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Scene Title Deception
Synopsis Kain makes a discovery about his aquaintence "Gwen" and an impossible night ensues.
Date September 11, 2008

Dorchester Towers

Dorchester Towers is a huge white building surrounded by a carefully landscaped stretch of gardens. The spacious lobby almost has more window than wall, white and green marble floor tiles gleaming in the light; it is occupied by doormen and a concierge to assist renters and guests. Nine high-speed elevators provide convenient access to upper stories; every floor has its own laundry room. Closed-circuit TV monitors the lobby and grounds, and every apartment has a security system, double-bolt door locks, and even window locks. The complex has its own garage, a bicycle room, and a sun deck.

This late at night, traffic in the lobby of Dorchester Towers is minimal, with the doorman and security behind the front desk being all there is. Sweeping into the lobby, Kain fumbles with his cellphone, having come in from the chill night air with a frustrated look on his face. "Good Evening Mister Zarek." The doorman says in a stately manner.

"Shove it." Kain snaps back, a foul mood having come over him tonight as he reaches for his cell-phone in his jacket pocket, "Can't believe this…" He mumbles to himself, halting by one of the plush benches in the lobby as he paces back and forth, cycling thorugh his incoming calls before stopping on the entry that comes up:

» 8:45 - HAMILTON, COURTNEY : 1 (205) …

Kain stares at his phone for a moment, cycling up and down through the entries, then back to that one. He narrows his eyes, then presses the talk button, beginning to dial the number "Gwen" called him from. He looks over to the mercedes out front, being driven away by the valet as the phone finishes dialing…




One good rule of undercover work; don't make calls from your own cell phone. But then, this is really her own first go at it, and she doesn't know that his phone would pull up her full ID rather than just her number. There's a momentary delay, and then it's picked up on the far end. "Hello?"

"Well hey there Gwen darling," Kain keeps it simple, "Just got home and ah thought ah'd return yer call." He paces thorugh the lobby, one hand in the pocket of his slacks, eyes wandering from side to side as he tries to not jump to conclusions. "I was wondering if you felt like goin' out for a late night drink, or maybe ah could swing on by and pick you up, and y'could come on over t'my place and maybe we could share a coupl'a drinks there?" He stops by the front doors, peering outside before walking back into the lobby, "You got yerself any preferences?"

Oh, good. She thought she might have spooked him off after that. "We could go out somewhere, sure! Where's a good place?" Thank you, but not wanting to go to the potential-mobster-employee's HOUSE. Even a rookie knows THAT much.

"Ah know this little place downtown, real quiet, good for conversation." Kain shifts one shoulder, looking up to the clock on the wall, "You said you didn't have a car, right? Well ah'm not one t'ask an out-of-towner to ride the New York City public transportation comin' up on eleven o'clock." A smile cuts across Kain's face, "Why don' you get all dolled up, and ah'll come pick you up in, say a half an hour? What're you stayin' at, Hilton?" He shifts his weight to one side, "Ain't safe to wait on the curb for cabs late at night, might get yerself blown up by one of them terrorists, right? That'd be a lil' too much on mah conscience if'n ah let that happen."

Hell. She's not actually staying at a hotel. But on the plus side, she never said where she was staying. "Actually, I'm staying with a friend of mine here in town. She's out right now, though. I can meet you down at the lobby?" She suggests. "Dorchester Towers." Ahh, if only there were a way to know where this call was coming from. "Meet you there in half an hour?" she agrees.

The line goes silent for a short time, and Kain's eyes narrow slightly, "Dorchester Towers?" He tries to sound unfamiliar, "Yeah, yeah… Ah think ah know where that is, sure." His smile twists, becoming something more feral and amused. "Ah'll be waitin' down in the lobby in a half an hour. Don' be late sweetcheeks." Kain flips the phone closed, disconnecting the call before she can change her mind. With a click of his tongue, the blonde-haired man slides the phone back into his breast pocket, walking over to one of the stuffed bench seats to sit down, "Jackpot."

