Desperately Seeking Hiro


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Scene Title Desperately Seeking Hiro
Synopsis Maybe she should look for Superman while she's at it.
Date March 20, 2009

NYPD Forensics Lab

It's another late night at the lab for Rebecca Nakano as she begins to wrap up for the night. She has just finished up sending off results of her latest forensic investigation and has begun to clean up around the lab. She has actually been lucky. Since that night in the lab with Coren, she has not had a postcognative vision, despite her best effort to force one. She doesn't miss the headaches, but she knows the only way to get a grip on this ability is to try her best to make them occur.

As she wipes down the counter, she reflects back to her conversations with Elisabeth and Zoe. Both helpful in their own way, but there is still that nagging of frustration at having some part of her life she cannot put in its little place and pull it out whenever she would like.

She starts to walk around and turn off a few of the standalone lamps that are about the room to help with different forms of analysis before removing her labcoat, hanging it on the wall and reaching for her jacket.

The amazing thing about some law enforcement facilities, is the fact that they don't expect someone to break in, especially not from the roof. He lucks out, there's a door on the roof, and it's open. When he enters, he immediately jumps on to the ceiling, taking a cue from Spider-Man and chosing to crawl around. He googled, he knows who he's looking for. She seems non-threatening enough from the one picture he managed to find, and smart, that's the most important part. He bites the bullet, despite having his issues with speaking to the opposite sex, he must find Hiro Nakamura, proof that this person exists!

In his crawl down a few floors, he finally spots her, wiping down a counter as he discretely stands up on the ceiling, looking down at her. "U-um, please don't be afraid or anything, I just need help…" So much for being totally bold and Batman-like. He's even wearing his glasses today, silver-framed and oval, and none of his clothes appear to be falling down like they should be on the ceiling.

There's a startled squeak that comes from the young woman as the voice takes her totally by surprise. This is like her little sanctuary. While she expects intrusions into her little domain, she doesn't expect them to occur without coming through the door. She spins around and her antiseptic wipe falls to the floor. She doesn't see him at first. The ceiling is rather high in here and there's no reason whatsoever for her to think that the voice would be standing on the ceiling.

"Who's in here?" she asks. It's not actually a demand, as she doesn't the forcefulness in her voice to do that, but it's more of a 'don't kill me, I have nothing of value' sort of tone. But the tone in his voice seems to make its way to her brain and she asks. "What sort of help do you need? I will not help if I cannot see who you are." she says softly.

"I looked you up online, you seemed like a nice person from your picture, and smart. I thought you might be able to help me find proof that Hiro Nakamura exists." Magnes requests, pulling his copy of 9th Wonders #14 from his pants, then drops it down on the counter near her. "I'm up here. I'm not gonna hurt you… I um, well, I can barely talk to you, let alone get close enough to hurt…"

She attempts to be somewhat rebuking, though mostly fails, when she asks. "You do know this is the police station? Are you in some sort of trouble?" She reaches over for the comic book. She opens it and flips through the pages. "Hiro Nakamura is a comic book character. In this comic. And you want me to prove he is real?" Rebecca actually considers calling for help. She could be stuck in a room with some psycho. "Tell me why I shouldn't call out there and have someone come in and take you into custody?" She closes the comic and folds it in half as she walks slowly towards her computer, where her phone is.

"I know it sounds totally crazy, but I met him, the real one. And it's not just some guy with the same name, he controls space and time! It's future Hiro, and Ando exists too, Hiro's friend, but the Hiro here says that Ando is dead." Magnes suddenly jumps down, lightly falling next to the counter, though he keeps his distance from her. "Please, just give me a chance here. I'm a guy who controls gravity, it can't be that strange, right? I just want you to look him up, see what you can find. In the comic, as you can see in that one, he worked at Yamagato Industries, his father is Kaito Nakamura, and um, just, come on, isn't there a way if you can see if all these things actually exist?"

"You don't know how to use the internet?" Rebecca is rightfully cautious as she slips into her seat. Looking up a few things on the internet for this loon, probably isn't going to hurt anything, but — she's not entirely sure she wants to encourage any repeat visits. "What's your name?" she asks, as she turns towards the powered off monitor. The reflection of the room behind her hits her strong and she already anticipates what's about to occur. Her hands move to the desk where she grips tightly and prepares to hold on tight as she gets this image soley intended for her.

The vision shows the room behind her, just as it is now. She sees her own reflection in the monitor, but also a second 'her' only she is facing away from it. Standing behind her is Elisabeth Harrison also looking in the same direction. It's clear now that they are watching something being projected on the wall. She can hear Elisabeth, "All right. I'll bite. How do you know that and what did start the fire?" She then hears her own voice come back to her. "Traces of nitromethane were discovered at the scene. As we get to this dot, this is where the more higher concentration of it were discovered. If you're not familiar, nitromethane is use primarily as a fuel for professional drag racing. It is also more explosive than dynomite. This particular aisle here is paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates.. you get my drift?"

