Deaths in Queens Tied to Humanis First

QUEENS — Queens County coroners office released the name of one of the two found dead in the aftermath of an explosion at a home in Flushing on tuesday. Authorities released the name of Andrew McAllen (53), but refused to release the name of the young woman found dead at the scene due to her status as a minor. The official NYPD investigation of the explosion turned up evidence that has labeled the case a homicide, rather than accidental death as was originally suspected.

It was discovered Thursday through investigations of McAllen's phone and internet records that he was affiliated with the anti-evolved terrorist organization known as Humanis First. This additional wrinkle to the case has prompted NYPD officials to request that anyone with additional information regarding the death of McAllen come forward.

This marks the first potential retributive attack on members of the terrorist group Humanis First since their popularity began to increase over the last year. Humanis First has been tied to a number of beatings and murders across the United States since 2006, and most recently has been blamed for a string of graffiti vandalism across much of New York City.

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