Deadly Fire In Brooklyn

Suspected arson took three lives, one of them an infant, early Monday morning when a fire consumed the home of Ken and Hye Mimura in Brooklyn, killing the couple and their 1-year-old granddaughter, police said.

After a neighbor reported the blaze, the fire department responded but could not contain the fire swiftly enough to save the home or the residents inside. Once the fire was under control, the firefighters were able to go in and recover the bodies of Ken and Hye Mimura, ages 63 and 62 respectively, and infant granddaughter Junko Rasmussen.

Arson is suspected and an investigation is underway, said police spokesman Tony DeSantos. The police are looking for Melissa Pierce for questioning. Anyone with information regarding Pierce is asked to contact the NYPD immediately.

Other than to the Mimuras home at 215 Erasmus Street, no property damage was caused by the fire.

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