Dial H For Hiro


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Scene Title Dial H For Hiro
Synopsis The second call of the day that Kimiko receives on Hiro's behalf.
Date April 26, 2009

Nakamura Residence, Tokyo

It's been a busy few days, having to mostly stay on rooftops to avoid people pointing, whispering, or just outright laughing. Magnes has finally remembered that he's supposed to call Kimiko, so a bit early in the evening, sitting on top of a small comic shop where no one can see him, he calls Kimiko's number. In the background it's mostly quiet, though the occasional car can be heard passing.

After a few moments and a short wire delay, a soft, feminine voice comes on the line. "Moshi-moshi."

"This is Magnes, Hiro's apprentice. I was wondering if you know where he is?" Magnes asks in a somewhat casually serious tone. "It's important."

Kimiko fights the urge to smile. His apprentice. Like one of those kids in Star Wars. "I do know where he is, and I can let him know you called, but right now he's…indisposed. He's resting, and he needs it badly."

"Oh, then uh…" Magnes suddenly sounds a bit awkward, and mildly flustered. "You're Hiro's sister, right? So, do you 'do' anything?"

"I'm afraid not." Kimiko says honestly. "It is my father and brother who are Godsent. I am as my mother was."

"Oh, I see. Uh, I probably shouldn't hold you up…" Magnes, growing more awkward with her tone being a bit more casual than the last time they spoke, asks, "Should I even be calling this line?"

"You're welcome to call." Kimiko assures him. "I'm going to look into getting Hiro a phone, and if he accepts it, I will make sure he has your number. I can tell him you are well?"

"I'm fine, except for being all over TV, jumping around without a shirt…" Magnes says with a bit of annoyance in his tone. "Every girl in the whole world can see me without a shirt…"

"I understand that's a lot less fortunate for women then it is for men." Kimiko can't help saying with amusement. "I'll let him know that you're well and…would you prefer I not mention you being on tv?"

"I don't mind, it's not like he'll be able to miss it. I hope I can see you one day, I'm kinda curious about what Hiro's sister looks like." Magnes adds, generally curious, since comics just aren't the same.

"Maybe you will." Kimiko says with an air of enigma. "We shall see. Be well, Magnes. I will encourage Hiro to speak with you as soon as he may."

"Thanks, Miss Kimiko. I'll try not to call unless it's important." Magnes assures, standing up on the roof, getting ready to jump as soon as she hangs up.

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