Democracy In The Dome


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Scene Title Democracy In the Dome
Synopsis Those stuck in the Dome meet to discuss their survival.
Date February 12, 2011


With it being just hours after the group of refugees from Roosevelt Island met with resistance from scared people on the Queens side of the tunnel, emotions are still running high. People have calmed down, yes, but this morning was just another disaster in their already chaotic lives.

Water has been offered, along with food either brought from the island or scavenged from nearby homes and businesses. Those who know anything about first aid have offered their assistance, using what materials they had on hand, which wasn't as much as they would have liked. Still, progress has been made.

And through it all, word spread of a meeting being called for anyone who wanted to attend, to discuss the various issues that were being faced, and to make plans for the best way to get through this ordeal – and with as few casualties as possible. Enough violence has been had already to satisfy even the most sadistic and violent of personalities.

People have been gathering for the last hour, just inside the tunnel on Queens, on the platform that had been turned into a makeshift triage, so that those who are injured can still listen and participate, without having to be moved, something which is a painful prospect for many.

Finally Melissa gets up, finding a spot where she can stand, to see over the heads of people, and to make herself heard a little better. Some nearby fall silent, but others don't notice her, or don't care that she's trying to talk, so she calls out. “Hey, everyone! Quiet down! We're gonna get the meeting started. If you don't want to join in, that's fine, but please move somewhere else so that the rest of us can hear.”

She waits a few minutes, allowing those who wish to leave to do so, and letting those who are staying quiet down and get settled. While she waits she looks around, noting all the dirty and injured faces, the tired faces. The angry faces. And there are plenty of all four.

“Okay, we've got a lot of people here, and I know there are a lot of issues that need discussed. So in an attempt to keep this as orderly as possible, we figured that we'd start off just letting people call out issues that they want to talk about, or plans they have in mind, then we'll go through them one by one. Just so we can sort of make a list. That way everything gets talked about, and we don't get too off track or lose anything in the shuffle. And after we talk about something, we'll put it to a vote, see what the majority wants to do about it.”

She looks around again, to see reactions to this plan, then she nods slightly. “I'll start it off. Devon's got plans for showers, and food rationing,” she says, nodding towards the teen. “Then there's the obvious and big issue of Humanis First.” And with that said, she steps back a bit, clearly giving the floor to others who want to add to the list.

Devon lingers near the platform, upon the floor proper but with his attention turned toward the gathered crowd and not too far from the space Melissa has claimed. One arm remains tucked protectively within his jacket, favored though quite ignored. The newly acquired rifle still hangs from his uninjured shoulder, equally ignored however acutely aware he may be of it.

Pale eyes brush over the crowd, dispassionate yet wary. A lot has gone on in the last day, making gatherings a mixed blessing of sorts. At mention of his name, the teenager's gaze flicks toward Mel then back again. He remains silent, however, observant as he'd promised.

"If everyone thinks that they can hold off from murder as their first resort when challenged," rises the voice of one Eric Doyle, his tone rather dry and one hand lifting up a palm-up gesture to indicate the group - eyes searching for Edgar, but the speedster isn't in sight, "I do… have a safehouse set up around here. It's not exactly the Ritz but, you know, it's— it's servicable." The man's leaned up against one of the walls, looking generally displeased. Apparently, he wasn't thrilled with how the escape from Roosevelt Island went.

Having been fetched from her exhausted cat-nap, Ygraine is now looking rather more awake and somewhat less deathly. Indeed, she might even have managed to give her leathers a wipe-down, though they're still displaying a mix of colours and textures as a result of a fortnight's hard service. But she retains a distinctly watchful tension, frequently peering around.

At present, she's crouched atop the broad central barrier between now-stationary escalators, close to the lower end so that she can see most of the platform. Beside her, a solidly-built and unusually clean man - now familiar to a good few of the refugees as the big Aussie who can conjure pure water to drink and wash in - also sits on the smooth surface, neither of them seemingly in danger of slipping off it.

