DHS Office Attacked

Associated Press
July 1, 2010

Just hours after the catastrophic bombing of a CDC Central Operations facility in Chicago Illinois, the Department of Homeland Security is reporting that one of its administrative offices in Washington D.C. was struck by a terrorist infiltration. Early reports indicate that the terrorists hijacked a shipment truck bound to make a delivery to the facility, just blocks from the Capitol Building, when armed assailants emerged from the vehicle and opened fire.

Seven security personnel working at the office were killed and eight federal agents were killed in the line of duty attempting to defend themselves from the attack. Sources within the Department of Homeland Security say that the terrorists were after sensitive government information contained on un-networked computers contained at the offices.

In response to the attacks, the national terror threat level has been elevated to Red, the highest level of alert since the 2009 terror attacks that brought down the Consolidated Edison power plant and the Verazzano Narrows bridge in New York City.

DHS Operations Director Matthew Parkman commented that they believe the terrorist organization Messiah, responsible for the Chicago bombing, may have also been responsible for this attack. Sources within the Pentagon claim that a task force is being assembled to analyze and investigate these attacks and other related incidents around the United States, with the intention of uprooting terror cells on American home soil.

DHS special agent Jason Pierce, a former U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst has been appointed head of the special task force to investigate alleged instances of anti-government terror cells within the United States.

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