Devastating Earthquake Shakes New York

MANHATTAN — Just months after a series of unexplained earthquakes shook up New Jersey, a devastating 7.1 earthquake shook up a portion of New York City's Financial District just after 7:30pm. The Earthquake was preceeded by a hijacked televised broadcast sent out to all local television stations. An evolved man, calling himself "Norman White" gave a speech condemning the United States Government for its handling of Registration, and made claims — similar to Vincent King just a few months ago — that the United States Government operates a secret prison for the Evolved known as the 'Moab Federal Penitentiary.'

Immediately following this broadcast, Norman White proceeded to use an unknown evolved ability to create a localized earthquake around the area of 1 Center Street which resulted in a disturbance of the local electrical grid and the formation of a sinkhole beneath the Manhattan Municipal Building. In mere seconds, the entire forty-story center of New York City's legislative departments was brought to rubble. Thankfully, due to the hour of the day, presence within the building was light, but it is estimated some six hundred individuals may have been present in the building at the time of its collapse. New York Fire and Rescue has been dispatched to the scene to begin pulling survovors from the rubble.

This sudden act of violent terrorism comes on the heels of the assassination of Mayor Harry Bianco's son earlier today. In immediate response to the destruction of the most central office of legislative operation in the city, Daniel Linderman extended an offer of good will to the State of New York, offering unused office space within the Linderman Building to government agencies that were destroyed in the collapse of the Municipal Building. While Linderman's charity cannot replace the loss of the historic building or the lives undoubtedly snuffed out in its destruction, it will help facilitate as little of a stop to legislative processes within the city during this time of troubles.

A press conference by President Petrelli is scheduled for later tonight in response to the violent attack, and the New York Police Department, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have begun an intense search for the man responsible for this attack.

In light of this tragedy, the office of Mayor Bianco has called for a state of emergency in New York City, and has called on the National Guard yet again to assist in traffic control and the rescue effort at the site of the collapse. Curfew in Manhattan only has been lowered to 9:00pm until Friday.

We will continue to keep you up to date with information about this tragic incident.


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