Death of SCOUT Leader

Several news sources, including TV and web news outlets, are reporting the death of William Harvard.

A fire alarm prompted the speedy service of emergency personnel to the scene to find Harvard dead of unknown causes.

Throughout the night and into the next day, updates would be added that would add additional information. Death would be linked to similiar deaths attributed to a serial killer and the sketch of Samantha Lee Tanner (sans name) would be displayed. Death tally for Tanner is now at seven to include Harvard. There are even some that are reporting that Humanis First is partially responsible.

(OOC: I will do what I can to make myself available for Law Enforcement who are investigating. Additional questions can be addressed to Ethan/Brian. There is an additional post on Law Enforcement (12) about the sudden arrival of a Beagle at the NYPD Headquarters.)

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