Dashes and Dots



Scene Title Dashes and Dots
Synopsis -.-. .- .-.. .- -. .-.…- … . -.-. .- .-.. .-.. - - . -. - - - .-
Date May 9, 2011

Pollepel Island

More personal attempts — made in tremulous whispers and accompanied by sniffles she hadn’t been able to ‘edit’ out — had been made over the course of the last few days, but they had fallen on deaf ears — or at least, deaf speakers.

Tonight, she makes a more concentrated effort. One radio station at a time — though at least she knows she can skip the ones that play music they’d agree, if they were talking, play “shit.”

The classics station, the rock station, the news stations:

… all of these are rotated through, ten minutes straight on each before cycling through again (and again and again and again)

… all on the wisp of a hope that he’ll notice the underlying percussive notes that aren’t part of the music — especially when the almost imperceptible blips continue to thread their way beneath the voices of deejays when the music stops.

Over and over again, the message creates its own rhythm, dashes and dots insinuating themselves beneath the steadier beats of drum and bass, beneath the monotone voices of newscasters, the rise and fall of argumentative voices of politicians and pundits.

Long short long short, short long, short long short short.

Short long long short, short long short short, short, short long, short short short.

Long short long short, short long, short long short short, short long short short.

Long long, short.

Long short, long long long, short long.

Cal: Please call me. Noa.

Sunrise finds her curled in the shadows of a corner of the roof, passed out from exhaustion. Dried blood crusts her lips and chin and on huddled knees from a nosebleed…

… all she has to show for the effort.

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