Dani takes a deep breath. Okay. Showtime again. She takes out a post-it pad and jots down a note for Cat: Working the job. Leaving at…she checks her watch, and jots down the time. She sticks it on her best friend's dresser, then heads back to her room. It takes a while to get herself done up, this time into a classic Little Black Dress with matching heels, do her hair, do her makeup, make sure the little digital recorder is secure in her purse and on. She gives herself a last once-over, and then heads down to the lobby, making it down there about 22 minutes after the call.

Twenty-Two Minutes Later…

The ding of one of the many elevators catches Kain's attention, just as many others dings from it had while he was waiting. Rising up from the bench when he spots Gwen coming out in her sharp black dress, he makes a smirking wave towards the young woman, walking over to meet her halfway across the room, "An t'think you women have a reputation for bein' late." Kain says with a sarcastic tone of voice, "So, you up for a fun night on the town, Courtney?" Not knowing she doesn't usually go by that name, Kain tries to work it into casual conversation to see if she both responds to it, and knows it. He relaxes his posture, weight settled on one foot as he tips his head to one side in an expectant manner, affording the young woman a wide smile.

Dani blinks in surprise at it. So she does know it. And her reaction isn't even a feigned one. She makes an expression of distaste. "Blech. Where'd you come across -that- name?" Please, don't let him have found her out. "My -daddy- calls me Courtney. I never use it." True. Just that the name she -does- use isn't the one she gave him.

Kain wrinkles his nose for a moment, looking Gwen up and down for a short time, "Came up on on m'phone." He pats his breast pocket, "Gwen's a little saucier anyway, that yer' middle name or somethin'?" He tilts his head to one side, motioning for Gwen to take his arm as he holds it out, ready to make his way for the door with her. It was a believable enough feint, and Kain seems to have fallen for it, at least in part.

"Gwen" nods. "Yeah. I always use my middle name. Unless I'm having to sign legal paperwork or something." She walks up to him and takes his arm. "So where are we going tonight?" She looks curious, as she moves to follow him out to his car. She's a little nervous, and trying not to let it show.

"Well, we've got our options actually." Kain says as he leads her out the door, nodding to the doorman as he opens the way for them. Walking down the front steps, Kain keeps a crooked smile on his lips. When the valet comes up, he looks from Gwen to Kain and leans forward, with a courteous smile.

"I'll be right back with your vehicle, Mister Zarek." The valet heads down the stairs, and Kain turns to look over at Gwen with that crooked smile still plastered on his lips. "Our options are kind've mixed, actually." Kain corrects himself once the valet is gone towards the garage, "See, you have the good fortune of staying with a friend — here." He turns his head and looks up at the tall building, "See those lights on," He raises his free hand from his pocket, motioning to the 35th floor, "That's the penthouse," When he looks back down, his grin has become a shit-eating one, "Mah penthouse." One brow raises, "So if'n you just wanted to stay right here, we don't have anywhere to go, but up."

"Well, we've got our options actually." Kain says as he leads her out the door, nodding to the doorman as he opens the way for them. Walking down the front steps, Kain keeps a crooked smile on his lips. When the valet comes up, he looks from Gwen to Kain and leans forward, with a courteous smile.

"I'll be right back with your vehicle, Mister Zarek." The valet heads down the stairs, and Kain turns to look over at Gwen with that crooked smile still plastered on his lips.

"Our options are kind've mixed, actually." Kain corrects himself once the valet is gone towards the garage, "See, you have the good fortune of staying with a friend — here." He turns his head and looks up at the tall building, "See those lights on," He raises his free hand from his pocket, motioning to the 35th floor, "That's the penthouse," When he looks back down, his grin has become a shit-eating one, "Mah penthouse." One brow raises, "So if'n you just wanted to stay right here, we don't have anywhere to go, but up."

Oh…hell. That makes this more complicated. She didn't know he was right in her backyard. Dammit. That means she may run into him through chance, and THAT means she needs to come up with an excuse for being here long-term. Or…no, there isn't even an or. Even if she torpedoed the evening, it would only make him suspicious enough to look into it more. A little of the hesitation shows through, but she tries gamely to rally with her normal smart-ass humor. "That's moving a little fast when we've had maybe one-quarter of a successful date, don't you think?" A quirky smile on her lips. "Besides, I'd hate to have gotten all dressed up for nothing."

