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Scene Title Didactolagnia
Synopsis Hot for teacher, but teacher is as cold as ice.
Date March 4, 2011

Yana's Apartment


Having arrived later in the morning, Magnes seemed a little more serious than normal, but he did cite personal matters as his reason for wanting to come over. Wearing his black suit jacket over a dark blue buttoned up shirt with a pair of black jeans, he takes a seat on her couch. This is a private discussion. "I know that what I'm about to say is probably inappropriate, but I really need to know what it means, and you're the only one who can tell me."

It is back to work for Yana, though there is no reporting to the Surresh Center for her, given the issues with the dome. She did mention that she would be a little preoccupied when he wanted to come over. As such, when he arrives, she is poised in front of her lap top, typing away at a document with the greatest of zeal. Whatever ideas she has stored away come flowing from her fingers like water. "Inappropriate? How very unlike you, lately. Though I suppose it is something that is really bothering you for you to risk such context. I am a bit curious, so go ahead."

"Well, it's like this. There was a woman, right? She was a perfectly attractive woman, nice even, around your age. She was perfectly willing to let me… well, do things, if you know what I mean. There was a bit of flirting. But then…" Magnes holds his hands out in a slightly helpless shrug. "I suddenly felt guilty, and I couldn't figure out why, so I told her that I couldn't go through with it and turned her down. After I had a bit of time to think about it, I realized that I felt guilty because even though me and you don't have a romantic relationship, I somehow felt like I was about to be disloyal to you."

She hesitates, pausing her fingers and peering up over the top of her laptop at him, "You.. felt guilty? About.. desiring to be with a woman? Because of me? Hm. I suppose that can be an issue given your psychological condition when in regards to me. If I were to put it to a term, I suppose it would be called didactolagnia, from Greek words didaktos meaning taught and lagneia, meaning lust. Student desiring the teacher? It's actually become rather prominent. In fact, the inappropriate sexual relations between student and teacher have recently grown, or rather they have shed more light into these relationships." Yana looks upon him with a hint of pity in her eyes, which are a little more expressive than usual.

"You are younger, and as such you should enjoy your youth. I am not such a prude or old fashioned as to say you should swear off any acts of premarital sex. I do believe you should be responsible in those actions, making sure it is something you both really want and consent to. It is a bit troubling that you think of me before you go to have relations with woman. Perhaps you need to resolve whatever issues you have that revolve around me first."

"It's not that I have any issues around you, it's just… god I feel kind of lame even saying this…" Magnes is clearly a bit awkward trying to say whatever is on his mind, suggesting that it's particularly embarassing since he can't seem to look at her. "It feels wrong because, like, since we've been doing whatever you want to call this, sex for the sake of sex just seems trivial. You've shown me that there's so much more to life, so many ways to improve myself and enjoy the company of a woman. We're not in a relationship, I understand that much, but I feel like you've given me this new standard in what I should expect out of one."

"Oh." Yana says, losing the greater curiosity in her voice. "Is that all?" She returns to her work a second later, the brightness of the screen illuminating on her face. "You've just matured a little is all. There isn't anything uncommon about that. We all eventually grow up at some point, and some people, such as yourself, need certain people to help you to reach that state of being. It is all apart of the learning process. You shouldn't feel confused, you're simply getting a step closer into knowing what you want."

"That's the thing… I know it's wrong, and inappropriate, but I get everything I need from you. It's like…" Magnes' gaze shifts over to her finally, a little more comfortable now that he's gotten that last jumble of words out. "If I have you, if we continue on the way we have been, why do I even need to bother dating anyone? You tell me what's right and wrong, I can't make any mistakes with you, and when I do you just tell me and I'm quickly able to learn from it. What are the chances that I'll ever find another woman like you?"

"I have a sister. Few years younger, a little closer to your age, and raised with the same principles, benefits and lifestyle that I came from. I think Diana has a little bit more heart than I do. Though that is probably because she is younger and hasn't had exactly the same experiences that I have. However, she is every bit as poised and intelligent as I am. Women like me do exist, so there are chances that you will find some similar if you travel in the same circles." she looks up from her document for a second, "Hypothetically, in the most unlikely of situations, if I were to become involved with someone, get remarried. Then what of you? You couldn't continue to hang on and mantain.. well an 'unromance' with me. I'm simply saying that you shouldn't close your eyes to any possibilities like that. Don't sell yourself on settling for something so unconventional."

