Deep South Mentality


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Scene Title Deep South Mentality
Synopsis Magnes stops by Kendall's parents' house to get his things and try to change their minds, succeeds in the former, but fails in the latter.
Date March 18, 2010

Upper West Side, Magnes' Apartment

It's been a bit of a long day, but Magnes is free this afternoon, and shows up at the Upper West Side home of Kendall's parents. He's wearing a heavy jacket with the hood up over his dark-blue knee-length trenchcoat. He's still wearing a suit for his intern job, but that's only evident from the bit of his pants one can see. He even brought his briefcase to seem more official, knocking on the door.

A middle-aged man with brown hair and blue eyes hidden behind glasses answers the door. He is tall, and looks like he goes to the gym the bare minimum to keep from getting a gut. "Can I help you?" he asks with a glance toward a homemade sign next to the door that states 'No Soliciting' in black and white.

Being a rather public Evolved, having been on TV quite a few times for anyone who religiously watches the news or listens to Glenn Beck, Magnes' face isn't exactly unfamiliar if someone really gives it some thought. But he ignores the potential recognition, and instead states what he came for. "Your son, Kendall, he's staying with me for now, I'm taking care of him while he's sick and I intend to make sure he stays in school. I'm not here to change your minds, I can only hope that it happens with time, but I was wondering if I could at least get his things? He's going through a hard time right now."

Kendall's father makes no move to allow Magnes in. He does recognize him, which might very well be the reason why. "No son of mine would be a freak." he replies to all of Magnes' words, with a pointed look at Magnes at the last word. "And why should I let someone like you into my house?" he is very clearly xenophobic.

"I'm not a bad person, Mister… Cunningham? I used to be a cop, but resigned to pursue political studies. I made mistakes in the past because I didn't have the proper training and support, but that's changed." Magnes sighs, opening his briefcase to take out an evolved teen pamphlet from the Suresh Center, which has the address on the back after all the information. "If you could just get some of Kendall's clothes for me, and take this? You don't have to read it, but… I just want you to take it. Maybe if you do decide to read it, Sir, you'll at least give your son a chance."

Mr. Cunningham's expression doesn't change, but he does take the pamphlet and proceeds to shut the door in Magnes' face. About ten minutes pass, and then a woman opens the door again. She's a little younger than the man, and is pretty rather than beautiful and doesn't seem the the type to invest in much makeup. She is carrying a bag that's filled with items, and to judge by the way she's holding it, it's pretty heavy. "Take care of him." she says, although she doesn't ask for him to come back and has a carefully composed expression as she holds out the bag.

"Thank you, ma'am. I'll do my best, and I'll keep him in school." Magnes offers her a friendly smile, carefully taking the bag. The weight isn't much of an issue for a gravity manipulator, but he doesn't visibly use his ability right now, turning to start heading down the street. "I'll encourage him to call." is the last thing he offers, then just heads home through the snow.

The woman, presumably Mrs. Cunningham, watches Magnes leave, mouthing a thank you before closing the door.

When Magnes finally arrives back to his apartment, he's removed his jacket and coat, just having his suit on now, and puts on a germ mask and a pair of rubber gloves. He carries that heavy bag into Sable's room, which is temporarily Kendall's right now, then places it on the foot of his bed after mentally closing the door. "Some of your stuff." he casually offers, as if it's nothing.

Kendall is limply lying down, practically emanating patheticness and stuff like that. "Huh?" he asks, blinking at Magnes. He seems kinda apathetic today, actually.

"I went to your house, gave your father a pamphlet, and your mother gave me some of your things." Magnes says as he nudges the bag a few times. "This thing's heavy, must be more than clothes. Open it."

Kendall blinks again, then kinda wriggles to the end of the bed, grabbing the bag by one of the straps and tugging it over, leaning over the edge to unzip it. He snorts in disgust and starts pulling out textbooks, clearly sulking. "I knew they sold my PS3." WANGST!

"If you want one that badly, get good grades when you go back to school and we'll see." Magnes offers as incentive, trying to make going back to school at least seem favorable. He doesn't own a PS3 himself, so clearly Kendall has no alternative!

"Final Fantasy XIII just came out." Kendall whines. "I had a preorder for it but what's the use of going to get it now?" ok, fine, he'll go to school. "Stupid school. Fine."

"Alright, let's make a deal." Magnes' expression softens a bit. He's young enough to understand the importance of preorders. "I will buy you a PS3, and pick up your preorder, since you already had it. I'll even let you play it. But you have to keep your grades up. That sound fair?"

"Yeah, sure!" Kendall perks up immensely at this, despite still looking like he's getting punched in the face by the flu. "It's at the Gamestop closest to Central Park that didn't get destroyed." Because the preorder is naturally in a specific store. He fumbles in his wallet and hands Magnes his Edge card.

Magnes takes the card, then slides it into his own wallet and stands. "Alright, I'll head over there now. And the satelite will be on tomorrow, so you'll be able to use the TV." He heads out, giving one last nod, then closes the door behind him. "I'll get some more food suggestions from Abby, so you don't have to live on soup." he calls back, before leaving the apartment itself.

Kendall simply looks relieved at that; man can't live on soup alone!

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