Dealer No Deal


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Scene Title Dealer No Deal
Synopsis A good dealer is apparently hard to find. The relationship between dealer and customer gets off to a rocky start.
Date November 15

The Esplanade

With all of the craziness that has occurred with the riots, the dust is just starting to settle itself down. Yeah, of course there is quite a bit of tension and people are still on edge, seeing as how Martial Law has been called, but life must go on, and people are out to continue their normal routines, with the heavy hearts of what has happened on the 8th. Harmony is included among those individuals, stepping across the way from the building she had hidden out at initially, where there are people she knows. The whole issue on Roosevelt Island had her all up in the rafters as far as stress. Harmony wears of course a pair of skin tight pants, a black half shirt with a green Space Invaders alien on the center of it, leaving her stomach and navel ring exposed, and a black leather motorcycle jacket on her shoulders.

She idly shakes a container of black nailpolish as she meanders, hitting the park and just sorta wandering around waiting. Unscrewing the cap, Harmony begins applying a quick coat over the beds of her nails. She looks perhaps a little bit bored, which is unusual for the party going blond. However, after the riots, not many people feel like partying, even if she could go for a little bit of wild fun herself.

The smell of desperation hangs like smoke in the air, thick and choking. It sticks to the lungs, and clings to a man's chest like barbed-wire digging into a carpet haphazardly thrown across the fence of a sealed lot. It's that kind of overwhelming pressure in the air tonight. Now, typically the ruins of New York City were generally heinous, but after the riots the beautiful radiation filled city was worse off than it had ever seemed before. If the bums, with their doe eyes and long, filthy faces cast down to their navels could sense it - of course Jason could too.

He could feel it through his three-hundred dollar leather jacket, his boot-cut denim jeans, and his dingy, unlaced, work boots, pulled over the ends of his trouser legs-and he could feel it from his seated position along the back edge of a bench bolted to Battery Park.

But for all the feelings he was experiencing, others were in a far worse state coping with theirs. They wanted to forget, to escape, to find a way out of the prison city and never return. And that, that was where Jason came in. He provided a not-so unique service, but certainly a guaranteed one, of temporary escapism and ephemeral euphoria by the gram. And the thick smell of desperation kicked up by the looting and madness is only just starting to settle and stagnate over people's heads like storm clouds, making sad days bluer still and grey days black as another night in Battery Park. And that, that was good for business.

"I got what you need," his voice coos calmly in the dark, whispering over the shoulders of a passing couple stumbling through the stretch of cracked pavement and grass. "Right here."

His thumb rubs against the underside of his nose. "I got it."

It's probably fortunate, for most, that the radioactive fallout that afflicts the great city of New York, is mostly contained in the ruins that are known as Midtown. A frequent hideout for Harmony, who is immune to the ill effects that the heinous energy causes. Part of her enjoys the solitude the area brings, while the other part of her is just as scared of it as any normal citizen. Maybe she should have gone there after all, during the riots. She wouldn't have been exposed to the things she had seen when she took up the job of getting into the fray. She might not need marijuana like she does now….

Yeah right!

There is always a need for weed! Are you kidding? It is one of the things that exalted Harmony into popularity with her friends, she the cool girl people could totally get high with. Right now, she is looking to score, but from who? Where? She doesn't even know how to recognize this guy. Uncertain as to if this was a good idea, Harmony braves the darker areas of the park, her curly golden silk about the only other bright thing on her, next to her eyes, as she lightly blows across her nails to dry the paint she just applied to them. The stagnant wind billowing her curls as she rounds a nearby tree, glancing left, right and then ahead, befalling upon the shadowy figure of Jason who gets a blond brow arched in curiosity. Hmm.. this could be him. It's quite possible. With another look around, Harmony makes her way towards the tall, shady figure, "Hey. You, uh.. looking for someone?" she decides to speak up.

"You look a little lost," Jason says, tilting the corners of his eyes toward the blonde. His shoulders shrug and drop back, revealing the length of his neck framed by formidable triangles. The clasps of his leather jacket jingle about the collar of his coat as a pair of hands disappear into dark pockets. "I haven't seen your face here before - kick rocks."

