DHS Raids Connected To Messiah

New York Raids Made In Connection To Messiah

AP Wire
October 6, 2010

Coming just weeks after a Department of Homeland Security raid on the Unity group in California, New York City's branch of the DHS has made an alarming series of raids in connection with the infamous pro-evolved terrorist organization known as Messiah. DHS Operations Director Jason Pierce led a task force that raided the home of Columbia University professor Rupert Carmichael after receiving credible information linking Carmichael to the Messiah terrorist organization.

According to sources within the DHS, Carmichael was not found at his home, but authorities discovered troves of incriminating evidence, including a four-hundred page manifesto allegedly written by Carmichael. Arrested on the scene at Carmichael's residence was his personal assistant, Christabelle Montclaire, whom has been taken into the custody of Homeland Security for questioning.

According to these sources, Carmichael's residence contained detailed plans for Messiah's prior terrorist attacks, including the destruction of the Biodynamics Building in New York City up to the foiled attempts on the lives of Department of Evolved Affairs Secretary Raymond Praeger and Senior Analyst Georgia Mayes.

DHS has also obtained a record of individuals associated with the Messiah organization from Carmichael's belongings and are actively working to corroborate the identities of the people on this list. Perhaps most notable among the names, the long-troubled younger brother of President Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, was found listed among the known conspirators of Messiah. Petrelli was last in the news in the fall of 2006 when his brother revealed Peter's long struggle with mental illness and depression during his campaign for Senator of New York. The President's office had no comment on these allegations.

Within an hour of the raid on Carmichael's residence, the home of Peter Petrelli at the Madison Towers apartment complex was raided by DHS officials. No information about what was discovered at the Petrelli residence, however it was stated that Mister Petrelli was not home at the time of the raid, he is currently being sought for questioning by the Department of Homeland Security for involvement in the Messiah terrorist-organization.

Further raids are expected to transpire as the list of names found at Carmichael's residence are analyzed. If you have information pertaining to Messiah you are urged to contact the Department of Homeland Security Terror Hotline at 1-866-SAFENYS.

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