Dewey Would Be Proud



Scene Title Dewey Would Be Proud
Synopsis When in doubt, ask the internet?
Date November 03, 2010

A Library

When Lynette laid the puzzle out for herself and really looked at the magnitude of it… well, it is hardly a one woman job. Which is why she's down at the library, portfolio in hand, puzzle pieces within. She hasn't really been out doors much lately, but with the 8th looming, she really needs a distraction. And this puzzle is great for that.

Striding up to the counter, she leans over to get the librarian's attention before she asks softly… "Hi there… I have this sort of giant project and I really think I might need some help with the computers and such? Is there someone available?"

The librarian behind the counter doesn't fit any stereotype, other than perhaps for the fact that he wears glasses. But rather than horn-rimmed and on a chain, they're of the chunky black variety. He looks up from his screen when Lynette speaks, immediately smiling at her even as the light makes his meticulously shaven head gleam. "Hi," he says, then immediately starts to answer the posed question, turning his head slightly to regard the computers set aside for patrons to use. "What kind of project is it? I can probably get you started, but if you wanted someone to sit with you for more than ten minutes or so, you'd have to schedule an appointment."

And Lynette looks rushed and more than a little harried." The librarian smiles again, crows feet deepening slightly and making his age even harder to determine. He stands and moves out from behind the desk. The flash drive that hangs from a lanyard around his neck bounces slightly against the ribbing of his black turtleneck sweater as he moves and slips his hands into the pockets of his gray slacks. "But let's see what we can get you started with today, shall we?"

"Oh, really? Well, I'll remember that for next time," Lynette says with a gentle smile. "It's just these puzzle pieces. I had the debatably good fortune of coming into a little collection of them and I was thinking of getting something started up online where people could contribute and help get it put together… I'm just terrible with puzzles myself, especially when there's all these missing pieces." When he moves, though, Lynette straightens and comes over to join him. "I'm actually not at all sure exactly what to do with it all, but something has to come up, right?" Is she playing the helpless female? Maybe a little.

Collaborative, web-based utilities to deal with manipulating the placement of images? As he listens, the librarian smile turns both humored and sage-like. He starts over toward the computers, waving a hand for Lynette to follow him and walking slowly enough so that she can do so without much effort. "Is it that puzzle they were talking about on the Advocate about a month or so back?" he asks idly as they make their way to the terminals. "You'd have to scan them in, but when once you have digital files, you can upload them to Google Docs and then just pass the link around. E-mail, Twitter, Facebook - any of your standard Social Networking tools will do the trick." He coughs then, lifting a fist to catch the expulsion as he checks himself. Library lingo isn't always the easiest to understand, or from the other side of the desk, not use. Even when it's not technically library lingo.

"You could also write it down and pass it around. You'd want to shrink it down." He stops short again and grins. "Don't worry, I can show you how."

And Lynette does follow, because she's so very interested. "I'm not sure, I don't catch much TV, but probably. Piece being randomly sent out with words on the back? I have a few bits of the art that makes up the picture, there's two of them, but I was hoping maybe someone who was into that sort of thing could help pick it out. Then at least we'd know the end results." As he explains, though, she smiles a little brighter and nods her head, "Thank you. Believe me, I need all the help I can get."

"Iiii'm not sure what help I can be as far as what the picture is goes," the librarian says with an audible degree of wariness as he runs his fingers expertly across the keyboard to start Lynette's timed session as a guest at the library. "Unless you had a significant part of the image put together. Then you could search using keywords pulled from the image, but it'd still be pretty tough. You could try, though." And trying is what counts.

He leans away then, but only just enough to snag a chair with his foot and drag it over so he can sit next to Lynette. "Right. So if you don't already have an account with Google, you'll have to set one up. That's not hard though, and it's handy. They have a lot of web-based utilities. Even Youtube uses a Google sign-in."

"Oh no, of course. I meant… people, in general. Out there. Surfing the web, or whatever it is the young people are calling it now." Lynette takes her seat, giving the man a grateful smile. Luckily, she already has a google email under the name she's been using for all this madness, which is Sara. "Now, explain to be this Google Docs magic of yours…" It's just a quick session, but she aims to pull whatever she can out of it.

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