that the host of Brian make their way over to the specified tree. The shovel armed Brians circling the spot before beginning to dig. Shovels go in perfect unison, one dipping in and as soon as it leaves, the next diving in.

Brian pulls on Samara's hand as the rest of them leave. He swings his head over to the tree. Lifting his jacket he motions to the knife now laide bare, holstered on his hip. He smiles.

"More to lose and…" Sam winces, "I don't even know, Brian. I've never seen my brother like that. Even when I was a weird not-ghost he didn't act like that. We had to twist his arm to hold his niece." But the seriousness doesn't stop the arm-swinging or trot.

The tug back merits a lift of Sam's eyebrows and then a crisp nod, "Yesssssssss. A heart!" she taps her chin as she reaches for the knife, aiming to carve the shape around the arrow. "And, if I prove talented enough," she won't, "I'll put a cupid in that one," a tree opposite that should have no fear because heart carving will prove difficult enough. "That way it's like cupid shot the arrow through the heart." Her tongue clicks. Whimsy continues to be her modus operandi.

"About your er.. brother."

Lu looks over her shoulder at Samara and her lips press into a tight line. "Sorry I didn't get him out all.. In one piece. I was hoping to beat the Feds on their way over." She looks sheepish as she switches her gaze to watch the Brians at work. Her brow furrows even after months of seeing him in action it's still a wonder. His ability is so interesting. She ventures a glance at Barb, "What's in there?" she lifts an eyebrow. They're on a bonafide scavenger hunt.

Barbara is silent to Lucille's inquiry. She wants to make sure she's right before anything is said, before she plays her hand. She had planned to help dig - far be it for her to bring others out here and not do it herself, but it seems Brian has it well in hand, because of course he does. She simply watches and waits to see if she's right. She needs to be.

After a bit of digging, the Brians can start to see something in the dirt -it's moved earily, not as well set as the cold dirt in the rest of the island. As if it's been moved recently itself. And after several strokes, one of them hits a dull, metal clink, and Barbara's eyes widen. Paydirt.

"I got it Sameye." Brian grins as Samara fully explains why should we be putting the Cupid on the other tree. "Thanks for explaining it." He leans into the tree, going to kiss her cheek briefly. As she carves into the tree, Winters gives a few quiet coaching tips. "Don't pull too hard, short, measured digs." Though as he watches her carve his features slowly begin to drop.

Shovel clinks. A shovel is passed off as Brian Winters goes down to one knee to pull what is there out. And what is it has all the Brians faces dropping. A hoodie. Orange and red. With the copper brown stain of blood.

"Barbara, what the hell—"

As he lifts the hoodie something falls from it and drops to the dirt.

Sam beams when Brian kisses her cheek. The coaching around how to carve wins a bigger grin.

While etching the heart into the tree, Samara looks back towards Lu. "It's not your fault. We tried to get him to scedaddle for months to no avail. He just really loved his life." And then thoughtfully she offers in a hushed tone, "But it's not even the whole wound thing. He's just… different. And I don't mean like older or more mature. More like…" her lips twist to the side uncertainly, "hollow, I guess?" A sigh follows, "Just not himself."

But the change in Brian's expression prompts her to stop her work. She cranes her neck and treads to where Brian picks up the hoodie while her expression matches that of her fiancee. She bends down to pluck whatever fell to the dirt. Her fingers grasp the recently used knife and her face blanches.

Fingers tremble around the hilt of the weapon while green eyes stare at the red-black splotches of dried blood that line it. And for the first time in a long while, Sami has no words. She gapes in horror at what's been discovered.

"I've never known him to be so.. Cold.." she echoes Samara's sentiments and gives the young mother a sad look. "I'm trying to get through to him, maybe we can all do it." Lu cares for the guy a bunch, she's not sure if there is any future for them that remains to be seen but she'd like Tahir to have a future where he's happy at least. "A former shell of himself."

The conversation is cut short as Brian reaches their prize. With a rise of her eyebrow she stuffs her other hand in her coat pocket and leans over noting the blood and sound of metal. "What the fuck.."

"Sometimes…" Barbara laments as she reaches for the hoodie that one of the Brians holds in his hand, "I'm upset when these things play out like I expect them to." She holds up the hoodie for all to see, and it doesn't take Barbara long to place the last she saw it and who she last saw it on, eyes narrowing as she lets out a hissing from between her lips. "Brian, do you have someone in the Castle?" She folds the hoodie up, allowing the others to see the scowl on her face as she holds a hand out, motioning for the knife. "I need all of you," she remarks, looking between the Brians, Colette, Samara, and Lucille, "to listen to me very carefully."

The hoodie is slipped up under her arm, gaze leveled at each of them. "Speak of this to no one. This is immensely important. The security of the Ferry…" She pauses, motioning up to the forcefield, "what's left of it, is at stake." She closes her eyes, letting out a long sigh. "And thank you all for helping me tonight. This would've taken much longer with just myself."

"Babe, don't touch it-" It comes out quick, and rushed, Brian looking up at Samara alarmed. As Barbara asks him if he has someone in the castle he grows less alarmed for Samara. Though he does give a hard stare at the knife. Still on his knees, he blinks up at Barbara. "Yes. I'm with the baby though. One second." A beat. "Alright, I have a free body in the castle."

Colette is pulled back by Winters, giving the circle some space harboring her somewhat from the sheer drama of the revelation.

"Barbara." It's said sternly at this point. A little steel in his usually soft voice.

"I'm going to need a little more before whatever you want me to do in the castle.." He stands up at his full height, now the pack of shovel wielding Brians turn to face Barbara, watching her expectantly.

"I'm going to have to agree with Brian here, sorry. We have a right to know what secret we're keeping." Lucille places a hand on her hip fingers tap her waist and she tilts her head a couple strands of hair fall into her face landing in her long lashes. She doesn't think this will turn into a confrontation but you can never be to sure and it really doesn't seem like Brian is going to be backing down so she backs him up.

As the knife is handed to her, Barbara looks between them. She can see the glare in Colette's eyes, the uncertainty on Samara. Her lips thin, and the knife is pulled close, wrapped up in the hoodie. "I told you all that I trust you. I would not have brought you along to help me with this otherwise." A glance is given over to the faint light that Colette now has trained on her, and she shakes her head. "I need you all to trust me now. You will find out in time. But for now…"

She looks back in the direction of Bannerman's Castle. "I suppose I will find who I need to on my own. You can find me if you wish to know more later, but for now-" She turns, leaving those she has asked for help behind her. She's loathe to do it, but- "Time is of the essence."

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