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Scene Title Denied
Synopsis Kaylee is sent to Brennan to see if he'll let her get into his head.
Date May 04, 2010

The Garden

Time is passing and Brennan is getting more and more antsy despite the dropping off of the Ipod, the book, the visits from Joseph and Tasha and the five minutes conversation here and there that he's getting when people drop off his food. It's beyond thursday, nearing a week after and the ultimatums that were leveled at him when leaving the institute have not gone unthought of. He doesn't know about the messages or the instructions left on his cellphone. It was confiscated.

Space heater off for now since it's not gotten too cool down in the basement, he's on his back, staring up at the ceiling and listening. Doesn't feel like reading, doesn't feel like listening to Tasha's questionable music. Doesn't feel like doing much of anything other than getting out and the looks he throws at the door during meal delivery probably isn't making people feel that more comfortable around him for all that he's been co-operative.

With a mission in hand, Kaylee didn't drag her feet getting to The Garden, she was clean of any tampering from the Institute, but she felt the need to prove herself as loyal as ever. That proof was in the form of Dr. Harve Brennan and what is going on in his head. Eileen wanted to know what was going on… so she was to try.

While she did dally a little once she got to the Garden to let the safehouse operator know she'd be staying the night there, find her assigned bed… then muster up the courage to face the man in the basement.

The soft click of the door alerts, Brennan to her arrival, Kaylee gives him a cautious glance as she slowly makes her way down the stairs, a hand trailing along the wall. She doesn't really say anything, as she comes to stand at the bottom, feet planted firmly on the concrete floor. Nothing she could really say, would fix what happened… not to mention it would have happened either way.

There's a sideways glance to the door, see who's coming down. When he does see who it is, his gaze goes right back up to the roof, hands behind his head resting on the pillow, legs crossed at the ankles.

"Glad to see they let you and about and that you made it back relatively safe and sound. Joseph said you'd been tossed and retrieved some time back" He offers to her, his tone fairly even and voice conversational.

"Yeah…" Kaylee offers softly, she doesn't move any closer, instead she moves to settle on the bottom step, gaze going to the floor. "No memory of what happened." As admits, sound a touch down about that fact. Folding her arms, she rests them on her knees as she watches him.

"I'm glad to see they didn't hurt you…" Not that it's very comforting to him, a glance around cellar, Kaylee frowns a bit. Knowing how he is always telling to get to the point, she offers it up without prompting, "The Ferrymen sent me here, Dr Brennan, to see if you'll let me have a look in your head." There is a grimace and she lets her gaze drift back to him. "They are worried you'll turn on the group once you leave here."

Sent the telepath to take a gander in his head. "Get in my head and I will negate you so fast your head will spin Kaylee. They can come down and ask like civilized people instead of asking you to mind rape me. Got it? Sumter already spoke with me, they have their answer. If they don't like it, they can go with option two that was presented to me and tell my wife where they've dumped my body"

Someone is cranky.

"Unless you say 'Yes', I don't plan too." Kaylee comments with a small shrug of her shoulders, her head slowly shaking back and forth. "They told me not to push it and I'm not… I wouldn't want to anyhow." That last murmurs, as she glances to the ground again, visible just past her knees.

"I'm really hoping they don't go for option two, but there is a lot of lives on the line." There is a somewhat painful look on her face and she straightens. "Not that I completely agree… you've done a lot for the group. I'm hoping they will trust you enough… but then… like I said that night, I'm distrusted by mere association."

"I'm sorry your down here," Kaylee says finally, sighing softly, hands running along the outside of her thighs, nervously. "Maybe if I had resisted and we both got tranqed," And she believed that's all that would have happened, "…this would have gone differently." Though the doubt is clear in her voice. "But for the record… I had no idea that they would know who I am."

"See and Sumter said option two, Ferry doesn't do option two. Funny, you know, how the one hand doesn't know what the other is offering" There's an awkward shrug of his shoulders to the rest of her conversation. "They will, or they won't. I trust two, maybe three people in this group" Brennan curls upwards, rolling to his side and sitting up on the cot.

"I learned something, while I was at the institute. Do you know the success rate of telepathy used on a negator? I did. They didn't trust a telepathist to go through my head. Inherent nature of my ability, they couldn't guarantee whether they would get anything or if they did, whether it would be true or not."

Knee's on his elbows, hands clasped together and feet flat on the floor. "Who sent you down here?"

"Yeah well… The Ferry has it's normal membership… and then there are the others." Kaylee offers softly, giving him a tight lipped smile. "I've been around the others enough to know that some of them might — whether the Ferrymen wanted them too or not — go with option two." Her hands drift apart in a helpless way, he may or may not believe her, but there you have it, that gesture says.

The information about negators and telepaths gets an interested look, brows lifting slightly as Kaylee has no reason to distrust the information, but there is no comment about it, instead she offers an answer to his question. "Eileen sent me down here, she told me to ask, but don't press it… and to tell Scott what I found out." Not her.

"Little surprise" Dryly spoken. Brennan lifts his head, looking at the other woman. "You tell Harkness, that the moment I'm out of this basement, I'm gone from the ferry. Anyone makes a move for my family, myself, I find a ticking anything in my car, or anything that resembles the 'others' opting to remove me from their worries, I will do something stupid. You don't need to go into my head to know that I'm not lying. My wife wants me out of this and away from this. I'm inclined to agree with her"

"And I don't blame you." Kaylee says softly, her head nodding slowly in agreement. "If it wasn't for the other stuff… I'd listen to Peter and get out, too."

"But I'll let Harkness know." Though she seems less then thrilled about it, "He's not exactly a fan of me since I started dating Peter… Tho' I am not sure he's going to have to worry about that for long." She doesn't elaborate on it, but she sounds downcast enough about it. A hand curls around the railing and she pulls herself up to stand.

"Besides the obvious… is there anything I can get you? I'm staying here the night, since I can't exactly go home yet."

Brennan waves her off. "Nope, short of letting me out of here right now. But somehow, I doubt that you'd do that Kaylee, so go spend your night with the rest of the folks upstairs" He gestures to the door before maneuvering himself to recline once again on his cot after flipping the space heater on.

A foot moves to rest on the first step, Kaylee studies him as he lays there. "Alright.. Well, I'll be up there if you need anything. You think loud enough, I might hear you…" There is a look of uncertainty, before she turns to make her way up the stairs. The young woman is thoughtful as she does.

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