Didn't Think You Were Capable Of Cursing


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Scene Title Didn't Think You Were Capable Of Cursing
Synopsis Abby kidnaps Niki for an escape, and some shotgun shooting.
Date January 11, 2009

Road out of the City

Abigail hasn't done this in a while, not since she moved to New York ina fit of pique with her parents and the need to help the people who'd been blown sky high by 'sylar's' bomb. A message, filling with quite a bit of sobbing, was left on Niki's machine stating that the blonde woman was getting her shotgun, renting a car and needed someone to drive out to the middle of nowhere with her and no, it wasn't to kill herself, don't worry. Two hours later, a blue nissan sentra with enterprise rent a car plates on it is parked outside the older womans place, Abigail sitting, waiting, less crying and just stone faced, numb, debating about whether to get out and go up to see if Niki was home or not.

Niki, of course, has been calling Abby, A LOT, since getting that message. She's dialed her about every fifteen minutes on her cell phone. She's upset, and worried, and there's not much she can do.

So's Teo. But Niki gets the same message that Teo does. The voice mail and Abby's utterly cheerful voice proclaiming that this Abigail Beauchamps number, and that she can't answer at the moment, leave a message and she'd surely get back to you as quick as her little southern heart could! But maybe the horn that Abby suddenly honks as she pounds on it with her fist once, then twice, a third time will be the better answer. It's not meant to tell Niki that she's there, it's more Abby pounding the shit out of the thing to release a little of her anger.

Niki goes to the window…and she knows that car! She hurries out, grabbing her purse and all but flying out the door (not literally) as she sprints down to get down there before Abby drives off. She comes bursting out the door of the apartment building and running for Abby's window.

She's not going anywhere, not quite yet, much to the disgust of someone who's wanting her parking spot, right then and there. She's resting her forehead on her hands which are around the top of the steering wheel.

Niki moves to try Abby's door. Screw the passenger door. That might give her time to drive off. She lifts the handle and pulls, seeing if she gets lucky.

Course she gets Lucky. Abby's that trusting. SO it is that she's startled when the door opens, looking over to see who it is that's responsible. "Niki. Wrong door. Get in the other side"

Niki looks back over. "Talk to me first." Abby with a gun in this state of mind probably isn't good. "What's going on?"

"I need to go shoot cans, before I start bawling my eyes out again" Abby answers. Her eyes are red enough to attest to the message on the phone. "really, Niki, I just don't want to go alone and I don't want to bring Teo with me, and I'm a complete mess and this way i'm not alone and Teo won't freak out. I got.. I got a tent in the back and my sleeping bag and I need out of the city, and away from people and.. and away from.. from everything. Please, Niki just.. just get in the car"

Niki should ask about work. She almost does. But she moves to get into the passenger seat, doing as asked. "Talk to me." she repeats.

No point in talking, while Niki's outside of the car, but once the door is closed and the woman has her seat belt on, Abby's pulling out of the parking spot. "I had a friend stop me, at work while I was getting beer from underneath… You know what I can do, everything that I can do. That I can heal myself, that I can fix people. I have friend, people I know who don't like who it is I… " Fuck, no. This was the wrong person. Keep Niki out of it, awake from it. "Matthew 15:24"

Niki gets belted in. "I know." she says, looking confused. "I'm sorry, Abby. I don't know Bible passages by heart." Niki's not terribly devout.

"I didn't expect you to" Her pinkie finger trips the turn signal, easing the car around a corner, heading in some direction that the GPS on the cars dashboard tells her to. "Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour."

Niki looks there, listening. "Not so sure I follow? But I can't help you on that, Abby. That's…that's religion. And matters of faith. And I am SO unqualified to help." She looks unhappy.

"Jesus was asked, by a gentile woman to heal her daughter, who was hurt, possessed by the devil. Jesus replied that he couldn't help her, that he was sent heal Jews, not those who were Gentile, but she asked him again and he replied that you don't give bread to the dogs that are meant for the children. But the woman replied that even the dogs eventually get the crumbs that fall from the table that the children eat that, and Jesus healed the woman, not because he felt bad, not because the woman made the argument, he healed her daughter because the woman had faith that Jesus would heal her daughter, despite her difference in faith" Abby picks up the speed, a vigilant driver. "I heal anyone. I don't care what they've done, I heal them. Like he did. I have friends who.. It gets me in trouble. It gets me hurt, and yet, I still do it, because that's.. that's how it is. Why can't he understand it, why does he twist my words, how is it selfish, if it makes me feel better to heal people? I'm not god, I know I can't save everyone, that I can't heal everything. That's why I can't cure a person of AIDS, it's why that little girl back home, from church, it's why she died, because I couldn't cure her cancer and I hate that I can't heal everyone Niki, I want to heal everyone .."

