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Scene Title Delirium
Synopsis A sick Kendall, who is delirious from a fever, wanders out of Magnes' apartment without a jacket and is returned home by Joanna.
Date March 20, 2010

Upper West Side, Dorchester Towers

The sun is setting, and people are starting to become more scarce as they return to their nice, warm homes for the evening. Those that are seen out and about are sensibly bundled against the cold, with one exception: A teenager, wearing nothing but pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt and proper footwear, stumbling along a street. He's unusually flushed, and people are giving him a wide berth, for likely a good reason. Even some of the unsavory crowd stay away from him, since people know by now that there's a flu that affects the Evolved, and who knows what they're capable of?

"I was not bred for this weather," Isis mumbles to herself. The little redhead, newly returned to the Big Apple, grumbles as she wanders down the street. The Tennessee born lady is bundled in a way that threatens to steal the Marshmallow Man's career. Sweatshirt upon sweatshirt puffs out her slender frame beneath a thick, ankle-length, woolen, black coat. Her fitted jeans are tucked into a pair of shit-kicker boots, while the braid of her crimson hair peeks out from beneath a black winter cap. Finally she wears a white-striped scarf around her neck and up over her dainty nose.

Isis continues down the sidewalk, going so far as to pass Kendall. A few paces further and she stops in her tracks, turning around with her arms looped about herself, to loft a brow and look after the obviously insane young boy stumbling along. Her shoulders slump. With a sigh she jogs after him. "Hey! Hey you!" She slows to a walk at his side and leans forward to get a look at him as they walk. "From one crazy to another - you know it's frickin' cold out here?"

"'s hot." Kendall mumbles in reply, halting in place and swaying, then visibly steeling himself to stand up straight. "Too hot." he squints at Isis. "Mom?" ….yeah, she doesn't resemble Kendall's mother at all. Way too young, for one. He shivers, although his forehead is hot to the touch if anyone's brave enough to check. He coughs into his sleeve, which is kinda gross.

"Oh boy…" Isis steals a step back to get a better look at the kid. "You don't look so good…" That's an understatement and a half. With an effort she pulls a little hand out of a mitten and puts it to the kid's forehead. Even as one not totally maternal, it's obvious the boy is burning up a wild fever. "Hey, dude, perhaps we should get you to the doctor's, yeah?" She offers a quick nudge of her head down the street. Her helpfulness is certainly aided by the fact she hasn't the slightest inclination about the spreading flu. That's what happens when you tear ass out of town a live under a rock for a few months, don't you know.

"No, they'll do stuff to me!" Kendall flails backwards away from Isis. "They'll put me on a list!" yep, this kid's delirious. Maybe it's a side-effect of the fever? Who knows.

"Oh shit!" Isis looks sharply around them, lifting her hands to show her palms in an effort to sooth the kid. "Hey! Listen. Listen here," she drops her voice to a softer tone, "Alright you little bastard, I'm just trying to help. I'm not putting my ass on the line for you, so keep it down, right? We don't have to go to the hospital, no big. I hate those screwballs, anyway. But, let's get you home, right? Where do you live?" She grumbles. Why oh fucking why did she stop to help this freak?

"Uhhhh." which home is she talking about? "Th-that way." he gestures vaguely towards where Magnes' apartment is, then looks over at Isis for approval. Thataway! Suddenly he sneezes, arm coming up a split second too late to cover, and he wipes his nose on the sleeve. Ew. Don't touch that if you value your life.

"Holy fuckballs, Batman," Isis hisses, barely managing to contain her surprise into a bitter whisper as she steps back from the abrupt sneeze. "Why me?!" She growls and waves her hands at the sky. Truly, Irish luck is shit luck, no doubt. "You better not be contagious," she grunts at the youngin'. With a few shuffles she slips behind the kid and braces her hands to his shoulders, steering him down the street in the indicated direction. "Where's your mommy kid? Shouldn't she be feeding you soup or something?" She rolls her emerald eyes and guides the kid from behind down to the corner. "Now where?"