Indeed, Ygraine rises to her feet so that people can see who's talking, before speaking up. "Avoidance of violence would be a good thing to work on, certainly", the Briton calls out with a nod to Doyle - her voice still somewhat huskier than normal after her time spent inside Eastview. "We've also got an offer of some assistance in setting up a secure location, which ties into the question of where to try to set up one or more places to defend people. The need for medical care and how to provide it. And transit to and from Roosevelt."

Looking up to Ygraine as she speaks, Jaiden tips his hat back before turning his attention to the gathered groups and speaking. "Not to mention the problems we have with those who wish to do us harm. I don't want this to become an 'us versus them' situation because, in the event of something like that, everyone turns out to be a loser, even if they're on the winning team. We need to determine what we can do to deter any more attacks and reach out to those who they're recruiting to try and get them to see that we're all in here together."

Elle quietly rests against a wall, her new gun strapped to her back as her blue eyes slowly scan over the group with her arms crossed. She's given up her hoodie to someone who needed it to stay warm more than she does. For the most part, the Company Princess stays silent, a frown on her face as she peers around. She'll speak up if she can think of something to say.

As various people speak up Melissa nods, taking mental notes so she can remember all the points brought up. "Okay, we'll go in order, and leave the violent stuff for last because I think it'll take the longest to sort out," she says, nodding slightly. "Like I said, Devon's wanting to set up some showers, so we can get clean, give us at least some sort of luxury, and one we're all used to. Anyone who wants to help there, just hook up with him." She looks at Jaiden, smiling faintly. "You, in particular, would be a lot of help, I think."

But since that's mostly a seeking volunteers issue, Melissa moves on to the next. "Food is an issue too, especially with a lack of electricity, which means that a lot of food has started to spoil. Anyone happen to have any stockpiles of nonperishable food or something? Canned foods, dried, whatever? And anyone want to help with the rationing or have any other issues involving food?"

"We had been making rounds through the houses on Roosevelt," Devon puts in, his voice pitched just enough to carry. "Not sure if all the houses had been covered, but it wouldn't hurt to look anyway. JJ, the Frontline guy, had been keeping notes of what was taken from people not confirmed dead so they could be paid back." A single shoulder rolls in a shrug. "Should start sending people out around here to look, too. Cut down on too many trips to Roosevelt."

"We've been stockpiling since the day the Dome went up," Doyle admits with a shrug of one rounded shoulder, "It's not— I mean, nuclear fallout stockpile good, but it's a pretty good start."

"We've got to work with the locals", Ygraine cautions. "But we should be able to arrange trades. We can offer clean water and some other things, in return for access to areas to hunt for supplies, or in direct trade for whatever things they've already found. We can also continue bringing things over from Roosevelt, but - as we'll get onto in a bit - it's only at all wise for small groups to go there, so that won't be a source we can depend on to keep everyone going. But it should be a help."

"I've got a couple of stockpiles, here and there." Jaiden says after a moment. Sure, it's probably not every one of the ones he has stockpiled up, but might as well make the gesture.

A certain somberness marks Pericles Jones as he joins the assembled. This sort of open forum discussion appeals to his valorization of populist uprising and his quasi-Athenian values system. It is, however, a recipe for disaster during disaster if democracy leads to division rather than unity. He steps up beside Melissa, his association nothing worth hiding, not here and now, and he slips both hands into his coat pockets as he listens and tries to catch up with what's been said.

"Sh- showers would be wise for- uh- for any of us who made it through the Roosevelt tunnel," Perry interjects, "due to the- uh- hazards pointed out to me by- uh- by Miss FitzRoy," he nods towards Ygraine, "it's- uh- it's an abattoirs down there, and sickness is the last thing we need in- uh- in a contained space. However I- uh- I think luxury may have to wait until simple survival is established. Showers, yes, but- uh- but only as is absolutely necessary. We- uh- we are having trouble getting clear water to drink, and a lack of water is the first thing that will kill us after- uh- after direct confrontation.