Niki looks at her, and frowns again. "It's like being a doctor. The Hippocratic oath, and all that. To do no harm." She nods. "I can understand that, Abby. It sort of comes with the territory. I mean, medics are traditionally expected to help everybody."

"But .." The blonde smacks a hand on the steering wheel when her words fail her. "I'm not god. I don't ask for people to come with me. I don't ask for people to protect me, but.. but they choose to. It's not my fault they get hurt, trying to protect me from… the things that go bump in the night"

Niki reaches out to rest a hand on Abby's arm. "I'm sorry, hon. I can't imagine what it might be like, having to live with something like what you can do. I wish I could do more to help."

"Why don't they understand Niki. They say they do, they say they do and then.. and then they expect me not to, and want me not to, because those people are less deserving of it. Because I turn the cheek. I give him his Due, I do, and I do it for myself, and because I need to and I do it for Him, and I don't.. I don't ask for anything, I just do it. But why do they" She can't go on the highway, not like this so Abby flicks the turn signal on again, pulling over to the shoulder. "I'm a mess Niki, you need to drive. Fuck. I didn't even ask if you know how to drive. Wait, you do know how, your saving up money for it, You need to do the driving. The GPS will tell you where we're going" Babbles the Baptist.

Niki looks stricken. "I wish I could help. All right. I can do that." She moves to get out and trade seats with Abby. Once she's in the driver's seat. "Not everyone has your faith."

"How is it that a… serial killing psychopath… understands me, when someone of my own faith… doesn't" That's muttered under her breath as she kills the car, leaving the keys in the steering column and opens her door to switch sides.

Niki starts driving. "I wish I had answers, Abby. I mean…I don't think that you should be near someone that dangerous…but I don't know what the alternative is." Jessica is no doubt going to have some choice words once she gets a chance to speak freely.

"I don't willingly choose to be" Once Abby's belted back in. She taps her head against the side of the window. Not enough to hurt just to tap it. She's pulling a Teo. "Moving back to Louisiana. But I can't. I have the most benign gift.." and yet, she gets in so much trouble for it is the unspoken word. "Everyone has opinions on how it should be used"

Niki nods. "Yeah. But opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one." she says, sounding annoyed on Abby's behalf. "As far as I see it, it's no one's choice but yours."

"Some more than others" Abby murmurs, still tapping her head.

Niki reaches out one hand to rest it on Abby's shoulder. "Abby…c'mon. Don't beat yourself up over this."

'Probably will, till I'm loading the gun and shooting stuff. I haven't shot it since.. since before I moved here. I'd go hunting, but I don't have a deer license and the gun is registered to my parents and I wouldn't have the freezer space" She stops the tapping though, realizing perhaps maybe that might be why Niki's worried, somewhat. 'Sorry. My roommate does it. I didn't realize"

Niki looks at Abby, and tries a faint joke. "Well, at least if you beat yourself up, you can heal it?" she suggests, with a grin. Anything to get a smile.

one beat, two.. and.. there's a bark of laughter from the other blonde, hand comes up to cover her face, shake her head. "Fuuuuck. Niki… that was so unbelievably bad"

Niki smiles a little. "And here I didn't think you were capable of cursing.' she says, keeping it lighthearted. "If you get me hit by a lightning bolt, I'm gonna be upset. I'll haunt you."

'I curse. I try not to. But sometimes.. sometimes one or two slip through. i'm not the nun they exhalt me to be. So don't worry, no lightening bolts. It's just another little mark i'll have to answer to god for" She keeps her hand in front of her mouth, loosly cupped, lips pressed to the side, looking out the window and the city. "I need to sleep. I need.. I need a lot of things Niki. What do you need?"

Niki smiles. "It's okay. You sleep. I'll drive. Honestly, I'm pretty well off. Need right now? I need you to stop hitting your head against the window. Beyond that, I'm good."

"I won't hit my head again. Sorry. Besides, I don't have a plate in my head to protect my brain" She closes her eyes though, resting her head against the window for good, instead of tapping it repeatedly, draws her feet up and lodging them against the passenger side dash and reclines the seat just a little. "Wake me when we're there Niki"

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