At Isis' words, a tear slips out before Kendall suppresses such unmanliness as crying. "My mom kicked me out when she found out I was one of them." sniffle. He allows himself to be turned, and dutifully starts walking. "Well my dad did, but my mom didn't stop him."

Isis cringes behind the boy, hanging her head down shamefully between the arms keeping the boy at a distance from her. "Oh… Listen, I didn't mean anything by it. My mom just passed, we didn't get 'long either, ya know? But, uh… we'll get you through this, hm? It's just a cold. So, who is takin' care of you?" She looks around one corner and then the other. "This'd be easier if you'd tell me your address, you know." She pauses and steps back to take off her jacket and drape it over the kid's shoulders. She's got a zillion layers on, afterall.

Kendall blinks at the jacket around his shoulders, and nods thanks at her. Seems like his delirium is fading and he's becoming, well, more coherant. "Magnes, uh…" pause. "I don't think I know his last name." he sounds surprised. "He's taking care of me, er, and I don't know the address. He lives in an apartment." he keeps walking towards it, though kinda sags in place. "It's a flu. I have a flu that only infects Evolved. Takes away powers."

Isis couldn't have moved faster if a spider, clown, or needle was coming out at her. Hey, don't mock the strange fears, people! We know she's nutzo! Anyway, the little redhead leaps back a few good feet and stares blankly at the younger boy. "Flu? Takes away powers? You mean…" She begins to shiver for reasons other than the cold. There's a reason she doesn't get sick, doesn't break bones. Doctors have needles and like to use them!!!

"Oh…" she begins wavering in place, setting one hand to her stomach with the queasiness that sets in at the mere thought of the shiny, pokey, little objects. "Shouldn't you be in quarantine or some crazy stuff?" her question lacks the venom her earlier bravado did. She's too lightheaded to make a big deal, now. She leans against the nearest building and rocks from one foot to the other to encourage circulation back into her wobbling knees. "Why me?" she mumbles again, before taking another look at the kid. He's so young! Defeated by pity, she nods and makes a half-hearted gesture, pushing up to resume walking. "Wish you'd said something sooner,, little freak. Sounds like you got a good friend there, though. Let's get you back to this Magnes guy." With a conscious effort this time, she adjusts her scarf to be sure it's still secured up over her nose… now for an entirely different reason.

Kendall turns and blinks at Isis as he nearly falls over from leaning against her hands. "The fuck?" it's all that can be said for something like this, really. With a shrug, he turns and continues walking, entering a building.

Isis's steps are noticeably sluggish. She pauses at the doorway through which the kiddo enters. Now is the time to turn and run, right? WRONGO! Her rubbery legs barely manage to keep her upright, let alone sprint. She groans at the sickly feeling still in her tummy. "I'm going to have to go to the hospital. They're going to want to draw blood and then stick me with yucky…" She makes a contained gagging sound and stops talking before trudging after the kid.

Kendall crosses over to the elevator, swaying a little on his feet like he's dizzy. He pushes the button, then turns and squints at Isis. "Are you…. okay?" he's not really the one who should be asking her since he's the one with a high fever. The elevator door dings open, and he steps in. "I think I'm good now." he leans against the wall for support.

"Yeah, yeah! I'm good!" Liar! And, boy is it obvious. Isis steps forward and leans in, stopping the elevator from closing. "No, no. I'm likely already sick. And with my luck, I'll walk away now only to hear about some boy who passed out in an elevator on the news tomorrow. Let's get you up to your apartment, at least. Call your buddy and make sure your set. Ok?" She steps in and lets the doors glide shut behind her. She stands at the opposite side of the elevator, watching the boy closely. "I'm Joanne," she offers after a long silence.

