Death By Apathy


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Scene Title Death By Apathy
Synopsis Len and Jet have a war of words over lunch.
Date October 21, 2009


When Len does lunch, he does it right. As a few know, he really enjoys eating at different Chinese restaurants. Despite the warning to stick away from Chinatown, that's where he finds himself today as he is seated. He comes into this establishment enough that he knows the owner and speaks a little Mandarin with him, though he get correction often on his diction. It's the drawl, really. He orders his lunch and sits back waiting. It's quite possible he may be having someone join him shortly, he tells his waiter before he walks off to place Len's order.

And that someone slides into the booth across from Len, and to be festive perhaps, Jet has her red hair twisted up into a bun with hair sticks with red dragons painted on the ends. Wisps of hair are let lose to further her hair creation. A flash of a smile to Len as she settles herself in, "Hello Darling." A glance around the restaurant then back to him. "I haven't had Chinese food for a long time. We should go for sushi next time." The napkin is picked up before it's fluffed out over her lap. "Did you find my parents?"

Len expertly seperates his chopsticks as she slides into the bench across from him. "Well, don't you look all gussied up." He reaches for his napkin and unfolds it and tucks it into his collar so it hangs down over his front. "No hits yet. I have folks working on it though. As soon as I hear something, I'll let you know. What mischief have you been up to?" he asks as he leans back and waits for his food, reaching for his green tea and taking a sip.

Jet lowers her eyes to his hand moving to the tea, picking up his glass then him sipping at it. "Nothing. I haven't done anything really." A faint smile from her at this though a touch of saddened perhaps. "Being good is very boring when you have nothing to do Len. So hurry up and find my parents, alright?" A faint smile from her at this as she undoes her own chopsticks, moving them between her fingers. "I speak Japanese."

Arching a brow her way as he sets down his tea, he smiles. "Oh? I speak a little Chinese. It's why I tend to come to these places to eat. I can show off a little of my linquistic skills." Len watches her, trying to guage her demeanor. "So, you've been behaving yourself, have you? Sorry you find it so boring. I could put you to work to keep you from having your hands idle too very long." He dangles the carrot for her just a little.

"Japanese, not Chinese." A flash of a smile to Len at this as she idly snaps her chopsticks at him before they are laid down on the tabletop, "I hope you ordered for me as well." A beat, "We had a deal Len, you get my parents information, and I'll work for your boss. Who I want to meet, by the way. I don't work for people I don't know."

"That wasn't part of the deal. I barely get to meet my boss." Len grins across the table at her. "Besides, those who work for me, work for me. If I do this for you, you will work for me. Don't make this sound like you're doing me a favor. I want to know that I'm getting quality good here, Jules. I don't even know what skills you have other than possession and speaking Japanese."

"I would like to have lessons with a firearm." Waving a waiter over she places her order as well, but just a pepsi for her. Looking back to Len she settles her eyes on his own for a very long time, then "I don't know what to tell you. I can also speak light French and Spanish. Outside of that I have no skills. I mean, come on Len. You're working for them, why you?"

The question is rather ambiguous. "You'll definitely need some training, but that's not going to be a big deal. Let's just say I have a few trust issues. Maybe it's the line of work I'm in, but I just can't bring anyone in to meet the boss. Fact is, many who work for me never meet anyone higher than me. Just the way things go. Besides, it's not like I know you. We've only just met and the first meeting wasn't entirely.. square."

Len glances up and stops speaking as the meals are brought and placed before them and he reaches for his chopsticks before offering thanks in Mandarin to the waiter who walks off. "You need to provide me some sort of peace offering. Some sort of proof that you are on the level and aren't going to betray me." All in all, it's not an accusation, nor is it meant to be. But, she's already admitted to being in cahoots to some extent with Adam Monroe, and Len can't just ignore that connection. "Be mad or hurt if you want, but I'm not about to put my entire operation at risk, Jules. Nor is it fair for you to ask me to do that."

"This is my job." At least for the moment. "I have agents dying on me and I'm going to do my damnest to keep those losses to a minimum."

Since Len gave Jet permission to be hurt, well by golly she gets hurt. Eyes water with emotion as she picks her chop sticks back up, working them between her fingers. "I already told you I would join the Company if you found my parents, what kind of peace offering are you wanting? I offered to help you find Minea's killer, she was a good girl."

Len starts to pick up some pork with his chopsticks and pauses when Juliet begins to tear up. "Words are nice and all, but perhaps you've heard about that double edged sword thing. Actions are what I need. I'll find your parents, but I want something from you." He could ask her to find Danko or Wendy Hunter or Teo Laudini, but he doesn't want her put into danger. But, she's already been a part of Adam's crew. "We have a fairly comprehensive list of those in Monroe's gang. Are you tight enough to be able to keep tabs on what he's planning? I'm a little tired of playing catch up with him. We'd like to catch him the next time he kills."

Jet lifts her eyes to Len's own, watching him across the table for a long time before she finally speaks in a soft voice. "You don't understand Len. You're asking me to bring people to you to be hurt, or punished. I would need to know why you wanted them, and what you planned to do with them before I did anything like that. I don't like death. At all. Why do you keep asking me to do things that would hurt people." A tapping of her chopsticks before they get noodles twisted around them. "Even when I got you as an assignment, I was not asked to hurt you."

"So, you're saying what you did to me was harmless? I am afraid I have to disagree. You threw my life, which is already unstable as it is, into chaos." Len looks at her across the table as he meets her gaze. "I never said I was going to kill him or even hurt him. He needs to be in jail. You say you don't want anyone hurt, but you worked for him and he's a killer. I have video proof, Juliet. I'm not blindly going after the man. He and his gang have killed several people so far and I anticipate that he isn't done yet. So, you can help me stop him and put him in jail, or you can just stand around and let people die."

"Now you're being an asshole." A bit of heat to her words as her eyes lift to watch Len once more, starring at him hard. "Do not try to manipulate me into helping you by throwing around the fact that people die. People die all the time Len. Perhaps we should go back to when I died. Or when two others girls died. Or when the Mayor's son died. Everyone dies, it just depends.. on when." Her little rant over for now, she angrily stabs her noodles as they are twisted around her chopsticks. "Video proof you haven't shown me. I asked you to show me that Adam is a killer, and you haven't."

"There's a difference between the way you died and the way folks are dying by Adam's own hand. So don't call me that asshole when I'm trying to save lives. I'll make sure you see the video." Len is eating, so the sentences come between bites of food. He directs the tip of one of his chopsticks towards her. "I'll have a copy sent over to the house tonight." He glances at his watch and mutters as he finishes his meal. "I do have another appointment, but you call me tomorrow after you see this video." He offers his credit card to the waiter to pay for both meals.

"The life of a wanted man," a faint smile to Len at this as Jet just absently twirls her noodles are her chopsticks, over and over again into a large heap. "I'll watch the video tonight then, I should be at the house." More twirling of the noodles on her chopsticks, "Be good at your meeting." Her sticks laid down as her eyes simply lift to Len's own, watching him.

After the waiter returns with Len's card, he shakes his head. "Take care of yourself. I'll talk to you soon." He takes his eyes off of hers as he turns and strides out of the restaurant, he shakes his head wondering if it's always going to be this much of a battle to get things done.

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