Dhs Appoints Acting Secretary

Associated Press
November 11, 2010

According to an incident report leaked to the New York Times, DHS Secretary Matthew Parkman suffered unstated injuries during the November 8th riots, effectively disabling him from duty indefinitely. As such, DHS Operations director Jason Pierce was expected to be nominated to the position of Secretary due to his close working relationship with Secretary Parkman and familiarity with the situation in New York City where much of DHS' activity is focused in current years,

However, Deputy Secretary Gregory Armond will be promoted to the position of Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security until such a time as Secretary Parkman is fit for work or further administrative action is taken. Operations Director Pierce will remain in his current position at the New York Offices in order to fully coordinate efforts on New York City now that martial law has been established.

Acting-Secretary Armond is expected to take office as soon as Friday and was favored for the position of Secretary by Vice President Mitchell despite President Petrelli personally appointing Parkman to the position following Secretary Hicks' death earlier this year.

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