Didn't Seem Odd?


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Scene Title Didn't Seem Odd?
Synopsis Cat visits Kaylee at the medical safehouse and finds out something she was not aware of.
Date August 3, 2010

Unknown Medical Safehouse

Within the metropolitan area there are a few safehouses that cater to the medical needs of the Ferrymen and their charges. On the outside it looks like a rundown and derelict house, while inside the rooms have been converted to hospital rooms. Nothing fancy, nothing state of the art, but adequate for the job.

Since being teleported back to the US, Kaylee Thatcher has been tucked away in one of the rooms. An IV bag keeps not only fluids, but a steady course of antibiotics, coursing into her bloodstream to stave off infection.

Thick white bandages cover the two gunshot wounds she received in the altercation, the chest wound having been the most difficult one. It was touch and go, when the medical staff had to go in and dig out the bullet. Kaylee is stable now and almost bored from having to stay put.

While lying there in bed, the first sign she isn't alone will be the presence of a thinking mind just outside the doorway. Whomever it belongs to is reviewing pages from the most recent version of Grey's Anatomy. Not just reviewing the information on them, no, this one is recalling them in full detail. It's perhaps a signature providing the woman's identity before she even crosses the doorway.

Which she does, soon after, Cat's mind shifting to recall of anatomical features she sees as the sites of injuries when eyes fall on the tall patient. The next thought is 'I should see if she's awake or not before speaking. Are you awake, Kaylee?'

Brows furrow for a moment, before her eyes open, head shifting a little to look towards the door and the woman standing there. "Yeah… I'm awake, just laying here resting." The word is said softly, a small smile given before she lets her head drops back again. There is a grimace, before Kaylee moves to try and sit up a little more on the bed. Not easy yet, but it does get accomplished. "Hello, Cat.

"What can I do for you?" Fingers of Kaylee's good arm comb through the tangled mess of hair, trying to look at least a little less like a homeless person.

"Last time I was in a hospital bed, I watched about twenty movies before they let me out. Took an effort of will not to just blow off the doctors and leave soon as I woke up," Cat shares in quiet voice, "got shot in the neck fighting Russian attackers. Lots of blood." Feet bring her closer, that examination of locations where Kaylee is injured continuing. Each part of the anatomy affected is pictured in her head, just as it appears in that famous medical text. Muscles and tendons and bones with Latin names.

"You can recover," she adds. "No need to worry about that move on Bella we talked about. When and if Richard tells me he had his talk with Bella Sheridan and Jensen gets ready to make the move, we can get someone else to handle getting her to be agreeable."

Shifting a bit, Kaylee works to settles more comfortably into her bed, even as she furrows brows in confusion. Her head tilts just a little at Cat, "Wait… Raith didn't tell you? Cardinal and him called me…" She turns thoughtful as she casts her mind back. "…a few weeks back. They grabbed Bella and got her to agree to… help."

Her head shakes a bit as she, glances towards the door. "No one told you?" Eyes focus on Cat again, but then she glances away, looking embarrassed. "Sorry… I didn't know, else I would have said something."

Hearing this brings no verbal reply for an extended time, commentary comes only through mental process. 'Why am I surprised? More evidence of Richard Cardinal driving wedges between me and people around me. Probably convinced Jensen to leave me out of the loop.' Cat's features shift some from impassive to scowling faintly while the process is ongoing, leading to a thing she both thinks and voices quietly. "It didn't seem odd to you, Kaylee, that I'd mentioned a plan and what your part might be in it, but wasn't present when the move was made?'

That she wants to be filled in on as much as possible goes without saying, literally. The panmnesiac is thinking it.

"No… actually, it didn't." Kaylee admits softly, her head shaking slowly, a frown tugging at the corner of her mouth. "I figured there was a reason. I wasn't there to question anything, just there to make sure Bella was telling the truth."

A soft sighs escapes her, "They asked her to help them, she agreed… it was pretty much the extent of it… well… and they laid down everything her co-workers have done." Kaylee starts to shrug, but stops herself with a wince of pain. "But she agreed for the promise of protection in the end."

