Desperately Seeking Adam


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Scene Title Desperately Seeking Adam
Synopsis PARIAH discusses the first step in getting Peter back: finding Adam Monroe.
Date September 30th, 2008

The Hangar

A wrought-iron fence borders several small garden beds and the stone stairs leading up to the house's front door. The house itself is a structure of old stone - not even concrete blocks, but quarried stone — with natural-color wood doors and window frames. The windows on the ground floor are barred.

Inside, the level is divided into only three rooms. The first is the foyer, with polished hardwood flooring, a freestanding coatrack on either side, iron-dark against soft-amber interior walls. The main staircase spirals up from one corner of the foyer, girded by a wrought-iron railing.

To the right from the entrance is the kitchen. The walls just off from white, the floor tiled in dark gray. In the center of the kitchen is a black-topped island, matching the counters that line the room. One wall is dominated by an eminently modern stove framed by an anachronistic brick hearth. Cabinets above the counters have glass doors; the windows above the sink are framed in light-colored curtains, the illumination they let in adding to the expansive atmosphere.

The dining room takes up the back of this floor. The far wall is brick and stone, with a facade of a fireplace mantle in the center. Interior walls have been painted a tone intermediate between amber and ivory, which is also the accent color in the dark rug beneath the long dining table.

Word went out yet again, that Claire and Helena survived their initial meeting with Sylar with nary a hair on their head lost. And so of course the next step is updating the masses, as it were. Helena has made herself available at the safehouse to answer queries and tell the story. She's in her favorite chair, curled up with a six pack of her favorite soda on the endtable next to her. She's already two bottles in.

Daniel enters with his hoodie on, zipped up, he's been running hard with his heavy 'training' backpack full of rocks and debris, but he must have taken some time to cool down before coming in to see Helena. He sets the backpack aside, approaches. "Hi, Helena." he says quietly. "What's the story?" Well, that's direct enough.

Alexander is just off shift, and looking utterly beat, if pleased with himself. He comes shuffling in, bottle of water in hand, and finds himself a seat. "What's the story, morning glory?" he says, cheerfully enough.

"So Claire and I met with Sylar." Helena says. "I got what he wants us to do. At least for the start."

Eve chooses this time to enter, she is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a black tank top, her hair loose and free. There are no bags, looks like Eve isn't all the way back. "I hear that we're working with my 'best friend'" is all she says to Helena and then she smiles at Daniel and Alex in greeting, "I also have information for everyone" Eve then proceeds to lean against the wall and close her eyes briefly.

"If you mean the guy who if you would have shot, we wouldn't be in this mess, yes." Helena replies. "What's your news?"

Daniel just stands there, listening carefully, keeping quiet. It's hard to read his expression. He's listening — that's about it.

Alexander just arches a copper brow expectantly. 'Oh? He wants that electrogirl, right?"

"Too bad he could just stop my bullet, but that's besides the point now. That raid was a failure due to several things, not just me," Eve chuckles lightly and then looks serious, "I'm sure you must have figured out by now but Sylar does want something, the blonde man from my painting. He can regenerate just like Claire, just a side note, be careful. No matter if he isn't killing anymore or not. I'm sure we don't want a Sylar that can heal. I thought about my dream more and realized this" she says this in a helpful tone, maybe she is trying to get over with this.

Helena shakes her head. "Sylar wants a man named Adam Monroe. The blonde man. Remember when we stormed level 5 and he still looked like Suresh? He went right for Monroe's cell. The Company wants electrogirl — her name's Elle Bishop. So the first thing we need to do is track down Adam Monroe." She shakes her head. "We may not want Sylar to regenerate, but I won't see Peter a minute longer in Company hands then he has to be, and neither will Claire."

Daniel says, "If you say the price is worth it." like that's the end of a sentence, and not the beginning. He doesn't sound petulant, or cool, or matter-of-fact, or anything at all. Just some words coming out of his mouth like they had to come from somewhere.

Alexander worries at his lip for a long while, but finally nods, taking a pull off his root beer. "Wait. If the Company has Peter and wants Elle, why not just get Elle? Why do we need Sylar at all?"

"I wouldn't expect anything less. Peter is first, not letting Sylar have Adam is second but still important" Eve looks to Daniel and Alex as they speak, "I'm assuming that there is something else deeper to this. Sylar doesn't need us for anything, except to find Adam and Elle, right? So why else would he work with us?" Eve's eyebrows raise and she looks to Helena, "Am I going in the right direction?"

