Details Emerge In Padilla Case

MANHATTAN — New evidence in the case of slain New York native Graham Padilla shows that the fugitive recovery agent was attempting to track down members of the anti-Evolved terrorist organization known as the Vanguard at his time of death. This comes close on the heels of a raid by over two hundred and fifty United Nations officers on a Vanguard compound in Germany last month, during which sixty-seven men were arrested and another thirty-five killed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations released documents Saturday that confirmed Padilla had sufficient cause to believe Vanguard may be maintaining a presence here in New York City, though officials have stressed there is no evidence to support the theory he was murdered by one of its operatives, and that the autopsy report revealed Padilla's official cause of death to be sudden cardiac arrest.

No explanations have been offered as to how his body ended up in the East River.

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