"I- uh- I agree that we need to be peaceable and cooperative with locals, but we need to be guarded. I- uh- I know this must wait until later, when we discuss encounter protocols, but- uh- but I just want to say we must if- uh- if at all possible avoid incidents like that which brought us up from the tunnel. We- uh- we murdered potential allies without- uh- without their even firing a shot. That- uh- that's certainly one way to acquire supplies but- uh- but it's barbarous and- uh- motivated by fear. We- uh- we must do better than that. Be better than that."

Blue eyes focus on each face as they speak, the petite redhead with the blonde roots watching and listening. As Jaiden speaks, Elle turns to peer at him, brows raised for a moment, before she nods slowly. As Perry makes his appearance, she tilts her head to one side. What on earth is with that stutter? The way he talks makes Elle want to slap him and tell him to spit it out!

"Okay, so we've got plenty of people hunting for food. Good," Melissa says, nodding. "Ygraine, why don't you start working on the trades with the locals. Devon, you and JJ keep doing what you're doing. Two things to vote on then. First, do you guys think we should gather all the food in one area to make it easier to ration it out? My personal vote is to stash it, maybe at Doyle's safehouse. And two, need volunteers to handle the rationing. And that's rationing, not hoarding."

She looks to Jaiden. "Water is a concern. We can boil it, certainly, but with your help we'll have a lot more, and we can be more sure of the quality. Can you head up the water finding and rationing?"

"We can't just make trades and bribes," Devon says more quietly. "That's putting too much faith in humanity working cooperatively, and people have already proven that they're not entirely willing to cooperate in here. It just risks the haves going power hungry and generating more of that violence you're wanting to avoid." He looks back to the others, those milling around the platform. "Either they help and contribute, or they don't come crying when their food runs out."

Looking up at Melissa and Perry, Devon shrugs again. "I'll keep looking on my own, and helping JJ search houses. There might be some less pleasurable options, if food is really in short supply."

"We have unique resources at our disposal", Ygraine says, tone perhaps a bit harsher than intended thanks to the smoke-induced roughening of her voice. "I'll be clear now - if you engage in banditry, you're cut off from any resources we bring in or that we open up." As she speaks, the leather-clad woman gestures to the Australian beside her.

"Think about that. You want clean water - you deal with us, whether you're a Queens-side resident or not. You want access to what's on Roosevelt without risking your life just making the trip, then you deal with us. You want access to the telecommunications we can provide, then you deal with us. Many here know us - I'm the one who got some of you out of Eastview, and Jaiden's been providing water. We're not here for profit or gain - we're here to help. But we're not going to help to set up a bandit fiefdom preying on the locals just because they happen not to have been chased out of their homes by Humanis thugs yet. If we start victimising people, we're worse than Humanis because we're doing their kind of work without even believing in their ideology."

Shaking her head, she takes a deep, somewhat rasping breath, then nods to Melissa, her voice much warmer beneath the hoarseness. "Dealing with locals, I can certainly help with. I understand that there's at least one survivor of the… first encounter around here. If I can get his help, it should be a lot of use to us all. I'm certain there'll be problems, but we'll do our best not to start any ourselves."

"Miss- uh- Miss FitzRoy," Perry interjects, a frown furrowing his brow, "do- uh- do bandit fiefdoms engage in- uh- open forum discussion? We spoke previously and- uh- and you know my position on predation but- uh- please… the way you state things… it- uh- it makes you sound like you're going to hold our resources ransom. I- uh- I respect your decision; you won't help those who behave unethically but- uh- please, let's not resort to threat amongst each other.

"Devon, we- uh we can't ask for trust immediately but- uh- but we can build it," Perry suggest, "we just- we just don't know how long we'll be here for, and while we're here we are the representatives for all Evolved in crisis. I am- uh- I am not assuming top broadly, I hope, when I observe most of us are- uh- SLC Expressive. As such we have to behave with- uh- decency and composure so that- uh- so that our decency and composure is recognized in posterity."