Kain shrugs one shoulder, "As you wish." Following those words, the roar of an engine comes up across the circle as Kain's black mercedes comes rolling to a stop. "Then I know just the place, consider it a surprise." He leads Gwen down the steps, heading over to the car as the valet steps out of the driver's seat, and moves around the car to open the door on the passenger side. Kain disengages his arm, moving in to settle in the driver's seat, closing the door and waiting for Gwen to get in.

Dani moves over to get into the car, adjusting her dress as she does, and belts up. "So what was up with the big guy the other night?" Just simple curiosity. Really. She smiles to him, holding her handbag in her lap.

Kain narrows his eyes at the mention of the big, bald and frustrating man that has burned a place in his mind, "He ain't nobody." Kain says with a snarl, revving the engine before he peels out of the parking lot of the Dorchester Towers out onto West 58th street. The roar of his tires across the pavement subsides as he finally meets back up with the average speed of traffic. Adjusting his rear-view mirror, Kain's eyes settle on it for a moment before looking over to where Gwen sits, shaking his head.

"Ain't nothing to worry about him, just one of the boss' knuckleheads." Kain wipes one hand across his brow, looking put-off just at the mention of the man, "You look good," He says with an honest tone of voice, "Black's more your color, if'n y'ask me." He tries to put the aggression and anger behind himself as he weaves into traffic, the lights of New York City at night reflecting off of the hood of the car and shining in through the windows. "Less about that asshat and more about tonight, huh?" Kain shakes his head and lets out a good-natured laugh, a warm smile up on his face. He seems to have dropped the suspicion, finally.

Dani smiles. "Stick with black, got it." She looks about at the city, remember that she's supposed to be all moon-eyed every now and again. She looks back to Kain. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't in trouble or anything." A smile. She won't press…she's already got his voice on her recorder admitting the boss has goons. That's a start. "Sooo…do I get any hints about where we're going, or do I just have to wait?" She smiles over at him, her attention on him now.

Shifting with his right hand, Kain switches to the far left lane, turning off of West 58th street onto a two-lane sidestreet, his eyes lifting up to his rear-view mirror again before turning back to the street ahead, "Nah, ah ain't in any trouble," He says dismissively with a shake of his head, "As for hints," Kain grins teasingly, "Well that ain't gonna be easy to pry out've me, missy. I'm good with secrets." He raises one brow with a very tempting tone to his voice, playfully enticing Gwen to try her hand at getting information out of him. As he talks, Kain downshifts and switches lanes again, this time going to the right and turning down another two-lane street, his eyes going back up to the rear-view mirror again.

Dani grins a bit at his comment, and says. "Mmm…well, I'll just have to be creative." She reaches over that way, and rubs at his bicep a little bit, as if suggesting ways of creativity. She laughs at all the turning. "You're gonna get me lost." Which she's uneasy about, but daren't show.

"Ain't you I'm tryin' to lose, sweetcheeks." Kain's tone of voice turns momentarially concerned, "Hold on." He suddenly yanks the wheel to the left, cutting off a lane of traffic as he narrowly avoids plowing the car through the storefront of a bakery, driving his car between two buildings into a narrow, single-lane alleyway that cuts across whatever street he had wound up on in that dizzying series of turns. Immediately following the turn, a pair of bright headlights flood the back window from a vehicle with much higher lift. "//Son of a bitch."

Dani lets out a brief shriek at the sudden evasive driving. Oh hell!!! Of the various dangers she thought she might be in here, she figured it would come from -him-, not someone else. Dammit, this isn't good. "Should we call the police??"

The car bounces as it strikes a pothole in the alleyway, "That ain't the best idea in the world darlin," Kain looks up into the rear view mirror, accellerating quickly down the narrow alleyway towards the flashes of traffic quickly approaching up ahead from another street, "My boss wouldn't take too kindly to gettin' the cops involved in whatever the hell this is." Kain floors the accelerator, looking up into the rear view mirror again, "You piss off anybody with a grudge to keep?" Kain asks sharply, shooting a steely gaze over to Gwen, then back to the road as he blasts out through three lanes of traffic, swirving around a pair of cars as he fishtails from one side to another.

