Did I Just Say That Out Loud?


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Scene Title Did I Just Say That Out Loud?
Synopsis Three people have a conversation in the Nite Owl diner. It turns out to be horribly embarassing and awkward when a truth inducing ability comes into play.
Date October 17, 2010

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

It's the early evening, the sun's disc beginning to sink down beneath the skyline of New York City. The darkening of the skies finds Richard Cardinal and Elle Bishop settled across from one another in a booth in the diner called the Nite Owl. There's a basket of fries with a side of gravy in front of the male of the pair, and he's nibbling on one of the fries. "So how're things in the apartment with the Cajun?"

"Interesting," comes Elle's reply, "she really likes her weapons." The little redhead wears a pair of jeans and her favorite shirt, which is blue, has a magnet over her left shoulder, and little lightning bolts over the rest. She's enjoying a large stack of pancakes, herself, along with a cup of coffee, which she sips at. "She's freakin' weird about cooking. She like slaughtered this chicken right on the kitchen counter. Then we had red beans and rice. It was tasty, but…strange."

The door opens to admit another patron into the establishment. This one looking slightly lost as she makes her way over the threshold and toward the counter. Gavyn Mitchell appears dressed in blue jeans and a darker blue hoodie, the back of which sports a shark chewing on a trio of numbers. Different from when Elle last saw her. Save for those sunglasses covering her eyes. As she moves toward the counter to sit on a stool, a casual look is cast further into the diner. Oh look. A hand lifts, Gav casually waves at Elle.

"Yeah, well, she's got her little… traditionalisms," Cardinal admits, waving the french fry in a vague motion through the air. He's dressed casually; jeans, a t-shirt, a flight jacket with patches from Chicago Air and Redbird Security Solutions on it. "You know how they are, there in New Orleans…"

"Does everyone in New Orleans practice Santeria rituals, and then eat the sacrifice?" The redhead tilts her head to the side, peering up at Cardinal with innocent green eyes. "Because I tell you, sometimes it's kind of creepy. I try to excuse myself to the bathroom and shower when she starts with the rituals." Elle grins slightly, cutting off a section of pancakes and happily devouring it.

Gavyn is noticed as the woman waves, the redhead first turning a glower toward her, before it turns into a slight smile as she recognizes the other woman. A pale hand is raised in greeting as Elle lifts her coffee, washing down the pancake. "Hey— Gavyn, right?"

"No," Cardinal admits with a shrug of one shoulder, "But compared to some people I've known, that's… pretty minor… I mean, I've seen worse habits." He tosses the french fry into his mouth, chewing and swallowing, his head tilting to look over towards the woman the redhead's waving to.

"Yeah," Gavyn replies, offering a polite nod to Cardinal. "You're Madison, if I remember." She lowers herself on a stool, turning partially away. Not to be rude, but not to intrude on the conversation either.

'Madison' nods over to Gavyn. "Yup! That would be me." She glances toward Cardinal, her nose wrinkling. "It's still weird. I don't know what to make of it, really." She shrugs, sipping at her coffee. Then, she's reaching out, snagging one of Cardinal's fries, and dipping it into the gravy. "You're the only person I've ever seen eat fries with gravy." This denotes that the electric redhead is curious about how it tastes, and she pops the fry into her mouth, chewing thoughtfully. She wiggles a hand in the air. "Not bad."

"What? Fries and gravy are great," Cardinal defends with a rough snort of breath, dipping another french fry, "See?" He tips his head in an easy nod to Gavyn, greeting her but not actually offering her a name or any introduction.

"It's like eating mashed potato with your hands," Gavyn offers over her shoulder. As well as a grin, sorry for butting in once again. For herself, she orders a coffee when the waitress comes over, and a grilled cheese sandwich. The coffee, however, is ignored when brought, the woman absently rubbing her eyes beneath those shades.

"I was always more partial to a glob of butter on my mashed potatoes." Elle giggles softly. "It does taste pretty good." She glances toward Gavyn, thoughtfully, then back to Richard. Then, she's looking back to Gavyn. "You're always alone when I see you. Why's that? You're way too pretty to be single." Elle tilts her head toward the woman, grinning.

"Exactly," Cardinal agrees with a tilt of his head towards Gavyn, then he snorts, "Butter. You don't need butter, it's bad for you. Just some gravy, some pepper, and you're good with any sort've potato-based food."

Is she always alone? Well, probably. Gavyn turns again to look at Elle, a half grin forming. "Too busy, I suppose. Better things to do than chase after boys. And butter isn't /bad/, gravy just tastes better." That same grin is offered to Cardinal.

