Dead Cellphones And Creaky Houses


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Scene Title Dead Cellphones And Creaky Houses
Synopsis Kaylee is trying to find a signal, when Caleb runs across her. They talk about relationships, the Ferry and other such stuff.
Date May 07, 2010

The Garden

"Dammit… work!" Is the hissed whisper at the top of the safehouse stairs. There is a tall blonde woman standing there on her tip toes, her cellphone held above her head. Teeth pressed into her lips as she keeps pressing the talk button. It sits for a moment and then beeps a couple times to indicate no signal. With a heavy sigh she drops to the flat of her feet again with a soft sigh that mists slightly in the chilly upstairs of the house.

The world outside is white as the blizzard roars on, the wind making things creak throughout the old house. A fire is going on the main floor and most of the people stuck there are huddled down stairs. Until the storm calmed down, all they could do is wait.

Kaylee Thatcher sits heavily on the top stair, not feeling overly social at the moment as she stares that the screen of her cellphone as it woefully tells her that there is no service.

Caleb is in a BAD mood, he's been doing everything he can to ignore his abilities but apparently that can make things worse, so now he has to learn to use them, and he made the mistake of having a shower then practicing, water + electricity = ouch, the brown haired teen is dressed in blue jeans, a light gray t-shirt, a dark gray jacket with two purple strips around the shoulders, a black cross around his neck, black and purple sneakers, is wearing eyeliner and black nail varnish. He sees the blonde woman with the phone and walks over, "The weather's probably interfering with the signal, wait a while and try again when the snow calms down a little".

The woman jumps at the voice, giving a soft gasp and turning towards the teenage. Relaxing a bit, she turns her attention back to the phone, grumbling, "Yeah… well… the weather has crappy timing." There is someone she's been desperate to talk too. Her hands fold around the cellphone and she angles a glance at him, her own mood pretty downcast.

Her wavy blond hair is pulled up in to a loose bun at the back of her head, but strands of it keep falling out and into her face, which he brushes away with long thin fingers, hooking it behind her ear. A hand is offered to him, a small smile tugs lightly at her lips. "My name is Kaylee. I've seen you around… small house and all… but I've been kind of… busy."

Caleb shrugs, "You can't fix the weather i guess", he shakes the offered hand, "Hey, I'm Scott, Scott Matthews, and yeah, it's pretty busy round here", he's getting pretty used to saying thats his name now, it sounds almost natural, "So who are ya tryin' to call?"

Eyes narrow slightly at the name given, a small amused smile on her lips. "Nice to meet you Scott." Her hand slides out of his wrapping around the cellphone again. Her expression is somewhat sheepish as she glances at her phone, trying to think how best to explain her desperation.

"I'm trying to call this guy I'm dating… well… it's more serious then that… living with." She waves it off with a flick of fingers, even if she looks sad. "Anyhow, we had a pretty big fight. I was going to go see him, but then the blizzard hit… cell towers went down." She glances down the stairs in front of her. "Hope he's okay."

Caleb is not very good at these sort of situations, is he supposed to say he'll be fine?, but he might not be, and it just sounds lame, but…, "It's just a bit of snow, he's probably fine", yeah, that sounds about right, he leans against the wall and runs a hand though his hair, "So…, you evolved?"

"Mmmm." Kaylee says softly at his comment, her head turning slightly to look back at him. "Saying he's fine is a good response. Gives people confidence." It almost sounds like she's answering his internal question. "And knowing him, he probably is… just hoping to talk to him, see if he and I can work things out… maybe." She smiles a little bit more her shoulders shrugging. "He and I are probably too different, we'll have to wait and see."

Her eyes drift upward as the safehouse groans at a particularly heavy gust of wind. The whole thing sounding like its shaking, though the place is practically buried in snow. "If it clears up." She murmurs softly.

Ok…, thats odd, did Caleb say that out loud, he doesn't think he did, meh, whatever, he looks round at the wind, "is this place completely stable?", the weather knocking this place down would not be pleasant, not to mention ouch.

"It's perfectly stable." Kaylee comments softly, glancing up as the house groans again. "I don't think they are keeping an eye on it though." Her eyes drop to the teenager again, she lens forward to rest elbows on her knees.

"So.. Scott was it? What got you put out here?" Her head tilts to one side slightly. "We hiding you? Or are you a new member?" Blonde brows tilt upward curiously.

Caleb nods, "I choose to run rather than be registered and found out, and you guys are kindly letting me stay here so i don't have to sleep in the snow, and yeah it is Scott", not Caleb, not Caleb, to be fair he's been helping out around here in exchange for somewhere to sleep, but still these guys are nice to let him stay.

Many people use fake names, her puppeteer friend Eric, for one…and even Kaylee herself has a fake name she refuses to use most of the time. She can respect the need. "There are a lot of people like that within the Ferry's care, so your in the right place.

"They helped me when I was on the run too," Normally she's grin proudly, but with everything happening lately, it's is tough to have a positive attitude. "I just ended up staying and becoming one of them."

"So you found your place?, cool, that must be nice", annoyingly before all this evolved stuff Caleb knew exactly where his place was, and he liked it, now, he's not sure of anything anymore.

"I've found a place." The young telepath explains with a matter of fact look, before she looks back at her phone and thumbs the button again, only to get the beeps. "I'd love a place in a family, too." Sighing softly, her head droops forward some. "A place to work… there is a lot of places I'd like to be… but my place in the Ferrymen is important and a good place."

Lips press together and Kaylee nods slowly. "But then I think everyone that is within the network is looking for more then just a place there."

Caleb walks over and sits down next to Kaylee, he holds out his arm palm up and electricity crackles across his palm and up his arm, "I'm not sure if we even have a place anymore, these abilities, can we even live in peace?"

"Electricity?" Looking impressed, Kaylee glances to the teenager. "No wonder your afraid to register." She studies him for a long moment, thoughtful, before she shrugs. "I — don't know the answer to that question.

"If you ask my boyfriend…" The word seems silly for some reason, "…yes, but me… I'm really not sure. I am hoping so, but right now everything looks rather bleak." There is a humorless chuckle, a hand pressing to her forehead as she looks down the stairway again. "That's what we were fighting about sort of, when I had to leave.

"But… I just really don't know, Scott."

Caleb nods, "Yeah, electricity, but it's hard to control", she doesn't know?, she's an adult, if she doesn't know, he has no hope to figure out himself, he stops the one trick he can control before he loses it, "What were you fighting about?"

"The fact that I am in the Ferrymen." She offers him a sad smile. "He use to do all this, but he got hurt a lot by it… he's tired of it all… and understandably he doesn't want to see me hurt either." Kaylee shrugs a bit, "Stuff you shouldn't have to worry about for a few more years…"

A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, "The eyeliner is a nice touch by the way. Screams rebel." Yes… the telepath is teasing a bit.

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