A few people silently shuffle past, bums mostly, losers, and maybe the errant thug. But no one says a word to Jason. He's new in town, but in his line of business, he has to make friends quick or… or do other, violent, things to separate himself from a loss of profit.

Craning his neck to the left, making a show to look over the girl's head, he calls out into the night. "What you need? Triple-C? Skittles? Special-K?" A shallow snort inhales the desperation. The scent fills his lungs and his body with high margins and something akin to bliss. "I got all the snacks. Good price."

She has never been one for the really hard stuff. Harmony likes to keep her substances simple, and on the lesser scale of 'totally fucking you up'. So his offer for something other than what she is looking for is met with an expression disinterest. Like a child turning their nose up at a plate of brussell sprouts. "Mmf. No thanks.." the blond in the hot-pants replies to his question. Stepping into his sanctioned space of shadow, Harmony brings the slender hand that is actually dry to dig around in her jacket pocket. "MJ will do me just fine." she turns her eyes to look ahead of her, slightly down to the ground while she fishes around in her pocket for the green that Jason is looking for. "Actually, could go for a drink too.. but that's a different story."

It is then that Harmony decides maybe, it's a good idea to get a better look at this guy. Bright blue eyes lift and peek through curls to take in the appearance of the rather sheisty looking individual, her tongue pushing into the inside of her jaw thoughtfully as her eyes squint to narrow in scrutiny. "Hang on, are you a cop? Cause if you are, there are probably other things you can be worrying about than some girl trying to score." a single hand raises, brushing a few blond curls from her fair face, tucking them back behind her ear. "Although.." she grins, "You certainly don't look like a cop. And you don't look like any dealer I've ever encountered." Her lower row of teeth catch her upper lip in an idle gesture, her head tilting to one side, "Much too broad in the shoulders."

Jason was going to respond to the girl with another "Kick rocks, kid - this ain't your part of town," but his mouth was silenced by her accusations.

"A cop?" he asks with a smile on his face. "That's pretty cute. I was this close to assuming the same thing about you. I mean, a well-dressed girl trotting around the city at night in obvious violation of curfew - that a right good mark or a trap."

Jason thumbs his nose, realizing he just said the phrase 'right good' on the east-coast. Guess the south has a way of rising during the most inappropriate of times. But that's neither here nor there. "But no," he continues, "I'm not five-oh. I'm just an entrepreneur who was trying his best to ignore you no less than a minute ago" - the blonde seemed fairly persistent in responding to his talking over her head, or oblivious to snubs.

Jason's weight shifts and he leans farther back on the bench, dropping his eyes to take a slow, thirsty look over the girl's body. "And yet, I suddenly feel like /servicing/ you. Magic Johnson was it? Fifteen dollars a shot."

She has settled herself on the fact that he isn't a cop, and that it is safe enough for her to proceed with her transaction. This time she actually pulls out a fold of money, the blonde girl licking her index finger and starting to flip through the bills, giving pause and a lift of her brow with a halt of her thought process at something he says. "Curfew?" she comments, flipping of her wrist to look at the underside, checking her watch. Hmm.. no, she's fine. "Are you sure you're not sampling your own product there, Chach? Might wanna lay off the meth, I hear tweeking tends to take away your sense of time. We have a good two hours before curfew hits. Trust me, I'm a frequent 'cutting-it-close'er." she shakes her head, bemused smirk and goes back to counting her money out.

"And no, MJ, marijuana? Last I checked, it doesn't come in shots. I avoid the hard shit. This little purchase is just to help take the edge off." Harmony is pretty busy counting her stuff out to notice the look he gives her, though the blonde girl shifts her stance, bringing her hip to cock to one side in her tight pants, tapping her boot against the ground with a rhythm. Her glossy lips move silently, mouthing numbers off in counting as she goes, and then she pauses yet again, adopting a confused expression and turning her blue eyes to peer at him. "Wait a minute.. How is it you have all these drugs? On your person? Right now. Isn't that like.. kinda stupid or something? What if you get caught? I'm sure most of the crap you mentioned will get you some heavy time for sure. Are you really that much of a bad ass that you can just cart around a cabinet of illegal narcotics like they were candy?" Harmony smirks, always being the one with the smart mouth.