The young man taps his chest, clears his throat. "But- uh- but I realize I'm getting off topic. We- uh- we have some people assigned to supplies. We will not engage in predations. We will ration what we have and- uh- I think it would be smart to take stock of what we have in order to effectively ration. Are there- uh- more thoughts on the matter or- uh- or should we tackle the next topic?"

"I've gotta agree with Perry. It's one thing to say that you don't approve of raiding, but another to hold necessary supplies hostage," Melissa says with a hard look towards Ygraine. "But good, food and water is settled. So onto the next topic. Transportation between here and Roosevelt Island. Pretty much all of us have done it, but there has been concern expressed for the safety of moving back and forth. And while none of us can stop anyone from moving back and forth, let's try to figure safer ways of going about it, just to cut down on injury and sickness."

Devon frowns briefly, eyes flicking toward Ygraine and then back to Perry. He shuts off the urge to be argumentative, the verbal fight not worth the effort at this point. His lips press together, nostrils flaring on an exhale as his gaze to the rest of the gathering. Impassively, the teenager watches the others, clinging to silence rather than further inputting his thoughts or suggestions for now.

Ygraine's brows arch at Melissa's interpretation of her refusal to supply bandits, but she doesn't press the point. Instead, when she again rises to her feet - leathers creaking quietly as she does so - she nods. "Transport. We've got two primary problems. One is the state of the tunnel - it's gradually flooding, and the water is… worse than unhygienic. Frankly, most people would prefer it if I didn't go into details - please take my word for that, though Pericles" - she nods towards Perry - "can confirm the serious nature of things. There's also the simple fact that the water flooding the tunnel is coming through the roof: a leaking Subway tunnel is a bad thing, even without a river over it."

"Secondly…." Ygraine sighs. "The one remaining boat on the river is in hostile hands. Its captain is reported to be a Humanis First member. Do not approach it. Avoid being seen by it if you can. But in spite of those two problems, we have two ways that I know of, to get across the river. I can take small groups across the Queensboro Bridge. Those of you whom I got out of Eastview will have some idea how. It's not going to be a pleasant trip for anyone who comes with me, most likely, but I can do it reliably. Similarly, if it floats and it can support someone, Jaiden can use his talent with water to get it across the river. Any small boats, rafts, and the like could be useful there - but there are going to be limited numbers of people that we can take at any given time by either method."

Perry's lips purse and his hands leave his pockets to lace before him, a perfect tableaux of careful thought. "This- uh- this touches on any number of issues but- uh, may I be the first to suggest that perhaps- uh- perhaps this hostile boat ought to be- uh- commandeered? Assuming we have the capacity. I don't- don't want to distract from the task of our own safety and security but- uh- the free mobility of Humanis First I believe constitutes a- uh- clear and present danger to that safety. If we- uh- if we can acquire that boat for ourselves we'd- uh- we'd be killing two proverbial birds."

A dark frown settles over Perry's brow as his eyes cut to Melissa and then to Devon. "In- in any case I think the tunnel should- uh- should be reserved for emergency transit only. Most of the survivors should stay here, in relative safety. But we- uh- we have business back on Roosevelt. I- uh- I myself will be returning, and I hope to take a small force with me," hence the glances towards Melissa and Devon, "to find out if there- uh- if there are any hold outs of our people and- uh- and potentially to get in contact with the Suresh Center. If they have retained control of the facility they- uh- they may be willing to offer supplies we can't get elsewhere."

This brings him to address Ygraine directly. "How many and how quickly can you escort people back to the island?"

"We could," Doyle speaks quiet agreement, his eyes narrowing slightly at the mention of the boat, "I could simply… convince the captain to take a little swim." There's something almost light and cheerful about his words, something that isn't reflected at all in his eyes as he steps away from the wall, "Wouldn't take any effort whatsoever. The trick'd be that we don't know how many people on his crew are with— uh— the Humanis."

