Delivery Boy Turned Messenger Boy


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Scene Title Delivery Boy Turned Messenger Boy
Synopsis Abby calls up Magnes in an attempt to ensure that Hiro gets a message. Magnes sends the call with a thread of hope.
Date June 15, 2009

Confucius Plaza: Xiulan's Apartment

To say this apartment is on the smaller side would be an understatement at best. Even so, the furniture has been artistically arranged to make the most of a very tight space. The walls have been hung with colorful panels of Chinese silk, tightly woven gold cord draped to create a temple-like appeal. In the center of the room an ornately woven has been piled high with pillows, the plush surfaces arranged in a semi-circle around a low, round coffee table. Along the far wall, a bookshelf plays host to numerous art books and supplies, an easel with a painting in progress standing slightly to the left. On the northern face of the main room an archway leads into a narrow kitchen. Bunches of dried herbs can be seen hanging as one peers inside. To the left of the kitchen, a narrow hallway leads to the bedroom and bath, the walls adorned with hung panels of silk like the living room.

It's Monday morning. Abigail's nursing a hangover and an ice pack over her wrist and ready to fall asleep. Fedor's fingers left good bruises on her but Deckard's likely gonna take it all away and whatever else is wrong with it. Thank god that this conversation is going to take place over the phone. Magnes said he couldn't visit, but there was nothing said that Abby couldn't call Magnes. The phone pinned between her ear and her right shoulder, Abigail waiting for the phone to be picked up on Magnes end, praying that the number isn't disconnected or gone.

The phone is answered, and in the background there's the sound of a punching bag being repeatedly hit, Magnes' breath a bit heavy. "Hello?"

"Oh thank the heavens Magnes, you are answering your phones" Comes the southern tones. A wince from the level of volume though.

"Yeah, hey Abby, it's nice to hear you." Magnes says as the sound of the punching bag suddenly stops. It sounds like he's possibly in some sort of gym, due to the echos and loud squeaks from rubber shoes against polished wood floors. "I wasn't answering before, but it's alright now. What's up?"

"Do you.. know how to get in touch with Mr. Nakamura?" It's hesitant, as if she's hoping, really hoping that the answer is yes.

"Ah, a business call." Magnes says with almost expected disappointment, but offers rather casually, "I can, but I haven't spoken to Kimiko in a while, I'm not sure if she ever found Hiro, since he went missing after his fight with Adam. I could call Kimiko and ask."

"Oh sweet heavenly lord Magnes, I adore you for this. I need to get a hold of him, or a message passed to him and urgently. I have a way for him to get his time travel back. But when he gets it back, I really need him Magnes. Can you pass that message on? That he needs to see Helena, who has the way for him to get it back and then come find me?"

"A-ah, no problem, I'll call him as soon as this shift is open. They're super strict here, they don't take slacking lightly." Magnes explains with an exasperated sigh. "But don't worry, I'll definitely call. And um, why do you wanna mess around with time travel, if you don't mind me asking?" he wonders, sounding rather curious, since this is possibly the most random request she's ever made of him.

"Considering who you work for Magnes, I think you know, that I know, that I'm unlikely to tell you the answer" Yes Magnes, you didn't fool Abby one bit. "Lets just pretend you didn't ask me that question. How's Veronica?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Magnes says, mostly for the benefit of anyone listening. "But if I did know what you were talking about, I'd ask, does this change anything with us, at all? I mean, you never did tell me anything, so, I guess it's pretty much the same, just for different reasons. But, if I knew what you were talking about, would you hate me for it, or trust that I really thought it was my last resort?" He doesn't comment on Veronica, though the fact that Abby knows her name is surprising.

"If I know Veronica and her advertising company, and still occasionally I talk to her, I'm pretty sure that I'll still talk to you Magnes. I'm still not going to tell you. But a message from you, would probably have more importance than some blonde they don't know"

"I don't just want you to talk to me." Magnes corrects, sitting on the bench of some weights. "I want us to be friends, like before. This whole thing is making me lose so many friends, and miss out on life. When I have freedom again, I don't wanna have a life where we just have some impersonal relationship, not after everything we've been through. I wanna stay your friend."

"You can be so infuriating Magnes. I get angry with you, but its' for a few hours. you do some pretty stupid things, but usually, it's with a good heart." Abby sighs, shifting the ice on her wrist, switching it out for a bag of frozen peas. "Don't worry magnet" Using the nickname. "I'm uhh, i'm dating now"

"I started to get the impression that you really didn't like me." Magnes admits, spirits raising before her last comment. "Oh." he says in a tone that suggests his heart possibly just dropped into his stomach. "T-that's good, I'm happy for you."

"Are you?" Abby murmurs. "Are you happy Magnes, with your new job?" She shifts the phone with her other hand to her opposite ear. "I have to admit, I miss your pizza. Victor could get it here faster than you, but.. who knows how his pizza tastes."

"You're dating." Magnes says in a 'what do you think?' kind of voice. "Don't you think I'd rather be out there doing grand romantic gestures or something, than here, lifting weights and kicking punching bags and flying? I'd give up my powers in a second to be the guy you're dating."

"Sometimes Magnes, we can't get what we want. And sometimes.. sometimes, we need a best friend, far more than we need a boyfriend" She tries to comfort over the lines. "Someone we can talk to and share stuff with. Someone who loves us unconditionally in a way that.. someone you're dating, can't."

"The ironic thing is, I was totally over you, I was starting to like Delilah a bit, then bam. How does that even happen?" Magnes asks, one person with no relationship experience to another person with no relationship experience. Truly this will be a helpful conversation! "Suddenly I like you again. But, well, I don't know, this is stupid. I'm being immature again, aren't I?"

"You're being Magnes" Deadpanned. Serious. "You're being you, and that's why I like you. If you were being immature, you'd be demanding to know his name, where he lives and you'd be running over there and beating him up Magnes.

"Well, I don't know who this guy is, and I'd be lying if I said I'd never make an attempt to date you ever again, but I honestly do mean it when I say I hope you're happy now. At least the next time we see each other, I'll be able to fly you up to the clouds instead of falling." Magnes says with a light laugh, apparently taking the dating news a bit better for some reason.

'Flying? When this is over, I'll have to call again and ask you about flying" She'd call Veronica at least, see how Magnes really was doing. "I should go magnet. I need to go do stuff. Just, get the message quick as possibly. It's very important. Okay?"

"You can count on me, Abigail, I promise. Hiro's filthy rich, if he's alive, they've got enough private jets to get here from where ever they are right now." Magnes assures, starting to kick the punching bag again. "It was nice talking to you Abby, and when I'm free again, I'm asking for a date, sorry."
"We'll see" Abigail smiles over the phone. "Take care Magnes. Thank you for your help"

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