Jason opens his mouth only to pause speechlessly. He'd have pointed at her accusingly if his hands weren't stuffed in jacket pockets - instead he sighs and manages to roll his eyes far away from the sight of the confounding blonde. "Wow, you're really out of your element."

"First of all, Magic Johnson… shots, hoops, baskets, score… it was an attempted metaphor. But if some of us have problems with our inferences, it's probably because they've been praying to often to the great green Buddha a little too often." He shrugs. "Not my fault you're some kind of lipstick junkie that can't put two and two together."

And then here's another sigh. "I'm not be trying to be rude though. I'm just saying, fifteen dollar a shot, it was funny. But /maybe/ I can see how a blonde might not get that. But I don't got much on me - some cough medicine, a half dozen bumps, few dimes and I may be able to get some R if you're into sweet dreams. I don't really judge people, or non-people. It's bad for business."

With a sniff and a snort a hand pulls out of a deep jacket pocket, palming something faintly plastic on the underside of it. "No give me your hand, Blue Eyes, and let's shake on our friendship. You can even tell me all about curfews. I don't tend to follow the rules close enough to be consciously aware of when I'm breaking them or not. But I'm sure we'll have a long-lasting and informative relationship." Jason smiles from half of his mouth.

"That is, if you ever learn to use metaphors."

Now, Harmony could get all kinds of offended by the things he says to her, if not for two things. One being that he is talking about knowing the little 'clever' metaphors that make up the codenames of drugs. In her usual social circuits, not knowing that information isn't too much of a pariah. The second reason, and probably the most important is that Harmony. Is. Chill. Or rather she tries to be be as much as she can. If she let some little thing like someone making insulting comments get to her, she'd be bound for Boomville on a daily basis. And none of us want explosions of Harmony's type.

"Normally?" Harmony begins, flipping two bills from the bunch, trapped between her index and her middle fingers to hold up and show him, before the girl folds them in half, taking a step towards him. "I like to consider myself witty. Or witty enough. Certainly not your typical blond girl in most situations. Which.. the color of one's hair is complete and utter bullshit, but that is a debate I would rather not get into. Having said that? I'd have to agree with you, it is typically not a wise idea to insult a paying customer."

As she comes to stand infront of the bench, right in front of his extended hand, Harmony reaches down and pushes Jason's hand to the side, crawling up onto her knees on the bench where his feet are, encroaching upon his personal space, and reaching to splay her hand out across his stomach, "I always thought this method was a little bit more personal… intimate.." she gazes up at him with this sultry look in her bright eyes, her mouth cracked enough to expose her upper row of teeth while her tongue tip curls to slowly run across the ridge of them, focusing while she 'feels' him up, stealthly sneaking the folded up bills down the front of his pants, just at the top however. Her tongue finishing by dipping out and wetting her lips, complete with a grin, "Besides, it's believable that we could have something going on together. I think I rather increase your property value a bit. You've go this whole thug thing going on, and that just doesn't suit those gorgeous eyes of yours." Harmony tisks with a few clicks of her tongue, shaking her head. If there is one thing she frequents doing, it's flirting. To ask her, she'd tell you it's in her blood.

After which, she slips away from him like nothing ever happened, turning around on the bench to sit in front of his legs whereas he is left sitting along the back. While she turns, she slides her hand up his forearm, and then across his palm, taking what he had to offer and crumpling it close. The girl sitting with a satisfied smirk. "So.. good enough for you?"


Jason can't lean back any farther than his cool allows, or else he'd be falling off the back of the bench. This means he sits through Harmony's sexual assault, eye's wide enough to sink tea saucers, pupils dilating to enormous proportions in order to search for the con in all of this, and see any would-be traps being set in the dark.

"Look here," he says, leaning toward the right in attempt to distance himself from the sudden affections. "I don't know what you're on right now, but this kind of behavior is bad for business. How would it look to my other clients if they say /this/ going on - unprofessional, that's how."

But soon the blonde is pulling away, and snatching the product out of his hands. To which he takes the opportunity to pluck the pair of bills from his belt-line and pocket the payment. "You the kind of girl who didn't get enough attention at home?"

Nervously looking over his shoulder, Jason corrects his posture and once more shoves his hands in his jacket. He mumbles something about blonds being out of their minds - freaking nuts, to be precise - only to offer a girl a discount if she agrees to, "bring friends next time. I'll hook you up with street-competitive prices. That gram, usually runs a Jackson on a shoe-string budget, but I subsidize."

