Did You Interrogate The Flamingo's?


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Scene Title Did You Interrogate The Flamingo's?
Synopsis Audrey gets nostalgic while down at the NYPD headquarters and pays Cooper a visit.
Date July 22, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

"Cooooper." A portly officer grabs the detectives shoulder and gives it a good thump, about dislodging the donut that Thomas Cooper was holding. "Rumor has it… you got a birthday come up. The big four oh! Tell me you go big plans for it?"

The detective is wearing a nice blue gray suit, with his typical black converse shoes. The suit jacket resting on the back of the chair, leaving him in the white dress shirt — clean for once, only worn once — and shoulder holster.

Glancing up at the big officer, Cooper looks less then happy that the news was out. A finger is twirled lazily in the air. "Whoopie… I'm going to be old." The fingers move to scratch at his jaw, "I'm not doing anything." He takes a big bite of donut and sets it on the edge of his desk, so he can pick up his pen. "My plans include sitting on my couch and watching… I dunno… Tropic Thunder over a pint of chunky monkey. Happy Birthday to me." His tone is bland, so thrilled. He waves the man off with his hand. "Now, go… I got this report of a stolen lawn gnome to work on."

Things had been thankfully slow for a few weeks, after the thaw… it was welcome. "God, you can be such a dud." The officer says with a chuckle as he moves on. "If I was a single divorced, I'd be at the titty bar."

Looking up, Cooper looks more amused then anything. Last time he went to a strip bar on his birthday… Daisy happened. "Thanks! But at least, I'm not on probation cause I was caught shitfaced, pissing off an overpass." Of course, he gets the finger for his effort.

"Maybe I'll hire a pink gorilla to come to the precinct and sing you happy birthday. Or maybe.. daisy might have the night free. I'm pretty sure you enjoyed the last time you met her" Comes an oh so familiar voice from behind Cooper that transitions to the side and ventually to the front.

His desk becomes her perch, forefinger poking and rooting at a file on his desk, lifting it just enough to get a glimpse of what's beneath then letting it fall. She's still a brunette, still doesn't dress in anything fancier than a simple suit and heels. How rumor of her being present hadn't filtered down to him, who know, but Audrey tucks her bangs behind her ear and peers at Cooper.

"Nope, don't see forty. Maybe twelve. Yeah, you look twelve to me. God knows, you act it at times too. How are you doing Cooper. Got any donuts? I could sure use a powdered donut"

His early warning system is laying down on the job, obviously. He'll have to make sure to confront the desk Sargent about that. Good money is going into donuts so that he knows she's there ahead of time. "Agent Hanson." He barely manages to keep it pleasant, flashing her a bright — if fake — smile. "I think you go more out of Daisy's visit then I did.

"So what has you darkening my desk, today?" The pen is tapped at the edge of the desk, before he tosses it down and reaches just behind her, to pick up his typical pink bakery box of donuts. Finger flips open the box and he offers it to her. "Got plenty." How a grown man can eat so many donuts and not look like the officer that just walked away is a mystery. "As for how I'm doing? I'm writing a report for a missing lawn gnome… I'm just peachy.

"You however, are looking good, as always. Ever get your guy?" He asks pleasantly, brows lifted curiously.

Oooh donuts. Forefinger and thumb tiptoe through the air, picking out one near the center, breaking it in half before returning one part to the box. She was only joking, but hey, free donut. "Missing lawn gnome. Did you check with the lawn flamingo's a couple houses over?" Not that she knows anything about the case, it's a joke and a guess. 'Or the keebler elves? Maybe they were liberating their bretheren. Actually you know, probably some teenagers jacking around, they'll show up eventually though likely busted to hell"

She tears off a bite with her teeth, ruminating over his question and how to answer it. "No. Got some leads, looking into some things, he's related to another case I've been tracking for a few years. was wondering if they'd found anything else on what happened at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. I came asking a few weeks ago but.. I got your less than stellar comrade Nash who kept staring at my ass" She'd say chest but… even she acknowledges that she doesn't have much of one worth staring at.

"Nash… the walking bundle of hormones." Detective Cooper rolls his eyes, glancing at the man's empty desk. "I think he's probably slept with about every woman in the precinct by now. Even Bertha over in HR…" Bertha must not be much of a looker… or old with the way Thomas says it. "At least, he can be a fairly decent detective when he doesn't have his head in his dick."