"I won't ask you to place what you can remember of the encounter in my head," Cat states after observing Kaylee through her response and the pain she exhibits, "I'm not so cruel as to do that while you're laid up this way. I will simply hope when you're in better shape you'll come to me and volunteer the data. The choice is entirely yours. I will, though, say this: If anyone thinks I have any intention of standing by and letting it seem for even one moment I'm not doing anything to recover Gillian Childs, such person or persons better think again."

Between the contents of her thoughts at this moment and her spoken words, it wouldn't be a stretch at all Cat has serious issues with even the thought of abandoning people she's stood with while she's capable of action. As if she had to do so at least once before, failed in rescuing that person, and is haunted by it.

"I appreciate it." The telepath looks truly relieved that she doesn't have to use her ability, yet. Fingers pluck the blanket higher on her. "If Tasha hadn't come along to tell them about the morphine, I'd probably still be out. As it is… it would be a stress on my body.

"But yes…" Kaylee starts slowly, giving a small incline of her head. "When I feel more up to it — which I'm still looking at a few more days here, then home rest — then I will stop by and offer up what I remember of it."

"What about the morphine?" Cat asks, willing herself to be calm and return to her customary poker-facedness. "It sounds like you were shot in the lung," she opines in regard to the length of recovery time. Eyes move around in search of a chart or any other detailing of her injuries.

There is a slow side to side shake of her head. "No, but almost. The bullet ended up lodged in there. They had to dig to find it. It was a close thing." Fingers move to gingerly touch the bandage on the right side of her chest. "As for morphine… it does something to my ability to block the minds around me. It would have broken down my mental barriers and I'd be thrown into a coma." It sounds like a woman talking from experience.

"I'll be fine, Cat. No need to look over the chart." Kaylee's voice has a touch of amusment to it. "They are treating for infection. They want to make sure I get plenty of recovery time before letting me loose… since we don't exactly live relaxed lives."

"I like charts," Cat relates while ending said hunt. "They're always interesting to read. I'm no stranger to close things," she tacks on quietly while touching the scar from that wound on the left side of her neck. "Not a deep wound, that, but deep enough to nick the artery. Out cold in twenty seconds."

Leaving it behind, she moves to the mission on which Kaylee was wounded. "Abby brought Barbara to see me a few days ago, and brought gifts. I'm looking for a way to test residue on the canister and determine the chemical composition."

"Good. Glad something came out of that bit of a disaster. Freakin' Institute agents." Kaylee's gives Cat a small smile. "Been here, so I haven't heard much. Though Tasha did let me know Abby and Barbara got to the city alright. Which is the important thing really."

Eyes droop a little and Kaylee shifts down in a the bed some. "Last thing I remember is laying on the ground." She stifles a small yawns, tucking her good hand against her cheek as she studies the other woman. "Hopefully, you'll get some results on that canister… cause after finding those people hanging in the attic…" She shakes her head a bit, expression saddening. "It's sad to know that the Institute drove them to that."

"Suicides," Cat mutters with eyes darkening, "if they were murdered they'd not have been hanged. It's surprising, though, the Institute would be so sloppy. Leaving behind evidence they were present like the canister, not taking away the bodies you found… One way or another, Doctor Broome and his gang will be defeated."

A small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth, "I don't doubt it, Cat. I've seen a lot in the last year." Kaylee's eyes drift shut for a moment, before the open again. "If Pinehearst is any indication… I don't doubt the Institute will go down. I hope I get to see it." If her flash told her anything, there is a chance, come November, her future is uncertain.

"Pinehearst," Cat quietly remarks, "was an easier target. Not that Arthur was easy, but it was a single location. The Institute is larger, maybe even more widespread in its locations than the Company is. The issue is more finding places where people are being kept and tearing those down, and on wrecking the leadership. If it can be pulled off, the best way is exposing it all to the public. But the odds of that are slim."

She goes quiet there, choosing not to speak further of business with the convalescent telepath, directing conversation to things such as college plans Kaylee has and the like. Even with that, however, one thing is among her thoughts.

What monstrous agency will rise if and when they manage to defeat Simon Brum?

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