Elle wrinkles her nose. "Gravy is just as bad for you, I'm sure. Lots thicker." She laughs softly, sipping at her coffee. Despite her protests, she snatches another one of Cardinal's fries. Then, after enjoying that, she's happily going back to her pancakes, cutting a square and spearing it on the end of her fork. "It's still pretty good, mind." She grins, taking another bite of pancake, before turning to peer at Gavyn. "Please. You can never be too busy to have a conversation." She grins. "Well, you could be, but…"

"And you have the best taste in men, Madison?" A wry note to Cardinal's voice as he pops another french fry in his mouth, his head shaking slowly from side to side, "I swear, there's something in the water. There's more important things in the world than a lover."

It's a look of agreement that crosses Gavyn's features, and possibly evening amusement. Her head tips slightly and she looks to the red head over the rims of those sunglasses. "He's got a point, and I've been busy with other things anyway."

Elle turns her eyes toward Gavyn, her brows raising. Things feel normal, but when she talks, she doesn't say exactly what she wants to say. "Hey, I'm really not all that into Warren. He's nice, but he's weird. Anyhow, I've secretly got a little tiny crush on Richard here, that I would totally never act on, 'cause I'm sure Liz would totally freak out and not want to share, especially after all that happened with Trask. Anyhow, I don't think he's all that into me, so I'm sure there's no chance! He'll just be the hot boss dude I crush on in private."

She stops, her eyes widening, cheeks coloring red. Slowly, she turns to peer at Cardinal, her mouth hanging open just a bit. "…I just said all of that out loud, didn't I?" How's that for awkward?

Cardinal's eyebrows raise upwards slowly at that statement, and he exhales a tumble of laughter. "…yes," he allows in wry tones, reaching over for a french fry, "Yes, you did. Fortunately, I was listening to, uh, a conversation a booth or two over, to avoid the horrible awkwardness've having heard that."

Gavyn's cheeks color as well as tells all. Her own embarrassment is enough that when her food is delivered she startles and casts a quick look at the server. Sneaky waitresses. She turns again to look at Elle, lips pulled back in a poorly attempted smile. "Wow. Uh.." Yeah, how do you reply to that? Especially when you know you're the cause. She looks at Cardinal, "Richard, huh? I'm Gavyn.."

Elle's face is bright red by now, and she is most definitely not making eye contact with Cardinal. "…Yeah. Good thing. That would have been really awkward if you had been listening to that. I don't know what came over me." She rubs at her cheeks, before turning to peer sheepishly at Gavyn. She switches to fidgeting with her fork, cutting the pancakes up into little bits, though she's lost her appetite entirely.

"Richard Cardinal," is the name offered in affable tones, his head bobbing in an easy nod back to the woman, "Good to meet you." He's not looking at Elle, either, giving her plenty of time to recover from that little slip.

"A pleasure," Gavyn replies. Very casually, she pushes her glasses up onto her nose. Just making sure those are in place and not moving again. She gives the man a nod in return, Elle a purely apologetic look, then turns to take a bite of her sandwich.

Elle suddenly stands, grabbing her purse. "I'm— I'm just gonna run to the bathroom really quickly." Without another word, the redhead turns, her cheeks bright red as she promptly storms into the bathroom. Her posture is stiff, too. She quickly disappears into the bathrooms. Moments later, the electricity flickers, just a little bit.

"Mnm." Cardinal pushes his fingers under the edge of his shades, rubbing against his eyes as the lights flicker a little, "Well, this is awkward."

When the lights flicker, Gavyn looks up from. "What..?" A questioning look is sent to Elle, or where she'd been sitting since she left. "Awkward's an understatement," she answers Cardinal, directing a look at him next, over the rims of her shades. Flickering lights and all.

The lights flicker again. Then, Elle comes bustling out of the bathroom, her face still red. She pauses at the table, staring down at the ground. "Thanks for breakfast, I have to go now." Then she's on her way out the door. "Sorry!"

"Alright…" Cardinal's hand drops, and he reaches into his jacket for his wallet, head shaking slowly as he pulls it out to pay the bill, "…yeah, definitely awkward."

Gavyn nods in agreement and turns away again. Best just not to say anything. Best to just stay out of it. Just eat your sandwich and pretend that never happened. After taking another bite of grilled cheese, she pushes her glasses up again. Unnecessarily. "Sorry for breaking up your conversation," she offers in the man's direction. "Tell Madison I'm sorry, too, would you?"

"What is it you're sorry for?" A curious look over, Cardinal's brow furrowing above his own sunglasses - worn indoors at night, paradoxically - as he drops the money down on the table and moves to push himself up to his feet, "Nothing you did, babe."

"Yeah, right." Gavyn's reply is deadpan, and she doesn't look over. "I just am. I…" Quick, think of something. "…don't usually butt in like that. Ruined your meal." Or something.

"Don't worry about it…" Cardinal chuckles quietly, moving towards the door, "She's got some… issues that she's working through, it's not your fault. Have a good one."

Gavyn makes a noncommittal noise. And despite the assurances that she's free and clear, she still looks guilty over something. "Yeah, you too." Gav attempts to look at Cardinal again, half grinning and still looking sorry.

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