Demand Demand Demand


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Scene Title Demand, Demand, Demand
Synopsis More ground rules are laid down for Kendall by Melissa, and she shares the joy of Labyrinth.
Date March 31, 2010

The Den - Kendall's Room

It's early evening, the sun having just set, and Melissa arrives at the Den. She's got a backpack with her, black, like everything else she seems to own, and she heads straight upstairs. She peeks in on the kids before she continues on to Kendall's room, rapping lightly on the door.

Anders is off doing who knows what, so Kendall has the room to himself for the moment. "C'min." he croaks at the door, then clears his throat with a groan. When Melissa does enter, he's all wrapped up in blankets and looking pitiful as usual. The DVD player is in a corner, out of the way so no one accidentally steps on it.

Melissa comes in and gives him a sympathetic look. "Pretty miserable today, huh?" she asks, moving over towards him and sitting on the side of the bed. "I brought you some more movies," she says, lifting up the backpack so he can see it, then setting it on the floor next to his bed.

"Oh… thanks." Kendall sighs. "How long is this thing supposed to last, again?" he asks Melissa. "It's been a month already." complain, whine. "So what movies did you bring?" he peers at the bag.

"I wish I could tell you," Mel says, smiling apologetically. "And I brought a mix. You've got Blazing Saddles, Men in Tights, the Lethal Weapon series, Transformers, some random flicks, and Labyrinth. Should keep you busy for a little while anyway," she says, picking the bag up and putting it where he can get to it.

Melissa stares for a moment, before she looks pained and shakes her head. "Oh god no. Labyrinth is a movie I watched as a kid. Has David Bowie in it, a labyrinth, goblins…It's awesome. You should watch it. And a few others. My god. It's a good thing you're coming to live with me. I can educate you on must watch movies!"

"Another movie that came out before I was born, huh?" wow, way to make Melissa feel old. "Who's David Bowie?" ok, maybe he's doing that on purpose.

Melissa closes her eyes and shakes her head. "You poor, poor child…I'm guessing you haven't seen…no, I can't ask. It would hurt too much if the answer was no." Her eyes open and fix on Kendall's face. "Whole other topic…You got any stuff at Magnes's place or your parents that you want and can't replace? I can grab it and take it to my place, put it in your new room. So it's there when you recover."

"Well, if you could get my cards from my parents' house?" Kendall looks hopeful. Maybe Melissa would have better luck than Magnes did. "Other than that, well, all I need are some clothes, and my PS3 at Magnes'.

Melissa frowns a little. "Cards? What sort of cards? And clothes aren't a problem. I'll get your stuff from Magnes's place though."

"Well…." Kendall hesitates. "Trading cards." hey, it's true! They are trading cards, and 'trading cards' is a pretty innocuous term! "Some of them are valuable." also true.

"…Trading cards? Okay, yeah. I can get 'em," Melissa says, nodding. "Now…I've done a bit of checking on the legal side of things. Adoption would be…bad. Emancipation for you could be bad too. Your parents might be called in and have to explain why you're not living with them anymore. Now if you're fine with everyone knowing that you're evolved, that's not a bad route to go. But if you want your privacy…It leaves two options really," she begins to explain. "First? You just stay at my place, and there are no legal ties or anything. It would work so long as your parents don't try to get you back. Second, would be trying to get your parents to give me permission to take care of you, basically. I leave the choice to you."

"I think I might as well just live with you. No need to involve my parents at all." Kendall looks relieved that his cards will be 'rescued' from the evil parents' house. "Well… I was mainly hiding being Evolved from them, but…" he trails off with a shrug.

Melissa nods and pats his knee lightly. "It's fine. That works for me. I just wanted to give you the options so it would be your choice. It's very important that you have a choice." Her lips curve. "But I'm still gonna make you go to school."

Sigh. It was a vain hope that she'd forget about that particular requirement. Kendall sulks a little more at the mention of school. "At least I'll be free in the summer."

Melissa laughs. "It's not so bad. You don't have that much time left. And yes, you'll have the summer. Though I warn you now…I'm a very neat person. Keep your room as messy as you like, but leave anything else trashed, and I'll kick your ass."

"You're a very violent person, you know that?" Kendall grumbles. "Everything I do it seems you'll kick my ass if I do something wrong."

Melissa grins and shakes her head. "Nah, not everything. Just dropping out of school and wrecking the house without cleaning it up. I'm pretty sure you won't hurt the dog, so you're safe there. But do you have any questions for me?"

"Not really." Kendall snuggles deeper under the blankets. Maybe he's cold? "It'd be more likely the dog would hurt me than the other way around." he points out, likely referencing what happened the other day.

Melissa reaches out to tuck the blankets in around him, then gets up to get another one, just to be safe. "He was just excited, but I'm getting him trained, so he should be doing that less and less. And once he gets used to you being around, he'll listen to you."

"Well I hope so. I don't fancy getting mauled every time I wake up." Kendall points out. "With affection, I mean, not literally mauled."

Melissa laughs and nods. "Yeah, true. Though I can't promise he won't harass you endlessly for belly rubs and to toss a frisbee. He is a dog after all."

Kendall snickers. "I guess that's…" he starts to talk yet falls into a coughing fit. It sounds really gross, and there's some red in what he's coughing up.

Melissa winces and she offers him a kleenex, before her brow furrows and she focuses. Surely she can help him without touching him. She can hurt people without touching them! Focus…focus…focus…Okay, there's a nosebleed, but it starts to work! Yay for painkiller Mel!

Kendall is amazed when the pain from even that goes away, although he still coughs up nasty stuff. When his fit subsides, he looks up and notices Melissa's nose. "You're bleeding…" which is entirely different from coughing up blood, naturally.

Melissa shrugs and wipes her hand under her nose, smearing the blood as much as wiping it away. "Yeah, well, it happens occasionally. Eliminating pain is still a chore for me. Haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet," she says with a sheepish smile.

"I wondered about that." Kendall offers Melissa the tissues right back since it seems she needs them too. "I'll never get the hang of my power, and I don't want to."

Melissa cocks her head. "You'll get the hang of it…if you decide you want to and work at it. It's not a simple process, or an easy one, Kendall. I won't lie to you about that. But abilities can help people. You feel better now, dont' you? Because of my ability?"

"Well yeah, but… it's not permanent, is it?" Kendall asks Melissa. Not that he's criticizing her or anything, of course.

"No, unfortunately not. But I can generally keep it up until traditional pain killers kick in," Melissa admits. "But tylenol and morphine aren't permanent either."

"Got any of that last stuff you mentioned?" Kendall jokes, laughing weakly. "Or Codeine, that's good stuff too I hear."

Melissa smiles and shakes her head. "Sorry. Just Tylenol. Want some of that or some Tylenol flu? Might help you sleep through the night."

"Yeah, sure." Kendall coughs again. "I can't wait to not be sick anymore. I don't even remember what it was like to not be sick." he has been sick for an entire month, after all.

Melissa nods and brushes a hair back from his face. "Yeah…I know. Wish there was more I could do. But right now, I'm going to get you some medicine, then I want you to sleep. Tomorrow, watch those movies, hmm? Especially Labyrinth!"

"All right, fine." Kendall isn't all that sure about Labyrinth. It must be another one of those 80s movies the older generation seem especially fond of, after all.

Melissa nods and rises to go fetch the medicine. She brings it back, offering it to him. "I'll hang around for a little bit, just until the meds kick in and you fall asleep. Alright?"

Kendall takes the medicine as ordered, and it's not all that long until he does manage to fall asleep.

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