There's a sudden crash and a jarring impact as the right rear side of the mercedes is struck by oncoming traffic. Kain pumps the breaks, struggling with the wheel to keep the car from smashing into one of the buildings he's careening towards, and then manages to only scrape the driver's side up against the brick wall as he careens down another alleyway. Behind the car, screeching tires and honking horns, mixed with the sounds of crashing automobiles and roaring engines. As Kain peers back into the rear view mirror, he spots the SUV that was following him come back into view, one headlight smashed out, roaring into the alleyway, "Goddamnit."

Gwen looks at Kain like he's nuts. "I don't get chased by people in cars! The worst anyone ever does is spread some catty rum—" The rest is lost in her screaming when the car gets hit. Holy shit, they're gonna die. She's whipcord tense. "Well, if we don't call the police, what do we do?!"

"Hope t'hell we outrun 'em!" Kain cocks his head to the side, roaring down the alleyway as a pair of people that had been playing dice in it scream and dive for cover, "Or get shot." He raises one brow and cracks a sarcastic smile, "One or the other!" The car jerks forward, slammed from behind by the SUV, "//Son of a bitch!" Kain reiterates, clenching his jaw as he comes swerving out of the alleyway onto a less busy street, the SUV roaring behind as it plows through a garbage can. "Looks like your night just got a whole lot more interestin' don' it?" He flashes Gwen a winning grin, as if something like this wasn't frightening him, he actually seemed to be moderately enjoying himself.

For her part, Gwen screams again when the car gets rear-ended, and then looks at him like he's insane. She's pale as a ghost…the fear isn't acting, good or bad; she's legitimately terrified. "No!! God, Kain, we need to -call- somebody, I don't wanna die!" Her reaction here is decidedly civilian.

Kain swerves down another street, taking a sharp left as he comes roaring up onto the sidewalk, clipping a stop sign and sending it careening over the hood of the car as it strikes the windshield, causing a long spiderwebbed crack up the glass on the front. The car smacks into a dumpster on Gwen's side, then bounces across the alley to hit a wall on Kain's side, ripping off the side-view mirror. He winces at the impact, losing control of the car as he slams on the brakes, noticing the reflection of his headlights in a small and vacant loading dock at the rear of a store. Large bay doors — all closed — but no outlets. It is a dead end. The car spins and swerves, broadsiding the building as all of the windows on Kain's side of the car blow out from the impact, air-bags erupting from the steering wheel and passenger's side of the car in a flash of white.

Need we say it? More screaming. LOTS more screaming. Rirst at the stop sign. Then the dumpster. Then the wall. And finally at the crash. "Oh god…" She's shaking like a leaf, as she takes stock of her situation. The seatbelt and airbag caught her, mostly, but she's going to be black and blue along it, and sore. "Are you all right?!" She immediately looks over his way, frantically.

Kain's bleeding, from his forehead, he struck the left side of the car on the impact. He's conscious, but groggy, "Get out!" He shouts, headlights already filling up the alley, "Go!" He struggles with his seatbelt, unbuckling it as the other hand pats down the airbag, trying to get it out of his face, "Hurry!"

She trembles, unbuckles her belt, opens her door, and scrambles out, and promptly falls to hands and knees. Adrenaline rush, plus heels, plus injured does not a nimble Dani. She kicks frantically, shedding the heels, before scrambling back up to her feet.

Kain struggles out of his seat, scrambling thorugh the broken glass ans through Dani's seat which she just evacuated from. Reaching inside of his jacket, he withdraws a nin-millimeter pistol from within, chambering a round as he staggers to his feet, holding one hand up as he tries to see through the blinding hi-beams of the SUV, "Sons a bitches!" A gunshot rings out, not Kain's, and goes over his right shoulder, striking the car. All four doors of the SUV swing open, and Kain slowly raises his hands, pistol hanging from his thumb as he stares with a scowl into the headlights, "Can a guy not have a god-damned date in peace!?"