There is something though that comes to Rebecca and she slowly forces herself to move to the side of the monitor, so she has a seperate angle view of the scene and on the wall is the projection of the images that she was showing to Elisabeth that day. Then just as quick as that, the vision ends. Of course, the end of the vision signals the start of a very nasty migraine. She's starting to not feel so helpless when these things occur and she manages to stumble over to her purse and pull out the bottle. After consuming the pills, she reaches up and rubs the side of her head. The realization dawns on her that she has found a touch of control of her visions. She can move from side to side and see different angles. A glimmer of hope touches her. She can do this.

For the moment she has forgotten there is someone else in the room with her.

"It's not that I can't use the internet, but searching things like Hiro Nakamura just brings up a lot of 9th Wonders fansites, I thought that maybe a cop could, I don't know, use some kind of police search…" Magnes suggests, but then she seems to space out, and suddenly there's a migraine. Did he miss something? He slowly rolls over to her, though keeps a good five foot distance, and for some reason he puts his hand over his eyes. "Are you alright? And don't mind my hands, please, I'm just making sure you're not about to pepper spray me. And um, please don't tase me either, I'm really not trying to hurt you, and I don't feel like being stuffed in the back of a car…"

The voice startles her. And she hears him coming closer and picks up the phone. "Just.. step back." The conversation comes back to her and she turns around to see if she can get a good look at him. "Who are you?" Rebecca holds the receiver of the phone in her hand and a dial tone is hear buzzing lowly.

"My name's Magnes J. Varlane, I'm a pizza delivery boy." Magnes introduces, nervously straightening his glasses as his cheeks flush from even being this close. Five feet, too close! "I'm sorry, I shouldn't even have come here, this was a stupid idea…" he says as he starts to flake out, then he smacks his forehead. "Oh crap, I told you my name, I'm so screwed! I'm going to jail…"

Rebecca arches her brow. "Have you been in trouble before Magnes J. Varlane?" She sets the phone down. She at least has some leverage and she says his name aloud, so he know that she knows and isn't going to forget any time soon. "Any warrants for your arrest?"

Magnes cluelessly scratches his head, giving her questions some serious thought. "Well, I've never been arrested, but I was kidnapped for a few weeks, then a few days ago a woman tased me and put me in her trunk, that's how I met Hiro Nakamura. But other than that, I don't think I've really been in much trouble… oh, and I was shot before." he counts his fingers as he lists things off, though he appears to be doing considerably well, possibly even adapting to the weirdness. "I-I swear to God, I only came here to learn about Hiro…" he repeats, obviously more afraid of her than she is of him… maybe.

Well, being the logical sort that Rebecca is, after the initial fright of someone actually sneaking into her lab, she realized that she in the NYPD. One scream would bring several cops into here to take out the young man. Besides. She has a weapon. The phone. And a mouse. And she knows how to use them. The Japanese American woman reaches to flip on her monitor while still keeping her eye on the young man. "On the other side of the computer. I'll look, but I want to see you." She pulls up her database and types in Hiro Nakamura. The screen lights up pretty good with that. "Great. Only a hundred or so Hiro Nakamuras in the database." She narrows the search by adding Yamagato Industries and the results go down to Zero. "Not saying your guys doesn't exist, but at least locally there's no connection between any Hiro Nakamura and Yamagato Industries. And I'm not certain I should be digging around any Federal databases for a cartoon character." she glances at him. "Why is this so important?"

"Because it's Hiro Nakamura, if he's real, it's like… if Superman existed! I wanna help him with whatever he's doing, I wanna save the world! Hiro would be proof that it is possible to make a difference in the world, just because you believe you can…" Magnes passionately explains, apparently really believing in the Hiro character, possibly even relating. He smiles at Rebecca, nodding to her. "Thanks for at least giving me a chance, I'm sure you think I'm out of my mind now. I'll just have to find a different way to prove he exists."

There is several moments of contemplation as she listens to his impassioned speech. As he starts to make his leave, Rebecca picks up a notepad and offers it to him with a pen. "Write here how I can get in touch with you. If I come across something, and it's not something I have to do as part of an investigation — meaning it's not a conflict to the interest of my job — then I'll contact you." She's not going to put her job in jeopardy for this fictional chase this Magnes is on, but there's something about her that wants to believe him.

"When you go, please just go out the door."

Magnes takes the notepad, writing down his cellphone number, email, and his number at Elvis' place. Then, he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a Panucci's menu, handing the notepad to her with the menu. "There you go, and thanks again. I'm usually not good at judging people, but you really are a nice person…" he awkwardly says, straightening his glasses with red cheeks. Yes, complimenting a woman is likely as difficult as a marriage proposal for him.

Okay, well that made her blush. She ducks her head and turns back to her computer setting the notepad aside. "If you come back, can you just come in the door next time?" she asks, staring at the screen hoping to hide the redness of her cheeks.

"A-ah, sure!" Magnes agrees, suddenly turning to skate off, waving without looking back. He tries to look at least a little manly, even if he terribly fails at it. "I'll see you later, Rebecca!"

Rebecca would have seen the wave, had she been looking at him. She sees his back as he slips out of the door the exits the lab. She turns off her monitor and grabs her coat. She takes a glances back at the comic he left behind and shakes her head. Surely it can't be true.. She puts on her coat and slips from the precinct heading for home.

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