Scene Title Dénouement
Synopsis Minea returns to the Hangar with a side trip.
Date July 27, 2009

Manhattan Island

The foxhole had been nice actaully.

Quiet, different. Reminiscent of a bunker she's stayed in down in South America at some point. Darla had been true to her word and her box of stuff had been brought. No clamor from the streets or sirens, nothing to distract her, Minea had gotten what else she had needed for the ID's. A family had come through the Ferryman and Minea had offered to make them new ID's. Wireless could make them even more real.

But with the news blaring the discovery of Pinehearst's hidden reactor, possible experiments on Evo's and all that, Minea had concluded that Phoenix had done their part. To the best of her knowledge.

Was time for her to do her part.

Her goodbyes and thanks offered to Darla for her hospitality, the ID's were put into a manila envelope and handed it to the proprietor. All would be good with those. The family could make off with safety. Minea was going to head back to the Hangar, but she had a pit stop to make first.

Careful, cautious, she's made her way out from the ruins of the subway and onwards to the city proper and out of the ruins period. Avoiding where she'd been when she came across Carrie and Company. Through streets, cash paid for taxi's and around and around she goes till she's at another bus station.

Locker 187. A key inserted, and things taken out. Small duffel bag of clothing, A pair of guns inside it, more ID's and cash. This is exchanged for a piece of paper folded up in quarters and placed inside. The door to the locker is closed with barely a creak and she takes the key back, putting in more coins to pay for it's occupancy.

The only difference to it when she leaves in a scratch made with the key at the top right corner of the locker.

Minea heads back out, scurrying and repeating her paths. Taxi's, buses, and eventually to the Hangar.

3 hours later

A non descript woman walks by the lockers, pausing at the marked one. Blonde, average height, she blends in with the rest of the people. The key produced opens Locker 187. The piece of paper is taken out, not even read but slipped into an envelope and the door locked. More coins deposited to reserve the locker before she walks away.

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