"I'm not closed off from the possibility that I could get another woman like you, or even one who just likes doing the same things," After all, Elaine did recently reveal to Magnes that she likes going to plays and such. "But…" Running fingers through his hair most of his little nervous ticks showing themselves tonight. "If you remarried, or became involved with someone else, I care about you enough to let you go and be happy. But right now? I don't feel like I'm settling, sure, there's no sex, or real physical affection, but I think we still benefit eachother emotionally. If you didn't enjoy spending time with me on some level, you wouldn't bother to take me out or allow me to take you out so frequently. You can't say that's just all being polite. I'm not saying there are any romantic feelings, but you do enjoy yourself with me."

A soft sigh leaves her lips, "Magnes, you have to stop asking the same questions time and time again. It is like you are looking for a certain answer, and you keep asking the same thing, though in a different way until you get the desired answer you're looking for." she shakes her head, "I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but think on it. Every time, different day, same related question. They all seem to point to the same thing. 'Do you like me?' Every time I turn around, I'm hearing how much you like spending time with me, or how wonderful and amazing you find me, or how there aren't many women like me in your life. Flattery is one thing, but what has been one of the main things I have been trying to teach you? Moderation. You've said it, I understand it, and I am flattered for your thoughts."

She reaches to the clip that holds her hair together, and she unfastens it to let it down, "You center everything that we talk about around relationships and romance. I'm probably not the person you should be discussing those things with. I am probably the last person you should be discussing that with."

"I'm sorry, I guess I really didn't notice. In some way, I guess what I'm thinking still influences what I say a lot, even if I'm a bit more thoughtful about it." Magnes crosses his arms and sinks back into the couch. "I'll stop bringing these things up so much from now on. The only reason I talk to you about these topics is because I do often feel as if you'll give me a different answer, even if I don't realize I'm asking the same questions."

"Yes. It does." Yana agrees, after closing the lid to her laptop. "And I do give you a different answer, though when things pertain to me, it can become a little uncomfortable once it starts to become too much. But, I digress." she scoots out of her stool, and strolls over to the coffee table and plucks a folder from it's surface. "Congratulations are in order. Step one of my plan has gone smoothly. You will be happy to know that as of 2:30 PM yesterday, I obtained a fresh sample of the new strain of H5N10 virus, which currently resides in my body, awaiting study and trials."

"I'm sorry. You are right though, I'm always looking for a certain answer or reaction in the end. I'll stop." Magnes watches her stand and walk to the coffee table, brows furrowing when she mentions having the virus in her. "That's great! So, what do we do next? And if you want to test removing an ability, I want you to do it on me."

"This particular strain is quite nasty." Yana informs him, "I'm not sure it would be a good idea to risk it on you. It would take some time for the virus to remove your ability, so other symptoms would set in as well. There is a risk of death, if I am understanding the virus correctly. I may not be able to remove it before it does damage." she moves back over to the counter, adding the folder to the small pile she has. "The next move is Institute funding. I'm writing a proposal explaining what my intentions are with the research in order to utilize lab resources, and keep my superiors happy. Really, all I need do is look at the programming of the virus for a while. It might take a bit to study it."

"But how do I help? I haven't really found anyone to help us, and it seems like you seem to be fine with studying the virus all on your own." Magnes stands up from the couch and walks to the counter with her, pulling up a chair to take a seat. "I want to do something useful."

"I'm not sure yet." Yana sighs, "I had a projected ideas of what I might need from you, however after actually obtaining the virus, and seeing how deadly this one is, those plans have become impossible. Or rather to risky." she reaches and taps her bottom lip a little, thoughtfully. "I'll need a little time to acquaint myself with the virus before I can make a move."

"I can wait. So…" Magnes rubs the back of his neck a little uneasily again, staring down at the counter. "Would you like me to stick around today, Elvira? Maybe help you out with things."

"Actually, I'm going to be finishing my proposal, and then report to Fort Hero, as per orders. I believe we have a meeting at some point, but since the problems at the Surresh Center, we've been a little relocated. I imagine they'll be glad to hear of what I intend with the virus. I might even be able to predict how the virus will mutate into further strains." She gathers her papers and folders together, tapping them into a neat pile against the table. "What the virus does to shut off abilities is still a mystery. But.. I'll figure it out."

"Oh, uh, sure. I'll get home then." Magnes thinly masks his disappointment, straightening his jacket before rising from his seat and heading for the door. "Looks like we'll be busy again. Please don't hesitate to call me if you need help, or if you're thinking of calling one of those escorts again."

Yana nods, "For a while, I imagine." she comments, "Keep an eye out for people you know that have contracted H5N10. It would be prudent to study the natural subjects as well as those case studies that we create. If anything turns up, I'll give you a call." she nods searching around for her cell phone and her purse.

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