Dani tries to debate running. Almost does. But that would probably get her shot. Of course, being near Kain might get her shot too. She begins to back away towards the car. Maybe she can take cover behind it. This is so very, VERY not good. She fishes a hand into her handbag, grabbing her cell phone and hitting a speed dial.

From the rear left door of the SUV emerges a slim, leggy figure with a curly mess of dark hair. The glare of the headlights makes it impossible to identify the shape, even as snakes its way around the front of the vehicle and begins to approach the battered Mercedes. With each step, the staccato click of stiletto heels on concrete fills the crisp night air, punctuated by the sound of broken glass crunching underfoot.

It's Mischa.

Looking much less haggard than the last time Kain and Danielle saw her, she's dressed in a black pantsuit and leather heels designed to give her several extra inches of height and make her appear taller than she really is. "Kain, Kain, Kain," she coos, emphasizing the final repetition of his name with a quick little cluck of her tongue, "Danny's not going to be happy when he finds out that you tried to run."

Has she noticed Danielle yet? Maybe, maybe not. The bald enforcer bringing up the rear, however, almost certainly has. Unlike Mischa, he carries a gun which he keeps trained on her retreating figure.

"You son of a bitch!" Kain strains through his teeth, about to lunge forward before he spots the gun trained on Gwen. A growl rumbles low in the back of his throat, and Kain's eyes shift back over to Mischa, narrowing. "Let the kid go, she ain't nothin'." There's a click and a clatter, he drops his pistol from his hand down onto the pavement. Blood runs in a thin line down from his temple, across his cheek and over his neck. "She ain't seen nothin." The glare, the intense and furious expression on Kain's face is unmistakeable, there is serious animosity between he and this woman.

Oh shit, it's the Evil Secretary Of Doom!

Dani continues to try and get herself behind the mercedes, to get some kind of cover there. Her hand is out of her handbag now, and oh wait that's a gun. She freezes in place when she notices there's a gun on her. This has gone seriously bad, seriously fast.

"I don't give a shit about what she has or hasn't seen, Zarek. I'm much more interested in what she's heard." Mischa comes to a stop several feet in front of Kain and, with a sharp jerk of her head, gestures to the enforcer. She doesn't need to issue a verbal command. The meaning is clear: Take her.

Deaf to Kain's quiet pleas, he moves swiftly to close the distance between himself and 'Gwen', grabbing at her upper-arm with one of his large, ape-like hands.

Mischa, meanwhile, reaches into her suit jacket and pulls out switchblade from one of the interior pockets. One flick of her wrist later, the short length of a knife glimmers in the moonlight. "What did you tell her, Zarek? Start talking."

Kain tenses as he watches the bald enforcer stalk towards Dani and take her arm, his focus snapping back to Mischa with an alarmed look as she takes out the switchblade, "I didn't tell her a damned thing," He says with a snarl, "I was just lookin' for an easy lay and thought maybe the country bumpkin would spread!" Kain looks to the side, nervously, then back again to Mischa. "Maybe if Shrek here hadn't screwed things over two days in a row I'd have been done with her by now!" Kain's defiance, even in the face of presumed evisceration seems quite palpable.

Dani gets grabbed, as Goon-#1 takes her by her bruised arm. She lets out a cry of pain and fear, and then looks at the knife. She doesn't need to fake the fear, but she starts to rapidly talk, trying to defuse this somehow. "Tell me about what?! We were just going out for drinks!!" She looks from Mischa to Kain, and then looks like she got slapped at his words. Even though she knew that was his interest here… and she was feeding it… hearing it aloud is something else entirely.

Mischa raises the blade and slips its tip beneath Kain's chin, tilting it upward. "If she's just an easy lay, then what do you care whether she lives or dies, hm? Don't tell me you're attached. You go through women like most people go through toilet paper. Why is this one so special?"

As Mischa speaks, the enforcer roughly drags Danielle back towards the SUV, the muzzle of his gun pressed hard against her temple. "Don't you try anything," he hisses at her under his breath, "don't you even fucking think about it." Her cries earn her a solid backhand across the mouth, the blow made all that much worse by the class ring he wears on one of his fingers — but at least he doesn't pull the trigger. Not yet.