"What about—" Elle starts to say, before closing her mouth as both Perry and Doyle say exactly what she was thinking. She crosses her arms, leaning back against the wall once more as she turns to peer at the two. "I'll happily fry the fuckers while Doyle's making them swim." She glances toward Doyle, brows raised slightly. "We have enough people here that we could easily overtake that boat and make it ours."

"There we go. Two methods of getting across. Talk to Ygraine or Jaiden if you want to take them up on those offers. If you go by yourself, be aware that you are taking some potentially serious risks." She nods. "And I agree that taking Valentin's boat is a good idea. Both for our use, and to keep Humanis First from being able to sufficiently put together an attack. Some of us have met Valentin, prior to finding out who he was, so we can give out descriptions," Melissa offers, nodding. "We can talk more about the boat once we get to Humanis First." Because apparently she's going to be anal today about sticking to the mental schedule she has in her mind.

"Okay, Doyle. Your safehouse. How many people can it hold, you cool with us stashing supplies there, all that good stuff? And give directions, so that everyone who wants to take you up on your offer can go there?" she asks, looking to the puppeteer.

Devon looks up at Perry while he speaks, then glances to the others as ideas crop up, eventually returning back to Melissa and Perry. Taking a boat would make travel a lot easier, and generate some safety by cutting off transportation from Humanis First. Definitely something to talk about. When talk comes up to the return to Roosevelt, the boy nods his agreement. He'll be returning to that side of the dome as well.

At the question, Doyle hesitates for a moment— fingers bending in the air as he looks over the ground, mentally counting heads. "It could easily fit all of us," he admits, "I mean, we might be doubling or tripling up on rooms, but we should probably do that for warmth anyway, you know?" He looks around, brows lifted at the female members of the group. Who wants to bunk with Doyle, ladies? Hm? HM?

"You can store supplies there," he admits, "It's… you're not really going back are you? To Roosevelt?" He looks confused, "It's a deathtrap."

"We need all the supplies we can get, and we've now got a very high percentage of the survivors stuck in half the area - and the half that had more initial trouble", Ygraine says ruefully, focusing upon Doyle. "It might make sense to spread people out a bit, to ease sanitation. But a cluster of buildings would certainly seem to be wise, and the safehouse is a good start. I believe that Pericles has some ideas on the topic of establishing a secure location, but that's a slightly later topic…."

"Spreading out would also help spread out our target area. If, god forbid, something happens to one group or cache or safehouse, we'll have others." Jaiden nods to ygraine.

"Then- uh- then we should establish lieutenants," Perry suggests, "or- uh- really just points of communication. People- uh- people with cellphones or other means of communication so our cells can inform the others if there's threat to one, allowing the others to react. Equal numbers for each- uh- each holdout," he nods to Ygraine, "I- uh- as I said, we don't know how long we're here for, so we should- uh- should look towards claiming the most tactically- uh- tactically significant locations and- uh- fortify. The best way to- uh- to keep order and prevent panic will be to create a sense of stability. It- uh- it may behoove us to vest our lieutenants with some loose powers of command. Indecision can be as deadly as a decision badly made. I- uh- I obviously support democratic procedure, but we need to be able to react with due speed. We can't- can't take a vote every time an issue arises in each cell."

Doyle receives a dip of the head from Perry. "Yes. Deathtrap maybe but- but there are people there I can't leave behind. No one- no one has to come that doesn't wish to. But it will be- uh- be all the easier if and when we can seize that boat."

"I have two kids over on Roosevelt. One's not even a year old. I can't just leave them there, even if they are being watched by someone," Melissa says to Doyle, nodding. "And agreed on spreading out. For now…how about we put the kids, the older people, and the injured people at Doyle's place? They're the ones who need someplace the most. Some of us can get them settled, and the rest of us, the ones who aren't dealing with food or water, can start scouting for another place or places for the rest of us to go. Any arguments on that? Volunteers for scouting new buildings?"

