Dial A Chef


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Scene Title Dial a Chef
Synopsis Trask drops by to make sure mom is eating right!
Date April 26, 2011

Harmony and Nate's Apartment

Barefoot and pregnant is a bit of a cliche, but Harmony went barefoot before she got pregnant, so it really isn't anything out of the ordinary for her. When most of your time consists of sitting around the house all day, there really isn't any other way to be. The blond girl has been halfway scared to go out due to the mess that has been going on and Liz's lectures, and the rest of the time it's just the weight she has to carry around. Plus she hasn't had many visitors, so when there is a knock at the door, Harmony looks over at it confused. She goes over to answer it, pulling it open, expecting maybe Cardinal or even Liz.

Trask smiles from the door way, he has the bag in both hands, his voice might be more memorable, with the latino accent. "Dial a chef delivery?"

There is a brief second where she isn't sure who he is. It's been a little while, and only one encounter, so Harmony is questioning herself with a thinking frown. Luckily she has a rather good memory, so it sinks in quickly, "Ah, it's you. Well this is unexpected. I don't normally get many gentleman bringing bags of groceries unless it's my brother, and he has a key. Come in." she steps aside to let him enter.

Trask smiles and heads directly for the kitchen, he begins setting out things on the counter. "Liz asked me to check in on you, You in the mood for anything in particular for lunch?"

"Oh, that's the wrong question to ask." Harmony rolls her eyes, remembering her daily battles with Nate, "I can never think of anything to eat, and will go around in circles in deciding on something, but generally will eat whatever is put in front of me, so.. That might be easier." she walks over and closes her laptop, leaving her school work for later. She isn't a telepath anymore, so she doesn't need to worry about thoughts getting out. Not that that was an issue with Trask anyway. "You shaved."

Trask smiles and begind putting a few things in the fridge, stocking it up as it were. When he runs out of room he looks to see what he has left, "Well then I guess I will just get creative." He starts looking for a frying pan. "Yes well it seems it wasn't such a good disguise after all, so we decded to go ginger instead."

She sighs softly, "All of these disguises and things. Being on the run.. I guess Liz is right, that I'm lucky so far that I haven't raised suspicion. With my ability back in place, I guess I can defend myself a bit better, but the telepathy would have been more useful for detecting." Hand go up to her side a bit for a helpless shrug, "I'll just have to make do. You guys, on the other hand.. it must be pretty rough out there. Liz didn't exactly explain why it is you need to hide. She told me a little, but not much."

Trask smiles softly, "Sometimes it is better not to know, you know? Safer and all. Lets just say I have a lot of enemies. A lot of people aren't always happy with the things we do with our powers. And I have been a little bit…politically outspoken in the past."

Harmony ahhs, "I guess I understand, at least a little. I wanted to get involved, but they said it's better that I don't. Which.." Harmony pushes her lips together a little firmly, "Would normally only spur me to do it more. You have no idea how much I hate being told I can't do something." Standing with her hands on her hips, she looks like she could get a little riled up, but she lets go of the rising tension, "But it isn't just about me anymore. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I'm a bit more fragile than I used to be, and not for my sake. But I wanna help somehow."

Trask nods and chops a couple vegtables up as he puts some oil in the frying pan and begins heating it up. "I'm sure you do, and I'm sure you do. Sometimes just having friends who can still walk around without setting off alarms helps tremendously."

Harmony shakes her head slowly, "I haven't talked to Liz in a little while. Whenever there is a bit of a gap like this, I get a little worried and then I end up doing something a bit risky and exactly what she told me not to do." she makes a quick pregnant walk to the kitchen where she retrieves a bottle of water from the fridge. "Has anything else happened so far? I mean.. any signs of this being close to over?"

Trask shakes his head, "No more movement I have heard so far, but We have been keeping apart some to make sure we don't lead anyone to each other." He adds some breaded chicken to the pan now, little pieces along with some spices. "You got something to steam rice in?"

"Hm. That'll only help so much." Harmony sighs, while she opens the cabinet to retrieve the small rice cooker on the shelf, "I wish there were more I could do. Period, actually. I get kinda tired of sitting around here all day, doing much of nothing. I used to have something going on every day before all of this. I get antsy."

Trask smiles and adds some rice and a touch of oil to the cooker, getting it started. He then adds some sauce packets and veggies to his frying pan, the smell of chicken and oriental flavors begins to permeate the apartment. "I'm sure you still have things going on. You got that whole mind reading thing going for you, you could prolly watch mental soap operas of your neighbors lives?"

Harmony shakes her head, "I can't do that anymore. My ability finally switched back, so Aric has his telepathy again. I'm sure Elle has her electricity back too. So that leaves me with radiation, which will be a problem when I'm ready to give birth. My ability is emotionally based, and great pain causes me to go out of control and well.. it would be another incident of the Midtown Man. That's why we need a negator in the delivery room." she plops herself back in one of the counter seats, setting back on the stool.

Trask nods, "Well I have a prepaid cell phone, I'm not ever using it." He takes a piece of paper and puts it on the counter. "This is the number. You will be the first one to call it. The only one with the number. No chance of tracing it that way. You call me when you need me."

Harmony smirks, "I seem to be collecting a lot of those. Numbers I mean. I had to go get Liz's twice, because I managed to EMP my last phone." She wrinkles her nose, bringing a hand back through her hair, "I'll be sure to store this one somewhere safe." Her blue eyes peer at the pan a bit, "Where did you learn to cook?"

He says, "My mom…she worked for a lot of people, cleaning houses, making meals. She raised two kids by herself, while working double shifts. I like to think she did at least something right. She was downtown keeping house when." He nods toward down town."

Harmony's expression drops. Whenever she hears about someone's personal tragedy involving the Midtown disaster, it remind her of the possibility that she could cause something like that, and makes her feel a bit guilty for even having such an ability. "I'm sorry.." she shakes her head, "She must have been a wonderful person."

Trask smiles and nods, "she was…I use to blame myself for not being there when it happened…I was in Iraq. But now I realize there are things out of your control, that you have no ability to change. Do not dwell on those. Dwell on the ones you can change, the choices left to make. If you get those right, then the past won't matter, and the future will be better. It can't help but be." He smiles and finishes his stirring of the pan, then slides the rice onto a pair of bowls and adds a bready spicy chicken with vegatables on top of it. Sometihng along the lines of general chicken with out the deep fat frying.

"That's pretty profound." Harmony smirks, "I used to feel something like that, I actually tried to convince it to Richard a few times, till all of this alternate reality and time travel stuff started happening." she settles back in her seat, her hand upon her belly, "Now I'm just not sure which way is up or down. But it's okay.. it'll work itself out." she shrugs.

Trask smiles and offers her one of the plates with a fork, settling down opposite of her. "Look either time is going to get tired of being messed with and snap back, striking back at anyone who tries to. Or eventually someone is going to get the stupid idea to kill the wrong person and wipe out the whole human race. Either way doing our best right here and now is the only thing we have an effect on, our own lives.

Harmony nods, "You are probably right. I said something like that to Richard before, and he was convinced it doesn't work that way. Liz says something similar." Taking her plate, and momentarily stirring through the meal, "I've never traveled through time, so I don't understand it. I guess all I can do is sit and do music or something. Which is supposed to be a pretty big project, according to Ygraine." she takes a bite of her food, which is the thing that initiates her appetite.

Trask hmmms softly, "Music? Something special going on with music, your like the 4th one to mention it?"

Harmony doesn't respond as she begins devouring the plate…..

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