He too flashes a toothy grin. "Because I know the value of a repeat customer is worth more than a dollar." A quick sniff and he's back to scanning the thinning crowds, obfuscated by shadows and dark, for another sale. "You get the itch again, I'll scratch your back. Just behave yourself. I have an image to cultivate."


At least to Harmony he did. Bigtime. And the bad part about it is that she wasn't really testing him as much as she was just testing the waters. Trying to get a feel of his 'cool' and if he could be a dealer she would return to. She is tallying points right now, personality is just as important as quality of product. Feeling him squirm and wriggle uncomfortably doesn't deter her from her activity at all. Harmony complete her action, and she actually doesn't really step too far outside of the boundaries of flirting, considering how she goes from hot to cold pretty quickly.

She does however roll her eyes at Jason's actions, feeling him pulling away to squirm out of her reach like she intended to jump him. A breath of a sigh escapes her lips, and Harmony, raises up on one side, stuffing the baggie down into the back of her pants, tucking her purchase away for later use. "Yeah.. I'll think about it." she comments to his indication to bring friends to him.

At this point, she is simply just a girl sitting on the bench and Jason is turned into just another fixture of the park. "Oh, and I think you have a pretty 'solid' image so far." Now, she says that as if the word 'solid' has more meaning with negative connotations and mixed in sarcasm. "Drug dealers are supposed to be cool. At least the ones I go to. I don't think I've met one as tightly wound as you. Just.. relax, dude." the girl shrugs.

"Tch!" He hisses through his teeth. "And just what other businesses do you frequent? You don't look like you've been outside on your own before." He chuckles slightly, taking another look at her wardrobe. "I mean, come on, you're dressed like you're going to a party."

Jason's chin tilts and he motions around the park with a head nod and a subtle shrug. "Look at this place. It's pathetic. The embers are still burning hot from the riots and you're in the park smoking doobies with your tummy out. It's cute, it really is, but it's also just a bit disrespectful to the serious addicts who crawl around the parks like zombies begging for a free lunch from my menu. Those people, they're dressed for the occasion. I believe /them/ when they tell me they're looking for other /markets/ and I bend over backwards to match any price in the city - because I know an honest junkie when I see one. But you… you don't seem that honest to me."

A long overdue inhalation sucks in a gulp of air, and Jason rests for a moment, clicking his boot heels against the bench wood. "But again, I don't want to be rude. I like your money, and I'd like to see more of it in my pockets. I still don't trust you. But I'm willing to see where this goes." He leans in toward her, a bright smirk on his lips. "I work with an exclusive bunch, you know. This whole park - hell, everything below south Manhattan…" He thinks twice. "HELL! All of New York will one day be my personal treasury. Ten cents off of every dollar that goes through this city, that's my goal. And it all starts with that fifteen dollar slam dunk in your back pocket."

Leaning out, he yawns taps his heels again. "Today cheebah. Tomorrow the world."

Once again, Harmony's eyes come to roll up and backwards into her head, almost groaning as he gives her the big guy gives her his reasons as to why he doesn't comprehend her looking for her 'fix'. Great.. another one pretending that they know her. Yet another badder than bad boy that takes one look at her and believes the face value of what they see. Honestly, it is beginning to become a pattern with her. Best to set him straight right now.

The blondes hand plant on the tops of her thighs and she pushes herself up to her feet, turning around to face him, her head giving a slight jerk to flip her hair in her motion and keep it from being in her face while she meets his gaze. "You wanna know why I'm looking for a little relaxation? Why this "party girl" is out seeking the mind altering substances that they don't make legal? Think about what marijuana does. And then think about this…" Harmony holds her hand out to one side, and she starts to friction her fingertips together, rubbing her thumb over the four others in a slow circle. In doing this, she causes several atomic nuclei to join together and fuse a single, heavier nuclei, releasing a rather large quantity of energy, about the size of a melon. Neutron radiation ignites above her rubbing fingers and bathes their shadowed area in a non-ionizing glow of energy. It is warm and not too bright, and is maintained in it's space.