Perry gets a look and she nods slowly. "Maybe the leader of each team. And Doyle, for the safehouse, if he has a cell," she says, looking towards the man questioningly. "Or, would you guys rather vote for the lieutenants? If so, I nominate Perry." Big surprise there.

"I'm not staying over here," Devon says with a glance toward Doyle. "Nor am I hiding with the kids or injured." Shrugging against the strap crossing his chest, he steps up onto the platform, feet carrying him until he's taken up a spot behind and just left of Perry. His eyes focus on the floor briefly before lifting again, staring out at everyone else.

"Hey," Doyle chuckles mirthlessly, hands spreading out a little, "No skin off my back if you want to go get yourselves killed, but, uh, I'd rather you not lead the government or Humanis back to the 'House, you know?" Hands drop back to his sides, and he tips his head to Ygraine— perhaps indicating that she's part of his cell. So to speak. "I've got some people there already. But.. wait, so— how many people are we talking, exactly?" He looks a bit cautious, now. Perhaps he didn't think they were bringing all the refugees!

"We can take advice from the locals on buildings", Ygraine suggests. "They're a lot more likely than any of us to know which ones were condemned, or anything of the sort. And we'll try to get numbers. I'd personally like to get a full census done - split people up into groups, get names taken. Put families and friends back together, arrange contacts outside so that we can let people know that people are alive… all as efficiently as we can. And when we're trying to sort out who goes where for housing would seem a good point for that. It'll also help us with things like trying to lay in any necessary on-going supplies - asthma medication, insulin, and so on. As a slight tangent… the Suresh Center is still operational, and it still has power. It's an obvious target for future attacks - but some of the people there can't be moved because they need the facilities there to tend to their injuries. I've had an offer of help that might be able to call up some extra security for it - there were privately-owned facilities in here that had full-time security contracts. It's possible that we can round up a few more guys with guns and post them on the one thing left that resembles a hospital. But no promises, and that'd be on the other side of the water."

"Callous though- uh- though it might sound, I'm primarily concerned with the safety of our own people at the moment," Perry says, lips tugging down at the corners, demonstrating his regret, "Miss FitzRoy, you- uh- you seem to have an indexical mind but- uh- but we'll need you to cross back to the island. So- uh-" he looks to Jaiden, "Jaiden, is it? Would- uh- would you take on responsibility for organizing a census," he offers a smile to Melissa, "I- uh- I appreciate nomination but I- uh- can't really help if I'm crossing back over to the island. I think those who- uh- who attended this meeting can serve as de facto lieutenants, with provisional powers of deputization. Just- just operate under your best judgement and fan out from the safehouse, finding structures nearby with clear lines of communication. If anything big happens, locations change… let the team back on the Island know…"

Perry nods to Devon, "you can come with Melissa and I. I won't stand in the way of your- of your imperative. But those who stay behind," he turns back to the assembled, "I think it's- uh- it's due time we discussed how we deal with- uh- future encounters with other organized groups. So as to- uh- so as to avoid the kind of bloodshed we caused when we arrived…"

Melissa looks at Devon, reaching over to give his good shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "Perry's right. You can come with us. Me casa es su casa," she murmurs to him. "And right now, just the really old, really young, and really hurt, Doyle. We'll find room for everyone else who stays on this side. And Ygraine, good idea. Go for it. I can check the Suresh Center when we go back to Roosevelt. I work there, so I know it and its employees pretty well. Anything else before we move onto the subject of Humanis First?"

A nod is given to both Melissa and Perry, glad neither seek to keep him placed in relative safety. Pressing his lips together again, he settles for watching the crowd, having nothing else to add at the moment.

