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Scene Title Dashboard Jesus
Synopsis Brian checks up on Abby, Abby offers necessary forgiveness and asks for her own. Plans are made for Christmas and jokes made about their marital status to each other, read, none.
Date December 1, 2008

Old Lucy's

Abby's not working. She's not in the state to work. Ygraine having gone off already, she's in the back room at the tables set up there, flipping through a book and nursing a really big cup of something caffinated and hot. Not a mark on her, save for some frostbitten ears that will make their way back to healthy soon enough (not black). A page of the binder flipped a finger tracing the path of text that she's reading.

"Are you okay?" Brian asks quietly, his head thumping against the wall as he quietly waltzes in. His hands are tucked into the pockets of hoody. Lately he has most constantly look depressed, but tonight the depression is at bay just a bit. He's not smiling, but he's certainly happy to see her.

Brian" Abby pops up her head, her back glued to the wall. While he looks happy to see her, she looks downright thrilled. "I'm good. I'm good. Still looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows" The binders flipped close as she stands. "Come in. Stop letting all the smoke in. Hows you uhh, copy? You get him back yet?"

Brian walks forward slowly, tilting his head slightly to the side as he approaches her. "Yeah, I'm fine Abby." He says quietly, looking down at her with a soft smile. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Yeah, but your not okay" She comes to stand before him, jeans, tank top, fleece zip up unzipped. "I mean, you got me as a fiancee and i'm a really bad Fiancee. I mean, I slap you on the face in church and yell at you, and you know, all that sorta stuff" Her hands slid into her back pocket, arms akimbo.

A little grin comes up on his lips as she explains everything to him. He eyes her playfully, "Yeah. You are a bad fiancee." He says with a grin, sliding his hands out of his sweatshirt. "Maybe you'll listen to me now." A smirk as he goes to make eye contact with her. "You think?"

"Terrible fiancee. I will though, at least listen." her blue eyes are waiting, patiently, for his to meet hers. "You don't owe me an sorry Brian. I should have just listened in the church and I didn't, and you got hurt. You got hurt bad and If I hadn't been able to reach you, it's be two copies that you lost and you'd be even more depressed than you are right now and.. and i'm the one who's sorry for that and need forgiveness" Her right hand snakes forward from her back pocket, held out towards him.

He smirks still, shaking his head. "I.. I can be difficult. I like to joke around. Not everyone does. I should have been more sensitive to that." He explains softly, meeting her gaze, though after a moment his gaze shoots away to avoid hers. He smirks a little bit. "It.. really hurts when I die Abby. An unbearable pain. It's been really hard to cope with, and I'm sorry if I've acted out on that. And.. yeah. I forgive you, of course." He murmurs, going to meet her gaze again. His grey gaze goes down to the hand for a moment. "You wanna shake my hand?" He asks ruefully, bringing up his left anyways to shake, though he smiles the whole time as if its silly.

"I don't' know, if you've figured it out yet Brian, but I don't like to touch, other than when I'm doing what I do best" Her hand closes on his and it's a tug to bring him forward, even as she steps forward. Her other hand slides from her back pocket to sling around Brian and enclose him in a hug. "I didn't realize that it's like that for you. With your copies" It's comes out softly, still holding him tight in place. "I don't think anyone really realizes that Brian. I just thought… they were copies, nothing more"

"No, I haven't figured it out." He admits. And then he's tugged forward, for a split second he's stiff, but then his arms slowly close around her. "No.. They're not copies. Every one of them is me, Abby. It's not like one original and a buncha illusions.. it's me. Just in different bodies." But her tight embrace causes him to hush, one hand slowly going up to cradle the back of her head.

'I know Brian. I figured it out, in the church, when you were there, and bleeding out. I wasn't screaming brian's clone. I was screaming for Brian. Was screaming for you" Abby closes her eyes, letting herself enjoy the contact for now. "You grab yourself out of the hospital yet?"

A little smile tugs at his lip. "Yeah.. I got really scared for you Abby." He murmurs, "Don't ever disappear again like that, okay? I.. I got really sad." He says bluntly, not willing to break the embrace either.

"Not like I had a choice in the matter you big lug. She snatched me from my hospital bed. I had to go with her. She was going to kill Elisabeth. I could save her, by going with her and pray that she kept her promise that she's set me free if I couldn't fix her" Abby still doesn't let go, but she relaxes her hold on him. "Thank you, for not doing something stupid and trying to come get me. She woulda killed me, without hesitation"

"Did she hurt you?" Brian asks sharply, leaning back slightly from her to get a look at her face. An intense gaze. "I couldn't have done anything stupid, I had no way to find you." He says, implying he most certainly WOULD have done something stupid would he have known her whereabouts.

'No brian. She didn't. She got me coffee, she got me to a place, she brought me food and clothes, and a bible, almost everything and anything I asked for. She even called Teo so that you all would know that I was fine" Now's when she releases him then steps back, letting him get a good look. The marks made by Wu-Long gone, just the frostbite. "She let me go, when I couldn't fix what she wanted me to fix"

Though, when she steps back, Brian lets one hand linger on her shoulder. He gives a slow nod. "Why don't you like to be touched?" He asks softly, fixing her with his soft gray gaze.