"Kendall." he replies, and hits the correct button. Since it seems like she's freaking out over him being sick, he turns away from her to stare at his pseudo-reflection in the brushed metal sides of the elevator. "I don't have a cell phone. Don't know his number anyway."

Isis hangs her head behind the kid. He's certainly not making it easy on her to do the right thing… "Well, maybe I could hang around until he comes home, if you want. Just to make sure you don't get any worse or anything…" She offers a shy shrug and looks up to watch the numbers on the elevator click through their paces until they reach the correct floor.

The doors open, and Kendall starts taking a step out of the elevator. Maybe he'll get lucky and Magnes would be home?

When the doors open, Magnes' eyes shoot open, wearing his large black coat with the Venom costume designs, blue jeans, and black snow boots. He does not sound pleased, and moves a hand to lightly pull Kendall forward with an invisible grip of gravity around his waist. "What are you doing out here spreading the flu to people? You need to get back in bed. I got your PS3 and everything."

"Woah!" Isis reaches out to grab Kendall, more instinctually maternal than she gave herself credit for, perhaps. She stops midway, however, when Magnes's words reach her ears. "Oh. You must be his buddy. Listen, he was wandering 'round like that…" She makes a gesture at his close beneath the jacket she's draped over Kendall's shoulders. "I think you ought to keep a better eye on him." With sigh she shakes her head and steps back against the elevator wall. "Hey, kid," she turns her emerald gaze on Kendall. "Don't let your madre get you down. Friends are family too, right?" She punches the button and lets the door close, taking her away from the sickly youngin' and his keeper.

Kendall turns and wobbles in place when she leaves. "Your jacket….?" he calls, looking bewildered when she disappears behind the doors. Guess she doesn't want it back. Now he turns to Magnes. "I don't know how I got out." he tells him, and to judge by his flushed expression and slightly glassy gaze, he's pretty sick.

"Looks like I need to hire a nanny for when I'm out." Magnes sounds dead serious, starting to lead Kendall back to the apartment, pulling his keys out when they get to the door. "Or see if Sable will keep you company."

Kendall leans against the wall next to the door, scowling. "I don't need a nanny." he plucks at the jacket. "I'm hot." he mutters, for the second time today, and lifts a hand to his head. If Magnes checks, Kendall is indeed very hot.

"You're too sick to be left alone, and the nanny would only be for a few hours a day, and only when Sable isn't here." Magnes opens the door and nudges Kendall in after feeling his head, then closes and locks the door. "Let's go, back to your room, then I'll call Abby and ask her what to do."

"Do you have to call it a nanny?" Kendall complains, wobbling off to his room and flopping on the bed. All that walking made him feel weak in the knees. "Can't you call it, uh…" what would you call it? "Caretaker? Or nurse? A hot nurse."

"Why don't you just draw yourself a hot nurse?" Magnes asks, getting gloves, spraying nearly everything in the living room including himself, then closes Kendall's door behind him, germ mask on. "I'll ask around and see if anyone I know is willing to take the job, instead of leaving you with a stranger."
Kendall hesitates. "I can't." he admits after a moment. "I can't draw anything and make it appear. I… I tried." he looks just so darn depressed right now, it's sad.

"Sounds like you've gotten sicker, that's an effect of the flu, it's happened to other people." Magnes sighs, pulling the blankets up on him. "I'll go call Abby, make you something to eat, then Sable will be here soon to make sure you don't go wandering away. If you're feeling any better tomorrow, I'll set up the PS3."

"If I never had it in the first place none of this would've happened." great, now he's slipping into emo territory. Kendall sighs. "It's done nothing but make my life hell."

"You'll get better, I'm sure we'll work something out with your parents, and things will at least be close to fine eventually." Magnes assures, stepping out of the room after turning the television on. "Watch TV and relax, I'll be right out here."

"All right." Kendall just lies limply on the bed, seemingly run out of energy completely as he turns his gaze towards the TV. Lethargy has sunk in.

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