Since the bomb went off, Keagan has tried to stay close to the group that helped him pull his heroic yet less-than-wise self from the remnants of the fight. It's clear that he's a bit of a clown, even in such dire circumstances. Maybe it's a defense ability. Maybe he's just dumb, or maybe he's just that cheerful. It's hard to tell. One thing is for sure, his silly antics are but a thin disguise for how frightened he is. He's still walking a little slow from the bomb impact the day before.

When the talk first started, Keagan didn't seem the least interested. It sounded boring. However, in his very slight wanderings, he hasn't found anything better to occupy his time. He ambles back to the steps, slowly crouching down before he sits. "Man, now I know what it feels like to be old. I feel like I'm thirty or something." The greasy-haired teen takes a moment to watch the group tentatively. He hardly knows any of them, and finds it strange to be relying for survival on people he doesn't know at all. Still, he has little choice, unless he'd want to spend the rest of the time in the dome fused with the street.

"I walked across to the Suresh Center this morning. They were hit, hard, but the initial focus of the attack there was the Stillwater contingent guarding it", Ygraine announces once no one else comes forward with other business, the croak in her voice deepening a little after all this talking. "As a result, the damage… looks impressive, and the whole place got drenched by the fire suppression system, but it's still operational. That they've not been targeted again, as yet, suggests that the team assigned to that portion of the island was wiped out - or that any survivors are very firmly in hiding."

"Unfortunately, much of the rest is bad news. There was at least one small group of Humanis active on this side of the river last night, while the bombs were going off on Roosevelt. They were staging an 'initiation' for a new recruit. It was interrupted, fortunately. However, they don't seem to have had the strength to go head to head with the stronger Stillwater forces on this side of the river, nor did they stage any 'spectaculars' with explosives. At least one of them was taken down - that's how we know about the initiation. Whether there were survivors picked up by the boat or going into hiding here, I don't know….."

A cough into one gloved fist to try to clear her throat, then Ygraine presses on. "The boat, I'd be really cautious about tackling. We know for a fact that they have a talented bomber. Doing the damage that was done isn't easy, and the bombs went off on cue - and were of different types. This guy - or these guys - can make, plant and set off incendiaries and blast bombs alike, and appear to have the know-how to set up accurate timers or remote detonators. Given the value of the boat and the steps they took to make it the only one left - we can probably assume that the 'mysterious' detonation that wiped out the Stillwater vessel on the fifth was their handiwork - it's probably also safe to assume that their own vessel is rigged. They know we're going to want to try to take it from them, and they know that they're unlikely to survive if captured by a group of angry Evolved. So I'd fully expect their boat to be booby-trapped - and to have been trapped by someone who seems to be very good at his job."

"The- uh- the details of capture can - I think - wait until we're ready to launch such an operation," Perry says, almost apologetically, "I am- uh- really less concerned about Humanis First specifically as the- uh- general problem of identifying friendlies, hostiles and- uh- everyone inbetween. I'd like at the- uh- at the very least to resolve not to resort to violence without some- uh- some clear criteria. Negotiation first, avoid- uh- avoid assumption of aggression, a- uh- a 'who goes there' type system. Easier when- uh- when we have stable locations to patrol."

Perry gives a huffing sigh. "We can't- can't simply assume people we encounter are Humanis First as we- uh- seemed to do upon our arrival from the island. We can't let our fear overcome our reason. If- uh- if we can resolve to take more care I- uh- I wouldn't mind closing this forum and- uh- actually getting down to the work of surviving."

"Sadly, the best point of view would be to trust everyone until given a reason. DOn't turn anyone away as long as there's no reason, obvious or no, to do so. We're not them…we're the civilized ones." Jaiden pauses for a moment. "I'm going to go check out that walled up grocery store - see if they will help us out with the food thing. Who knows? we may get a nice supply to spread out."