'God didn't always let me heal by prayer Brian. used to be, that it was all the time. Little touch here, another there, a hug.. i'd be dead tired at the end of the afternoon" Abby tilts her head, just enough to brush her cheek against the top of his hand before motioning for him to come sit.

Noted. Brian tilts his head to the side as he ponders what she's said, though his arm practically shivers when she brushes her cheek against his hand. He goes to take a seat next to her. "Then I'll have to keep one of me untouched so you don't get tired.." He says with a soft smile.

That gets a smile, and roll of eyes. "I think, i can list on one hand how many times god just.. flips the switch on me without needing a prayer. Conrad, in the Orchid lounge was one, there was a guy who tried to rob the nite owl, before you even came along" Back to the binder Abby moves, easing down into the seat as she reaches up to scratch her ear. "Why'd you call me your fiancee, in the church Brian?"

Brian watches her intently as she explains how God works through her ability, though he won't argue that for now. He arches a brow at the last bit. "I had a bad feeling about that guy. I wanted to make sure he thought we weren't who he thought he was." He explains.

"and then I go running, which pretty much obliterated that. I didn't notice the demon, I didn't. I should have. He'd seen me before. The accident out in Harlem. Deckard was trying to save me from him. I thought for sure he was going to kill me, but he was trying to kill you instead" She pushes her coffee over, offering it to him. "Or should I go get you something from the front? I'm not working, was healing some guy in a car accident and some others for the ferryman. I don't have the energy to deal with people waving money in my face and wanting a drink"

He smiles softly, his hand going over her hand once again. He shakes his head at the cup. "You don't need to worry about me, Abby. I'm here for you, alright? I can take care of myself. I've got plenty of me to watch out for me." He gives her a sweet smile, slowly withdrawing his hand.

'and who's there for you Brian? I got so many people there for me. I have customers who are willing to pluck me up from a park out of the cold and give me a warm place to sit and a hot shower till someone can pick me up. I have a woman I've only met three times, willing to sit beside my bed and give her life for me. But who's got your back, and who's going to watch out for you?" Abby catches his hand with her fingers, holding on. "Who's going to sit with you, while you need to get better?"

His eyes dart to their hands, his teeth going to bite his lower lip for a second. He doesn't answer at first, not sure how to. He takes his time, his gaze slowly floating to hers. Brian pauses, staring at her face for just a moment. "God?" It's more of a question than a statement.

'God. Well. He always has our back Brian. But, I mean. Family, friends. Someone who will sit and help you out, through this all" She's not letting his fingers go, watching him. "Did you bury him? That piece of you that died. He was a whole person. Did you bury him?"

His eyes go down to their hands for a moment, as he watches, curious. "There wasn't much left to bury." He says softly. His gaze immediately goes down at the mention of his dead piece. "But.. it was taken care of." A sigh, as his fingers work a little bit to withdraw from Abby's hand.

'Do you forgive yourself Brian? For his death?" She lets his fingers go, returning her hand to the paper cup. Abby watches him though.

"His..? It was me. I died. I remember every second of it." He looks even more downcast and depressed now, slowly sinking back into himself. "I.. It wasn't my fault. It was Peter." His fists clench instinctively as he looks down at his lap.

"He'll get his Brian. Everyone does, in the end. Wanna walk me to the bus? Could use my fiancee to get my back, make sure I don't freeze. I'm gonna flop right over. If you want, you can take the bus with me to the apartment. you can sleep on the couch. It's not much, but it's new, it's nice and the place is warm. Other end of the island and off, but, it's there"

Brian gives a slow nod, jerking his head back up. The sadness slowly leaves him and a smile creeps up when he's addressed as her fiancee. He gives a little shrug, going to stand. "I have my car, Abby. I can drive you home." He offers.

"Oh, i dunno bout that Brian. What would my momma say? Good christian girl in a car alone with her fiancee?" There's a grin spreading on her face now. She gathers her binder though, jacket off the hook and throws the dregs of her cup into the trash. "What you doing for Christmas?"

Smirking, Brian waves a dismissive hand. "Momma can yell at me all she wants. I'm not letting you out of my sights, Abigail." Brian says with a grin as he waits for her to gather all her stuff. Then he shrugs. "I dunno.. Nothing, I guess."

"I was gonna make dinner for Teo and Alexander. Think you could stomach going to church on Christmas Eve and sleeping over, have dinner and open presents the next day, You know, in so long as nobody tries to grab us and run off with us?"

Brian smirks softly, as they go to exit. "Yeah. That sounds really nice.." He murmurs. Though as they walk, his eyes go downward. His hand going to link with hers once again.

"Thanks Brian" She doesn't quite take his hand, just letting it brush against his, back of hand to back of hand, chase of fingers. "Think i know what to get you now" She looks over at him. "Dashboard Jesus"

"Ew. Don't get me that." He says with a grin, "I'll throw it away." With that he opens the door for her to go out first, then goes to follow her, throwing up his hood after she exits.

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