His gaze goes to the report on his desk. "Actually, the flamingo's clammed up tighter then…" He almost says something that would probably get him in HR's offices again… so he avoids the obvious comments about her legs. "… then a nun's legs. So I think it was the East Side Pinks." Throwing some lame excuse for a gang sign. He gives her a tight smile. "Seriously, teenagers. There is a small group of young boys going through a destructive streak in the neighborhood."

"Oh the headiness of youth. If we could but turn back the clock and do all that again" Spoken with no small amount of wistfulness that may or may not be sarcastic, and around a mouthful of powdered goodness.

R"To be a Detective and be stuck on gnome watching duty instead of sitting in my office while the target of my investigation parks in the chair in front of me, pretending to be someone else. Seriously though, you think you can look and see? I'd do it myself but, I missed our little verbal battles and was feeling a tad nostalgic" There's a smile, honest to god smile flashed his way.

She cranes her neck, peering over the desk. "Hows the foot? Need me to break it for you?"

"Well… in the name of nostalgic wordplay…" Cooper straightens up and looks at her suspiciously, but then he returns that smile. Brows lift a little in disbelief as something and he pulls the keyboard close. "So… Bethesda Fountain?" The words are drawn out as he types them into the database. Hitting enter, he squints at the screen.

"If you miss me around that much, maybe I should put a resume in with Home Sec." Cooper says it like it would be a bad thing. "Then you'd seem all the time." He looks at her and flashes her a toothy smile, brows twitch up in a suggestive way, before he looks back to the screen. Fingers trailing down the screen. "Looks like…. nothing new."

"You should. Better than investigating lawn gnomes and hormonal teenagers who steal them" She sounds serious. "Could always use good detectives and the pay is better" Plus travel! Health plans that include dental! Getting kidnapped by your target when you try to apprehend them! She could go on, but doesn;t, instead turning the screen to suit her needs, looking over what she see's.

"Seriously" more as a curse than a question. "Well. I got a possible missing persons related to the case, not sure though."

"Don't tease me, Hanson." The detective had been joking, but… better pay? Cooper could always use a little extra when having to pay two women alimony. "I may actually go through with it." He quips lightly, studying her for a long moment. "You might find having my handsome self around might be too distracting." Not that he has any illusions of what he looks like. He's no Ryan Reynolds… or whoever that guy is his daughter drools over. The bejeweled one in that blood sucker movie.

"Ah.. missing persons? I can see if a report has been filed if you want?" Turning back to the screen he pops up the search screen again, just in case. "If you have a name?"

"Report hasn't been filed, I haven't filed it. Long story." The powdered donut is finished off, licking her fingers quickly since she's not about to wipe them off on her skirt and she's not so rude as to wipe them off on his suit. "Seriously though, Cooper, think about it. Can't hurt to try. Ivanov's run off to play with the evo squad I heard, took him away from me, so.. you know"

The keyboard is pushed away, accidentally bunching up his report. "Son of a…" He snatches up the paper and starts to attempt to smooth out the creases, brows furrowed. The furrowing is not cause of that, tho. "I'll think about it Hanson. I haven't had a steady partner… which is why I'm on Gnome duty. I guess most of the detectives are too concerned about who is sitting across from them and their careers then actually you know… doing their job." It's probably the first real honest thing he's said to her.

"I'll… look into it." He says after a moment, glancing back at her, Cooper looks uncertain. It seems almost painful for him to admit to her that… "I miss your snarky bitchiness and snappy come backs too." He wave the report at her as if shooing. "Now go away before I become sentimental… I have pink plastic flamingo's to interrogate."

'Aww cooper, you sure know how to melt a woman's heart. No wonder you were married more than once" She leans over, yanking up the lid of the pink box, not doing the tip toe or being picky. Two donuts, stolen, file a report, Homesec takes cases and pastries. "See you later Copper, I miss you too" A wave of the white stuff and she's clacking away from his desk, off to bother someone else.

Waiting for Cooper when he got home was a Flamingo lamp, with a note attached that reads: "It wasn't me, it was the one armed lawn jockey"

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