Dani certainly wasn't thinking of anything. Well, not DOING anything. Right now she's busy thinking about NOT DYING. She trembles, frozen with fear as he drags her to the SUV, and does cry out, unsurprisingly, as she gets backhanded. Her hands reflexively go up to try to cover her mouth, and her broken and bloodied lip.

Kain raises up on his toes as the knife is leveled beneath his chin, a sneer crossing his lips as he feels the tip dig into his skin, "She…" Kain's eyes divert over to her as she's dragged away, "She's just a kid." He has no idea how old she actually is, but her height and figure makes age decieving, "Just let her go, it's me you wanna sink your bitch claws into, isn't it?" Wincing as he feels the knife moved up a bit into his jaw, Kain's whole body grows tense. "Just let her go!"

"My bitch claws? Really now, there's no need to be so melodramatic. If you're telling the truth, the Linderman Group has no quarrel with your little girlfriend." The tip of Mischa's knife trails down the curve of Kain's neck and then back up again before moving along the curve of his jaw. "I'm feeling nice tonight. Get down on your knees."

Back at the SUV, the enforcer pins Danielle between his chest and the side of the vehicle. "That's better," he murmurs into her ear, "see? I'm not gonna hurt you."

Dani is trembling like a rabbit. She doesn't say anything, though, her hands still over her mouth and trying to stop her bleeding. She's DEFINITELY not trying anything, not with a gun to her temple. She looks over towards Kain and Evil-Secretary, not sure what's going on… she has her suspicions, but it's certainly NOT what she might have thought at first.

Kain sucks in a sharp breath as he feels the knife wandering around his neck, a snarling expression locked firmly on his face as his sweat-dampened hair clings to his bloody cheek, "You know I don't go down on the first date," Kain says with a cocky sneer to Mischa, the corner of his lips curling up into a testing smirk.

The corner of Mischa's mouth twitches, but it isn't the beginning of a smile. "Fine," she says. And then, without so much as glancing back over her shoulder at Danielle and the enforcer, "kill her."

The bald man hesitates, staring at Mischa like she just swallowed a frog. Murder, apparently, wasn't supposed to be on tonight's agenda. "Misc—" he starts.

Dani whimpers, pretty sure that the last thing she hears is about to be a loud bang. She's no crimelord; at the thought of her immediately impending death her bladder lets loose, a dark stain marring the dark dress. She shakes her head side to side, tiny little near-convulsive movements. Nononono.

Kain's eyes widen when he hears Mischa call out that order, "Jesus christ!" Kain howls out, glaring at Mischa before letting out a hissing sound and reluctantly dropping down first onto one knee, then slowly onto the other, folding his hands behind his head, "Crazy bitch," He spits out the words, glaring up at her through his bangs, "Now let her go."

To the enforcer's credit, he doesn't make any comment when Danielle loses control of her bladder. This probably isn't the first time something like this has happened in front of him, and he at least as the courtesy not to make any appropriate comments when she's already terrified out of her mind.

At "Now let her go," one of Mischa's stiletto-clad feet delivers a vicious kick to the center of Kain's face with enough force to fracture his nose. "Don't you call me crazy!" she screams. "Say you're sorry right now, or I'll take the chainsaw to her skinny ass myself!"

Dani realizes there hasn't been a bang yet, and after the immediate wash of terror, she moves her hands away from her mouth just a bit. "Please, please, I haven't seen anything, I haven't heard anything, please, I don't wanna die!" she babbles, eyes whipping from the enforcer to Mischa.

The kick sends Kain sprawling onto his back, grasping at his face, a string of profanity that would make George Carlin blush comes flowing out of Kain's mouth as he writhes around on the ground, choice words shouted more loudly than others as blood streams through the spaces between his fingers, "Why the hell'd you go and do that you cr — " Kick me once, shame on me. Kick me twice, I should know better. "My nose!" He cradles his face, "Jesus damnit Mischa you broke my nose!" Rolling onto his side, he still hasn't given her that apology yet.

