Deaths Reported From H1n1 Vaccine

NEW YORK, New York — On December 7th, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 114 people in the New York, New York area had shown abnormal reactions after receiving the H1N1 vaccine injections from the first batch of vaccines. A New York Times reporter called the CDC offices in Atlanta to ask for the causes of the abnormal reactions.

A staff member contacted avoided the reporter's question. When asked about the vaccine, he said: "The second batch of vaccines is safe and effective. You can get the information from the Web site of the CDC." The reporter continued to ask: "What is the difference between the second batch and the first batch? Why do you say it is safe and effective?" The staff member said: "Why do you ask this question?" and then hung up the phone.

The CDC has reported the latest death toll from H1N1 infections in the New York area was 27 people, but they did not give any detailed information about the fatalities.

When asked by the reporter about the relation of Evolved and Non-Evolved in the death toll, the staff member of the New york City CDC branch said that he does not have the authority to release this information. He said that most deaths are from middle-aged people. An anonymous contact within the CDC offices informed the New York Times that the two reported deaths from the H1N1 vaccine in New York City were both registered Evolved.

Community action groups in New York are demanding further research be done into the interactions between Evolved and Non-Evolved immune systems in relation to the H1N1 virus and future, more virulent mutations.

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