"This.." she tells him. "See this? It's radiation.. But this form isn't the dangerous kind. It's not gonna make you sick or anything. BUT.. I can do that too. I have this ability in me at all times, and every second of every day, I can feel it wanting to get out, like an itch or a held in breath. If I get worked up with certain emotions? It becomes harder to contain, so I like to remain as chill and relaxed as I possibly can? To keep it inside, because I don't want the dangerous stuff to get out. Especially in the form of a 'BOOM'." she says, and snaps her fingers, causing a few more atoms to fuse together and flare out that already present ball of energy, disappearing in a dramatic poof.

She trains her eyes back onto him, lifting a brow, "I'd rather use it to help people. Or something.. I dunno. I guess I'd just like to use it for some higher purpose which.. I can't do if I can't control it. Being stoned kinda helps with that." she shrugs her shoulders, and stuffs her hands into her jacket pockets. "Simple as that. So in a way? I kinda need it. Don't judge me."

"What are you giving me now, your life story?" Jason huffs, watching the girl's glowing tips. "I guess it's confirmed - you're another one of those freaks everyone's been hearing about. Good to know. If you ever need lucid dreams that spin you back and forth through time, thirty bucks! Maybe twenty nine with your group discount."

"But damn," he says between sucking teeth and licking his lips. "You sure don't hold back, that' for sure. If I keep on listening I'm pretty certain I could get your social and the location where you hide your porn. In fact…"

Jason points an index finger beneath the layer of his jacket pocket, causing his coat to tent and pucker at the ends. "If I were one of those freak-hating bible thumpers who believed that you were the second coming of Satan, I'm pretty sure you'd be screwed right about Blue Eyes. "

Hehm. Hehn. Heh. He chuckles under his breath. "But don't tell you went off and told the government exactly what you just told your newly acquired confident and salesman. Cause that, that would be a /big/ mistake on your part."

"You.." Harmony tilts her head one direction, a stoic yet bemused look on her face, "Like before.. are wrong." she tells him. One of her hands comes up to press her fingers to her chest, gesturing in an indication to herself, "I, am in fact registered. The government knows who I am, and what I can do, so it isn't that big of a deal for me to do that. Do they suspect that I'll get stronger? Maybe.. but I've displayed having enough control over my ability that I can function normally. It's the drugs that help to maintain that control, as I said."

As she lifts her hand from her chest, she pushes a few long curls back with a flick of her fingers, "Plus, if you were one of those freak-hating bible thumpers? I wouldn't be the one who was screwed." she offers him a matter-o-factly smile, "Trust me." she widens her eyes to emphasize the word. Her hands comes back to stuff into her jacket pockets, "Anyway.. That's all you'll get from me. I've got enough formulate a rather concrete opinion of you so.. I guess our business is concluded at this point. And since you show no real interest in stepping into the spectrum of normal human interaction? I'm gonna be going.." the girl starts to do what he suggested a few minutes ago, kicking rocks, heading on her way.

She does stop however, and give him a second look as she remembers something, or at least she acts as if she was struck with a notion, "Oh. If I'm ever desperate for something of the narcotic persuasion? I might look you up again. Maybe.." 'Hold your breath' goes unsaid, the girl giving him a grin and starting off again.

Jason smiles and nods her off. "You should," he calls out as she looks back. "I'm always a little suspicious of newbies, but you'll find that I'm the friendliest shopkeep in town, with the friendliest prices to match this one of a kind charisma." His teeth almost glimmer with pride, the sort of obvious vanity only the truly self-loving could ever possess.

"And even though you're cute, I didn't ask for your name. And that's not because you're kind of weird and don't really listen or pay much attention to your surroundings - it's because I value discretion and the privacy of my clients above all else. Remember that when you come back to buy. I'm the best in town!"

Soon the girl starts off again, and Jason is left on the bench, hand in his pockets, tapping product, and eyes gleaning from the night-time passersby potential sales opportunities. But getting rid of a few grams is light work, and it's only the beginning. The depth of his talents and ambitions runs deep. And now he's acquired a new piece of information - the knowledge of a radioactive blonde bombshell. She might have her uses as a client, but she's got sucker written all over herprety little face.

"What a lovely little lamb," he muses to himself. "Almost too easy."

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