His pain must be apology enough, because Mischa takes a step back, her tiny shoulders heaving with exertion. Knowing Kain, this is as satisfied as she's going to get. Using the back of her hand to wipe some spittle from the side of her mouth, she turns around and points the switchblade at Danielle. "Go on," she says, just loudly enough for her voice to carry. With all the noise Kain is making, they're bound to attract some unwanted attention if they haven't already. "If you tell anybody what happened here tonight, I'll hunt you down and cut out that useless, cocksucking tongue of yours. Got it?"

Dani shivers and nods. "P-please, just let me go. Please." She trembles a little more, but it sounds like they're NOT going to kill her…she tries to scoot a little away from Goon.

Still rolling around on the ground, Kain cups his hand to his face, rolling a bit further to one side, cursing and muttering under his breath the entire time, "Just run y'stupid son of a bitch!" He finally yells, cupping one hand over his nose, a groan of pain accompanying the sensation showing gave him.

The enforcer releases his hold on Danielle's upper arm and angles his body to the side, giving her just enough room to squeeze past him and away.

Dani doesn't need to be told twice. The reporter RUNS out of the alley, bare feet and all, at top speed. The instant she's on the street, she cuts hard into the most populated area she can find, yanking out her cell phone. Time to get away from here. There's the digital recording…plus the open phone call she's had going to Cat since Megilla trained the gun on her and she reached into her purse. Two angles of attack. She's freaked as hell at the moment…but it's going to be an interesting tomorrow.

"You son of a bitch," Kain grumbles as he gets to his knees, wiping the blood away from his nose, "Did you really/ have to fucking kick me?" He wipes the blood away from his upper lip after picking up and holstering his gun inside of his jacket, finally getting up once he sees //Gwen/ running out of the alley. "Manny," Kain calls out to the enormous goon, "Scared the piss outt'a her didn't ya?" Kain tries to smile, then winces from the pain, limping way from the car towards the SUV, "Let's get the fuck out of here before the cops show up," He rubs at his jaw, "Call Anderson and make sure he loses the car, too." Kain looks down towards where Dani had run off, working his jaw open and closed.

"Sure gave her a scare…" Kain says with a modicum of satisfaction, "She's gonna be on the next flight out've town tonight ah' bet." He glances over at Mischa again, "Next time, pull your punches." He touches the bridge of his nose, "God damn woman…"

"You wanted realism," Mischa says, shrugging as she slips her switchblade back into her jacket pocket, "I gave you realism. For such a masochist, you sure complain an awful lot."

What Danielle Didn't See.

"Yeah, it's Zarek, I got something I need you to look up." Kain peers out the front windows of Dorchester Towers lobby, waiting for Gwen to make her way downstairs. He's speaking on his cell-phone, discreetly, pacing back and forth as he does. "Yeah, yeah I know, look, I'll owe you one." He hesitates, shifting his weight to one foot.

For a time Kain is quiet, keeping an eye on the clock, waiting for Gwen to show up in the lobby. "Yeah, I'm still here." He shifts around, looking at his phone, then beings it back to his ear. "The name is Courtney Hamilton, cell number is two-oh-five, six-three-four, eight-nine-nine-eight." He waits, "Yeah, just need to see if anything red flags. I don't think — " Something said on the other line makes Kain's brow raise. "A reporter." His smile turns twisted, "Thanks, yeah. I owe ya one." He pauses, listening to something, "Seasons tickets, you got it."

Closing his phone, Kain paces some more, thinking to himself before finally coming to a stop. He opens it again, pressing a speed dial button. Waiting, he mumbles to himself, "C'mon, pick up y'useless cu — Miiiischa." A broad smile cuts across Kain's lips, "I got something I need your help on." He pauses, "No I ain't fuckin' crazy!" He says with a scowl, shouting into his phone, then grins at the front desk man before talking quietly again. "I got me a nosy reporter that needs a good scare…"

September 11th, 2008: Wish to Forget, Remember to Learn

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They All Go Together

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Action and Reaction

September 11th: There's No Goodbye
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