"Okay, I guess that means we're skipping over to Humanis First," Melissa says dryly, shaking her head. "Anyway, yeah, we'll be cautious with the boat. Anyone who wants to get in on taking it from them, give your name to Perry. For others…Unfortunately, there are enough scared people here, like the ones we met just hours ago, who might be assumed to be Humanis First, who very much aren't. I think that, with that in mind, for now we should stick to groups. Report anyone who seems suspicious. And be wary of Valentin. Can anyone think of anything else we can do, or a way to improve upon that plan?"

Devon passes a look over to Melissa and Perry, but remains silent. He'll catch up with them later, and voice his thoughts. For now, he just nods vaguely, thumb hooking into the strap of his rifle, gaze slanting briefly toward the others gathered for meeting then lowering to the platform underfoot.

As the Suresh Center is mentioned, Keagan's bored look is replaced by a panic. "Wait! Suresh Center? My aunt works there!" He really gets angry with his aunt, but he doesn't want her dead. A certain dread panic seems to come over his face. "We gotta go help them." Nevermind that it was said it's been quiet there since the attack. "Wait, you guys want to go meet the psycho killers? I mean… I recognize you guys are kinda bloodthirsty yourselves, but this is a bad idea. We need to stay away from that boat. We need to just get to the Suresh Center, maybe there's survivors, maybe they have food. Maybe… we can just wait it out there. Why do we want to go someplace we know people want to kill us?" He isn't a calm kid, and his emotions run high. Still, he doesn't see why he shouldn't have equal input, if this is democratic.

"What?" Doyle's eyes widen a touch at Keagan's sudden exclaimation, dropping back a step, "…we don't want to. That's why I'm not going to the Suresh Center for fuck's sake, those guys are butchers." There's a lingering pause, then a suspicious accusation, "Who's your aunt?"

"Let's sort out tracing family members as part of the housing project. I suspect this chap'll be one of yours, Eric", Ygraine puts in, attempting to distract the big guy from the Institute by presenting him with a temporary ward to take care of. "And I can take a message when next I'm over there. There are survivors. They still have power. They're still looking after patients. And some of those people can't be moved without risking their lives, so I'm keen to see about getting them some security - but there's a fair chance I'll be able to do that without depleting resources here at all."

Looking back to Melissa, she nods once more, though her words are more general as she tries to emphasise points already made. "Stick to groups. Avoid the boat. Don't start any trouble. And take care. While we're sorting out groups and housing, we can take requests for messages and urgent needs. But all that's going to be a bigger job than we can handle here and now."

"that doesn't matter, you two. Not now. Not until this dome comes down." Jaiden's voice is sharp, drawing attention to him as he straightens from his seat, coming alive a bit at the bit of conflict. "Right now, what's in the past is the past. Sure, the Suresh center has done a lot of things that none of us like, but like it or not, they're in here too, and they have the things that a lot of people need. I mean, hell, I can keep a cell phone charged with a few things I've scavenged, but running a ventilator or keeping refrigerators running to keep blood supplies cold? Like it or not, the Suresh center is right now one of the more important places in this dome, right in front of that barricaded grocery store."

Keagan's comment gets a roll of Melissa's eyes, then she scans the crowd and nods. "Okay, so we've gotten stuff pretty much figured out. We have people hunting for food, for water, and for more space. The kids and injured are going to Doyle's. If you need to get to Roosevelt, talk to Ygraine or Jaiden. If you want to help with the boat, talk to me or Perry, and everyone else avoid it and Valentin like the plague. I'll leave my cell number if anyone wants it. And yes, remember to travel in groups if you have to travel at all. Report anyone suspicious. And we're not going to be attacking the Suresh Center, so you can chill out."

She thinks for a moment before she nods. "I think that's it. We've gotten a lot talked about tonight. If anyone thinks of anything else, spread the word. We can have another meeting if necessary. Just be safe, be smart, and do your best to avoid any violence. We've already had more than our fair share."

And with a faint smile, she nods and hops down from the platform, while others start sliding away, to deal with their specific tasks, or to talk about what they heard. Because really, what else is there to do in the Dome?

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