"He doesn't need Claire anymore. Or so he says." Helena notes. "Because he wants Adam. I don't know if we can necessarily stop Adam's people and get to Agent Bishop without Sylar. But regardless, we'd need to find Adam Monroe either way. I've put Cat on it, but I'm also going to ask Wireless to look into it as well."

Alexander lifts a hand. "Wait. I'm lost. If we know Peter is in Company custody…..all we need to do is find out which place and break him out. Why is Monroe relevant to us?"

"Because the last raid attempt went so well. And we don't know which facility or where in it." Helena points out.

Daniel is just listening. He keeps his mouth shut. He even edges back from the conversation just a tiny bit, so that it doesn't even naturally include him as much. Fewer look at him. Fewer still see him.

"Now how well, did our last attempt at breaking and entering go?" she smiles and pats Alexander's shoulder. "They want a trade, much less messy. But we can't be sure that they will not try to take us all in" Eve says and looks to everyone. "Yeah, like Helena said" it looks as if Eve has been getting more sleep lately.

"I don't see why we need Sylar at all," Al persists. "This all sounds like a wonderful attempt for him to use us and then fuck us over."

"I don't know that we can take on Adam's people, or even contain Agent Bishop." Hel says. "Talk to Claire as well if you think we should try a switch, she's got a say in this too. Regardless, it's all volunteer." At the last sentence, she looks at Daniel.

Daniel shrugs almost imperceptibly. "If you say we're doing this, I'm in." he says softly, with that same careless nothing to his words. "I'm not a strategy person. If you say this is the best way, I'll do what you suggest."

"I'm in, I like Peter. Also, we can't let the Company have him. If conflict is arising, we really want him on our side." Eve looks deep in thought and then she sighs, "I need to go, don't want to miss my performance. Might get fired" she smiles at everyone in the room? everyone and then gets up from the wall, preparing to leave. "Maybe you guys can see me one day, when our lives aren't as hectic, whenever that might be."

Alexander nods quietly to Eve. "Yeah," he says, gently. "I think it's a trap. But I'm not sure what choice we have, if we want to get Peter back alive."

"Regardless, the first step is still to track down Adam Monroe." Helena says firmly. "We need to get at least that far before we can decide whether or not we want to remove Sylar from the picture."

Daniel says, "Tell me where to look. Where someone might write something down, or say something I could overhear?"

Before Eve leaves, she abruptly turns around and places a hand on Helena's shoulder, "Hel, can we just stop fighting? Or whatever this is. Stop blaming me for the group's failure and let's just move on" she looks down for a moment and then returns to the door, "I'm sorry for whatever I did and I love you Hel, always have. We're family, think on that" And with that Eve exits the room.

Alexander purses his lips at Eve's little speech, but says nothing either way. Helena gets a nod. "Point," he says. "I'm not above using him to get what we want and them killing him myself, if I can."

Helena shakes her head, clearly bothered by Eve's forced attempt at intimacy. She looks to the remaining pair. "I don't have anything yet. I'm hoping Wireless and Cat's friend can find something about his background that might suggest some of his haunts."

Daniel nods. "If you tell me where to look, I'll go." he says softly. "Anything else?"

"Seriously, guys." Helena says, "We haven't even started. All we've got right now is the name and the face."
Daniel nods slightly. He understands. He has nothing to add.

"I'm here to help. I just want that emo bastard out of whatever mutant gulag they have him in," Alex asys, staunchly.

Helena can't help but grin a little at that. "Okay." she says. "I'll let you know when I know more. How's the new HQ hunt coming?"

Daniel says gently, "I've found a few places. They would take some digging so that others could come in and out." Underground boltholes and sealed-off spaces are Daniel's specialty.

Alexander smiles at that, almost grudgingly. "The museums are tempting. They'd be big, open, and hard to heat in winter, though." He glances at Daniel. "Subway stations, maybe?"

Helena nods. "There's the abandoned one we all went down into. With the murals. I can give you an address if you want to look it over, Daniel?"

Daniel says, "Sure, that could work. If we could get some money together, it almost might be worth it to put a few forward posts behind the lines. Rent like actual citizens."

Alexander nods to that, gravely. "Yeah. I could use a real address, considering the registration thing. And I make enough to pay for part of rent, if it weren't somewhere too fancy. You all fancy setting up house?"

Daniel ducks his head embarrassedly. He was being all tough and raw, of course, but that's what he wants. Just a real place to stay.

Helena admits, "It might be good to have a backup safehouse. Let's see where we're going to establish our main HQ and then you can look into what's nearby?"

Daniel says, "Sure. I'll dig around and see what I can find."

Alexander looks pleased and thoughtful at the idea of a real place of his own. "Will do."

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